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Time for your obscure rawk fix boys & girls!
Without further ado, here's the sole album by the late great Danny Joe Brown. Danny Joe, was of course, the original vocalist with Southern legends MOLLY HATCHET, and after parting ways with the band in the late 1970's he formed his own Danny Joe Brown Band. This little gem came out in 1981, but before long he was back in the Hatchet fold, taking various DJBB members with him over subsequent years. This is easily as good as any of those classic Hatchet albums, which is no small feat, from rockers like "Alamo" to the more poignant "Edge Of Sundown", there's not a duff track on this whole disc. Raise a glass to the great man and crank it up.

DANNY JOE BROWN - Danny Joe Brown & The Danny Joe Brown Band (1981) USA


To Finland now, for "No Law'n'Order" by Riff Raff. This is their 1st album from 1981, and later records had more of a typical Hard Rock sound, but i love the vibe of this one. The guitars have more of a rock'n'roll sound, really reverb laden and twangy, which gives the songs a feel quite like anything else i can think of. Shit, they've even got a singing drummer, what more do you want? Hard rockin' rock'n'roll for hard rockin' rock'n'rollers.

RIFF RAFF - No Law'n'Order (1981) Finland


Meanwhile, back in the USA, here's some great Hard Rock/Metal with fantastic pseudo classical lead guitar from 3rd Stage Alert. Guitar god/deluded buffoon (delete to taste) YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN was so impressed by the axeploits of six-stringer Al Morris, that he volunteered to produce this Mini LP and pops up for a spot of six-string sparring on "Adagio". Another notable guest is HELLION vocalist ANN BOLEYN, who contributes keyboards & backing vocals to a few tracks. The strength of the material is the most striking thing about this release however, not only could these guys shred, first & foremost, they could also write memorable tunes.

3rd STAGE ALERT - 3rd Stage Alert Mini LP (1984) USA


Time for some NWOBHM now, and this is a great one, this is the "Escape From New York" EP by Geddes Axe. Three excellent songs from the Sheffield band, from the drama and bombast of the catchy title track, through the harder edged "The Day The Wells Ran Dry" to the epic moody closer "Six Six Six", there's not a dull moment, not a second squandered from start to finish. If you enjoy this one, and i'm pretty sure you will, check the archives, as i posted their earlier "Return Of The Gods" EP a while back here too.

GEDDES AXE - Escape From New York EP (1982) UK


Continuing the rare Brocas Helm posts, here's a more recent gem from the Helm canon, this is their 2000 copies only red vinyl 7" "Skullfucker/Blood Machine" 7" from 2000. Both tracks later turned up on their "Defender Of The Crown" album, but i'm pretty sure these are different versions, or at least different mixes, sounding rawer and wilder than the album versions. Great stuff, a band this long in the tooth have no business sounding this vital and unhinged this far into their career, must be the molten Metal in their veins!

BROCAS HELM - Skullfucker/Blood Machine 7" (2000) USA


Finally tonight, here's a corking example of 1980's Swedish Heavy Metal, this is the mighty Maninnya Blade, and their awesome "The Barbarian/Ripper Attack" 7". Both tracks are incredible folks, "Ride The Lightning" style riffing, great hooks, breakdowns which stick in your head like Viking Blades in the hearts of those who would play False Metal, just brilliant stuff. My buddy Dom has been bringing me up to speed on a lot of rare Scandinavian stuff which slipped under my radar, look for more to appear here over the next few weeks & months. You won't believe how great some of this stuff is, this here disc being a prime example!

MANINNYA BLADE - The Barbarian/Ripper Attack 7" (1984) Sweden


More great stuff for your dancing pleasure coming up soon, stay tuned to this frequency.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

superb stuff thansk for this post and keep upthe good work

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 4:29:00 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks for the Danny Joe Brown, a nice addition to my Molly Hatchet discography. And I'm excited to see what other rare Scandinavian metal you post (I already had the Manninya Blade).


Thursday, June 21, 2007 9:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Fan said...

The Riff Raff album is bloody excellent, however a few of the tracks are corrupted with lots of skipping and glitches. Is a better rip possible?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 4:18:00 PM  
Blogger Grimbeorn said...

Could you please re-up Third Stage Alert's slveeve image please. Thx

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 4:39:00 PM  

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