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Wall to wall old school mayhem for your listening enjoyment is our raison d'etre, and we deliver in spades tonight with a balls out selection from the obscure shadows of rock's glory days.
GLORY BELLS BAND were amongst a number of Swedish Heavy Metal bands to have emerged in the post NWoBHM years in the early 80s. The band acted as an early stepping stone for drummer Peter Udd, who later worked with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, and, more significantly, guitarist Franco Santuine who was to later join the ELECTRIC BOYS and subsequently teamed up with REPTILE SMILE. The band released two well respected old school Heavy Metal albums, 1982's "Dressed In Black", then, under the shortened name GLORY BELLS, 1985's "Century Rendezvous".
Edman subsequently worked with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, KARMAKANIC, STREET TALK, BRAZEN ABBOT, CROSSFADE, GEFF, MADISON and XSAVIOUR. This is excellent chest thumping old school viking Heavy Metal for fans of HEAVY LOAD, SYRON VANES etc.

GLORY BELLS BAND - Dressed In Black (1982) Sweden


Remember 1984? Then perhaps you might remember Ron Keel. In 1984 Ron Keel finally split STEELER and, after rumours that he came mighty close to landing the then vacant BLACK SABBATH vocalist's job, duly assembled KEEL. The first incarnation of KEEL boasted Boston born MARC FERRARI, ex-STEEL ASSASSIN, and Phoenix native David Michael-Phillips, who had played in an early incarnation of ICON, on guitars, ex-METAL BEAST bassist Kenny Chaisson (the brother of one-time STEELER bassist Greg Chaisson) and ex-STEELER and LONDON drummer Bobby Marks. This line-up of KEEL performed only one gig, at at Perkin's Palace in Pasadena, before breaking up due to Ron Keel's premature announcement in regard to the BLACK SABBATH job. The reality of the situation was that Keel had recorded vocals on tracks, originally composed by KICK AXE, for submission to the BLACK SABBATH camp. Producer Spencer Proffer was angling to get these songs, and Keel, into the project but the Birmingham veterans reply was swift and scornful. Ron Keel never auditioned or recorded any material with members of BLACK SABBATH. Former ROADMASTER, STEPPENWOLF and THE B'ZZ drummer Stephen Riley was also to spend a short period of time in KEEL following the group recording their debut album, but he would quickly jump ship to hook up with W.A.S.P., where he took over from Tony Richards, and later join L.A. GUNS. Retaining his links with Shrapnel Records from STEELER, Keel had taken the band, with by now Bryan Jay having replaced a KING KOBRA bound David Michael-Philips, into the studio to cut KEEL's opening salvo 'Lay Down The Law'. The record created excited praise amongst the Rock press and generated healthy import sales into Europe prompting the interest of KISS leader GENE SIMMONS and, in turn, the A&M affiliated Gold Mountain Records who signed the band and steered them in a more radio friendly direction. Remember them this way.

KEEL - Lay Down The Law (1984) USA


To Canada next, where we complete the Rapid Tears discography now. Following the 1982 release of their "Honestly", album, the band were saddened by the departure of bassist Adam Sherban, the band recruited new member John Wein in time for this one, their 1984 four song "Cry For Mercy" EP. Their inability to break into the American market caused the band to splinter after the EP's release, guitarist Michael J. Miller eventually going on to form Castle Of Pain in the early 1990's with fellow Rapid Tears man Rick Nemes on vocals and drums.
By this time Nemes had already passed through the ranks of Lethal Presence & Infernal Majesty.

RAPID TEARS - Cry For Mercy EP (1984) Canada


We begin the NWOBHM section of tonight's post with the UK four piece originally named SLAYER. They released this three song EP called "I Want Your Life" on Cavalier Records in 1983. Finding that there were two US bands of the same name, SLAYER then changed their name to DRAGONSLAYER. As DRAGONSLAYER they recorded a seven song demo in 1985 before splitting up. Excellent raw sounding old school no frills Heavy Fuckin' Metal.

SLAYER (UK) - I Want Your Life EP (1983) UK


More now from the Newcastle based band who went by the popular name of Warrior. Vocalist, Eddy Halliday & drummer Sean Taylor had left the band by this point, Taylor going on to play with a who's who of NWOBHM bands, including SATAN, PARIAH, BLIND FURY, RAVEN & BLITZKRIEG. With a new sticksman and vocalist, Warrior returned to action with this, which would prove to be their final release, 1984's "Breakout" EP, which was again released on their own Warrior label. This proved to be the end of the road for Warrior, with the band splitting by the years end.

WARRIOR - Breakout EP (1984) UK


PREDATÜR, hailed from Woodley near Reading, and was conceived in 1976 as a quartet comprising singer/guitarist Baz Barry, guitarist John Benham, bassist Steve Coppuck and drummer Sam Savin. Fuelled by unpretentious riffing and some classic Metal poses, PREDATÜR rapidly became a major draw on the local Hampshire scene. The band title was taken from a dragster, amended with a German umlaut to quote MOTÖRHEAD's styling. This line up lasted until 1983, having issued demos recorded at Woodcray Manor Recording Studios and this single "Take A Walk", released the previous year on the Quik Records label.

PREDATÜR - Take A Walk 7" (1982) UK


Finally tonight, another request filled by the very kind nightsblood, as always, our many thanks to you, sir. Despite being one of the most impressive NWoBHM band in terms of heaviness and straightforward compositions, Cynic remains quite unknown and obscure to this day, probably due to the fact that the band's classic 1983 "Suicide" 7" single was their only commercially available legacy (now a very rare and costly piece) . However this single can easily compare with the best from the movement like HOLLOW GROUND or JJ’s POWERHOUSE. The band did also record several demos through the years and have reconvened recently to record a full length album due for release this year.

CYNIC - Suicide 7" (1983) UK


Also courtesy of nightsblood, you'll find links to BATTLEAXE's "We're On The Attack" album and REINCARNATE's demo reupped in mp3 format for those of you who have no use for m4a. Find these in the comments section for the previous post. Again, many thanks for your great work. Hope you enjoy tonight's sonic smorgasbord folks, more soon!!!


Anonymous shogun said...

CYNIC!! What a obscure gem! I also checked demo you posted last year and it was bloody good too! I hope they will release all their material. Thank you Bigfootkit and Nightsblood! This blog really quenches my metallic thirst!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 8:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks once again. You are a star! Take care and best wishes, Blofeld.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 2:57:00 PM  
Blogger bigfootkit said...

Nice comments, but not very many of them.
C'mon people let us know what you think of the stuff we're posting here, and what you'd like to see & hear in the future.
Shogun, you'll be pleased to know that Cynic have been recording a full length album, mainly made up of material from the glory days. It's due for release this year. Drummer Tim Batkin was kind enough to give me a preview of some of the new recordings and believe me, you won't be disappointed, the stuff sounds great!
You can see clips of the recording sessions on youtube if you can't wait for the release.

Sunday, May 25, 2008 8:54:00 PM  
Blogger Kristian said...

Glory Bell's Band, fantastic. I'm currently on a NWOSHM (was there ever an old one?) so this is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks a bunch (oh, and Zone Zero's bloody great)

Monday, September 08, 2008 5:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Another post with great stuff, do you have more by battleaxe, I have downloaded their first album somewhere else, but the quality is very poor, yet the songs are great!

Any way, thanks for spreading the music in general.


Saturday, July 18, 2009 7:37:00 AM  
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