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Howdy folks,
I'm sorry for taking so long in bringing you this latest post, thank you for your patience, but i'm hoping the scope and size of tonight's menu will be enough to buy my way back into your affections.
Basically what happened was that i was having some computer problems which took a week or so to get resolved and then my ISP decided to cut my internet off!
Because i owed them £17.
Yup, £17.
If anyone's interested in going with Post Office Homephone, you get a great connection speed, and you also get shitty customer care.
As a result i was unable to get online for a fortnight until we got the whole stupid business straightened out.
Did i mention what dicks they were?
Real dicks.
I've turned tonight's selection into a megapost to make up for the amount of time it took me to bring it to you, i hope you'll agree that it was worth the wait.
Let's start with a band called KKB.
Before Bruce Kulick became the guitarist with KISS, MEAT LOAF (he was a member of the "Bat Out Of Hell" touring band), or GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, before his stints with THE GOOD RATS, BLACKJACK or BILLY SQUIER even, and long before his work with GRAHAM BONNET, E.S.P. and UNION; before all of that, Bruce Kulick was a fan of great rock music.
"In 1973 i found a guy who lived in the next building over from me, in the Jackson Heights area of Queens, New York.
His name was Mike Katz, and he was a bass player who loved all of the same bands I did.
We started jamming, and, because we already spoke the same language musically, it was just magical.
We found a drummer named Guy Bois who rounded out the picture, and we formed a group that we envisioned as a cross between Cream and YES."
After months of rehearsal in the Bois family basement, the band (though called "KKB" today, they never had a name at the time,) entered New York's Sudden Rush recording studio in September of 1974 armed with a strong batch of songs.
As with many young bands, things unfortunately didn't progress for the three musicians.
Eventually Kulick, Katz and Bois went their separate ways.
The reel-to-reel tape of those sessions sat gathering dust until Kulick found a TEAC reel-to-reel player for $35.00 at garage sale in 2006, and thus rediscovered the "KKB" sessions.
"I put that tape on, and was blown away," smiles Kulick.
"It was like a time capsule, and there was such passion and fury in the music.
It was funny, too, how I recognized so many elements in that tape recording from almost 35 years ago that are still in my guitar playing today."
As enjoyable as it was for Bruce to journey down memory lane, it was playing the tape for friends and other musicians that lead him to consider releasing it to the public at large.
"Everyone I played it for said the same thing, that I needed to put this music out as it sounds so current, no matter how many years ago it was created.
So I began the process of getting this old tape transferred into a digital format."
While there was some repair work and extensive mastering done to the tape to get it up to digital standards, no overdubs or new music were recorded.
The "KKB" sessions appear on the CD exactly as they were recorded.
"Oddly enough, even though this music was created in 1974, the vibe is right in line with some of the music that has come out in the last few years, KKB has that powerful punch that analog is known for," marvels Kulick.
"But beyond all of that, this music has relevance, is extremely catchy and musical, and will stand on its own no matter how many years ago it was created.
Turn on the black lights and rock out to KKB!"
For the last ten years Kulick has been guitarist with Grand Funk Railroad, and has released 3 solo albums in that time.
Mike Katz now plays in Cream tribute band EB-3.
"1974", is a cracking little album, just great '70's Heavy power-trio Rawk with progressive arrangements and a really funky rhythm section.
There's the odd slice of lyrical cheese here and there, but musically this is awesome, with Kulick really impressing with his fluidity and grasp of dynamics.

KKB - 1974 (1974) USA

NWOBHM quartet HELLANBACH were formed in Newcastle in 1979 and came to the fore with their debut four track EP "Out To Get You", in 1980 on the Guardian Records label.
The buzz surrounding the EP secured them a deal with Wallsend based Neat Records and a track, 'All The Way', on the label's "60 Min Plus" compilation.
A further Hellanbach song, "All Systems Go", then appeared on the Neat Records "One Take No Dubs" compilation EP in 1982.
The band's critically acclaimed debut album ,"Now Hear This!", was then released in 1983.
The album featured an inspired cover of "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat", a song first featured in its original form on the soundtrack for the Disney animated movie "The Aristocats"!
All in all it's a great album - up there with the likes of the first RAVEN album as one of Neat's finest releases.
Drummer Steve Walker was replaced by MYTHRA's Barry Hopper following the release of the album.
Hellanbach's second album was issued in 1984, and was entitled "The Big H".
Despite it's quality the album wasn't as well received as their debut, and the group disappeared from the touring circuit, disbanding soon after.
Bassist Kev Charlton subsequently worked with former PHASSLAYNE frontman Micheal Maughan, demoing material, but ultimately failing to score a deal.
Guitarist Dave Patton later reappeared as a member of former DEEP PURPLE and TRAPEZE man GLENN HUGHES's touring band in 1995.
Kev Charlton joined the resurrected FIST line-up in 2000.
In 2001 drummer Barry Hopper reunited with his old MYTHRA band mate Maurice Bates in a Rockabilly band called THE BUCKETS.
During 2002 Essential Records issued a 2-CD Hellanbach retrospective entitled "The Big H: The Hellanbach Anthology".
Kev Charlton now divides his time between two bands, BESSIE & THE ZINC BUCKETS and THE CHARLOTTE YANNI BAND.

HELLANBACH - The Big H (1984) UK

I've been feeling that i've been letting down you Southern Rock fans at NILOOB recently. Consider that state of affairs rectified right now.
TOO SMOOTH were an Austin Texas based four piece who specialized in Hard Rock with a definite Southern Edge, but also dallied with progressive song structures.
A legendary band, and a huge live draw in their homestate in the '70's, the rest of the world is finally catching on to the band 30 years after their initial split.
Interlocking guitarists Brian Wooten and Jeff Clark, bassist Danny Swinney and drummer Tom Holden were each distinctive players who brought something special to the group.
Two sang, three wrote songs and all four worked out arrangements, making for a sound that was all over the place stylistically but rooted in riff-wailing guitar rock.
The band broke up in 1981 without ever releasing an album.
Too Smooth formed in 1973, when Wooten replaced STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN in the band STUMP, which also featured Clark and Holden.
"Stump was always a compromise because Stevie and (bassist) David Frame wanted to play blues, and Tom and I were more into rock," says Clark.
"When Brian joined, it took us in the direction that became Too Smooth."
The band moved in together on a 42-acre farm near Lake Travis, where they practiced at least six hours a day.
Their new Harder Rock sound, solidified with the addition of bassist Swinney, necessitated a name change to Too Smooth.
Their twin guitar attack and legendary live shows soon garnered the band a huge home-state following.
When touring acts such as GOLDEN EARRING, TED NUGENT and LYNYRD SKYNYRD made their initial forays into Austin, bookers would put Too Smooth on as the opening act to ensure a full house.
Too Smooth signed with Michael Lang's Just Sunshine label in '74 and recorded an album at the Record Plant in California.
Unfortunately, just as the band were finishing up work on the LP the label was sold to ABC.
The new owners didn't know who Too Smooth was, and didn't care, and dropped the band without releasing the album.
The band's second chance came in 1976 when they signed to Buddah Records.
Too Smooth were dispatched to Criterion Studios in Miami to record another album, but released only one 45 for Buddah, "Song For the World".
The label had decided to concentrate on it's disco acts, and once more Too Smooth were dropped, with another unreleased album in the can.
The band then released a single, "Mamie Mama", on the local independent Armadillo Records label.
When Mercury Records began courting the band it looked like it might be 3rd time lucky for Too Smooth, but negotiations broke down before a contract could be finalised.
Holden was the first to leave, in the fall of '78, followed by Wooten about two years later.
When Swinney quit to join CHRISTOPHER CROSS on the road in 1980, Clark kept Too Smooth going with new members, but things weren't the same and the band finally fell apart in late '81.
Wooten & Clark later reappeared in a covers band called 14K, before Wooten went on to join first THE IMPERIALS, then WHITEHEART in 1989.
Whiteheart released four albums during Wooten's stint in the band, before he left them in 1996.
He was then involved with the band PETRA, writing & recording 3 albums with them before joining the band of Country singer TRACE ATKINS.
Danny Swinney kept himself busy with a quintet called SUEDE, who are a popular live act in their home state.
Drummer Tom Holden also remained active in music, playing with an act called DUCK SOUP.
After a few Too Smooth reunion shows in recent years, the band finally released their first album in early 2011.
Entitled "Still", this double CD contains remastered studio recordings by the original band at the height of their powers in the 1970's.
A further album, the live "Live & Kickin'", followed a few months later, containing vintage concert cuts alongside material recorded at their reunion shows.

TOO SMOOTH - Live From Mother Earth (1974) USA

STRAPPS were a London based Hard Rock act founded in 1975 by former EPISODE SIX, QUATERMASS, SAMMY and PEACE drummer Mick Underwood and Australian singer/guitarist Rod Stagg.
Stagg had previously tried to make his way as a solo artist, releasing a lone single, "I'll Never Be A Star (But I Might)", on the Dawn label in 1974.
After adding Bassist Joe Read and Keyboard player Noel Scott, the band was complete, and were signed to the Harvest Records label.
Their self-titled 1976 debut album was produced by ex-Episode Six & DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover, and appeared in a striking fetish inspired sleeve.
The band then found themselves on tour as special guests on Deep Purple's ill starred "Come Taste The Band" tour, Purple's last hurrah until their 1980's reformation.
The "Strapps" album went on to find some success with very good sales in the American South, and was a genuine hit in Japan despite failing to even chart in the UK.
Chris Kimsey was brought aboard as producer for the band's second album, 1977's "Secret Damage", which again sold very well in Japan.
Strapps then found themselves on tour again, this time as guests to Underwood's former Episode Six bandmate in the IAN GILLAN BAND on the "Clear Air Turbulence" tour.
A single from the album, the glam inflected "Child In The City", was a minor UK hit single, after the band performed the song live on the "Supersonic" TV show.
1978 proved to be a problematic year for the band, with their 3rd album, entitled "Sharp Conversation", only issued in the U.S. and a few European territories.
In Japan, where Strapps' stock was still high, the album was released under the title "Prisoner Of Your Love".
A fourth album "Ball Of Fire", was recorded early in 1979 but was only issued in Japan, under the modified ROSS STAGG & STRAPPS name.
Thereafter, finding themselves without a record deal, and deep in debt, Strapps went their separate ways, with Underwood accepting an invitation to join GILLAN.
Underwood remained with Gillan for the duration of that band's lifespan, and also appeared on a few of IAN GILLAN's later solo albums.
He then worked as a session drummer, before forming QUATERMASS II in 1997, recording an album with them entitled "Long Road".
Underwood is now a member of RAW GLORY, to date they have issued one album, 2007's "City Life".
Ross Stagg eventually returned to Australia, where he now works as a music and entertainment lecturer at NSW TAFE (New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission).
In 2008 Angel Air Records released a vintage Stapps live performance on CD, "Live At The Rainbow 1977".

STRAPPS - Ball Of Fire (1978) UK

Here's "Tracks", an album's worth of previously unreleased vintage tracks by Canadian Hard/Prog/Pomp Rock gods THE HUNT.
With the exception of two songs which were included on the "Tracked Down" compilation album, none of this stuff has previously seen the light of day.
A treat for fans of quality late '70's/early '80's Hard Rock!
The Hunt formed from the ashes of Prog/Psychers DILLINGER who recorded a couple of highly rated early '70's LPs.
After adding former MAX WEBSTER drummer Paul Kersey, they changed their name to The Hunt and their style altered drastically too.
After this self titled debut there were some line up changes, before they recorded 1980's "Back On The Hunt", as a trio and built up a name for themselves as a popular touring act, especially in the Southern United States.
At this point bassist Frank Gagnon jumped ship to join FRANK SODA & THE IMPS.
They recorded their final album, "The Thrill Of The Kill" in 1982.
A diverse but tightly written album of quality Hard Rock with excellent arrangements, it featured the six string talents of MAX WEBSTER guitarist KIM MITCHELL on several tracks to boot.
Sadly, that was the end of the road for The Hunt, they went their separate ways later the same year.
If you enjoy this one, check out the archives for the rest of their discography, "Back On The Hunt", "Thrill Of The Kill", and a compilation album called "Tracked Down - The Best Of The Hunt", are all here somewhere.
Tally Ho!!!

THE HUNT - Tracks : Previously Unreleased (1980) Canada

MORE were a hard working five piece London based Heavy Metal band formed in 1979 who operated at the height of the NWoBHM.
Vocalist Paul Mario Day had previously sung briefly for one of the early incarnations of IRON MAIDEN.
MORE debuted in May 1980 on BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show with a four song studio session from which the track "Soldier", was culled for the BBC "Metal Explosion" compilation album.
On the strength of the buzz created by the radio session and the band's energetic live shows, More were signed by Atlantic Records
A cracking debut full length album entitled "Warhead", was then recorded in Detroit, U.S.A., which was preceded by the release of a single, "Atomic Rock".
After supporting DEF LEPPARD, SAXON and KROKUS on their British tours, and IRON MAIDEN throughout Europe, MORE opened the bill at the 1981 Castle Donington Monsters Of Rock festival before they began recording their second album.
Work began on album No 2, "Blood And Thunder", with producer Pete Hinton, but vocalist Day quit midway through recording to join WILDFIRE, resulting in More's projected support slot to BLACK SABBATH being cancelled.
The band soldiered on recruiting vocalist Mick Stratton, although the album was delayed as Stratton re-wrote lyrics to all the previously recorded material.
Laurie Mansworth then left More to form the much mellower AIRRACE alongside drummer Jason Bonham and ex-WHITE SPIRIT and LIONHEART members.
Airrace released a single, "I Don't Care", and a lone album, "Shaft Of Light" in 1984.
Laurie was followed through the out door by drummer Frank Darch who, in turn, was superseded by Andy John Burton.
Bassist Brian Day then also left More during the album recordings to be replaced by Barry Nichols.
The album, bizarrely, went unreleased in Britain, but did see release in Europe.
A final More single, the non-album "Trickster", was issued in late 1982, after which the group disbanded.
More reformed briefly in 1985 with only Cox remaining from the original line up, joined by vocalist Ron Jackson, guitarist Mel Jones, returning bassist Barry Nichols and Paul George on drums, but the whole thing was very short-lived.
Kenny Cox joined the gimmicky "Fatman" Hard Rock band MAMMOTH, led by ex-SAMSON vocalist Nicky Moore and former GILLAN bassist John McCoy.
Mammoth went on to release two studio albums and a live effort, after which Cox played in a band called MORE'n'MORE alongside Mammoth's Nicky Moore.
After two albums with Wildfire, vocalist Paul Mario Day found himself as the front man in legendary Glam/Hard Rock band THE SWEET.
He fronted the band for three years, recording the "Sweet Sixteen" & "Live At The Marquee" albums with them before emigrating to Australia.
A further attempt at reforming MORE in 1999, fronted by former AXON IV singer Mike, stalled when Kenny Cox suffered several debilitating strokes.
Laurie Mansworth reemerged in the 2000's as manager/producer of hotly tipped Hard Rock band HURRICANE PARTY aka ROADSTAR aka HEAVEN'S BASEMENT.
Paul Mario Day resurfaced in 2009 in a new band called CRIMZON LAKE who recorded 2 demos before the release of a self-titled 3 song EP earlier this year.
Laurie Mansworth has also recently returned to the stage, playing guitar in a reformed version of Airrace, who released a brand new album "Back To The Start" this year.

MORE : Friday Rock Show Session (1980) UK

ROSIE were a Hard Rock band formed by ex THE GODZ guitarist Mark Chatfield in Columbus, Ohio in early 1980.
The name Rosie was inspired, as Chatfield tells it," by the old tale of Rosie Palmer and her five sisters".
The band debuted with a self titled four song 12" EP in early 1981 and contributed a further track, "Sorry (I Forgot Your Name)", to a radio station sampler album entitled "Q-FM 96 Hometown Album Project Volume 3".
With bassist Jay Chesbro being replaced by Ed Means, a full length studio album entitled "Precious Metal", was recorded and issued by Doubletree Records in late 1981.
After a tough start to 1984 due to management problems, Chatfield opted to join BOB SEGER's SILVER BULLET BAND for a lengthy tour.
This left vocalist Carl Shelor to take over guitar duties and sing too.
Bassist Robert "Wild" West was then suceeded by a new member, Tom Courteney.
With Chatfield returning from the Seger tour, Rosie went into Bison Studios and started working on what was to be their next album.
With Shelor and Chatfield being the principal songwriters from the start, the music flowed and they realized they were writing some of Rosie's best music.
That album never came to be however, as Chatfield got another call from Seger, and ROSIE was left to look for a replacement.
In 1988, Mark Chatfield, who had moved to Las Vegas and opened his Cowtown Guitars store, contacted Means and Shelor about a possible ROSIE reunion.
After some planning, it took place over two nights at one of their favourite old haunts, and was recorded for release as a thank you to the bands loyal fans.
The band's second and final album, "Rosie Live!", was recorded at The Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on November 25th and 26th 1988.
This venue later became infamous as the place where former PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was gunned down onstage in 2004.
Chatfield still plays with Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band, with occasional reformations of The Godz, and also with Ohio band LUVHEAD.
Rosie still get back together to play the occasional live show every now and then, but have no plans to record again.

ROSIE - Rosie EP (1981) USA

GHOST is a six piece traditional Heavy Metal band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008.
In 2010 they released a three song self-titled demo, which was quickly followed by the single "Elizabeth".
Their debut full length album "Opus Eponymous", released by Metal Blade Records in late 2010 created quite a stir in the Metal scene.
Ghost are easily recognizable due to their eccentric on-stage presence (five of the group's six members wear dark hooded robes, while the vocalist appears in skull mask and a cardinal outfit), heavily satanic-based lyrics, and the secret nature of their identities.
This year the band played at the annual Download Festival in the United Kingdom, and went down a storm by all accounts.
Following their performance, Phil Anselmo, lead singer of DOWN, performed wearing a Ghost t-shirt and invited three of the Ghost band members to join him on the main stage.
Down closed their set with both guitars and drums being played by members of Ghost with Anselmo changing the title of "Bury Me In Smoke" to "Bury Me In Ghost".
James Hetfield of METALLICA also hailed the band by wearing a Ghost t-shirt while playing with "The Big Four" at the Sonisphere festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Ghost are currently gearing up for a slot on the "Defenders Of The Faith III" European tour with TRIVIUM, IN FLAMES and RISE TO REMAIN, before starting work on a second album.
The band's Heavy but melodic sound has captured the imaginations of many Metal fans, but only time will tell whether they are genuine contenders.
This is their 3 song 2010 "Ghost" demo, try it on for size.

GHOST - Ghost Demo (2010) Sweden

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND was a Hard Rocking quartet from Ann Arbor, Michigan formed in 1975, featuring veterans of the 1960s Detroit rock scene.
Fred "Sonic" Smith previously had been one half of the MC5's guitar "army", whilst vocalist/guitarist Scott Morgan had been a member of the soul-infused RATIONALS.
The rock steady rhythm section consisted of bassist Gary Rasmussen, ex of revolutionary rockers THE UP, and Scott "Rock Action" Asheton had previously reduced drum kits to splinters with THE STOOGES.
The band remained virtually unknown outside their native Detroit, but their one and only 1978 single became a sought after item for those in the know.
The band only had enough money to mix one song, "City Slang", so it was pressed on both sides of the single.
One side was labeled mono and one side stereo although both sides were identical.
Rolling Stone magazine called it "5:15 of assault guitars, railroad drumming and determined-rebel call".
Although a popular live draw locally, the band never lifted off nationally, and finally went their separate ways in 1980.
Bootleg copies of the single began circulating during the 1980's, those hip enough to discover the band were instant converts.
In the late 1990's Alive/Total Energy Records released a studio recording of the then-unheard song "Electrophonic Tonic", the song that was to have been the B-side of "City Slang".
In 1999, Mack Aborn Rhythm Arts released "Sweet Nothing", a CD compilation of rare live SRB tunes.
So receptive was the audience that a second compilation called "City Slang" was released in 2000.
This in turn sparked a renewed interest in Scott Morgan, who was critically acclaimed in the 1980's with bands like SCOTS PIRATES and the SCOTT MORGAN BAND.
SRB disciples, Sweden's THE HELLACOPTERS recorded no less than five Scott Morgan/SRB compositions ("City Slang", "16 With A Bullet", "Downright Blue", "Heaven", "Slow Down (Take A Look)"), which further popularized the group.
Scott Morgan would go on to record with The Hellacopter's Nicke Royale, releasing three HYDROMATICS albums as well as two albums as THE SOLUTION.
Scott Asheton returned to the stage around the same time, touring the world and recording once more with the reactivated Stooges.
Over the last few years the SRB have enjoyed even further renewed interest, with the September 2006 release of a 6 CD box set titled, "Sonic's Rendezvous Band," by Easy Action Records.
The set was reviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine by Senior Editor David Fricke who summed up by saying, "I just want as much of the best of this band as I can get. Right now, this is what I have. And I am playing it. Loud."
Follow his lead brothers and sisters.
"City Slang", is eternal.

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND - City Slang 7" (1978) USA

Finally, Los Angeles based Hard Rock band DOKKEN was first formed around 1978 when Vocalist Don Dokken teamed up with Bassist Steve Barry and drummer Greg Pecka.
Prior to this, Don had been playing club shows in the Los Angeles area billed as AIRBORN, but had to change name because another band called Airborn had already acquired a record deal.
In 1979, this initial trio line up of the band entered the studio and recorded the two songs which became their debut single.
This record, the ultra rare "Hard Rock Woman" 7" was released in 1979 by the L.A. based Hard Records label.
After the single's release, personnel changes saw Greg Leon arrive on Guitar, Jeff Tappen on Bass and Gary Holland took over the drum stool from Pecka who would later join HELLION.
This line-up recorded a demo tape later issued with the addition of two live tracks, without the band's approval, as the six song 1979 "Back In The Streets" EP.
After more personnel problems, Don met up with Guitarist George Lynch and Drummer "Wild" Mick Brown, who were playing a band called XCITER, and recruited them.
In 1981, Don Dokken flew to Germany to sing background vocals on the upcoming SCORPIONS album "Blackout", in order to assist the band's vocalist Klaus Meine, who was suffering from a vocal ailment.
Whilst there, ACCEPT were recording in another studio, and their manager was so impressed by Don that he was able to secure him a European record deal with Carrere Records.
An album was hastily recorded in Germany by a band now featuring Dokken, Lynch & Brown with Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer guesting on some tracks and Accept's Peter Baltes playing Bass throughout.
The group's debut album "Breaking The Chains", was first released in Germany under the name "Don Dokken".
With the addition of Juan Croucier on Bass, Dokken had a steady line-up, and a new manager, Cliff Bernstein, who got the band a US deal with Elektra Records.
The band did an arena tour in the United States with BLUE ÖYSTER CULT in 1983, but when the tour was over the band was nearly dropped from the label due to the album's lack of success in the USA.
Juan Croucier left Dokken in 1983 to join RATT and was replaced by Jeff Pilson.
At this point, the band began to write more and more commercial material, eschewing the Harder sound of old.
Dokken then began to experience huge commercial success in the USA, accumulating numerous charting singles and selling more than 10 million copies of their next 4 albums (3 studio, 1 live), worldwide.
The band was also nominated for a Grammy in 1989, the year the "classic" line up split up, only to reform four years later.
Things were never the same for Dokken however, albums sold poorly and band members came and went with alarming regularity over the next 20 years.
In the midst of this ongoing soap opera, guitarist George Lynch announced a further reformation of the classic Dokken line up in 2010.
Lynch was forced to retract the statement hours later however, saying "There will be no Dokken reunion in the foreseeable future, if ever.
This is Don’s decision, despite Jeff’s and my best intentions and efforts over the past few years to make this happen in good faith."

DOKKEN - Hard Rock Woman 7" (1979) USA

That little lot should keep you all going for a while eh?
Many thanks to all of you who took the time to peruse my "wants list" from the last post and tried to help me out.
Thanks for the replies, pointers, info and uploads, all greatfully received and much appreciated.
I've now amended the list (which is still huge!), if anyone can help me out any further with anything on it, i'd me much obliged.
I look forward to reading your comments on tonight's post, hopefully my comments sections will be as full as your I-Pod's after tonight's sonic smorgasbord.
God/Allah/Buddah/Lucifer/Im-Ho-Tep willing, it should (hopefully), be business as usual (fingers crossed), here soon, with regular posts appearing again every 2 to 3 weeks.
Thanks again for your patience.
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Hi Kit - Glad your Internet problems are sorted. At least you get to call them 'dicks'. More than once. Appreciate the More Session - anything from the Friday Rock Show is more than welcome. Do you have any complete shows from around 79 to 82 ? I had quite a few on tape but in a moment of madness dumped most of my tapes when I switched to CDs!!! Why did I do that???? Oh well. Take care, Blofeld

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