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Howdy, stylistically & geographically, we're gonna be all over the place tonight. The common thread that runs right through these picks however is easy to spot, quality songwriting. Every last one has that hummability, the songs burrow their way into your psyche and make themselves at home for the long haul, and i like that. I'm sure you will too.
First up, a request belatedly filled, this is the lone self-titled album from Canada's Painter, from way back in 1973. Great melodic Hard Rock music, with great choruses, nice harmony vocals and some killer guitar with occasional Hendrixian leanings. Check out epic closer, "Goin' Down The Road", for a sample of that Jimi-esque fret flagellation. Members later went on to bands such as Streetheart and Hammersmith, but this one album & a pair of earlier non LP 45s was all Painter produced.

PAINTER - Painter (1973) Canada

Another in the seemingly endless procession of KISS Tribute albums now, this one being the 4th in the excellent "Larger Than Life" series. This may be the best of the bunch actually, mixing the "hits" and more obscure fan favourites well, and with most of the artists adding plenty of their own spin to the KISS songbook. Great variety of bands too, from BATHORY to JAMES LAST, with outstanding contributions from GALACTIC COWBOYS, PASTEL VESPA and The ALEX SCOLNICK TRIO, to name but three. If you enjoy this one, check the archives here for the 1st three volumes and a whole lot more KISS related tomfoolery. No official KISS stuff though Gene, down boy, step away from the lawyer.

VARIOUS - LARGER THAN LIFE 4 : The KISS Tribute (2006)

To Germany now, or West Germany as it was then, for the 2nd album by Wattenscheid based Hard Rockers, Bullet. This is their "No Mercy" album, which came out in 1984 on the Heavy Metal Records label, or at least it did here in the UK. Their debut, "Execution" is a heavier affair than this one, but i think the songs and production on this one have fared better against the ravages of time. There is a SCORPIONS vibe to some of the material, unsurprising as they shared the same producer, Dieter Dierks, and also a JUDAS PRIEST feel to some of the riffing, nothing at all wrong with that, all in all, this is good stuff, that sounds surprisingly sprightly quarter of a century later.

BULLET - No Mercy (1984) Germany

To the frozen North now, where, courtesy of Dom, we are proud to present for your frenzied headbanging pleasure, the sole self titled Mini LP by Sweden's Parasite. The Karlshamn based quartet released this little gem on the Hell label in 1984, and folks, it's Heavy Metal Thunder from start to finish. Great solid songs, fantastic melodic leads, soaring vocals and all propelled by the remarkable drumming of Johan Billerhag, who would later appear in the line ups of Hexenhaus & Memento Mori. Go, fill your heads with Metal.

PARASITE - Parasite Mini LP (1984) Sweden

A pair of classics now from venerable Coventry based NWOBHM warriors Chainsaw. During their time, they released 3 highly prized slabs of vinyl, we present the 1st and 3rd of those now for your delectation. The year is 1980, the 7" is called "Police & Politicians", the band is called Chainsaw. I think you can probably have a pretty good guess at what this sounds like, and i reckon you're probably pretty close to the truth. Well, you wouldn't really want a band with a cool name like that to be dealing in jazz-fusion would you? This is raw enthusiastic Metal from a rough-round-the-edges working class trio, who almost deliver on the promise of that name.

CHAINSAW- Police & Politicians 7" (1980) UK

Now we fast forward through time to 1984, where we find a slightly different incarnation of the band signed to Thunderbolt Records for their "Massacre" EP. By this time drummer Mark Biddiscombe had jumped ship and joined up with the charmingly named BITCHES SIN, with his spot taken by Rich Carroll. Time had also given Chainsaw some extra chops by this time, with more subtlety and restraint evident here than previously, although they're still more than capable of ripping it up when they want to, and believe me, they want to more often than not folks. I'm sure Leatherface would have approved.

CHAINSAW - Massacre EP (1984) UK

We finish up tonight back in Sweden once more for the debut 7" by Silver Mountain. This is a peach, it really is, Rainbow-esque guitar flurries set against an epic wall of bombast, on a shoestring budget no doubt, but it doesn't show. They went on to record several albums, each more commercial than the last, whilst losing several several members en route, mostly to YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN's band, but they seldom sounded more urgent & inspired than they did here. Awesome stuff.

SILVER MOUNTAIN - Man Of No Present Existence 7" (1979) Sweden

That's plenty for you to be getting on with just now, look for more soon. For now though, "That's all folks"!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent share this..real fun to se both MÃ¥rten on drums and Morgan on bass...don't think i've seen those guys for over 30 years now.
And Jonas..hell could that guy play. Brings back some sweet memories from the past.

Monday, June 25, 2007 10:59:00 AM  
Blogger Time Traveller said...

Another excellent post!! I've been meaning to ask you if you had Bullet's No Mercy. I was just thinking about I recently! I had that back in high school and we spent many "drunken nights" listening to it! It is gonna bring back some memories of good times! Mine was a German import on the Brain label I believe.

Thanks Kit!

Monday, June 25, 2007 12:51:00 PM  
Blogger JavyMetal said...

Excellent post as always!!! A request for you: Belgium's Battering Ram. Could it be possible?


Monday, June 25, 2007 7:03:00 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks for the Silver Mountain single - one of my fave old-school bands from Sweden (along with Glory Bells, Proud, and 220 Volt)

Rock on!

Monday, June 25, 2007 10:17:00 PM  
Anonymous bigfootkit said...

Glad you all seemed to enjoy this post folks, Silver Mountain in particular seems to be "hitting the spot", which is as it should be, that's some quality rawkin'.
Bryon, it's always nice to hear that something i've posted brings back fond memories for people, sounds like Bullet brought back some good ones for you.
javymetal, i'll see if any of my usual sources can turn up Battering Ram for ya.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 1:53:00 PM  
Anonymous rowdies1 said...

Thanks for the Silver Mountain!

Thursday, June 28, 2007 9:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Parasite EP is terrific! Unfortunately there's a glitch about 5 minutes into the song "Nightwinds". Is it possible to fix?

Monday, July 09, 2007 2:54:00 PM  

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