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Folks, sorry about the continuing hiatus here. I'm having some problems still with my internet connection which should be resolved within the next couple of weeks with a little luck.
Thanks for the support & patience, and don't worry, normal service will be resumed eventually.
In the meantime here's a quick post to tide you all over 'til we get back on our metaphorical feet.
For starters, another in our occasional series of KISS tribute albums, this one being 1994's Norwegian effort, " Flaming Youth", an 18 song trawl through the classic Kiss songbook, with some interesting interpretations along the way. To be honest, the only contributing band i'd heard of prior to this album was MOTORPSYCHO, but many of the others acquit themselves excellently too.

VARIOUS - FLAMING YOUTH : Norwegian KISS Tribute (NOR-1994)

Some vintage NWOBHM for you next, this is the "AD 1980" album by Legend. Formed in Kent in 1979, LEGEND's first line-up comprised of vocalist Chris Thow, former STREAMLINER and JAGUAR guitarist Mark Dawson, ex TORPEDO bassist Jose Rodriguez and ex BLOODSHOT & DERVISH drummer Alan Tracey. Following the 1981 ‘Hideaway’ single release, Rodriguez lost his place to erstwhile DERVISH bassist Gavin Matthews.LEGEND split in 1982. Dawson, Matthews and Tracey are now all in a covers band called TASTE STATION ZERO. The "AD-1980", album is made up of early recordings made from the bands early 80s demos. Not to be confused with the other NWOBHM band called Legend who were from Jersey.

LEGEND - A.D. 1980 (UK-1980)

Ruffkut were a traditional good time Heavy Metal power trio formed in Long Island New York by guitarist John Roggio in the early 1980's. With Bass player Tommy Henriksen and his brother Gene on drums & vocals the band was complete and became very popular on the local club scene, playing cover versions initially but adding their own material to the set as time went on. By 1984 they had enough material to enter a local studio and record a five song Mini LP which sadly was to be their only release. Now quite sought after, the scarce "Fight For The Right" Mini LP was privately pressed by the band and only available at Ruffkut gigs and from a few local record stores, but the quality of the songs & production bely the shoestring budget they had at their disposal, and the disc is a surprisingly good listen. Although very much of it's time, the bands upbeat VAN HALEN influenced Metal holds up remarkably well in the here & now and is beginning to pick up a cult audience 20+ years after its recording. Following the record's release the band expanded to a quartet, with Jay Nova joining on drums leaving Gene Henrikson free to concentrate on the vocals. Unfortunately, this arrangement was short-lived and Gene was shown the door in 1985, and replaced by another Henriksen brother! Bassist Tommy would leave the band in 1986 to join German Metal band WARLOCK, and subsequently played on DORO's solo debut, later playing and recording with WAR & PEACE & ex-DOKKEN guitarist GEORGE LYNCH. Henriksen was later also a member of ex-LOVE/HATE guitarist Darren Householder's band JAILHOUSE & then the short-lived NEEDLE PARK alongside POISON guitarist CC Deville.
Ruffkut carried on playing the club circuit for a few more years, but appear to have split around 86/87 after shortening the bands name to THE KUT.

RUFFKUT - Fight For The Right Mini LP (USA-1984)

Swedish Heavy Metal quintet Biscaya were formed in Göteborg in 1982. Their debut release was to be their self titled debut album which emeged in 1983 on RCA Records and is now hailed as a minor genre classic. They followed this in 1984 with the more commercial four song "On 45" EP, splitting later the same year. BISCAYA guitarist Martin Hedström would session on the 1993 PAGAN album 'The Weight'. Ex-bassist Hans Johannson resurfaced in Heavy Metal act PAIN AND PASSION during 1998. Erstwhile BISCAYA drummer Birger Löfman would feature in the 2002 DESTINY line-up. Pär Edwardson has produced a number of bands and albums (ROAD RAT, PSYCHOTIC YOUTH, HUMAN RACE, PAGAN, MILLION, etc). He also released a solo album in 2005 featuring guest performances by Ia Eklundh (FREAK KITCHEN), Kee Marcello (EUROPE, K2) and Tomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES) among others.

BISCAYA - On 45 EP (Swe-1984)

Dutch band Spoiler was formed after Gorinchem based band Crash disbanded. Where Crash had concentrated on playing rock music, Spoiler followed the path of 'hard rock' with a feel for melody but also some metallic corners. Spoiler did some demo stuff, which was followed by a track on the 3rd edition of the Metal Power EPs. This track was one of their bests so far, a real straight forward heavy metal song with classic riffs which deserve the moniker 'heavy' indeed!. In 1986 Spoiler released their 7" called "Kick down the Wall". This song was pretty good, but sounds like it's released in '81 rather than '86. The band hadn't really progressed since the song on the Metal Power 7". Unfortunately Spoiler never impressed too many people (at least, not outside their region). Anyway, I like this song, as well as the B-side which is a ballad (called "Starblindchild").
The band felt the need to make their music maybe a little more attractive. They started using make-up, line-up changes followed and not really much was ever heard from Spoiler again.

SPOILER - Kick Down The Wall 7" (Hol-1986)

NWOBHM band AURORA, issuing the solitary 1982 single 'I'll Be Your Fantasy', would feature the AIIZ pairing of lead vocalist Dave Owens, guitarist Duncan Ferguson and drummer Simon Wright, the latter also citing prior credits with TORA TORA. At one stage AIIZ's Gary Owens would also feature. In latter years Simon Wright would carve out a worthy career in Rock n' Roll as member of such outfits as TYTAN, AC/DC, DIO, RHINO BUCKET and UFO.

AURORA - I'll Be Your Fantasy 7" (UK-1982)

Birmingham Heavy Metal band STEEL's business affairs were handled by former JUDAS PRIEST manager Dave Corke and ex-JUDAS PRIEST drummer John Hinch. Their lone release was to be the "All Systems Go" 45 on Neat Records in 1981.Frontman Paul Tunnicliffe had previously played with Gainsborough act EXCALIBUR and the group added new drummer Ian West in 1984.Two members of STEEL later formed Pop band BOY. Vocalist Paul Tunnicliffe would forge ROUGH JUSTICE alongside ex-REQUIEM bassist Gordon Denny, then later front Thrash Metal band SLAMMER for two albums. Drummer Simon Atkins would later turn up in THE EARTHMOVERS and RANDOLPH FLAGG.

STEEL - All Systems Go 7" (UK-1981)

Hope this little lot will keep you going 'til things get back to normal, enjoy!!


Anonymous nightsblood said...

Thanks for the post to hold us over :-) Always wanted to hear the Steel b-side, as the a-side is decent. Aurora is a great add; I've always loved that single. It has a great, loud guitar sound. It used to be considered a top rarity, but in recent years it seems to go overlooked by many collectors, not really sure why. At least the neglect has brought the price down for anyone wanting a copy.

Monday, July 28, 2008 12:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know where you get all these awesome metal/hard rock tracks but please keep them coming. I love your blog!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Dutchboy said...

Thanks for Steel and Spoiler, haven't heard the last one yet but thanks anyway.
The Kut is a bit of a strange name for a band; kut is Dutch for cunt you know.

Greetings from Holland !

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 11:02:00 AM  
Anonymous said...

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