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Hello again and welcome to another rummage underneath the unmade bed of Rock's filthy bedsit.
Lots of forgotten, unsung and unloved (at the time) vintage voltage for you to wrap your willing lugs around tonight.
Special thanks go out to SS for the STRAPPS live album, which he was kind enough to rip for me & allow me to share it with you all.
And extra special thanks to Weaselkin1 who has also chipped in with the unreleased XERO album and the BBC STAMPEDE live set.
Weaselkin1 has also very generously given me permission to share some more fantastic vintage stuff with you all over the coming months. Most of the music he's providing are BBC Friday Rock Show Sessions and BBC In Concert sets which thus far have been previously undistributed on the 'net, and his rips sound terrific in to the bargain!
Many thanks again mate, your work and generosity are very much appreciated, and hopefully the comments you receive here on your shares will reflect that.
He hinted, oh so subtly.
Enough of my preambulations eh? Let's get on with it.
One of many groups lumped into the New Wave of British Heavy Metal phenomenon, London's XERO were formed in 1979 by bassist Steve Jefferys and singer Moon Williams.
Williams already had a modestly successful solo career in the Soul genre, having released ten 7" singles for the Jam, DJM and Pye labels between 1973 and 1978.
Williams was soon joined in Xero by guitarist Bill Liesegang, new bassist Boon Gould, and drummer Barry Fitzgerald.
Eager to make their mark, the quartet secured some studio time to cut a few songs, a pair of which wound up on two different 1980 compilations of some renown.
First, "Hold On" appeared on MCA's "Brute Force" collection, and second, "Cuttin' Loose" was placed on EMI's now legendary "Metal for Muthas, Vol. 2".
More crucially, both songs were of a highly professional standard and were distinguished by Williams' convincingly bluesy delivery, quite unusual within the NWOBHM template.
Influential Radio One DJ Tommy Vance became an early supporter and invited the band (now featuring bassist Peter Solinsky and augmented by second guitarist Tony Murphy) to play his popular Friday Rock Show in early 1981.
Despite intermittent rumours reporting ongoing recording sessions, no new music would be heard from Xero until 1983, when the band finally signed a deal with the tiny Brickyard Records and issued its first EP, entitled "Oh, Baby".
But there was a problem, "Oh, Baby", barely had time to warm up record store shelves before being recalled by a legal injunction brought on by a bizarre and, (in retrospect), pretty stupid publicity stunt.
As it transpired, the band had decided to increase the EP's sales by including a pre-Xero version of their live favorite "Lone Wolf," which had actually been cut by an earlier group named SHOTS, featuring guitarist Liesegang with a pre-SAMSON, pre-IRON MAIDEN Bruce Dickinson on vocals.
Needless to say, when the naïve band and its utterly clueless record company proceeded to cheerfully point this out to all and sundry, Maiden's none-too-amused management quickly gave them a lesson in music business copyright law.
By the time a replacement pressing, (minus the offending track), finally hit shelves, Xero's credibility was in shambles, and their label insolvent.
By 1984 the band was history, but its individual members went on to enjoy a respectable amount of success.
Moon Williams worked with John Wetton, among others, and recorded a solo album, Bill Liesegang kept himself busy with session work, and, most curious of all, original bassist Boon Gould later turned up as guitarist in pop-funk outfit LEVEL 42.
In 2006 Xero reformed around Liesegang, playing a set built around retro Rock & Blues covers with a few original songs thrown in.
The following year the band issued the vintage "Unfinished Business (The Definitive Sessions)", album through Nil By Mouth Records, as an iTunes exclusive download.
The music on the album was recorded in 1980 but never released at the time.
As a session musician Liesegang has played with the likes of German platinum selling artists NINA HAGEN and UDO LINDENBERG, German pop rock heroes SHE’S CHINA and ROD STEWART.
Bill also played on JOAL’s “Who’s Got The Feeling”, KINGDOM COME’s “Bad Image”, and with HARLAN CAGE, 101 SOUTH and GLENN HUGHES.
Moon Williams released a four song solo EP, "Man Of The World", in 2007, 30 years since his previous solo release.

XERO - Unfinished Business (The Definitive Sessions) (1980) UK

San Antonio, Texas band WOLFPAK was conceived in 1998 by guitarist/vocalist Emilio Garza & ex-HEYOKA drummer/vocalist Gerardo Ramirez.
What began as a two man acoustic guitar singing act, soon morphed into a full blown Rock Band.
The ranks of the band have been graced by some fine players, but throughout all the years and lineup changes, through the unwavering resolve of the two founding members, Wolfpak have stayed alive.
It was in the year 2000 that Wolfpak, which included ex-Heyoka bassist Patrick Hood, and former CORNERSTONE guitarist David Williams, booked time at Edit Point Studios in San Antonio to record an 11 song cd.
Their 11 song self-titled debut album goes in many musical directions, but somehow manages to sound like the work of one very talented band.
In 2005, Wolfpak opened shows for BLUE OYSTER CULT, MARK FARNER (GRAND FUNK RAILROAD), and a reunited Heyoka.
By now Wolfpak had a reputation as a solid band with exceptional instrumental skills, and as a result were asked by former LEGS DIAMOND vocalist Rick Sanford to back him for a series of gigs in 2007.
That in turn led to an appearance with AXE and FRANK MARINO in front of 2000 screaming rock fans in 2008.
2009 saw Wolfpak play further shows with Axe, alongside opening slots with EDDIE MONEY and British Metal legends SAXON.
Now, with the addition of rock solid Bassist/Vocalist, Val Mora, (another former Heyoka member), Wolfpak is poised to go even further.
Whilst continuing to tour, the band are writing and recording new material for their highly anticipated 2nd full length release.

WOLFPAK - Wolfpak (2000) USA

STRAPPS were a London based Hard Rock act founded in 1975 by former EPISODE SIX, QUATERMASS, SAMMY and PEACE drummer Mick Underwood and Australian singer/guitarist Rod Stagg.
Stagg had previously tried to make his way as a solo artist, releasing a lone single, "I'll Never Be A Star (But I Might)", on the Dawn label in 1974.
After adding Bassist Joe Read and Keyboard player Noel Scott, the band was complete, and were signed to the Harvest Records label.
Their self-titled 1976 debut album was produced by ex-Episode Six & DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover, and appeared in a striking fetish inspired sleeve.
The band then found themselves on tour as special guests on Deep Purple's ill starred "Come Taste The Band" tour, Purple's last hurrah until their 1980's reformation.
The "Strapps" album went on to find some success with very good sales in the American South, and was a genuine hit in Japan despite failing to even chart in the UK.
Chris Kimsey was brought aboard as producer for the band's second album, 1977's "Secret Damage", which again sold very well in Japan.
Strapps then found themselves on tour again, this time as guests to Underwood's former Episode Six bandmate in the IAN GILLAN BAND on the "Clear Air Turbulence" tour.
A single from the album, the glam inflected "Child In The City", was a minor UK hit single, after the band performed the song live on the "Supersonic" TV show.
1978 proved to be a problematic year for the band, with their 3rd album, entitled "Sharp Conversation", only issued in the U.S. and a few European territories.
In Japan, where Strapps' stock was still high, the album was released under the title "Prisoner Of Your Love".
A fourth album "Ball Of Fire", was recorded early in 1979 but was only issued in Japan, under the modified ROSS STAGG & STRAPPS name.
Thereafter, finding themselves without a record deal, and deep in debt, Strapps went their separate ways, with Underwood accepting an invitation to join GILLAN.
Underwood remained with Gillan for the duration of that band's lifespan, and also appeared on a few of IAN GILLAN's later solo albums.
He then worked as a session drummer, before forming QUATERMASS II in 1997, recording an album with them entitled "Long Road".
Underwood is now a member of RAW GLORY, to date they have issued one album, 2007's "City Life".
Ross Stagg eventually returned to Australia, where he now works as a music and entertainment lecturer at NSW TAFE (New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission).
In 2008 Angel Air Records released a vintage Stapps live performance on CD, "Live At The Rainbow 1977".

STRAPPS - Live At The Rainbow (1977) UK

STAMPEDE were a NWOBHM/Hard Rock band formed by ex-LAUTREC men Reuben Archer and his step-son Laurence Archer.
LAUTREC had achieved minor acclaim supporting SAXON and releasing the "Mean Gasoline" 7" in 1980.
After Lautrec split Reuben Archer was briefly a member of LIONHEART before he and Laurence reunited in Jimmy Bain's WILD HORSES in June of 1981.
The two Archers and drummer Frank Noon left Wild Horses and formed Stampede in early 1982, with bassist Francois Moreau and ex-WILD FIRE keyboard player Alan Nelson.
They were almost immediately snapped up by Polydor.
However, Noon soon left to join WAYSTED and was replaced by Eddie Parsons.
Moreau was then superseded by STORMTROOPER's former bass player Colin Bond.
With this line up Stampede cut 1982's "Days Of Wine & Roses" EP, and the "Official Bootleg", album, which was recorded at that years Mildenhall and Reading rock festivals.
1983 brought a studio album, "Hurricane Town", and a 7" single, "The Other Side".
Unfortunately, the group's early promise failed to propel them into the big league and STAMPEDE split in late 1983, leaving Laurence Archer free to join Phil Lynnot's GRAND SLAM.
Laurence Archer then recorded a solo album, "L.A.", in 1986, before hooking up with the Spanish based TARZEN.
He then reappeared with RHODE ISLAND RED before joining UFO for their "High Stakes & Dangerous Men", album, and the live "Lights Out In Tokyo", set.
Laurence also gained co-production credits on WRAITH's "Danger Calling", album.
Bond later joined the BERNIE TORME band and also worked with MEAT LOAF.
A solo LAURENCE ARCHER album entitled "Odds & Sods", appeared in 1998.
STAMPEDE was resurrected in late 2008, in the wake of renewed interest in the band following the CD re-issues of both "The Official Bootleg", and "Hurricane Town", via UK-based Rock Candy Records and Universal Music in Japan.
The new line-up consists of original members Laurence Archer, Reuben Archer, and Colin Bond, with Steve Graystone on drums, and guitarists Rob Wolverson and Chris Clowsley.
With this line up, they released a new studio album, "A Sudden Impulse", early in 2011.

STAMPEDE - BBC In Concert (1982) UK

Irishman Bernie Tormé is a hugely talented guitarist renowned for some particularly wild axework and theatrics.
Such showmanship brought him close to 'guitar hero' status whilst in GILLAN in the late '70's & early '80's.
After a spell with the Dublin based URGE, Tormé relocated to London from Ireland, forming SCRAPYARD in 1976.
A Hard Rock trio of Tormé, bassist Bernie Hagley, and drummer Roger Hunt, Scrapyard gigged solidly throughout the London area.
Hagley was to depart and the band were swiftly brought back up to strength with the addition of former ZZEBRA bassist John McCoy.
However, this union lasted only a matter of months with Tormé striking out on his own as THE BERNIE TORMÉ BAND.
McCoy meanwhile soldiered on with Paul Samson on guitar as Scrapyard became McCOY.
The Bernie Torme Band managed to release two singles and contributed tracks to the Punk compilation album "Live At The Vortex".
The Bernie Torme Band, still a trio, then put in some British supports to Gillan, the headline act now featuring McCoy on bass.
An album was recorded for Jet Records but remains unreleased.
Disillusioned, Tormé took up his old colleague John McCoy's offer to hook up with Gillan.
After leaving Gillan in 1981, Tormé joined ATOMIC ROOSTER, appearing on their "Headline News", album and undertaking two tours of Germany and Italy.
Whilst trying to assemble another solo band, Tormé was asked to fill in for Randy Rhoads in OZZY OSBOURNE's band following the American guitarist's tragic death.
Torme's stint on Ozzy's American tour lasted but two weeks, with the pressure being too much for the Irishman.
Returning to London with Osbourne's blessing, Tormé, set back to work on his own band ELECTRIC GYPSIES.
The "Turn Out The Lights" album, released under the "Bernie Torme" name, featured future SAXON drummer Nigel Glockler, bassist Phil Spalding and Bernie's ex-Gillan partner Colin Towns on keyboards.
For live work Electric Gypsies consisted of Tormé handling both vocals and guitar, Everton Williams on bass and drummer Frank Noon, the latter being on temporary loan from STAMPEDE.
In 1982 Tormé appeared on ex-Gillan keyboard player Colin Towns' solo LP 'Making Faces', which only saw a Japanese release.
The "Live", album, (released during 1984), featured original IRON MAIDEN member Ron "Rebel" Matthews on drums.
A later British tour saw the addition of bassist Chris Heilmann, later to turn up in US act SHARK ISLAND, and ex-FRAMED drummer Ian Whitewood with vocalist Kef.
In 1984 former GIRL vocalist Phil Lewis joined the band on a temporary basis following vocalist Kef's sudden departure before joining on a full time basis.
Two albums (using the TORMÉ handle rather than Electric Gypsies) and successive British touring kept the band in the press, but momentum seemed to be waning.
Lewis then relocated to Los Angeles to join American act L.A. GUNS.
Tormé formed the shortlived RUSSIAN HIPPIES in 1988 with Bennet, vocalist Gary Owens and ex-BOMBSHELLS bassist Marc Russell.
However, progress was minimal so Tormé and Russell travelled to America at the request of former TWISTED SISTER vocalist DEE SNIDER to join the vocalist's DESPERADOS outfit.
The DESPERADO project of Tormé, Snider, Russell and ex-IRON MAIDEN drummer Clive Burr initially scored a huge deal with Atlantic Records.
However, after more than two years the band had switched to Elektra and, having laid down an album, discovered the label had no intention of releasing it.
The DESPERADO album was finally released posthumously on an independent label at a much later date.
Although Snider offered Tormé a position in a new act he was putting together, WIDOWMAKER, the Irishman opted to return to London.
Upon his return Tormé put in a guest guitar appearance on guitarist RENE BERG's "The Leather, The Loneliness & Your Dark Eyes", album in 1991.
Another project band was titled MUTANT with Blacken and Magpie of MOURNBLADE.
The year 1994 saw another solo album release, "Demolition Ball".
Early 1997 found the guitarist involved in Mick Underwood's reformation of the cult act QUATERMASS.
Although Tormé wrote material for the album, "Long Road", he was to opt out before recording of the album.
The guitarist's own solo album of that year, "Wild Irish", recorded with Pearce and Jones, came out limited to merely 500 numbered copies.
Maintaining this renewed momentum a further studio album was issued in 1999, one track including lead vocal from Dee Snider.
Torme returned to the band format for the 'all star' SILVER project.
The band also witnessed a welcome return to action by former MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP vocalist Gary Barden.
Joining Torme and Barden would be H-BLOCKX drummer Marco Minnemann and MAD MAX, CASANOVA and DEMON DRIVE bassist Michael Voss.
Keyboards were in the hands of as true veteran, Don Airey of RAINBOW, OZZY OSBOURNE and DEEP PURPLE fame.
in 2007 Torme formed GMT with his former Gillan colleague bassist John McCoy with drums handled by Robin Guy of RACHEL STAMP and the BRUCE DICKINSON band.

BERNIE TORMÉ - The Beat EP (1980) UK

RED were a short lived UK band formed in 1976 in Solihull, West Midlands.
The five piece group played in an intriguing style which, whilst hard edged, was also laced with clever progressive flourishes.
Imagine RUSH at their hardest, but without the irritating helium castrato vocals.
The band released just one record, the highly collectable independent three song "Red EP".
The record was released by The Electric Record Company in 1977 in a colour picture sleeve.
Now prized by fans of both the NWOBHM and Prog Rock genres, you can expect to pay around £50 for one of these if you can track a copy down.
1978 sadly saw the band fold, and unfortunately i can find no information about the members post-Red musical activities.
Some of the information floating around the 'net suggests that Red's Lead Guitarist Paul Newton was the Bassist on URIAH HEEP's first three albums.
I'm pretty sure this is not the same Paul Newton however.
If you have any further information about this tragically overlooked and extremely talented band, please share it with us.

RED - Red EP (1977) UK

Finally, THE UP were an American rock band formed in Detroit, Michigan in early 1967.
Along with fellow Detroit bands MC5 and THE STOOGES, The Up served as a "house band" for the famous Grande Ballroom in Detroit.
The original band line-up consisted of vocalist Frank Bach, guitarist Bob Rasmussen, bassist Gary Rasmussen, and drummer Vic Peraino.
The band was closely related to the MC5, with both bands' members living in White Panther Party founder John Sinclair's commune.
In May 1968, Sinclair moved the commune to Ann Arbor, Michigan and both bands followed.
The Up served as the opening act for the MC5 during a September 1968 show at the University of Michigan's Union Ballroom in Ann Arbor.
This show was attended by Elektra Records president Jac Holzman; Holzman was impressed with both the MC5 and The Stooges (who were the concert's second act) and offered both bands contracts.
The Up did not get signed to Elektra and unlike the MC5 and The Stooges, the band never received a major record label contract.
In 1969, the MC5 ended their association with John Sinclair and the White Panther Party resulting in The Up taking the place of the MC5 as the main musical outlet for the party's philosophies.
In 1970 The Up released their debut single on red vinyl through their own Sundance Records label.
The 7", "Just Like An Aborigine", is a fabulous slice of primitive Hard Rock thud, sounding like The Stooges playing BLUE CHEER.
A further 45 release "Free John Now!", surfaced on the Rainbow Records label in 1971.
Both sides of the disc were about the jailing of John Sinclair, who had been sentenced to ten years in prison for the possession of two joints.
The Up disbanded in 1973 and despite the attempts of some members to keep going under the name UPRISING, the name soon faded into obscurity.
In 1975, the band's former bassist Gary Rasmussen joined the influential SONIC's RENDEZVOUS BAND, a Detroit "supergroup" also featuring former members of the MC5, The Stooges and THE RATIONALS.
In 1995, a retrospective album titled "Killer Up!", was released containing all of The Up's vintage recordings.
The album contained all of the band's singles, songs from a recording session at Head Sound Studios and several live tracks recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Ohio in 1972.
John Sinclair states in the album's liner notes that, "It's common to name the MC5 and the Stooges among the forefathers of what they call punk rock, but it was their associates in a third band, the Up, who could more accurately be identified as the real precursors of punk".

THE UP - Just Like An Aborigine 7" (1970) USA

So there you go, another stellar post for those with a hard aural fixation.
Hope you find something amongst that little lot that makes your day.
Off the back of the HEYOKA "Lost Recordings" album appearing in the last post, the band's record label got in touch.
Not, as i initially feared, to ask for the links removal, but to provide a bit of further information about the new upcoming labour of love releases from the Heyoka archives.
Here's what they had to say:
"If you guys like the Heyoka stuff, then please support the band by purchasing the LP which is due very soon.
We painstakingly put this project together which has taken us 10 years so far!
Recordings have been extremely difficult to find, photos almost non-existent, band members scattered throughout the land, and many many other situations.
What we have is a TREASURE of vintage 70's Texas heavy progressive rock and roll and all tracks originate from original analog master tapes. The LP will be nothing short of perfection. A CD will follow the LP release and will consist of not only the LP tracks, but a plethora of bonus tracks to round it all out.
For now, you can whet your appetites for hard, vintage Texas rock by going to CD Baby and ordering our latest CD "Bringing It All Back Again" which features tracks by not only Heyoka but other equally obscure, heavy and hard Texas 70's groups.
We plan to release all of it on vinyl, and we need the support of good people like you all!
Enjoy the downloads but please make sure to snag an LP or CD when they hit the streets! Peace ya'll.
I can only urge those of you who enjoyed the Heyoka post to do like the nice man says and pick up these new releases when they become available.
That we get to hear even more terrific lost music from this tragically overlooked band is awesome, the least we can do as music fans is to support small labels and struggling artists buy buying the music we love when it becomes available.
I wish the band and label all the best with their releases, and thank them for being so cool as to allow us to upload their music here. Hopefully we have helped boost sales by exposing you all to Heyoka and their unique music.
Put me down for a CD when they're ready!
If you enjoyed the Heyoka stuff, don't forget to check out Wolfpak's album in tonight's post, as the band has several ex-Heyoka members in it's ranks.
So, that's it for another night.
Thanks, as always to those of you who take the time to share your thoughts and recollections in the comments section of the blog. It's been very encouraging of late to see so many new names crop up alongside the more familiar contributors there.
Please keep it up.
It's what keeps me, (and thus, this blog) going.
I'll be back here again in 2-3 weeks to bring you all more beasts from the cellar.
I hope you'll join us.


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Hi all,

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Thanks for reminding me of Xero - saw them in their early days, but at the time had no idea I was watching a future Level 42 funkster in the line-up!

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I've not stopped by for a while and man i'm glad i did , Xero , Stampede and Bernie Torme , you are spoiling us. Really looking forward to those BBC sessions and Live sets. Hopefully some Reading Festival stuff in there. Magnum and Samson from Reading 1980 would be awesome. Good work again fella.


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Saw Xero at the Horseshoe in Tottenham Court Road - unfortunately the gig was ruined as the clown on the mixing desk couldn't have mixed concrete , the whole show was ruined by screaming feedback and terrible mixing - a waste of what appeared to be a good band.

Steve the old hippy

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Friday Rock Show Sessions and BBC In Concert sets which thus far have been previously undistributed on the 'net, and his rips sound terrific in to the bargain!
Many thanks again mate, your work and generosity are very much appreciated, and hopefully the comments you receive here on your shares will reflect early days, but at the time had no idea I was watching a future Level 42 funkster in the line-up!

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