Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi again.
I'll start by apologising for the delay in getting these rawkin' relics up here for your enjoyment.
Life recently has been increasingly complicated and time to blog has been difficult to come by as a result.
Still, i think you'll find tonight's selection was worth the wait.
LIES OF SMILES are a band formed in Stockton-On-Tees in 2006 by former members of cult NWOBHM bands.
Guitarist Dave "D.D." Little was formerly a member of AXIS and THE PAULINE GILLAN BAND, whilst drummer Jeff Armstrong was a member of TYGERS OF PAN TANG.
To date, they have recorded one album, 2008's "Truth, Lies & Damnation", released by Damnation Records.
The album was produced by former TYGERS OF PAN TANG & PENETRATION guitarist Fred Purser, who also guests on the record.
In 2009 the band parted ways with Singer/Guitarist Ian "Gilly" Gilson and Drummer Armstrong.
They have been replaced by former BERLYN, SAHARA, PANAMA & THE PACK Vocalist Tony Thurlow, former BLACK ROSE guitarist Pat O'Neill and former PAULINE GILLAN BAND Bassist Chris Wing.
The band are due to enter the studio, (with Purser again producing and contributing), this Summer to record a second album.
Jessica Freeman from Sturmfront Magazine had this to say about LIES OF SMILES debut:
"This CD is a dark delight. At their best, LIES OF SMILES (LOS) create distinctive hard metal in deceptively catchy compositions.
"Line Of Fire" is the blasting opener, a hammer-down chord riff that slams into a wildly discordant stutter chord break, before an anthemic hook line to die for and a guitar solo that will shear the top off your head. Add to this the totally unique, soulful sneer of Ian Gillson, snarling lyrics which obliquely refer to the moral decline of the human race and you've got the beginnings of LOS's trademark cryptic menace.
“New World Order” is heavy-metal bone-cruncher meant to be played while you're breaking the land-speed record on your Harley. Air-guitar specialists, on the other hand, will be sent into spasms by the dazzling speed and precision of the guitar solo. An avalanche of sonic hysteria summons your attention, then it's full speed ahead into “Judas”, the ultimate betrayal has never been told this brutally and the bible was never this venomous in its condemnation, when Gillson snarls “your nothing but a Judas” you can feel the animosity, there’s no forgiveness, no turning the other cheek in the face of being nailed to a cross!
“Sins of the Father”, the fourth cataclysmic mind fuck in a row, pegged around religioso, incendiary lyrics. And with typical LOS aplomb, it's a dark and disturbing ride, rife with nightmarish religious pay back imagery. A symphonic experiment in leviathan rock!
The most hardened metal purist will find Truth Lies and Damnation hard to resist because, even in this over saturated market of mediocrity, this is vintage heavy metal menace, mixed with evangelical fire and brimstone, sometimes introverted, sometimes painful in its stripped down, monochrome view of our society, a nightmare mosaic of brooding chorales, flame-thrower riffing and snappy crackling metal melody.
Armed with truckloads of skull-crushing chords and scalding lead-guitar lines, powerhouse, intelligent percussion and evangelical fire vocals, LOS at times here achieve the kind of intensity and rhythmic momentum that the wheelchair cases that represent British metal can only dream about."
I'm in full agreement, check 'em out.

LIES OF SMILES - Truth, Lies And Damnation (2008) UK


Next up, BURNER formed in Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire in 1980 (initially as SAVAGE DOGS), and belatedly released two records, 2002's "Savage Killer" 7", (posted here aeons ago), and the "Hammer Of The Gods" EP in 2007, on Zerlinda and High Roller Records.
The former single came from a 1982 Demo tape, whilst the latter was recorded in 1984, but never released at the time.
"Old Enough to Know Better", recorded in 1984 (also on the "Hammer of the Gods" single) appeared on the 2004 NWOBHM Compilation CD "Total Metal Attack" by Old School Records.
Their debut album, "Resurrection", was recorded between 2006 and 2008 and whilst it contains songs written between 1984 and 2007, sound wise it's in the traditional '80s NWOBHM style, with a sound which recalls bands like BLITZKRIEG and DIAMOND HEAD.
Released on vinyl by High Roller Records in a limited edition of 500 copies in 2008, "Resurrection", found a place in the record collections and hearts of NWOBHM aficionados.
A CD version of the album is soon due for release through Heart Of Steel Records, with the songs from the prior 7" and EP included as bonus tracks.
If you like this vinyl rip, support the band by buying the CD.
For the time being Burner are a studio-only project, but may play dates in the future if there's enough interest.

BURNER - Resurrection (2008) UK


Ah, yes, DEMON PACT.
"Eaten Alive" was the sole single by the band which was issued in 1981 on Slime Records in a great picture sleeve.
This followed 1980's three song demo, which attracted some great press attention for the band, as did the track they contributed to the "Kent Rock" compilation LP.
The four-piece band, formed in Bromley in Kent in 1979, were regarded as one of the foremost in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and the single has become a much sought-after collector's item over the years.
The single was the band's only official release at the time, but following some line up changes they did record a further four song demo in 1982 before splitting.
Only drummer Iain Finlay was able to carve out a musical career post Demon Pact, playing with German bands RUNNING WILD, KRUIZ and JUSTICE.
Demon Pact's 7" and 1982 demo tracks were later combined for the six song 2006 Hades Paradise Records limited edition "Demon Pact" vinyl only Mini LP.
The Mini LP was later condemned by the band as being unauthorised, with the tapes used apparently being 2nd or 3rd generation copies rather than the original masters.
A 13 song full length official release of Demon Pact's archive material titled "Released From Hell", is due later in the year from High Roller Records.
If you like this Mini LP, support the band & label by buying the new improved legitimate full lengther.
And if you like ripping old school heavy metal with raw vocals, Demon Pact is for you.

DEMON PACT - Demon Pact Mini LP (1980-1981) UK


SABOTAGE were a U.S. Heavy Metal quintet formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1982.
They quickly built up a devoted following in the local area with their epic, moody Heavy Metal sound and became a popular feature on the Detroit club scene of the time.
In 1983 the band recorded their debut album, the eleven song "Cloudborne", financing the sessions themselves. A schizophrenic affair, the album veers between the epic heavy sound of the band's beginnings and the more polished Hard Rock/AOR style which they were beginning to pursue.
With no record deal forthcoming, the band were forced to self-release the album on cassette in early 1984 and use the tape as a demo to try to stir up some label interest.
Signing a deal with the small IHM Record label, the band recorded a five song self-titled Mini LP in late 1984 which was released early the following year.
This recording is almost entirely in the AOR mould with occasional Prog-Rock flourishes, but the superb guitar playing elevates it beyond the throng.
Around the time of the record's release, guitarist John Patrick left the band, and, unable to find a suitable replacement, Sabotage folded.
Vocalist Doug Tucker & John Patrick were then reunited in TAROT, a band who featured former members of PONY EXPRESS & DEATH WISH, releasing a demo in late 1985.
This alliance was to be short lived however, with Tucker soon rejoining his former Sabotage band mates under the new band name of DYING BREED.
John Patrick would again resurface in the late '80's with the tongue in cheek Thrash influenced quartet Sgt. BILLHEAD, who released a 12 song 1990 demo called "Apocalypso".
Following Dying Breed's dissolution, bassist Chris Bezas and drummer Glenn Gugel formed a new band called SADDLETRAMP who recorded a couple of early '90's demo tapes and played extensively around the Michigan area.
Patrick and Tucker would later work together yet again when both joined a new line-up of early '80's Detroit band ILLUSION in 1997.
Illusion have since released four albums, the live "Memphis After Dark" (2001), "Mysteries & Secrets Revealed!" (2002), "Sleight Of Hand" (2005), (also releasing an EP called "Silent Valor" the same year), and last year's "Turbulence and Tranquility".

SABOTAGE - Sabotage Mini LP (1985) USA


NO FAITH were a NWOBHM power trio about whom i've been unable to find much information.
Their lone release was the 1981 "Double Trouble" 7", which was issued on their own No Faith Record label.
1982 saw No Faith make their final vinyl appearance when their track "Oh Well" was featured on Heavy Metal Records' "Heavy Metal Heroes Volume Two", compilation album, alongside the likes of WITCHFINDER GENERAL, MENDES PREY and PERSIAN RISK.
And there the meagre trail of information about the band and it's members runs out unfortunately.
Anyone able to fill in a little extra info on No Faith and their rather spiffing 7" ?
One of you fellers out there in the World Wide Webernet must know something/anything about the band or it's members.
If so, let us know.

NO FAITH - Double Trouble 7" (1981) UK


RED ALERT were a short-lived Heavy Rock band formed in the late 1970's.
Their big break was being featured on the 1980 EMI Records NWOBHM compilation album "Metal For Muthas Volume II", with the track "Open Heart".
The band's only other vinyl appearance was a 7" release, the 1980 "Break The Rules" single on State Records.
All copies of the single came in a blue company sleeve, but some were additionally branded with a Red Alert sticker & had a biography sheet included.
In a somewhat bizarre career move, RED ALERT, after winning the Arctic Life Beer "Battle Of The Bands" competition, changed their name to ARCTIC LIFE!
Then promptly disappeared.
Please note : this is NOT the same band who released the "Run To The Ground" 7" in 1982.
That Red Alert was THE NEXT BAND under a new name.

RED ALERT - Break The Rules 7" (1980) UK


RED RAGE were a short-lived trio from London who recorded a solitary 7" in 1980.
Although selling modestly at the time, the disc in question, "Total Control", on Flicknife Records, has since become equally sought after by NWOBHM and Punk collectors, and now commands a rather high price tag as a result.
The funny thing is, it doesn't really fit into either category easily, but straddles both genres a little, boasting an individual sound that makes you wish they'd recorded more material.
Even stranger for a record with such a high price tag, both sides of the record have appeared on various compilations over the years like "Punk Collectors Series : Flicknife Records", "Bloodstains Across Britain Volume 2", "England Belongs To Me" and "Teen Age Treats Vol 2".
I'm struggling to think of an easy comparison for Red Rage's sound, and frankly it eludes me at the moment, it's probably easier for you to download it, hear for yourself and draw your own conclusions.
Or shell out £75 for a copy when one surfaces.

RED RAGE - Total Control 7" (1980) UK


So that's yer lot for now.
If you find that even this treasure trove of sonic delights doesn't satisfy your thirst for the vintage Hard stuff, take a look over at my other blog, Still Alive & Well.
I've been a busy boy over there adding plenty of new old stuff for you to dig through.
The current post over there is the first in a series covering obscure U.S. Metal albums, from 1976 up to the present day.
This particular installment covers the years 1976-1983 and features releases by tye likes of BAD AXE, CULPRIT, BEOWULF, SORCERY, FORTNOX, MESSENDGER, HYKSOS and AMERICADE amongst others.
You can find STILL ALIVE & WELL BLOG here.
Thanks for all your opinions, thoughts, praise etc in the comments section on the previous post, glad it went down well with you all.
Some more feedback may well persuade me to bring you some more old Rawk gold in about two weeks time, he hinted, subtly.
See you back here then.


Anonymous marquis70 said...

Thank for these, I started out thinking I had these bands, but you put up albums or demos that needed. Thank you again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 11:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all nice posts and rare stuff, if you're intrested to join our nwobhm forum registere here: http://nwobhmcommunity.socialgo.com i'm a moderater there and want you to join us , if you like. Kind regards Peter.

Friday, May 14, 2010 4:10:00 PM  
Anonymous nightsblood said...

Only had time to check out Demon Pact so far; the unreleased songs are better than I expected. I like their single and comp appearance, but they hardly re-defined the genre or anything. But the 3 unreleased tunes are quite good!

Monday, May 17, 2010 9:26:00 AM  
Blogger Kristian said...

Very interesting post. Looking forward to listening to the comeback albums, hope they fare better than the horrendous effort by Witchfinder General. That one had me crying myself asleep for weeks. Your blog is most appreciated and I think even the bastards lacking courtesy to put it into a few keystrokes feel your effort. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 3:31:00 PM  
Blogger Kristian said...

Red Rage - Total Control is a Kinks rip-off! Highly amusing. Try singing "Lola" over the chorus. The b-side has some weird post-punk stuff going on, good tune

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 5:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sabotage is pretty good , cheers. Carl.

Friday, August 06, 2010 2:54:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

My name is Chris Bezas. I was a Member of Sabotage and John Patrick was never ever in the Band Sabotage. The founder Guitarist was Larry Renier . John Patrick never played a single note on any recording or wrote a single note of any sabotage song. e-mail me if you would like some real info on the sabotage history. our EP was recorded at polaris recording in canada . cbezas@gmail.com. as for saddletramp Glen Gugle was brought into the band when we had to replace the origional drummer

Friday, October 15, 2010 12:27:00 PM  
Blogger strako said...

can you re up lies of smiles, please?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 10:35:00 AM  
Anonymous generic cialis said...

Red Rage is cool band, I until recently heard them, they have some good tunes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011 1:48:00 PM  
Blogger Myke Winters said...

Hi, found your blog while surfing. I noticed the Demon Pact single "Buried Alive", I have it and I also have the No Faith single "Double Trouble" (both originals). Both bands (amongst many other NWOBHM bands) played at my uncles pub (you call them bars) in Birmingham, England. It was called the Railway. I have quite a few NWOBHM singles, a lot of them rare. Anyway, I digress....The No Faith band consisted of TONY EDWARDS - BASS/VOCALS, RIC GIBBS - DRUMS/BACKING VOCALS & GARY EDWARDS - LEAD/RYTHMN/BACKING VOCALS. Engineered by JOHN TAYLOR, Cover photo by DAVE RUFFLES and the single ID is NF OO1. Sorry I couldn't help you any more than that, but it's a tiny bit more info for you to put on your blog :)

Best wishes

Sunday, April 03, 2011 4:35:00 PM  
Anonymous new era españa said...

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