Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Has it been 14 days already?
That flew by!
Well then, it must be time to lay some more music from the vault on you all again.
A bit of a short & sweet post tonight, no EP's or 7"s, just four terrific full length albums.
Here's hoping you're looking for quality over quantity.
Up first, WILLCOX were a trio of brothers from Newcastle, England, who got together and formed their eponymous Heavy Rock trio in the unlikely environs of Calais in Northern France in 1981.
Guitarist Peter Willcox had been active on the French rock scene for many years prior to Willcox's formation, having joined the band of Franco-Pop star GUY HOUZET in 1968.
With Houzet, he released 3 singles, before leaving to form the Blues based band MULE STATION.
Soon after, Peter's brother Sammy was installed in the band as Vocalist and Bassist, and Mule Station became a popular draw on the European live circuit.
The band only managed to release two singles during their lifetime, but were in constant demand on the concert stage.
At the dawn of the 1980's, inspired by the Harder music they were hearing from back home, the Willcox brothers decided that they too wanted to pursue a Harder musical direction and began writing more in this style.
Bolstered by younger brother Terry on Drums and Philippe Vandamme on Rhythm Guitar, Willcox hit the road, touring wherever they could.
Their Harder sound and energetic live show soon brought the band a loyal following and brought the new band to the attention of LPJ Records who signed the band up.
Their debut album, "Roll Of Three" was released in 1982, and captured the band's live attack in the studio environment perfectly.
The album sold well enough for the label to invest in Willcox, sending them back out on tour again for more gruelling roadwork in 1983, and some Festival appearances.
A 7" single was released to tie in with this bout of touring, "We're Out Tonight" was backed with the non-LP track "The Sooner The Better".
1984 saw the band release their second and final album, "Hot Blood", which has since become a cult item amongst record collectors.
The album received rave reviews in the European Rock press, and the boys backed it's release with more touring, including dates with some of the days French Metal luminaries and with touring overseas bands.
Around this time, LPJ Records lost their major label distribution deal, and as a result the album didn't fare as well as their debut, which in turn led to LPJ dropping the band.
Although the band continued to write and play live for several more years, they were unable to snare another record deal, and disbanded near the decades end as a result.
In 1994 Sammy Willcox reappeared with a solo album, "La Bise Au Perdant" on Carrere Records.
In 2003 he joined the French Blues/Hard Rock institution STOCKS, with whom he still plays.

WILLCOX - Hot Blood (1984) UK

As everyone seemed to enjoy the album by them which i posted last time, here's the other one. A Northampton based NWOBHM band, SOLDIER's were formed in 1979. After many line up reshuffles, Soldier contributed the track "Storm Of Steel" to the "Heavy Metal Heroes" compilation album on Heavy Metal Records in 1981.
Soldier followed this up with the "Sheralee" 7" single in October of 1981, also through Heavy Metal Records, but a planned album, to be titled "Infantrycide", never appeared due to disagreements with the record company over the proposed budget.
Undaunted, SOLDIER released the live cassette "Live Forces" through their Soldier Stormtroopers fan club.
After tours with BUDGIE and WISHBONE ASH, vocalist and founder member Garry Phillips departed as a result of personality conflicts within the ranks.
Ex-GIRL vocalist Phil Lewis then joined the band and demos were recorded, but soon departed, eventually relocating to Los Angeles and fronting L.A. GUNS.
SOLDIER folded soon after.
Guitarist Nick Lashley eventually went on to enjoy a term with multi platinum selling Canadian singer ALANIS MORISSETE after stints with KINGSWAMP and North American touring with another Canadian songstress, SASS JORDAN.
Over the years, Soldier's records began to be appreciated by younger generations who missed out on the band in their heyday, in fact Japanese NWoBHM fanatics GORGON covered "Sheralee" on the flip side of their "Back Street Killers" 7" in 2000.
SOLDIER themselves made a surprising return in 2003, releasing the brand new four song "Infantycide" EP through Starhaven Productions.
Confusingly, a bootleg album of the same title was released by Cherry Bomb Records around the same time, featuring early demo recordings by the band.
Hellion Records released an official compilation album of Soldier's archive material in 2004 entitled "Heavy Metal Force".
The album contained both sides of the "Sheralee" single, uncirculated demo tracks and live recordings, as well as one new track from the 2004 incarnation of the band.
2004 also saw the band release a new single, the red vinyl 7" "Murderous Night", on Killer Metal Records, and contribute an exclusive song to the "Total Metal Attack" compilation album..
2005 found the band releasing a new studio album, the eleven song "Sins Of The Warrior", through the reactivated Heavy Metal Records. The line up for this recording comprised vocalist Garry Phillips, guitarist Ian Dick, bass player Steve Barlow and drummer Alex Smith.
Soldier remain active, but the ill health of singer Garry Phillips prevents them from touring, so for the moment they remain a studio only band.

SOLDIER - Sins Of The Warrior (2005) UK

SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS were a post-Punk Blues Rock band formed in 1986 in San Francisco. They released four studio albums, an EP, and a live album across their nine-year existence.
Its core members were Gary Floyd and Lynn Perko, who were in the seminal Punk band THE DICKS.
Sister Double Happiness' music was bluesier than that of the Dicks, and lyrically they were generally more personal in tone than the politically radical style of their earlier band; however, Floyd and Perko's leftist lyrics and punk influences were not entirely gone.
Debuting in 1988 with a self-titled album on former BLACK FLAG guitarist Greg Ginn's SST Records, the band spent much of the next few years touring, building up a loyal grass roots following with their emotive Bluesy Alternative Rock.
However, they also split up for a period during this time, with Floyd taking a sabbatical from the band to pursue his interest in Eastern philosophy and spirituality.
With the focus back on the music, 1991 saw the band sign to major label Reprise Records, and release the "Heart & Mind" album, which in turn led to more bouts of heavy touring, both as a headliner and support act.
A switch to Warner Chappel and the expansion of the band to a quintet occurred before the release of their third (and best) album, "Uncut" in 1993.
Later the same year, a self-titled EP was also issued by the same label, before the band again found a new home, this time with Seattle's Sub Pop Records.
Issuing album No 4, "Horsey Water" for their new label in 1994, the band gradually began to crumble in the wake of the records release, as the years of fruitless struggle took their toll on interpersonal relationships in the groups ranks.
After the dissolution of Sister Double Happiness in 1995, Floyd formed and primarily played in Europe with the blues group THE GARY FLOYD BAND; a compilation of this material, "Backdoor Preacher Man", is now available.
Floyd and Sister Double Happiness guitarist Danny Roman also earlier played in BLACK KALI MA, a blues-punk act that recorded an LP entitled "You Ride The Pony (I'll Be The Bunny)" for Alternative Tentacles in 1999.
Gary Floyd is now in a band called THE BUDDHA BROTHERS, and has also recorded solo as a country musician.
Perko went on to become a member of indie rock band IMPERIAL TEEN in 1996, who have released five albums to date. Perko also appeared on Black Kali Ma's lone album.
Guitarist Ben Cohen returned to his native France and became more interested in electronic and dance music post-SDH, recording with THE PARTY & STARDUST, and guesting alongside DAFT PUNK.
Under the alias of BENJAMIN DIAMOND he has released five albums of Dance/Electro music.
Original bassist Mikey "Offender" Donaldson sadly died in Barcelona in 2007 at the age of 46. At the time of his death he was about to rejoin M.D.C. for a European tour.
A posthumous Sister Double Happiness album, "A Stone's Throw from Love (Live and Acoustic at the Great American Music Hall 06/17/92)", was released in 1999 by Innerstate Records.

SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS - Sister Double Happiness (1988) USA

Finally, Swiss Heavy Metal sextet BLOODY SIX were formed (initially under the name WITCHCRAFT), in the town of Wetzikon, Zurich in 1983.
After issuing a 1983 7" single, "Running Away", on Musk Records, Witchcraft changed their name to BLOODY SIX.
In 1984 Bloody Six issued their lone album "In The Name Of Blood" on Camel Records.
The album attracted positive reviews with it's ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST blueprint enlivened with some great individual performances and strong songwriting.
The Belgian Mausoleum label then picked up the album, and released it Europe wide in early 1985.
To support the record's wider release, Bloody Six toured Europe that year as support to FAITHFUL BREATH.
Vocalist Peter McTanner then fronted HEADHUNTER, a band featuring ex-KILLER members for their lone eponymous 1985 album on the Bacillus label.
This in turn sadly led to Bloody Six splitting up and going their separate ways.
Guitarist Claudio Matteo went on to form the Hard Rock act CHINA in 1987 with former members of HEADHUNTER, KROKUS, KILLER and STORMBRINGER.
With China, he recorded six albums between 1988 and 1995 and toured Europe extensively before their split.
They occasionally reunite to play festival or club dates, but no new recordings have surfaced since '95.
Former Bloody Six vocalist McTanner later dropped the 'Mc' from his surname and joined KROKUS for their 1990 album "Stampede".
As Tanner he also contributed vocals to THE HEAVYS side project of Krokus guitarist Fernando Von Arb and keyboard player Jürg Naegeli.
Tanner was later to be found fronting Mr. PERFECT, an act featuring former U.D.O., CRAAFT and SINNER members.
By 2000 Tanner was in collusion with another ex-KROKUS vocalist Marc Storace issuing the DC WORLD eponymous album.
Quite surreally the whole affair was a medley of AC/DC hits with Tanner aping the part of Brian Johnson whilst Storace handled the Bon Scott parts.
Along with some other ex-Krokus and DC World members, Tanner now operates on the live circuit as tribute band AC/CD!

BLOODY SIX - In The Name Of Blood (1984) Switzerland

And that's that for another fortnight.
Thanks to everyone, (especially Ron...The Cheeb for his rambling, funny, and generally spot on reviews), who took the time to share their opinions and remembrances in the comments section after the last post.
That's what keeps me doing this, and the recent upswing in comment activity has genuinely given me a real boost and inspires me to dig a little deeper in the vaults every two weeks to come up with new old stuff for you guys.
Long may it continue.
Ron...The Cheeb, i left a link for you in the comments section of the last post, i don't know if you got it, if not, go have a look see. I think you'll enjoy making sense of all that nonsense.
Sadness, that request you made has been answered in the last comments section too, hope that was what you were looking for buddy. If you haven't been back to check, do so quick.
So all that remains for me to do is to wish you all well and look forward to hearing what you thought of tonight's selection.
Be careful out there brothers and sisters, over an' oot.


Anonymous nightsblood said...

Interesting selections, I'm not familiar with any of these. Cool cover art on the Bloody SIx!

Recapping from last week:
White Witch was kinda average. Cool to check it out though!

The Spike single was good, very much in keeping with their great LP. Any chance of digging up their other singles? I think they released 3 total.

And I've long suspected that much of British jargon was cocked up specifically just to confuse and befuddle us poor unenlightened colonists on the other side of the pond. Perhaps this is how you used to control the empire in the first place- we had no idea what you were saying, so we just went along with crown rule.... at least until we got annoyed by it. Forget levees and tea taxes, all we wanted was for you to speak bloody proper English! :-)

Ron: Unless 'kit has plans to continue posting Siren songs, I can provide some links to their single and some other demos.
And yes, there are many other types of pirate jokes. For example, you have your existential pirate jokes:
- which existentialist philosopher is every pirate's favorite?

And you have your scientific pirate jokes:
-Which physicist is a pirate's favorite?
-Max Planck!

Er, I think I'll stop there; an unruly mob is already forming outside my door. If I only had two pence for every time that's happened!

Thursday, September 30, 2010 9:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Feral said...

Excellent as ever Kit!Lookin forward to hearin Bloody Six!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 3:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Music for Songwriters said...

Cool! cant wait to hear Bloody six!...thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 11:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disappointing amount of responses to this latest post so far. C'mon people, let's hear yer opinions, ire, love, hate etc.
Nightsblood, i'll keep the feelers out for the other Spike singles and their other album, but at the mo' i don't have them. :(
As far as the British patois, honestly, none of this stuff is cooked up "deliberately", all the site does is collate and give descriptions for all the sayings and euphemisms used by people from different parts of the UK.
I can safely say, that i don't think i've ever heard "a septic" urge the Brits to "speak bloody proper English" before! :)
As for Siren Ron, i don't have any plans to post anything further by them at the mo'.
I posted the "Metro-Mercenary" 7" here a while ago, and both the albums too.
Good Bad Music blog has an excellent rip of the "Iron Coffins" demo too, and i see Nightsblood has offered to plug the gaps in your Siren discog too.
Avoid those two recent albums though, the style is totally different, more like commercial modern classic rock.
Lots of interest in Bloody Six this time, hope you all enjoy that.
All tha best,

Wednesday, October 06, 2010 2:13:00 PM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...

Yanking the Lowland Poster:

Kit, just saw this new post today.
Will try to give a listen soon.

Quickly checked the Profanisaurus.
Still having trouble sussing it all (heh heh Brit talk) but I was profoundly disturbed by this entry-

Blart: n. Female Vagina

PLEASE tell me that's a redundant explanation....... Never personally heard of a MALE vagina, but I suppose some of you may have spent time in prison......

Friday, October 08, 2010 3:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, i see your point regarding the definition of "blart" Ron, by being so specific the authors have only further muddied the waters.
Personally, i've only ever encountered female barts, but if a male counterpart does indeed exist somewhere, i'd like to personally request that it's owner keeps it to himself!
Glad you "sussed" the website out, i'm sure you took to it like a tramp to a sandwich.
I shall look forward to seeing how your improved "word power" manifests itself in your comments!
All the best,

Saturday, October 09, 2010 1:39:00 PM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

This was a movie from a couple years ago, here in the States. Thanks to the Profanisaurus, I now think some twisted British production member suggested the title character's name..........

Willcox-- "Hot Blood"

Kinda reminds me of Duke Jupiter. The weak songwriting and lack of hooks leaves me wanting......

Bloody Six-- "In The Name Of Blood"

Based on the band name, LP name, and cover art, this would earn 7/10 even if the music sucked, for being extremely metal.
First track-----uh oh, needless intro humming is over a minute long, very worried, my ADHD is kicking in. Whew, the song finally started just in time. It's pretty good, and so is the rest of the LP.
Congratulations, you have found the hidden pirate joke: What's a horny pirate's worst nightmare? A sunken chest with no booty! Please send your answers to ol' pink, care of the funny farm, chalfont.These guys just kinda whip it out and hammer away, Swiss style. Very nice band, don't suppose you have the single from the earlier era?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010 10:43:00 PM  
Anonymous ron..... the cheeb said...


I can't find any reference to a "Blind Baker"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 10:44:00 PM  
Blogger Sadness said...

Thanks for the albums.. you have many albums from the 89`s and so i`m wondering if you might have an aussie band called SOUTHERN LIGHTNING hanging round in your collection.. don`t have much info on them but mid to late 80`s is about the time it was released..
all best

Monday, October 25, 2010 2:25:00 AM  
Blogger Rob Rob said...

thanks again forthe bumper load of obscurities,
been off the net for a few weeks got a lot of catching up to do!
Rob Rob

Monday, October 25, 2010 11:44:00 AM  
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Friday, February 24, 2017 8:59:00 PM  

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