Monday, January 19, 2009


Howdy people, it's that time again. Thanks, as always for your comments on last weeks selection, it seems some of them brought back happy memories for you, i'm hoping this weeks selection will please you all just as much.
Most pleasantly surprising of all the comments was the one from Bryon, better known to many of you here as Time Traveller, the original author of this very blog, after being MIA for the best part of a year.
Bryon mate, it was great to hear from you again, glad to hear things are going better, and excited that you're considering a return to full blogging action.
Very pleased too that you seem to be enjoying and approving of the work i've been doing in your absence. I learned from the best, what can i say?
You can still get in touch through my old e-mail address my friend, please do so when you get the chance, it'll be good to catch up.
So, back to tonight's post then:
Paul Birch founded Wolverhampton based Heavy Metal Records as a vehicle to promote HANDSOME BEASTS, the Nuneaton boogie band he managed at the time, when an initial demo was rejected by all the major labels. Having formed as early as 1973, they finally debuted with the "All Riot Now" single in 1980, following it up with the "Breaker" EP and the "Sweeties" single, all issued by Heavy Metal Records. The band finally released a full blown album, "Beastiality" in 1982. Regrettably the band is remembered more for frontman Gary Dalloway's corpulence than their music, a problem not helped by the album's tasteless cover. The next album from the band was to be 1990's "The Beast Within", with bass now being handled by Mark Knight, although the album sleeve notes mistakenly list his name as 'Wright'. In the latter days of the band guitarist Phil Aston was a member (and went on to join ROGUE MALE and TANTRUM) and a third album was recorded during 1993 and, although finalised, was never released due to Heavy Metal Records going bankrupt. Surprisingly, HANDSOME BEASTS are still a going concern, reuniting annually for a one off gig to appease their fans. By 2004 the band, now including CHEVY drummer Ted Duggan, was plotting a new album, released on the Heavy Rock label as "04".
Recordings conducted during 2006 found PETE WAY of UFO & WAYSTED and Spike of THE QUIREBOYS guesting. Tragically, Garry Dalloway died from a fatal heart attack on August 20th that year. Nevertheless, Dalloway had apparently already appointed his successor, Simon "Mongo" Hall, and he debuted with the band at the British Steel festival. The band released a new album in 2007, "Rock & A Hard Place", which was released by Q Records. In 2008, "Mongo" left the band, and his recently announced replacement is none other than Rocky Shades formerly of TITAN, WRATHCHILD, DISCHARGE and ONE TRACK AND DIRTY.

THE HANDSOME BEASTS - The Beast Within (1990) UK

ORPHAN ALLIES were a female fronted Heavy Metal/Hard Rock quintet formed in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1982. Their only release was the full length "Running From The Law" LP, released by French label Dream Records in 1986. The outstanding vocals of Little Orphan E.V. are the most impressive aspect of the bands sound, she may have been petite, but her voice was absolutely huge. There are several good songs spread throughout the record, but the poor production does the record no favours, giving the tracks a samey feel. Even so, it's become a much sought after collectors piece, with copies going at around $60-$80 US nowadays.

ORPHAN ALLIES - Running From The Law (1986) USA

STILLWATER were a seven piece Southern Rock band formed in 1973. Signed to the legendary Capricorn Records label in 1976, their self titled debut album was released the following year.
A single from the album, "Mindbender", became a minor hit for the band, and two live tracks appeared on the compilation album, "Hotels, Motels and Roadshows". With these successes and tours with the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND & ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION under their belts, the future looked rosy for Stillwater. Second album "I Reserve The Right", came out in 1979, but instead of being able to capitalize on their early momentum, the band were scuppered by the bankruptcy of their label instead. The band kept gigging, playing with the likes of BLACKFOOT & THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND, and decided to finance the recording of a new album themselves, which they would then shop to record labels. However, the band ran into financial and personal difficulties during the 1983 recording sessions, leading to Stillwater's dissolution. Out of the blue however, in 1998, a new Stillwater album appeared, entitled "Running Free". Guitarist Bobby Golden explained the release to : "The "Runnin' Free", album was a real labour of love. We set out to complete the album we were working on in 1983 when we disbanded. We went into the studio in 1998 and recorded the few songs that had not been completed in 1983 with producer Rodney Mills (38 SPECIAL), and finished the album by remixing the 1983 tapes. We remained close friends after 1983 playing Reunion Concerts in Macon Georgia at Christmas time every year (we still do)." And on the subject of the film "Almost Famous", which was about a fictional band also called Stillwater. "Steven Spielberg's company, Dreamworks, contacted Sebie Lacey, our singer, to establish a deal concerning the use of the band's name. The young Cameron Crowe saw us in the '70's, in Macon, Georgia, at a concert organized by Capricorn Records, when he wrote for Rolling Stones. Even if the film is not devoted to us, it brings back good memories of our ten years of touring and recording when we were almost famous."

STILLWATER - Runnin' Free (1983) USA

The all black SOUND BARRIER evolved from the demise of the R&B oriented, seven-piece COLOUR in 1979. COLOUR had steadily become more Rock oriented thanks to the recruitment of New Jersey born guitarist Spacey T. However, alongside COLOUR drummer Dave Brown, Spacey formed the Metal band he had always longed for in SOUND BARRIER. The first line-up of the group included bassist Keith Roster in a group that, initially, went for more of a Progressive feel until Roster departed and was replaced with Stanley E., rounding out a line-up fronted by vocalist Bernie K. SOUND BARRIER cut a four track demo with producer Neftali Santiago, which landed them a deal with MCA Records. Despite laudable press for the debut album, 1983's 'Total Control', and valuable support slots to no less than VAN HALEN, sales were not forthcoming and SOUND BARRIER was duly dropped by MCA. Undaunted, retained they kept the momentum going with the independent mini LP "Born To Rock" on Pitbull Records which contained a cover of STEPPENWOLF's "Born To Be Wild". The band was picked up by Metal Blade for their third release "Speed Of Light", by which time Stanley E., had been succeeded by ex-TERRIF bassist Emil Lech Brando. The album included a cover of THIN LIZZY's "Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)". The band fell apart once Italian six string hotshot ALEX MASI got into the band and set about taking control leaving the remaining original members no option but to quit the SOUND BARRIER ship. Soon enough the band evolved into MASI. Both Dave Brown and Bernie K. appeared on the 1987 debut MASI release 'Fire In The Rain'. After a period in late 1986 working with BLACK SHEEP bassist Willie Basse in SPACEY T'S LIBERTY, original SOUND BARRIER guitarist Spacey T briefly joined MOTHER'S FINEST in the early 90's on their initial European touring stint in support of the 'Black Radio Won't Play This Record' album. However, he had been replaced by a keyboard player by the time they returned. Lech turned up in JOSHUA whilst Brown formed TOTAL ECLIPSE with ex-BUSBOYS guitarist Victor Johnson, who had guested on the 'Speed Of Light' album. By 1998 Johnson was a member of SAMMY HAGAR's touring band THE WABORITAS. Spacey T. joined FISHBONE.

SOUND BARRIER - Speed Of Light (1986) USA

So that's it for another week, hope you enjoy tonight's booty folks, keep 'em comments a-comin' please. If you still need more vintage music remember to check out my other blog here. I'll be upping some more vintage 1980's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal albums from Scandinavia (mostly Sweden) and Europe too, if not tonight, then tomorrow at the latest over there. Like the sound of that selection? You know where to go and what to do then, don't you.
Until next time, be good.
If you can't be good, be really bad.
If you can't be bad, be yourself.
If you can't be yourself, be somebody else.
If that doesn't work, then, my friends you're totally fucked, but i wish you well anyway. From me, that's it.
Over & out!


Blogger wallace said...

Thanks I bought the 2 cd reissue and still have I Reserve on vinyl , nice to add this to the collection.


Friday, January 23, 2009 6:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Ron..... the cheeb said...

Catching up---
The Kiss Re-grooved is an interesting concept. Too many tributes are filled with songs that are just like the originals. I don't keep the songs usually, but I appreciate the excuse you gave me to listen to them.

Never heard their old stuff. This one sounds like it is infected with some of that 1980s slickness. Maybe they were told to try to sound like 38 Special?

S.A. Slayer--
Nice. You seem to have a lot of these obscure US metal bands from the mid 80s. It captures the spirit of the nwobhm, from the US.
Weak lyrics, but hey, its fun!

Thanks for your continuing efforts

Monday, January 26, 2009 6:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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