Thursday, July 02, 2009


Phew! What a scorcher!!
No, i'm not referring to this weeks record reaching temperatures and sultry heat, but instead, of course, to this evening's selection of rare, obscure and ribald vintage rawk'n'rollery.
This one will warm the cockles of the hearts of all you NWOBHM fans, as six of tonight's seven items are from that much loved era.
Hope you enjoy tonight's old styled post, and find plenty to enjoy here.
On with the action, as UFO once sang...
SABRE formed at the peak of the NWOBHM in the early '80's in Croydon, South London. With a classic NWOBHM sound, the band was featured with "Cry To The Wind" on the "Leadweight" compilation and released the excellent "Miracle Man" 7" single in 1983 via Neat Records too but nothing more was heard from them after this. However, enough material was recorded back in the day to make up "Roar To The Core", a 13 song compilation of the band's work which was released in 2005. The first three tracks are taken from the band s 1980 demo, featuring different versions of the two tracks later to appear on the 7" single plus "Can You Feel It?". The next four songs are from 1982, with singer Rob "Chad" Brown, who was later to achieve middling success with ex-IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dennis Stratton's band, LIONHEART. The sound on these four songs is raw as hell, but this merely adds to the period charm. Next are the three tracks from the Neat sessions prior to their contract with the legendarey label. As mentioned, "Miracle Man" and "On The Loose" made it on to their 7" single, while "Cry To The Wind", (the band's best track, a first-class NWOBHM tune), made it on to the "Leadweight" compilation. As a bonus, the album is completed by the three songs from the 1978 demo of SWITCHBACK, the outfit which preceded Sabre, and featured Geoff Gillespie and Allan Angold. Bassist Geoff Gillespie later carved out a career in the music industry, working for the likes of EastWest Records and Sony before he moved on to Zoom Club Records and the Majestic Rock concern.

SABRE - Roar To The Core (1978-1982) UK

TYGA MYRA, so titled after a quote regarding the 60s serial killer Myra Hindley, were a Worcestershire based NWOBHM band that released one album, 1986's 'Deliverance', on Ebony Records, produced by GRIM REAPER's Nick Bowcott. Formed in 1984 and originally known as VIXEN prior to a name change, the group included ex-SAVAGE vocalist Teggi and former STEELER drummer Steve Dean. The group at one stage featured former CYNIC bassist Barry Pedlingham. Dean left the band at the close of 1986 and guitarist Mike Jurgens and another TYGA MYRA credited musician, ex-RAIDER bassist Jamie Laird, later formed WRECKAGE, releasing two 1989 demos. Jurgens later became "Ozzy Osbourne" in tribute band WIZARDS OF OZ.

TYGA MYRA - Deliverance (1986) UK

NWOBHM quartet HELLANBACH were formed in 1979 and came to the fore with their debut four track EP ''Out To Get You'', in 1980 on Guardian Records. The buzz surrounding the EP secured them a deal with Wallsend based Neat Records and a track, "Full Scale Emergency", on the 'One Take No Dubs' compilation EP in 1982. The band's critically acclaimed debut album ,'Now Hear This', released in 1983, featured an inspired cover of 'Everybody Wants To Be A Cat' , a song first featured in its original form on the soundtrack for the Disney animated movie 'The Aristocats'! All in all it's a great album - up there with the likes of the first Raven album as one of Neat's finest releases. Drummer Steve Walker was replaced by MYTHRA's Barry Hopper following the release of the album and whilst a second album surfaced in 1984, 'The Big H', it wasn't as well received and the group subsequently disappeared. Guitarist Dave Patton was discovered to have joined GLENN HUGHES touring band in 1995. Bassist Kev Charlton subsequently worked with PHASSLAYNE frontman Micheal Maughan. Charlton joined the FIST reunion line-up in 2000. Barry Hopper reunited with Maurice Bates of MYTHRA in Rockabilly band THE BUCKETS. During 2002 Essential Records issued a 2 CD retrospective entitled 'The Big H: The Hellanbach Anthology'. As a little bonus i've also included their contribution to the "One Take No Dubs", split EP, the raw sounding "Full Scale Emergency".

HELLANBACH - Out To Get You EP (1980) UK

A quick detour to the U.S. of A. now. Formed in San Francisco in 1981, Heavy Metal quintet TRAUMA are best remembered nowadays, (if at all), for being an early band of late METALLICA bassist Cliff Burton. Burton appeared only on the band's first release, their 3 song 1982 "Demo I" tape. Opening track "Such A Shame" was selected to appear on the Metal Blade Records "Metal Massacre II" compilation album. Burton was recruited away to Metallica in 1983, before TRAUMA recorded their second demo tape. The six song "Demo II" cassette was released in early 1984, and brought the band to the attention of Mike Varney's Shrapnel Records. Their sole album, "Scratch And Scream" was released later that same year on Shrapnel and featured a young Leather Leone (CHASTAIN, LEATHER, MALIBU BARBI etc.) on backing vocals. Sales of the nine song album didn't match the band or label's expectations, and Trauma disappeared soon after, never to resurface.

TRAUMA - Trauma Demo I (1982) USA

The Birmingham based Hard Rock/NWOBHM band STARFIGHTERS, signed to Jive Records, in 1980. The band's debut line-up consisted of vocalist Steve Burton, guitarist Stevie Young, a nephew of AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm, guitarist Pat Hambley, bassist Doug Dennis and ex-FLYING HAT BAND drummer Barry 'Spence' Scrannage. The latter was soon replaced by former HOLLY AND THE ITALIANS drummer Steve Bailey, Scrannage going on to create THE ALLIANCE. Prior to the formation of the STARFIGHTERS, Steve Burton was previously vocalist with THE SUBURBAN STUDS, and very briefly a member of GLENN TIPTON's FLYING HAT BAND and Hard Rock outfit CRYER. After debuting with the independently released 'I'm Falling' 7" single, on the Motorcity Rhythm label, the band was thrown straight in at the deep end supporting AC/DC in 1980. Subsequent rumours suggested that Burton had been offered the job of replacing the late Bon Scott in AC/DC, but had turned the opportunity down on the grounds of health, fearing his own vices would lead towards a similar fate. Following the release of the well received debut Tony Platt produced album for Jive in 1981, the STARFIGHTERS opened for MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP on a British tour, TRUST on a French tour and then landed the honour of opening for OZZY OSBOURNE in North America. The band hooked up with KROKUS manager Butch Stone and released 'In Flight Movie' in 1983, again produced by Tony Platt, as a creditable follow up to the debut, but inexplicably they were then dropped by Jive. There followed a lengthy hiatus before the STARFIGHTERS reformed in the late '80's and the group were quick to build up their local following in the Birmingham area, but despite some notorious live performances the STARFIGHTERS failed to gain label attention. The AC/DC connection would crop up once more in the STARFIGHTERS story as Stevie Young was asked to deputise for Malcolm Young for dates on the 'Blow Up Your Video' World tour in 1988. Stevie's first payment for this job was a new front tooth he had previously lost to a baseball bat in a brawl with a night club doorman. After the final STARFIGHTERS split, Young went on to form WORLD WAR III with Steve Redvers, guitarist Nick Slater and erstwhile BAJJON vocalist Ivan Norris. The outfit soon adopted the name LITTLE BIG HORN and signed to AC/DC's management. Live work was undertaken and demos recorded, but this band failed to issue commercial product.

STARFIGHTERS - Power Crazy EP (1981) UK

Cumbrian New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band HAMMERHEAD were operational between 1978 and 1984. A 7" single, "Time Will Tell", emerged on the Linden Sounds label in 1980 and soon became a prized NWoBHM era collectable. As a result of continued interest by NWOBHM collectors in the four piece band's sole 7" single, some two decades later, Sonic Age Records in Greece issued a limited edition 1000 vinyl run of an album entitled "Will To Survive" featuring all of Hammerhead's archive studio recordings. This in turn has also become a much sought after item amongst NWOBHM fanatics, driving it's price up on the rare occassions where copies show up on internet auction sites.

HAMMERHEAD - Time Will Tell 7" (1980) UK

TRUFFLE were a Portsmouth based NWOBHM act that released a single featuring the epic 'Round Tower' on Chestnut Records in 1979. As well as playing their own club dates they also played support to the likes of SPIDER, DIAMOND HEAD and TANK during 1982. In 1984 TRUFFLE added guitarist Mark Mullholland to the band and the group released the 'Bacon Slicer Strikes Again' cassette album in 1986. However, in the same year TRUFFLE parted company with guitarist/keyboard player Greg Watkins in favour of ex-GRAMERCY RIFF guitarist Paul Jupe and new keyboard player Clive. By 1988 TRUFFLE was a single guitar band retaining Stopforth, as Mulholland had split the previous year to form ASHAMATA. ASHAMATA featured former MAMMATH drummer Kerry Lovelock alongside ex-TOKYO BLADE guitarist Gary Jeffrey. Another erstwhile TRUFFLE guitarist, Tim Meek, could be found in THE CHASE with ex-SIEGE bassist Danny Glover and former PROPHECY drummer Paul Clark. By 1997 Mulholland was a member of AOR act NEWMAN alongside guitarist Steve Newman.

TRUFFLE - Round Tower 7" (1979) UK

So that's the end of tonight's old school style post, i think you'll agree that it's my best selection for quite a while, and i'm hopeful that the comments section will reflect this by being heavily laden with your thoughts, comments, suggestions, hate-filled bile etc.
As always, my thanks for your feedback, as i keep saying, it keeps me going, so keep 'em coming.
I'll try & get some stuff up on the other blog as well soon, but probably not 'til after the weekend, so check there next week if you still need more vintage rock action.
'til next time, may the crazy paving of life not trip you up.


Blogger Chris said...

nice post I needed a few to these They rock. Thanks

Friday, July 03, 2009 1:03:00 PM  
Anonymous nightsblood said...

Nice selection up this week 'kit! I've only heard 1 side of the Truffle single, so it'll be interesting to hear the other. The Trauma demo is a very nice find; have never heard that one except for the MM2 track.

Hammerhead is an old favorite; great single that one, and their 'lochinvar' contribution to one of the old comps ('it's unheard of' if I remember correctly) is another gem. Was a bit disappointed by the 'will to survive' set, though maybe I should give it another chance. Was also a bit let down by the 'roar to the core' colleciton (I picked it up from Sentinel Steel a year or so ago). They had a few great tunes in 'miracle man', 'cry to the wind', and 'on the loose', but much of the demo material was very rough.

Off to party in celebration of my country throwing off the yoke of British tyranny 233 years ago- nothing says 'happy independence day' like big chunks of barbequed meat, beer, and pretty explosives goig of and scaring all the neighborhood dogs! :-)


Saturday, July 04, 2009 1:42:00 PM  
Blogger Grk! said...

Cheers for the Trauma tape!

Saturday, July 04, 2009 6:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers Kit - cracking selection. Always loved Miracle Man and the Hammerhead single. Look forward to hearing the Trauma demo. Have been buying the new 2 disc Black Sabbath releases (with a true previously unheard track, Weevil Woman, if you can believe it!). I can die happy ( or is that tempting fate?). Anyway thanks as ever, and appreciate all your efforts. Take care, Blofeld

Monday, July 06, 2009 5:35:00 PM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...

Nice job, Kit. Too much to go over this time, but you hit a home run as usual. (sorry for the Yankee sport reference)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 8:04:00 PM  
Anonymous MisterManiac said...

Finally had a chance to hear the Sabre. Like Nightsblood, I was not too impressed. Certainly a competent band which showed some promise, but think this is just another case of a label digging up whetever leftover scraps of NWOBHM they could lay their hands on and releasing it. An enjoyable listen, but doubt this is something that would find repeat spins in my CD player (given the number of other, exceptional NWOBHM alternatives) But, certainly appreciate you posting this and giving us all a chance to hear...perhaps with the right equipment and studio time, this material may certainly have soared. And as always, love the CD rips!

Monday, July 13, 2009 3:32:00 PM  
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Anonymous Drake Records said...

Thanc for the lot of information on this page, though exactly the one I was looking for has no info here it seems.

I do have a copy of that Truffle 7" here which I'd like to sell if anyone's interested...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 3:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for Tyga Myra!!! great band!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010 5:42:00 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the Taurus demo.
Any chance of uploading 'Broadway Lights' by Raid The North, from the 1983 Kerrang! Vertigo album?
Many thanks in advance.

Friday, March 02, 2012 11:20:00 AM  
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