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Hi people, we're back in retro rawkin' action for the benefit of yer ears and souls yet again!
Everything tonight comes from either the UK circa the NWOBHM or Sweden from the same era.
Some great stuff for you to enjoy, starting right now:
Swedish Heavy Metal sextet UNIVERSE were formed in 1983 in Upplands Väsby.
Fronted by Kjell Wallén, the band came to the attention of Sonet Records when they supported NAZARETH on their 1984 Swedish tour.
Signing to Sonet, the band recorded their lone eponymous album in 1985.
"Universe" is something of an overlooked gem, a classy and hook-filled Euro-metal masterpiece which was pretty much unknown outside of Sweden at the time.
Terrific Vocals, classy riffing & soloing, and some clever use of Keyboards for additional colour, gave Universe a very distinctive sound, one that really deserved a wider audience.
At the time of recording the group featured Keyboard player Mic Michaeli, later of BRAZEN ABBOT renown.
Soon after the record's release however, Michaeli was poached by EUROPE and was replaced by Freddie Kriström.
Unfortunately, despite the record's undoubted quality, there was to be no follow up, as Universe broke up in 1986.
Sadly, none of the band's members, bar Michaeli, went on to achieve anything of note musically after the group's disbanding.

UNIVERSE - Universe (1985) Sweden

Welsh NWOBHM act NO QUARTER formed in 1980 and the quartet released their debut cassette, the five song "Songs In Circles" on Neon Records, in 1981.
The band also had the track "Power And The Key" featured on the 1982 Heavy Metal Records compilation album "Heavy Metal Heroes II".
Further exposure came via a well received four song BBC Friday Rock Show session later the same year.
No Quarter released a further cassette, the seven song "Uncertain Future" in 1982, but this was later withdrawn.
No Quarter performed a somewhat unusual gig during 1983 at the Broadmoor Hospital for the Criminally Insane, which they later revisited on the track "Broadmoor Blues".
Another release, the classic 3 song 12" "Survivors" EP on Reel Records came later in 1983.
The band's final release came in 1985, the 3 song "Birds Of Prey" EP was issued by Bonzo Bear Records, before the band went on indefinite hiatus.
Having not been a going concern for some years, No Quarter reformed in 1992 with a 14 song "Best Of" album being released through Vinyl Tap Records in 1994.

NO QUARTER - BBC Friday Rock Show Session (1982) UK

For some reason unknown to me, Blogger is being a bugger to work with tonight, pictures keep on springing into areas of the page that i didn't mean to put them in, without rhyme or reason and text keeps on moving around the grid without my best efforts to keep it contained.
If the finished page looks a bit of a mess as a result of this, i apologise, but honestly, it's not my fault or my doing.
Just Blogger being a glitchy bitch this evening!
If i was starting out music blogging now i feel pretty sure i'd use another service over Blogger, but i'm kind of used to the idiosyncracies of the programme now.
It's like getting used to your partners annoying little habits after you move in together, and trying desperately to remember the endearing little quirks that drew you to them in the first darn place.
Here's that first No Quarter cassette as well, before i forget!

NO QUARTER - Songs In Circles Cassette (1981) UK

SAVAGERS were a three piece Swedish traditional Heavy Metal band formed in Halmstad in 1982.
Their lone official release was 1984's six song privately pressed "Preacher Of Steel" Mini LP.
DaN from has written an exemplary review of it which i hope he won't mind me reproducing here in part.
"This rare-beyond-rare mini-album is an intriguing release which has eluded collectors until only just recently.
A few copies have surfaced the last couple of years and I would guess that this record, although most likely pressed and manufactured in '84, was never officially released. The obvious reason being that it sucks. Yep, "Preacher of Steel" could have been the coolest and most collectable FWOSHM-private ever (and twice as expensive!) if the band had bothered to rehearse before entering the studio, or tuned their instruments, or sacked their awful singer, or shot their good-for-nothing "producer".
And they're not even crummy in a cool and charming way (being a total Brat/Basement-Metal freak, I should know!)
What makes it even more irritating is that the actual songwriting is rather OK, even if no particular song stands out.
Musically it pretty much resembles the other Swedish Classics like AXEWITCH, TORCH, 22O VOLT etc, ie heavy JUDAS PRIEST-like Metal w/ the emphasis on vocal harmonies. You kind of wish they'd been a bit more coherrent in their lameness. That way they'd be easier to ignore. Now they're a total enigma.
I've looked for X'eros, Thunderhawks, and Double-Hammers in the phonebooks, hoping to find out more about the band, but to no avail.
In conclusion: this is for completist Scanda-metal collectors only, although the band score some extra points for at least being "True Metal" and not just another AOR/Blues/New Wave-crossover case like so many other "unknown" old privates."
Now, me, i think DaN's been a little harsh on SAVAGERS, yes, much of this underproduced fumbling is amateurish in the extreme, but i find a charm and naievety in their cack handed thumping. Several of these songs are genuinely memorable, and will remain imbedded in your cerebral cortex for weeks to come.
Following the release of the Mini LP, Savagers issued two further demo tapes, before apparently folding.
There's some unconfirmed speculation that former members of Savagers were involved with X-ERYUS, who released the "Expose" album in 1990.

SAVAGERS - Preacher Of Steel Mini LP (1984) Sweden

SUNSET BLAZE were a five piece NWOBHM band formed in Hayes, Middlesex in 1983 by three former members of the recently defunct L.A. HOOKER.
Guitarist Mick Lenny was recruited by the trio from HUNTER, and after a series of short term drummers, the line up was completed by drummer Alan "Ollie" Olive.
The band were quickly picked up by manager Max Burnard, and entered the studio in 1983 to record a four song self-titled Demo cassette.
Cassettes were sent out to disinterested record labels, but the majority of copies were actually snapped up by impressed gig goers.
A planned independent single never materialised, and despite a busy gigging schedule, the band went their separate ways in 1984.

SUNSET BLAZE - Sunset Blaze Demo (1983) UK

TELLURIAN, were an obscure NWOBHM quartet from Buckinghamshire who left us just this one record, but it's a real corker!
The "Reborn" 7" single, a limited edition release of just 500 hand numbered copies, was originally recorded in 1982, but was not released until November 2006.
The "Reborn" 45 was issued by Zerlinda Records, the label founded by Malc MacMillan, the author of The NWOBHM Encyclopedia.
The label's aim was to issue unreleased vintage NWoBHM recordings in limited heavyweight vinyl editions with authentic looking period style picture sleeves. Zerlinda Records has also been responsible for releases by BURNER & DIAMOND LIL.
Apparently Tellurian only recorded about a dozen songs in their short career between 1980 and 1983, and the two songs which comprise the 7" are the only tapes that survived through the years in a cold damp English basement.
A real shame there is no more to be heard from Tellurian as they had a really heavy sound for 1982, equal parts WITCHFINDER GENERAL/BLACK SABBATH style Doom and NWOBHM, and they could also really play and knew how to write a killer song.
Apparently, the same two songs also appeared on a very obscure Various Artists compilation album called "The Whinging Album : Clutching At Straws" released by Whinging Records in 1982.
Beware the other act also called Tellurian, as they are purveyors of awful Hardcore Dance music.

TELLURIAN - Reborn 7" (1982) UK

Finally, PREDATOR were a very obscure NWOBHM quartet who released one rare record in 1985.
The record in question, a 7" single entitled "Don't Stop", was limited to 1000 copies and was released by C.T.M. Records.
A small quantity of the single came with a picture sleeve, but most copies did not.
Beyond this, i cannot find anything much out about this band, their history, or even where they hailed from.
Over to you, the combined Metallic brain trust who visit this site for further info. If you know 'owt, lerrus know.
Not to be confused with the REQUIEM related band of the same name who recorded a demo in 1989, or the other UK band from Reading named PREDATUR who released the 1982 "Take A Walk" single, and latterly, the "Mean" and "In Your Garden" albums.

PREDATOR - Don't Stop 7" (1985) UK

Many thanks to whoever it was who passed on the Sunset Blaze Demo to me, i'm embarrassed and very sorry to have to admit that i've forgotten who it was! The ole' memory ain't what it used to be and it's been a busy old week or three, these are my only excuses.
Also huge thanks to Hobgoblin who ripped the No Quarter BBC Session, this was possibly the best studio recording that NQ ever made, and it's great to get to hear it in pristine audio finally.
Many thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on the last post, it's much appreciated.
Responses ranged from the informative to the hysterically funny, and we even found time to dissect England's poor performance in the World Cup!
Hope y'all didn't find it too much of a chore to type a few words, because as far as i'm concerned the more interactive things get, the better. So i'm looking for more of the same from you this time around.
I think you'll find that i've given you plenty of musical discussion fodder this evening, so i'll be looking forward to reading what you thought of it all.
Until next time, be good to yourselves and we'll meet here again in about a fortnight.


Anonymous Harry said...


Friday, August 06, 2010 6:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Dale said...

Thank you for your hard work in digging out all these rarities. It is appreciated.

Saturday, August 07, 2010 3:37:00 AM  
Anonymous strad said...

thanks for the No Quarter BBC !!

Saturday, August 07, 2010 7:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Marquis70 said...

Some Good, Some bad. Thanks for the samples and letting us tried them

Sunday, August 08, 2010 2:18:00 AM  
Blogger bigfootkit said...

Aw shucks, thanks Harry.
No need to shout though!
I'm not totally deaf yet. ;)
Glad these rekkids are going down well with you all, (for the most part anyway).

Sunday, August 08, 2010 8:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

Played that Universe record to death! Just love it! And now I have the covers too, so thanks a lot!!!

Tellurian single is also good!

Monday, August 09, 2010 4:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kit - just listening to the new Maiden album; very much in the mould of Life and Death. Sounds good on first listen. Thanks for the No Quarter session and the rest of the posts. I'll fortify myself with some NWOBHM before the England friendly tomorrow. Went to the Charity Shield on Sunday and was very impressed by Hernandez - one to watch this season, and what a goal!!!:-) Take care, Blofeld

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 9:13:00 AM  
Blogger Lord Bones said...

Another nice set of gems of listening pleasure. Thanks m8!

Sunday, August 15, 2010 8:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Harry said...

The link to the second Lionheart CD seems to be broken ...

Sunday, August 22, 2010 9:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The link to the second Lionheart CD seems to be broken ..."

Harry-Just copy and paste the whole URL into your browser address bar and it will work fine (That's what I did).

N&IL&O-Thanks for the Lionheart compilation. I love seeing work by artists from other bands with which I'm familiar in other contexts! Also, thanks for the 100% Proof. I didn't like one of their other albums you posted here some time back, but this gave me a chance to give them another listen, one which I enjoyed. Keep up the great work on your excellent blog!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010 4:27:00 PM  
Blogger Hairy Potter said...

Blofeld-I also liked the new Maiden album after the first listen. It's been too long a wait for new material by them!

Ed (not Hunter)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 4:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re Trilogy/Saracen Perth. The information about the departure of members is not quite correct. John Meyer didn't "oust" Peter Jenkins, in fact John Meyer was still in Sydney when Peter Jenkins filled the vacancy left by John in Rose Tattoo after already leaving Trilogy. The Saracen reunion with Jon Ryder didn't happen until months later. Ancient history now but facts are facts.

Friday, June 10, 2011 9:00:00 AM  
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