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Hello again, boys & girls, another selection of musical treats this evening to rawk yer sox awf.
Without further ado, let's get it on.
Up first, from 1983, here's "Take One", the lone album by Hayward, California's Max Lynx. I'll give you a sample of some of the songtitles & see if you can guess what this one sounds like.
"Dragons & Warriors", "Metal Never Dies", "Running With The Devil", "Rainbow Riders". The list goes on in similar style. Now go download the album & see if you were right in your assumptions. Hint : yes you were, and it's every bit as fun as you'd imagine!

MAX LYNX - Take One (1983) USA

Next we bring you the final official release in our ongoing set of Gotham City posts, this is their full length album, "The Unknown", from 1984. By the time they recorded this one they had replaced original vocalist Ola Ohlsson with the considerably more gifted Anders Zackariasson, who would later find a greater level of success with NOCTURNAL RITES. Compared to their previous releases, thinks are sounding a whole lot more professional with slicker production and more mature songs. I miss the ramshackle approach of the earlier stuff, but this is great in its own right, treat it like it's another band and you'll probably get the most from it. It certainly sounds like a different band on several of the tracks. Still Heavy though. Still Heavy.

GOTHAM CITY - The Unknown (1984) Sweden

To New York now, for the "ultra" "mega" "hideously" rare, one off Mini LP by a Big Apple five piece called Dark Knight. This one came out in '84 on their own Dark Knight label with the "none more Metal" catalogue no. of DK-666-SS, and is as good an example of why people spend small fortunes on private pressing Metal as you're never likely to hear. You'll never be able to afford a copy of this, hell, they show up so seldom you'll never find one anyway, but thanks to the appliance of internet science you can hear what the hullabaloo is all about. Great guitar all over this one courtesy of one Larry Rola, whatever happened to him, he could really blare. A keeper!

DARK KNIGHT - Dark Knight Mini LP (1984) USA

A nice one now from the Netherlands for your air guitaring & fist clenching enjoyment. This is the sole release by Lady, the 1982 "Ladykiller" EP, and is so influenced by the NWOBHM scene that it often turns up on NWOBHM wants lists. They were Dutch, people! To be fair there's also a lot of JUDAS PRIEST worship going on here too, although the presence of a keyboard player gives the band a slightly more commercial bent, but axeman Rene Enthoven has obviously spent a lot of time studying Tipton & Downing to good effect. For the most part it works nicely, the vocals are a little overambitious here & there, but all in all this is some good stuff.

LADY - The Ladykiller EP (1982) HOL

To Sweden now, where again, courtesy of Dom we get to immerse ourselves in the Doomy Hard Rawking of the awesome Hels. This is their one & only release, the double A-Side 7" "Birth"/"Death" from 1985. Lots of nice Mercyful Fate style time changes on the first side, then the tempo drops to a Mogadon bludgeon whilst the guitar's transform into a fuzzy "Death-tone" for the less than chirpy "Death". Nice stuff for folks who enjoy their Metal in slo-mo.

HELS - Birth/Death 7" (1985) Sweden

Not to be confused with the Durham based band who released "Nobody's Move", this is another NWOBHM band by the name of Lone Wolf. No, not the PAUL Di'ANNO fronted band either, but that was a nice try. This lot were a one shot band, releasing only this, their "Cash For Candy" 7" on their own Wolf label waaaay back in 1980. It's some nice stuff with catchy choruses alongside the boogie Metal parts. Give it a try, i think you'll like.

LONE WOLF - Cash For Candy 7" (1980) UK

Finally tonight, we stay with the NWOBHM for a great 7" from Camargue. This is "Howl Of The Pack" on Clubland Records from 1983, but, as i can't find anything on the net about them at all, i'm assuming that this is all they recorded. I have a suspicion that they may have had a track or two on one of Ebony Records Metal sampler albums around this time too, but i haven't been able to research that. Anyway, this is good solid Rawkin' stuff, with occasional early Maiden style guitar parts. Which is nice.

CAMARGUE - Howl Of The Pack 7" (1983) NWOBHM

Hope you enjoy tonight's selection of rare treats. See you again midweek for more goodies.


Anonymous ogmonster said...

I figured I'd send you some Detroit music to check out. After all of the fine music you gave me. I made this comp from Seduce's only two albums, demos from 2nd LP, and some live unreleased songs. The photos are an early promo '83 and promo from their 2nd LP '88. Hope you enjoy it and let me know how you like 'em.

Seduce: Detroit, Michigan 1983-1988
Mark Andrews -Bass, Vocals
David Black -Guitar
Chuck Burns -Drums

1. Viper's Bite
2. Love To Hate
3. Streets
4. Chopping Block
5. Headbangers
6. The Mirror
" Seduce " '85
7. Watchin'
8. Been So Long
9. Too Much, Ain't Enough
10. Crash Landing
11. Accusations
" Too Much, Ain't Enough " '88
12. Born To Run
13. I'm Strange
14. Colleen
15. Stroke Of Midnight
16. Life's On Fire
" Demos " 1986-87
17. Nine Lives
18. One Foot In The Grave
19. Promises Promises
" Live @ Traxx: Detroit, Michigan 1985 "

156MB @ 320kbps

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 4:52:00 PM  
Anonymous bigfootkit said...

Thanks Ogmonster, i'm looking forward to hearing this. Funnily enough, as a result of my posting a 7" by a NWOBHM band called Seducera while back, Time Traveller was talking to me about these guys.
He had meant to post some of their stuff to bring me up to speed on the band.
Bryon, if you're reading this, you're off the hook, Ogmonster's taken care of business in a big way!
Many thanks, i appreciate the thought & the work my friend. I've got a new post ready for tomorrow, so i'll add this & post it on the main page then.
Much appreciated.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 6:23:00 PM  
Anonymous ogmonster said...

Throughout the years I've seen them about 400+ times. The first time seeing them was when they opened for Saxon in early '83. After they kicked out Chuck Burns in '88, I did not go see them much after that, as Chuck was a friend by then and favorite part of the band. They continued for a time with a new drummer, but I kinda lost interest after that. They reformed w/ Chuck in '02 and play every now and then. There are more studio tracks and I have a few shows I could upload if you'd like. Also have some demos/shows from a Hardcore band HERSEY w/ Chuck. Chuck was also in a band Speedball they made a couple albums. Though he plays guitar and sings lead in Speedball. Chuck also did an album w/ Tracii Guns-Killing Machine. He plays drums and wrote two songs for the album. Well enough hero worship and time to hit the hay. Goodnight.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 11:04:00 PM  
Blogger JavyMetal said...

Hi Ogmonster! Would it be possible that you post the full albums from Seduce, or at least the missing songs?
Many thanks in advance my friend!

Sunday, August 26, 2007 10:13:00 AM  

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