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Greetings earth people, some more raves from the grave & blasts from the past, to put your head in a spin and your neck in a brace.
Step right up.
All kinds of obscure goodies for you right now, starting with this one, "Still Flyin'" from 1981, by the Bugs Henderson Group.
Bugs is a bit of a legend in the lone star state, and is known as the "daredevil of the red guitar". Before forming his own band, he was part of Garage band MOUSE & THE TRAPS, before joining NILOOB faves, NITZINGER, appearing on their debut album & their "One Foot In History" follow up. After leaving NITZINGER, Bugs did a lot of session work and played as part of blues legend FREDDIE KING's band. In the mid '70's he put together the Bugs Henderson Group, debuting in 1978 with the live album, "At Last". This was followed in '81 by their studio debut "Still Flyin'", a great collection of rock songs with a strong Southern Rock & Blues influence. The power trio format allows Bugs to stretch out & wail on that red guitar when the occasion demands it, but he's far too canny a player to over do it, never overpowering the song in favour of the solo. I think you'll like it my friends.

BUGS HENDERSON GROUP - Still Flyin' (1981) USA

Up next for your fist pumping pleasure (that just sounds wrong...), is the sole self titled album from New York Hard Rock outfit Black Diamond. There's very little info on this mob out there so this potted history is a little "light", unlike the music which reminds me of early RIOT with touches of NWOBHM influences. This ten tracker came out on their own Diamond label in 1982 and boasts titles like "Power Ride" & "Earthshaker", which give you an idea of what to expect. An ass-kicking, old school style basically.

BLACK DIAMOND - Black Diamond (1982) USA

To Canada now for an overlooked Heavy Metal nugget called "Day Of The Saxons", the sole release by Ontario's Witchkiller, which surfaced on Metal Blade Records back in 1984. This is some great thunderous traditional Heavy Metal, which straddles the chasm between PRIEST & SABBATH with some aplomb. A shame they never got as far as releasing a full length, because the five tracks here just reek of awesomeness. A couple of the guys went on to join glammy Hard Rockers RECKLESS for their "Heart Of Steel" album, which was a bit of a wimpy affair if memory serves. Remember them this way, when their Metal was still true.

WITCHKILLER - Day Of The Saxons Mini LP (1984) Canada

Another short lived band in a similar vein to Witchkiller were Atlanta's Sinister Angel, who released this one self titled EP in the same year on their own label. Four powerful tracks of lengthy epic Metal with all the usual thematic matters touched on. Hell, evil women, death, all present & correct. The band had strong links with fellow Atlantans HALLOWS EVE, trading a few members back & forth over the years, after they got to know each other in a prior band called WARRIOR. Good stuff, possibly improved by the poverty row production, go git it.

SINISTER ANGEL - Sinister Angel EP (1984) USA

A nice Hard Rockin' 7" from the NWOBHM now for you, this is "Can't Have My Body Tonight" by Moby Dick on the very collectible Ebony label. This is typically British Hard Rock, with quite a 1970's feel, harking back to bands like Bad Company, but with more firepower. The band are best remembered for introducing the world to the extraordinary vocal talents of one Max Bacon, who would later take the mic for such bands as NIGHTWING, BRONZ & GTR. Later he'd also appear with MIKE OLDFIELD and release a couple of solo albums to boot. The mans got a golden larynx as you'll soon hear here. Nice disc!

MOBY DICK - Can't Have My Body Tonight 7" (1982) UK

Another NWOBHM 7"er for you next, but i'm afraid i've got no background info on this band at all, if anyone knows anything about them, lemmy know. This is the privately pressed "In The Night/Working It Out" double A-Side 7" by Suspect from 1981. A good little radio friendly Hard Rocker with a catchy chorus which you'll be humming for days afterwards. The flip side is a little more meaty, but still hooky enough to have made an impression if it had ever been played on radio. Which, as fate would have it, it probably never was. Shame.

SUSPECT - In The Night/Working It Out 7" (1981) UK

Finally tonight, another Swedish seven inch sensation courtesy of Dom. This is the rare as hell "This Is Life" 7" by The Wagabond from 1979. Stylistically, this has shades of '70's Hard Rock & Metal, but it also keeps one eye on the future, whilst remaining monolithically primeval all at the same time. Think early IRON MAIDEN, "Phantom Of The Opera", that type of thing, especially on the B-Side which is the pick of the pair. Odd, but rewarding. That's just what we strive for here at NILOOB, this one doesn't disappoint on either score.

THE WAGABOND - This Is Life 7" (1979) Sweden

That's all for tonight people. I'll be back at the weekend with some more rare goodies for all y'all, including some more FLUDD as requested. Til then, keep on keepin' on.


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