Thursday, April 27, 2006

This is where it all started!!!

Jazz has been booted at least since the mid 50's but the first known rock release was this album by Mr. Dylan released circa 1969 (some sources say 1968). There were about 25 known variations of this album as of 1984 according to Hot Wacks magazine and since the advent of the CD-R God only knows how many mutations of this thing exist. The one I have is from a weathered LP I got back in the mid 80's. Is it the original? I have no idea, but it sounds original.
Is it worth listening to? Depends on how big of a Dylanite you are. Truthfully, I like the man and totally respect his position at the forefront of his game, and think many of his songs are among the finest in rock history, but I am far from a die-hard fan. But I thought somebody out there might enjoy this:the grandfather of the 'leg.

On Thin Lizzy's 1975 Fighting tour they visited Ludwigshaffen (or Ludwigshaven depending on where you look) twice, at two different venues and played the same songs. Most sources say the one recorded was at Freishiem Radstadion on the 6th of September 1975 so we'll go with that. Set list: Fighting/It's Only Money/King's Vengeance/Still In Love With You/Showdown/Suicide/Rosalie/The Rocker/Sha La La
Baby Drives Me Crazy/Me and the Boys.

In all honesty not the best sound quality, but not unlistenable either. There just aren't that many pre-Jailbreak era shows of these guys.


Next up: From the you can't believe everything you read department--here is a show I got in a trade many years ago and for this post haven't changed it a bit. If you take it at face value you'd think wow, a nice quality show from the Who Do We Think We Are Tour by Deep Purple. Not many of those floating around at all (and that's what I thought too). So I trade for it and get it in the mail and I listen. First thing I notice, that's David Coverdale singing. And that's Glenn Hughes harmonizing. So I left it alone until about two years then I did some research on the thing. Found out although it's labeled 4-24-73 Atlanta Georgia it's not. It's actually 2-27-76 Atlanta Georgia on the final tour of the Mark V lineup. Sound quality is excellent and Tommy Bolin does and absolutely astonding solo toward the end. So in the end I'm a happy guy. But never trust those titles because lots of times they are wrong. (I once argued by snail mail for a month about a trader with a show entitled Fastway 1980 London when any fan knew Fastway didin't even exist until late 1982 and Fast Eddie was still in Motorhead. I still got the show--it was London 1983. **gloat**)


And one last hard rocker tonight. From a CD I got a long time ago entitled Here Again At the Agora, is Rush rocking Cleveland, Ohio for a radio broadcast on 12-16-74. It was titled the way it was because they had just done a show there on 8-26-74 (also for radio) and came back for another May the next year. This one, I believe is a rebroadcast of the original but it still sounds great!!
01. Finding My Way
02. Best I Can
03. What You're Doing
04. Fly By Night
05. Here Again
06. Anthem
07. Bad Boy
08. Working Man
09. Drum Solo

That's all for now, see ya!!!


Anonymous oliver said...


Interesting stuff. Could not open the Waits thing, though. One big MP3 file that refuses to play.

Too bad. Really enjoyed the Patti Smith stuff you posted on your main page.

Intriguing collection.

Thursday, April 27, 2006 7:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Deep Purple concert is from King Biscuit Presents (January 26 & February 27, 1976) 2CD
January 26-Springfield, Mass & February 27-Long Beach, Ca.
CD#1: (62:26) All tracks from Long Beach Feb. 27
1.Burn 8:15
2.Lady Luck 3:12
3.Getting Tighter 13:41
4.Love Child 5:49
5.Smoke On The Water~
~Georgia On My Mind 8:58
6.Jon Lord solo~Lazy~
~Drum solo~Homeward Strut 22:31

CD#2 (58:00) Tracks 1-4 Long Beach Feb. 27
1.This Time Around / Owed To G 7:05
2.Tommy Bolin guitar solo 10:31
3.Stormbringer 10:27
4.Highway Star~Not Fade Away 7:17

Bonus tracks Springfield, Mass. Jan. 26
5.I'm Going Down 7:29
6.Highway Star 5:35
7.Smoke On The Water~ 6:44
8.Georgia On My Mind 2:52

here's a cover of the boot

Thursday, April 27, 2006 11:52:00 AM  
Blogger Time Traveller said...

I'm sure it's not the whole thing. It must be a combo of the two shows. (See even research doesn't completely do it!!!)

Thursday, April 27, 2006 3:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the KBFH set and just a/b'd a few tracks - they're quite different. The opening cut "Burn" is 2 minutes shorter here than the Long Beach set. Smoke on the Water is faster on this one. Also, no idiots with fireworks on this.

Having said that, I'm not sure what shows it is, but the sound varies from A to B. It's definitely a hybrid.

Still, it's a nice set and very listenable - thanks!

Saturday, April 29, 2006 4:38:00 PM  

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