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Hello and welcome to another round up of the great & the good from the shadows of rock's murky past. Sorry for the delay in getting this weeks goodies to you, there's just been too many good football matches on the TV. Hey i need some "me time" now & again! There may be some delays in the coming weeks too as i'm switching internet providers, but hopefully the switch over will be trouble free and quick as there's loads of goodies coming your way in the next few weeks.
Tonight's post is NWOBHM from start to finish, but there's still lots of variety sonically, something for everyone i hope.
Newcastle Upon Tyne Heavy Metal band FIST were signed to Neat Records mere weeks after their formation under the original handle of AXE in 1980 and subsequently found themselves on major label MCA Records following an inter-label deal. In addition to a crop of singles and albums FIST also contributed a track to the Neat Records compilation 'Lead Weight' and the band supported UFO on their British January 1981 tour. In 1982 Keith Satchfield and John Wylie left as FIST re-signed to Neat Records after the flirtation with MCA. Vocalist Glenn Coates, who had previously been a member of HOLLOW GROUND, was later ousted in favour of ex-THRUST man Jon Appleby and second guitarist John Paul Roach of MYTHRA was also added. Further changes ensued when Roach was sacked in favour of a slimmed down four piece line-up. Dave Irwin subsequently deputized for Mantas on VENOM's 1985 American tour when the guitarist fell ill. After a lengthy hiatus FIST regrouped during 2002. This is their debut album "Turn The Hell On" from 1980, the best thing they ever recorded as far as i'm concerned, and as it comes from the long out of print Japanese cd version, the sound is fantastic and it also features a couple of bonus tracks. Grab a fist full!

FIST - Turn The Hell On (1980) UK

Next tonight, the sole album from Hologram, "Steal The Stars" from 1983. Hologram were basically a more commercial Hard Rock focused version of Scottish NWOBHM band HOLOCAUST, indeed they even fashioned their logo after the parent bands own. HOLOGRAM was formed in 1982 by erstwhile members drummer Ray Marciano (a.k.a. Raymond Lafferty) and guitarist Ed Dudley. The album was released on Phoenix Records in early 1983. Despite a massive cash injection HOLOGRAM fell apart when HOLOCAUST once more became a priority. Holocaust have sporadically reformed and split ever since.

HOLOGRAM - Steal The Stars (1983) UK

Some more from Sunderland's Battleaxe for you next, this being the bands shelved four song "Nightmare Zone" EP from 1987. After recording for both Guardian Records ("Battleaxe" 7"), and Music For Nations ("Burn This Town" & "Power From The Universe"),drummer Ian Thompson was superseded by Ian McCormack, Thompson joining DARK HEART. At their peak BATTLEAXE toured Britain opening for SAXON and although a third album, 'Mean Machine', was recorded in 1987, it never saw the light of day. Tracks from the shelved album finally surfaced as the "Nightmare Zone" EP a few years ago.

BATTLEAXE - Nightmare Zone EP (1987) UK

Burnley's STREETFIGHTER is best noted for their ex-lead guitarist's exploits. JOHN SYKES left the band and joined TYGERS OF PAN TANG, THIN LIZZY and WHITESNAKE before inevitably going solo in ventures that have seen the creation of BLUE MURDER and a string of successful solo albums in Japan. In the wake of Sykes' departure STREETFIGHTER soldiered on by bringing in two replacement guitarists, Dave Senczek and Mick Kremoustoulis. When the band split Senczek created CANNES and guested on LEA HART's 1994 album 'Ready To Rumble'. Bassist Merv Goldsworthy teamed up with a covers band for a four month band residency in Khartoum, Africa of all places. A return to Britain saw him as a member of DIAMOND HEAD, SAMSON and slick AOR act FM. The band's sole legacy is this, 1982's "Crazy Game" EP, and a track, 'She's No Angel', on the 'New Electric Warriors' compilation album. Sykes has since recreated THIN LIZZY.

STREETFIGHTER - Crazy Game EP (1982) UK

DEMOLITION were a Birmingham based NWOBHM quartet formed in 1979. Their only recorded output was this, the highly regarded "Hooker Hater" 7", released in 1981. The band split in 1983 without releasing any further material. However, continued interest in the golden age of the NWOBHM prompted German label High Vaultage to approach the band regarding a possible compilation release of their old material. This led to the 2006 compilation album, "Wrecking Crew - The Demolition Anthology", which featured 19 vintage tracks.

DEMOLITION - Hooker Hater 7" (1981) UK

Surrey's popular STATIC were originally conceived as far back as 1978, and after tours with TRUST and WEAPON in the intervening years, the band were featured in the 'Armed And Ready' section of 'Kerrang' in the summer of 1982. STATIC's lone single was released a couple of months later, coupling "Voice On The Line" with "Stealin'", two songs in the general style of URCHIN or early SAMSON, not overly heavy but still quite strong on the guitar front. The band unfortunately suffered from personnel problems, and after much toing and froing, Static called it a day in 1983. Vocalist/guitarist Noel Jones eventually returned with the considerably more distinctive and successful WHITE LIGHTNING.

STATIC - Voice On The Line 7" (1982) UK

Finally tonight, we bring you Hard Rock/NWOBHM band V8 who formed in 1982. They had just one release, 1984's "Lonely Days" single which appeared on the Music Factory label. The band soldiered on for a few years after this, but appeared to be no more by 1987. 2004 found former V8 bassist Toby Pelham back to the fore with IRON HORSE, a Leamington Spa based outfit comprising a cast of veritable NWoBHM veterans comprising OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON singer John 'Wardi' Ward, guitarists Alan Nyland of HANDSOME BEASTS and the CHEVY pairing of guitarist Baz Eardley and drummer Ted Duggan.

V8 - Lonely Days 7" (1984) UK

That's tonight's selection complete, hope you find something amongst that little lot to tickle your fancy. And remember, keep the comments & requests coming folks!


Anonymous marquis70 said...

I'll give these a try.Thank you.
Request: Runestaff - Runestaff 1985 Thank to you for the Demo.

Sunday, June 22, 2008 9:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phew - thanks for the post! I was getting withdrawal symptoms! I thought Italy might win the footie even though it wasn't their best team. Spain beat Italy on penalties!!! It had to happen one day. I think I'd like Russia to win now as they've played some good football. Also like Turkey's fighting spirit! Germany - Turkey will be a good game! Back to the music - yet again you've found some more singles that I've never heard before - Streetfighter and V8. Look forward to listening to them. I bought the Fist album when it came out but was a bit disappointed with it as I didn't think the rest of their tracks matched Name, Rank and Serial Number/Never Get Me Up in One Of Those. That was a cracking single! Take care, Blofeld

Monday, June 23, 2008 2:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your blog.

btw, the sound of track 4 on the fist album is a bit messed up with clicking and popping sounds. :(

Monday, June 23, 2008 3:15:00 PM  
Anonymous nightsblood said...

Some very obscure nwobhm items up this week! I was always a little disappointed by the Streetfighter EP; as I recall Sykes had already left when it was recorded, which may explain the rather forgettable nature of the songs. The Demolition 7" is good if you like that heavier, Midlands-style NWOBHM. I read somewhere (probably Malc's book) that the term 'hooker' is not typically used in the UK, and thus the title of the A-side is kind of unusual.
Enjoy the soccer- football season doesn't start until September for us Yanks :-) (sorry, couldn't resist)

Monday, June 23, 2008 9:25:00 PM  

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