Friday, March 16, 2007


All kinds of mad and ugly shit for you all this weekend, i'm a little pressed for time, so i'm gonna be a little shorter on the descriptions than usual, just so's i can get this up for y'all.

First off, from Finland, we have the excellent Oz, this is their "III Warning" album, and it's Heavy Metal Thunder from start to finish with nary a trace of self deprecating humour. Which i assume means that they meant it maaaan, which is awesome. Glue it to your death deck.

OZ - III Warning (1984) FIN

Up next, a real oddity/rarity, this is the 1st album from NWOBHM Christian boogie-merchants 100% Proof. I don't share their belief system, but i do see eye to eye with them when it comes to rockin' rollin' boogie mayhem. I'm slightly offended by the judgemental tone of "The Loner (Bon Scott)", but there's still a lot to enjoy here, don't be put off by the Christian tag. There's only good, bad or indifferent music, this is the former. Hallelujah!

100% PROOF - 100% Proof (1981) UK

Some bloody knuckled punk/art rock now from the (formerly) mean streets of Noo Yawk. This is the 2nd & final EP from The Mad, the upliftingly titled "The Hell". This is a bit more "avant" than their 1st outing (posted a while back here), but it still rocks out in an unhinged slightly slo-mo fashion. Give it a go, what's the worst that could happen? You might like it??

THE MAD - The Hell EP (1979) USA

Right then, the rest of the post from herein is strictly of the vintage NWOBHM variety, some are heavy duty, others less so, all are fantastic and hopelessly obscure.
The first of these is the collectible Argus 7", "Holocaust", from 1984, i could find almost nothing out about them, see what you think.

ARGUS - Holocaust 7" (1984) UK

There's a lot of info on Overdrive in the txt file included in the rar of their "On The Run" EP, so i'll waste not this space expanding, except to say that this is an absolute cracker.

OVERDRIVE - On The Run EP (1981) UK

From Liverpool, Axis left us this one great slab of black vinyl before imploding. Guitarist Mick Tucker later reappeared in White Spirit, then Tank and drummer Marty Day became a member of Holland. That's the pedigree, but the proof of the pudding is in the rockin'!

AXIS - Lady (1980) UK

Finally, Londoners Megaton offer up their only hurrah, 1981's "Aluminium Lady" 7". "Aluminium Lady" by Megaton? Can you tell what this is gonna sound like? I think you can. It's that simple. Gawdblessem.

MEGATON - Aluminium Lady (1981) UK

That's the lot for now.
Enjoy 'em!


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