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Good evening and welcome to another vault ransacking post from the New Improved Live & Otherwise Blog.
We're going global tonight with items from the UK, the USA, Spain and Canada.
The thing they all have in common is that they Rawk, plain and simple.
Without further ado...
The history of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pioneers LYADRIVE from Uxbridge, North London, goes back to the very early '80's, when they recorded a song called "Another Time Another Place".
The band was, at this stage in their career, still called TEMPEST RIDE and the number was released on "The Bridge Album" compilation LP in 1982.
Soon after, they changed their name to Lyadrive and recorded the song "We've Got The Rock (You're gonna Roll)", for the Ebony Records "Metal Warriors" compilation LP in 1983.
A 7" single for Bridge Records followed this, featuring the two numbers "Anytime" and "White Dress", which saw the light of day in 1984.
The group signed with Brickyard/Loose Records, but their plans were scuppered when the label quickly went into receivership.
After failing to get the elusive deal, disappointed, Lyadrive disbanded in 1985.
The band made a surprising comeback in 1998, when they released their "Another Time, Another Place" CD on Minority One Records, which consisted of new recordings of old demo material (plus a cover of TRESPASS' "One Of These Days").
In 2008, "The Sands Of Time", an 11 song vinyl-only album for High Roller Records, features all the original recordings of the classic 1982/83 line up including their compilation appearances, the single and their demos.
Drummer Lee Burrows elaborates on the material on "The Sands Of Time" :
"The new vinyl, as the title suggests, is five original demos and our first six studio recordings, two of which have never been heard before by the public.
It seemed to be standard practice at the time to record at least two songs when you went into the studio, thus giving you the option to compare them in real time and decide which looked more likely to sound better.
So when we recorded the track 'Another Time Another Place', we also recorded 'Fortunes Of War'.
Likewise 'We've Got The Rock' at Ebony was coupled with 'Spinning The Wheel'."
After the release of "Sands Of Time", Lyadrive issued another full-length album on High Roller Records, again featuring a compilation of material, this time all recorded after 2000.
This vinyl only 2008 disc was called "Post Millennium Blues", and featured 8 studio songs and two live tracks.
The band also appeared at the British Steel III festival at the Camden Underworld in London with WITCHFYNDE, PRAYING MANTIS and ELIXIR.
In 2009, Lyadrive issued the half live, half studio, "One Night In London" LP, again a vinyl only release on High Roller Records, this time limited to 300 copies (200 on red vinyl, and just 100 on black).
If you're a fan of vinyl and you enjoy "The Sands Of Time", get yourself over to where they still have limited stock of the LP, and at the bargain price of only 8 Euros too!

LYADRIVE - The Sands Of Time (1982-1983) UK

In 1977, 4 teenagers aged between 15 and 16 formed one of the first Heavy Metal bands in Spain in Mislata, Valencia which they called WOLFRAM .
In late 1977 new drummer Javier Hervías joined, and after changing their name to ZARPA (which translates as "Claw"), in early 1978 they recorded their first LP, "Los 4 Jinetes Del Apocalypsis" ("The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse").
By late 1979, the members of the band were obligated to undertake military service, and so released a demo entitled "Adictos Al Crimen" ("Addicted To Crime"), to keep the band's name alive whilst they served.
In 1981 the band returned to action, focussing initially on live work by touring all over Spain.
1982 saw the release of a new LP called "¿Ángeles O Demonios?" ("Angels And Demons"), on Xirivella Records label, a self-funded work recorded in just 24 hours.
In 1984 the band released their next LP, "Herederos De Un Imperio" ("Heirs Of Empire"), on the larger Twins Records label.
The album reached the national top 40 and Zarpa toured extensively and played several major festivals.
In 1985 the group recorded a demo which was never released called "Progress".
Zarpa toured Switzerland and France in 1987, and recorded their next LP in Geneva after recording a further demo, "En Ruta Hacia Europa" ("En Route To Europe").
On completion of the recordings however, the band are so unhappy with the album that the recordings are discarded.
In 1988, with the popularity of Heavy Metal on the wane in Spain, the group disbanded and the members went their separate ways.
In 1992 Zarpa reconvened, recording the 5 song "Like A Locomotive" demo, but this is as far as their tentative reunion gets.
In 2002 a new line up of Zarpa recorded another album called "Luchadores De La Paz" ("Fighters For Peace"), reintroducing the band to old and new fans alike.
To celebrate the band's 25th anniversary, the following year saw the release of three (yes, three!) live albums, "En Vivo En Grilly", "En Vivo Sala Canaan" and "En Vivo Sala Garage".
With the release finally of the previously abandoned 1987 "En Ruta Hacia Europa", album (albeit in remixed and partially re-recorded form), coming in 2004, Zarpa signed with the German Karthago Records label and then released a brand new album called "Infierno" ("Hell").
This was the best time for Zarpa since the golden age of the group, with main man Vicente having finally found the ideal band members to realize his ever evolving musical vision.
Inspired by the resurgence of interest in Zarpa, 2007 brings a great new album called "El Yunque Contra El Martillo" ("The Anvil Against The Hammer").
In 2009 the band released their latest work, the "Iberia" album, which garnered Zarpa some of the best reviews of their career.
Here's hoping that the renewed interest in the band translates into sales and some respect for one of Spain's pioneering Heavy bands, as they're in great form just now, and it's long overdue.

ZARPA - ¿Ángeles O Demonios? (1982) Spain

"Moose Molten Metal Volume 2", was the second and final album in the short lived series of compilation albums designed to showcase Canadian Hard Rock and Heavy Metal talent.
Released in 1986, like it's predecessor it was issued by Capitol Records in the US and Canada, and by Heavy Metal America in Europe.
Here's a track by track dissection of the album by Keir from
HARLOT'S WEBB - Black Is The Nite
Excellent US Metal style similar to LEATHERWOLF or FIFTH ANGEL.
RISE - Lonely, Lonely
Unremarkable low quality Hair Metal.
HARLOTT - There For The Taking
Starts out with a promising Metal intro but soon changes to a simple Hard Rock beat, the result being something akin to DOKKEN.
Not bad at all really and the chorus has a nice melody.
READY TO RIP - Conquer Or Be Conquered
Well done but unoriginal Metal, sort of like one of ARMORED SAINT's more forgettable tracks.
Produced by Rick Santers of SANTERS..
NYTRIX - Don't Believe In Tomorrow
I think the singer was trying to sound like David Wayne a la “Gods of Wrath”, but I swear he’s a dead ringer for Tom Keifer from CINDERELLA.
The music on the other hand is actually quite doomy, fitting to the song title, and the guitar solo sounds a bit like something SCORPIONS might have done in the '70's.
It might sound confusing, but overall this is one of the best songs on the LP.
VIGILANTS - Coming Back On You
Totally unremarkable Hard Rock like a slightly heavier GREAT WHITE.
SENTINEL - Rock Free
Let’s see, it’s 2 years after the release of "Defenders Of The Faith", the band’s name is SENTINEL and the song is “Rock Free”.
Who do you think they sound like?
Actually, they're a bit sleazier than your typical JUDAS PRIEST clone.
SYE - You've Got The Power
Sort of a Canadian MOTORHEAD with occasional high pitched vocals thrown in.
I'm sure if they wrote this song earlier than 1986 Brian Slagel would've snagged them for his label.
It has that early Metal Blade sound all over it.
OUTRAGE - Until You Bleed In
Thrash Metal heavily inspired by TANK, and pretty good for what it is.
They also appeared on "Speed Metal Hell II".
If you enjoy this one and want to hear more, i posted volume 1 here a while back and a look through the archives should turn it up for your delectation.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Moose Molten Metal Volume 2 (1986) Canada

Chicago's EMMY STRUT were an obscure Heavy Metal four piece formed in 1981.
Their first recordings surfaced in 1984, in the form of a 5 track demo cassette.
The tape garnered the band some great reviews and spurred the guys on to make another recording.
In 1985 Emmy Strut recorded and released a four song self-titled EP, now a sought after and expensive "wants list" item for US Metal collectors.
Despite the meagre recording budget, the quality of the EP recordings bely their bargain basement origins, and have stood the test of time well.
Nowadays, clued in (and wealthy) fans of early 1980's Heavy Metal will tell you Emmy Strut rock, but back then, despite a strong local following, unfortunately no record deal was forthcoming.
Frustrated by their lack of progress, Emmy Strut split up in 1986.
Drummer Sean Schipper later joined ZOETROPE, playing on their 1993 "Mind Over Splatter" album.
He currently plays with Thrash/Hardcore trio LOKNUT, who have released 3 EPs since forming in 2002.
Again, if you enjoy this, their EP was also posted here long ago, have a rummage through the archives should you need it.

EMMY STRUT - 5 Track Demo (1984) USA

LADY JANE were a very obscure but extremely talented NWOBHM quartet active in the early 1980's.
Their only release would seem to be the three song "The Sheer Power Of Rock" EP released on Schizoid Records in 1984.
Some copies came in a horrendously rare oversized picture sleeve identifying the release as the "Sheer Power Of Rock EP", however the vinyl labels don't bear this title.
Additionally some also came with a nice colour A4 promo poster stating "The Power Of Live Rock - Lady Jane In Concert" with a pic of the band.
The vinyl is extremely scarce according to Malc Macmillan's NWOBHM Encyclopedia, who says "only a few NWOBHM collectors are lucky enough to own a copy".
Malc says it sounds like "Spellbound"-era TYGERS OF PAN TANG, with bits of SAXON and MYTHRA", can't say fairer than that!
Whilst i totally hear the Tygers comparison, there's also something a little more commercial in there, like RAGE or early DEMON perhaps.
Nice stuff anyway, grab it here for free or buy a used copy for around 200 (!) Euros. The choice is yours!

LADY JANE - The Sheer Power Of Rock EP (1984) UK

This 7” includes two early MANOWAR tunes covered by two of Metal's finest cult bands.
This is a cool picture disc release, featuring individual black & white artwork on each side and was limited to 500 copies.
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG's effort was exclusive to this release, whilst SOLSTICE’s take on "Gloves Of Metal" was also included on their "Halcyon" album.
SOLSTICE’s cover version is pretty close to the original, and is a job well done.
For those not in the know, SOLSTICE were from Bradford, England and played in the finest melodic, classic Doom Metal vein.
Very epic & melancholic, and at times with references to folk as well, sadly, Solstice disbanded in early April 2002, although a new line up of the band is now apparently active.
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG’s version of "Fast Taker", is a bit different in approach, a bit more aggressive, vocally especially.
And the "Can’t Happen Here", (RAINBOW), influence is much more apparent here than on the original Manowar recording.
Still a very interesting version.
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG are still active, although they now go by the shorter SLOUGH FEG moniker.
They recently released a new album, "The Animal Spirits", which, like all their other releases, is excellent.
I doubt whether there are still copies of this pic disc available, but good luck hunting one down if you like what you hear.
note : The artwork on the SOLSTICE side of the disc is by TWISTED TOWER DIRE guitarist Scott Waldrop.
Portions of this text were lifted from the website of the excellent Den Of Iniquity zine

THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG & SOLSTICE - Manowar Tribute Split 7" (2001) USA/UK

Finally, just for you Ron...The Cheeb, SHRAPNEL were a Hard Rock/Punk/Garage/Power Pop outfit formed in New York in the late 1970's.
Their debut release, the "Combat Love" 7" was released in 1979, with a follow-up single "Go Cruisin'", issued in 1981.
The band played a lot in the New York area, including opening for THE RAMONES several times, and built up quite a large following.
Shrapnel also underwent a strange phase where they spent their stage time bedecked in military fatigues for no good reason, apparently the idea of their manager Legs McNeill.
The band then underwent line up changes, before reemerging as a quartet, by this time playing in a more straight down the line Hard Rock style.
Signing to Elektra Records, Shrapnel released a self titled five song Mini LP in 1984, but were dropped by the label soon after it's release.
At this point the band split, disheartened by their lack of progress.
Post SHRAPNEL, bassist Phil Caivano founded Thrash/Hardcore band BLITZPEER, releasing two albums on Epic Records.
Vocalist Dave Wyndorf would later found Stoner Rock institution MONSTER MAGNET and would later be joined in the band by his Shrapnel bandmate Phil Caivano.
SHRAPNEL guitarist Daniel Rey would become a much in-demand producer by the late 80's, working with the RAMONES, CIRCUS OF POWER and WHITE ZOMBIE to name but a few.
He also recorded with MANITOBA'S WILD KINGDOM and played guitar with the infamous female biker band CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL.
As well as his Monster Magnet work, Phil Caivano is also part of STIGMA, the side project of AGNOSTIC FRONT man Vinnie Stigma, and the Hard Rock trio CAPRICORN.

SHRAPNEL - Combat Love 7" (1979) USA

So that's yer lot for another fortnight.
I hope you all find something of interest to enjoy amongst tonight's rather un-thematic selection, they say variety is the spice of life, i hope "they" are right.
I'm sure it has escaped no-one's notice that Christmas is right around the corner, looming large like a money-sucking, good-will leeching vampire.
I've been thinking/worrying about it for a couple of days and have come up with a little idea which i'm hoping you might help put into action.
As a little experiment, and as it's the "season of giving" (apparently), i've come up with a one-off co-operative scheme to fill all our stockings with vintage Rock this holiday season.
I know that there are a great many visitors to the blog who really know their stuff, as i constantly get additional tit-bits of info from the comments section, recommendations, and the like. So what i'm proposing to do is to make use of your knowledge and record collections.
Don't look so worried, i won't touch your records!
I reckon that if everyone has a think about it, and uploads one item which they'd like to share with their fellow visitors (and me!), that would be one enticing pile of presents under all our trees come Xmas morning!
Whaddaya reckon?
It needn't be a top dollar, rare as hen's teeth item, (although that might be nice!), just something that you'd like to share for whatever reason.
Maybe an old favourite that you don't feel got it's due at the time, something which reminds you of a special time, or just something which you just think everyone might enjoy, the choice is yours.
I'll kick in a couple of things too, i'm not asking anyone to do something i won't do myself.
So if you're going to participate, and i really hope you do, just upload your "present", post the link in the comments section by the 22nd, and i'll arrange it all into some kind of (hopefully) bumper holiday posting which will appear on the main page on Xmas Eve or Xmas day.
I'd ask that people refrain from posting brand new or recent releases, and that if you're posting an album, Demo, EP or 7" that it's complete, no single stray tracks. If you'd care to supply the art and/or your own info that'd be awesome, but it's not essential.
Also make sure you include your name/nickname so that i can credit you for the post concerned.
Hopefully this little experiment will work out well and we'll all have a little extra jingle in our bells come Chrimbo morning.
Take care out there people, it's cold and slippy.


Anonymous nightsblood said...

Very nice new bundle of goodies that Bigfoot Claus has left in our stockings this time :-) Though I must ask which Colonel is seeking revenge? Colonel Sanders? His chicken does a number on my digestion, sort of a Sanders-Montezuma joint revenge attack. And how the heck does a word spelled 'colonel' get pronounced 'kernel'? WHERE'S THE #%^%ING 'R'?!?!?!

Sorry, that's always bothered me.

OK, back on track...some quick thoughts:

The TEMPEST RIDE song is, IMO, one of the greatest NWOBHM tunes ever recorded. Sadly I've never liked the LYADRIVE material I've heard; it's much too lightweight and sugary for me. FYI, 'The Bridge Album' is a mixed bag, featuring everything from NWOBHM killers to reggae tripe. Besides TEMPEST RIDE, it does have a few other NWOBHM tunes like the great 'Gunship' by ROUGH CUT, and unreleased tunes by NORTH STAR and HERETIC.

MOOSE COMP- the music may be sub-par, but one simply cannot argue with a molten metal moose! Timeless cover art- in that at no time should such a thing have ever been created! Gotta love it.

Lady Jane- Not a bad EP, but it's rather late date shows through, as only 1 of the 3 tunes is a bona-fide scorcher. 'For You Tonight' is similar to pacey LE GRIFFE, and 'Whiskey and Leather', well... what do you expect with that title? The third track is worth the while though. Some copies of this rarity seem to have popped up recently, which should help keep the price reasonable if anyone seeks it out

Emmy Strut- ooo, must check this out. Any chance of making the EP available? It may be buried in the archives, but if memory serves the sound quality was not so great

Monday, December 06, 2010 4:56:00 PM  
Blogger bigfootkit said...

Hi Nightsblood,
believe it or not, but you were absolutely correct my friend. "The Colonel's Revenge" does indeed refer to that post KFC u-bend awfulness.
It's a local euphemism like "Montezuma's Revenge" and the "Green Apple Quick Step".
Never a truer word said in jest eh?
I think the colonel/kernel thing must be some secret military thing like the similarly baffling lieutenant/left-tenant snafu.
The previously posted Emmy Strut EP rip was the only one i had available to me, and i've yet to find a better one.
How dare you cast doubt on the awesomeness of the Moose cover!
It was such a fantastic piece of high art that the moose could not be contained, the same illustration appearing on the covers of both volumes of MMM.
Now i ask you, how often does the same art appear on two different album covers?
That's the degree of awesomeness we're dealing with here.

Monday, December 06, 2010 5:44:00 PM  
Anonymous nightsblood said...

The fact that I'm starting to understand the confounding Limey parlance of our times truly frightens me :-0

Don't get me wrong, the Moose is so bad that it not only is awesome, but it transcends awesome. I think of it as akin to the otherworldly behemoths that stride across the landscapes of some Lovecraftian horror story; too incredible and too terrible to be born of this world or ever fully comprehended by the minds of mere mortals. Perhaps we can dub him Moosthulu :-)

Speaking of recycled cover art, the great image used on the Arkeyn Steel reissue of LONGINGS PAST 'Meadows of Maesailya' is a flipped negative from, uh, oh shoot... well, someone had already used it, but I forget who. Killer art, and 100% free of star-spawned adamantium-plated mooses. Or is it meese? Or is 'moose' both the singular and the plural? Too many questions....

BTW I like the proposed Holiday Project and I will put together a contribution in the next few days.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010 12:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A star-spawned adamantium-plated otherworldly creature; too incredible and too terrible to be born of this world or ever fully comprehended by the minds of mere mortals.
A behemoth that strides across the landscapes of Lovecraftian lore...
whisper it's name...
Coming this spring from 20th Century Cox.
Nightsblood, i'm serious, (no, not really), let's pitch this to the suits in Hollywood.
It 's a cast iron sure fire summer "event movie" hit.
We could perhaps get Sye, Vigilants, Nytrix etc. back together to record songs for the obligatory soundtrack album too.
The merchandising possibilities are mind boggling!

Friday, December 10, 2010 11:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Rob Rob said...

Hi there
heres a tape transfer of a band called "cezar" from Kendal Cumbria.

some great Keys on this from Gavin Bull (who went on to play with Big Amongst Sheep)
dont have all the songtitles -manhatten skyline has an awesome riff to it -but the last track is a bit of a funky workout! shame this didn't make it to vinyl it would have been a nwobhm classic!
Dave Leeming guitar
Gavin Bull Keys
Bob Ellis guitar /vocs
Rob Remmington drums
sorry don't know bass!
cheers and a merry xmas!!

Monday, December 20, 2010 5:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kit - thanks for the Lady Jane - great find. I agree with nightsblood about the Lyadrive stuff I've heard so far but will give the sessions a listen. BTW I think the pronunciation should be 'colon -el's revenge'. Hope this helps with the transatlantic word games. Have a great Christmas! Best wishes, Blofeld.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 2:44:00 PM  
Blogger Mile said...

could I beg you to re-post the Argus mini-EP? What a find! I remember seeing them many years ago live. I had the ep but don't know what happened to it. I was very excited to see it here but the link was dead. Please...please re-post it!!!
I was also looking for Buster Brown Sign Of Victory (S. O. V.)if you ever run across that.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 8:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Arnold said...

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Saturday, November 05, 2011 9:30:00 AM  
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Friday, February 24, 2017 8:58:00 PM  

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