Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Hi again friends, welcome back again to the the post that never ends.
You'll notice that i've slightly tweaked the content of this post. Instead of the usual content of a couple of albums, an ep or two and a smattering of singles, it's full length albums all the way tonight.
And possibly that's how it'll be for the most part from here on in.
The simple fact of the matter is that i've pretty much exhausted my stocks of 45s and eps for the meantime. I haven't been doing much trading recently, in fact i've been finding it nigh on impossible to even get caught up on my listening. I used to get a lot of material from p2p-ing on Soulseek, but it seems all my regular using friends have abandoned the format for pastures new, and there are much fewer people using the network in general. So for the foreseeable future, it'll be albums only, until i track down some new leads and replenish the stocks. I'll still do the occasional post in the old style, but cannot continue indefinitely using the old format that's served us so well over the years. I know this will be a source of disappointment for many of you, but i hope you'll stick with us and you'll keep coming back to find quality music from yesteryear.
So, onwards now, without further ado...
Truth & Janey's "No Rest for the Wicked" is a great 1976 Heavy Rock album from the American midwest. A real heavy rock classic filled with inventive songwriting, intelligent lyrics and above all, top-notch guitar playing from Billy Lee Janey!! The mega-rare original Montross Records vinyl press is an all-time favorite among collectors and fetches over $300 nowadays. This rip is from the re-mastered official CD reissue containing four studio bonus tracks.
The Acid Archives calls it, "One of the greatest hard rock albums of all time", and i wouldn't argue with that assessment at all.

TRUTH & JANEY - No Rest For The Wicked (1976) USA

Next up is the compilation album, "METAL KNIGHTS : The Resurgence of Swedish Steel (1983-1985)". Limited to 500 copies on vinyl only, this one came out on Stormbringer Records a few years back and is now well & truly out of print. This review from sums it up nicely, "As you can understand from its title this is a compilation of 80’s Swedish Metal bands. But don’t expect “known” names like HEAVY LOAD, PROUD, PARASITE, GOTHAM CITY etc. the 10 bands included here are totally unknown and have released only demo tapes. “The Resurgence of Swedish Steel 1983-1985” is the perfect example of how all compilation albums should be made. The LP contains an 8-page insert (!!!) with information and photos for all bands plus a map of Sweden where we can where each band was located. The album contains the following bands with one song each: HIGHLIGHT-“Pilgrim”, CRIME-“Battlefield”, EXIST-“Time for a Solution”, RUBYCON-“Out of the Night”, ACT-“Christian Crusaders”, KILLERHAWK-‘Wish me well”, NEPTUNE-“Enemies”, STORMBRINGER-“Voodoo Night”, ORIONS SWORD-“Atomic War” and SHYLOCK-“The Chosen One”. Not all the songs are great but no song can be considered a filler. For me the best songs in this LP are RUBYCON-“Out of the Night”, NEPTUNE-“Enemies” (their bass player was also in GOTHAM CITY), ORIONS SWORD-“Atomic War” and SHYLOCK-“The Chosen One. For those into Swedish Metal (and not only) this is ideal."

Various Artists : METAL KNIGHTS - The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel (1983-1985) Sweden

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire NWOBHM band CHATEAUX had formed originally under the title of STEALER, but switched to CHATEAUX with their first vinyl appearance, a track on the 1982 Ebony Records compilation 'Metal Maniaxe'. The group was promptly signed by Ebony to an album deal and the first album, preceded by the 'Young Blood' single, was recorded with original vocalist and bassist Alec Houston, whilst Andre Baylis contributed drums. Released in 1983, 'Chained And Desperate', also featured session lead vocals by MEDUSA and GRIM REAPER's Steve Grimmett. Both Baylis and Houston were to quit after 'Chained And Desperate's release and were duly replaced by ex-CONFESSOR vocalist / bassist Krys Mason and former WOLFBANE, SAM THUNDER and ARAGORN drummer Chris Dadson. Second album 'Fire Power', also produced by Darryl Johnston, arrived in 1984 with third album 'Highly Strung' delivered in 1985. Mason was to leave in 1986, with the band folding the following year. Sanctuary Records compiled an anthology set entitled 'Fight To The Last!' in 2003.

CHATEAUX - Chained And Desperate (1983) UK

Finally tonight, Carlisle based NWOBHM band BLACK AXE formed in 1977 under the original moniker of LEVIATHAN. It would be three years and the adoption of the BLACK AXE handle before the Cumbrian group would gain any kind of recognition thanks to the release of the 1980 "Highway Rider/Red Lights" single on Metal Records. The single not only enjoyed strong sales and a good deal of press interest from 'Sounds', but it led to a major recording contract with Chrysalis Records. However, in retrospect the Chrysalis deal struck a fatal blow to any possible success, the band being persuaded to take on a further name change to WOLF. The single "Head Contact (Rock n' Roll)", was released to favourable reviews, but a 1982 recorded album was shelved and the group dropped from the company roster. WOLF's album, "Edge Of The World", was released by Mausoleum Records in 1984, but by then it was far too late. Unfortunately the initial momentum and interest had been lost. Drummer John Shearer relocated to Los Angeles and formed Hard Rock band HURRICANE in late 1984 with vocalist Kelly Hansen, bassist Tony Cavazo (ex-QUIET RIOT & SNOW) and guitarist Robert Sarzo.

WOLF - Edge Of The World (1982) UK

So that's your lot for tonight, hope you enjoy the new format & the new music contained within. If you still need more retro-rawk, you'll find more over at my other blog,
All are welcome.
With the exception of "Bounded By Metal" who is a link thieving cunt. Fuck you thief! How about uploading some of your own music instead of re-upping other people's work and passing it off as your own? Using usercash for your links just adds insult to injury, the band's don't see a penny, the original poster doesn't get any, but you line your pockets on someone else's efforts. Pathetic.
Rant over.
"See" y'all back here real soon. :)


Anonymous nightsblood said...

Nice way to start the new format! I picked up the Truth & Janey reissue a few months ago; it's good, though I tend to prefer the more high-octane hard rock bands like Impeccable and Tailgunner.

The Wolf LP is an old favorite, and all three Chateaux albums are good NWOBHM that don't get their due; not kvlt enough to merit much attention in the uber-underground i guess :-(

I'll check out the Swedish Knights, definitely sounds interesting. While many fwoshm records leave me a bit wanting, there are plenty of gems in that genre to be tracked down.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008 2:01:00 PM  
Anonymous MisterManiac said...

Check out DC++ for p-2-p. It has a lot of hubs dedicated to metal, and they're located all over the world, so you may be able to find some "new" gems that you're not aware of.

Thursday, December 04, 2008 10:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all you do! I love your blog! I had a casette tape I completely wore out, it was called "Speed Metal Hell". I have purchased the BattleBratt reissues and they are wonderful and they have a song on thos compilation.
Any chance you might be able to load Speed Metal Hell if you have it? Thanks either way. The Truth & Janey is awesome BTW!

Thursday, December 04, 2008 10:42:00 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Going to finally try the Truth & Janey album. I've always heard how good it is and never checked it out, until now! Thanks man!

Saturday, December 06, 2008 12:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're running out of singles, Kit! What am I going to do? Have you got many NWOBHM demos left to post? How about Friday Rock Show sessions? I'm after the Money one particularly! As ever thanks for all your effort. Still the best blog out there. Take care, Blofeld

Saturday, December 06, 2008 9:09:00 AM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...

Kit, hello. I still have been downloading from here, but waaaay behind in listening to the music. I will be catching up now. As for that link stealer, I think you should consider going to passwords. If nothing else, they would create more work for the bastard. BTW, my offer stands for the few modern era stoner/doom type rarities I own.

Sunday, December 07, 2008 12:33:00 PM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...

Catching up on older posts--

Chicago Metal Works comp ('86) was a little after my heyday, which was more like '78 to '82 (my high school years). I remember Paradoxx, Diamond Rexx, and WarCry. I probably saw at least one of them at the Thirsty Whale, back when they were lax with the under 21 rules. BTW those 2 announcers are the epitomy of Chicago area metalheads from that time. Yikes, was I really like that too?

The Thunderbolts and Brain Surgeons are decent-- just more proof that the real oddball gig in Ross The Boss' career was Manowar. All his other projects seem to have a similar mainstream hard rock n roll current running through them.

Sashay and Red Machete? Very nice obscure metal. I will really miss items like these in the future.

More as I work through my backlog....

Sunday, December 07, 2008 2:02:00 PM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...

More catching up comments----

Lord Ryur is okay, but not my cup of tea vocal-wise on the first track. I prefer the style of sideB.

Trux-- file under "misc nwobhm boogie bar bands"

Jackwave is awesome, shame about the B side.

The '82 Runestaff demo is much more nwobhm-ish than the LP (and a lot better, imho) The chick singer is very good, they just went too 'cute' with the songs.

whew, almost caught up now.....

Sunday, December 07, 2008 3:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic posts especially Chicago metal works I. I wish it was other parts as well. Thanks again Great blog !!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008 7:25:00 PM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...

Truth And Janey-- Nice! Not too bluesy, not too rocky.

Wolf-- Man, you hear traces of the Black Axe sound, even coming through in the lesser songs. If only they could have released a full LP based on their early work.

I liked Rubycon the most from the Swedish Knight compilation. As ever, thanks so very much.

Saturday, December 13, 2008 2:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog -keep up the good work

However, sorry to have to criticise but why do people keep posting the Urchin tape as BBC sessions. Urchin DID NOT do a BBC session,this is the 2nd of their demos and the track names aren't even correct. There are 2 lots of tapes going around . This is the later one, and the sound quality of both is pretty awful. There is also a video of them live at the Brecknock in camden.

Saturday, December 27, 2008 4:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for the CHATEAUX download. What a trip down memory lane!

Sunday, July 12, 2009 8:06:00 PM  
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