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Sorry for the delay between posts, but i've been unable to sit @ the computer for long recently, thanks to the searing torment of:
Let's get on with it shall we?
SPEED QUEEN were a Hard Rocking French quintet originally formed in Mulhouse, Alsace in 1974 under the name BLACK RAT.
Heavily influenced by the Heavy Rocking style of AC/DC, once they were joined by leather lunged vocalist "Stewy" (aka Martine Himburg), in 1977, they soon changed their name to Speed Queen.
Their first vinyl appearance came on the Crypto Records compilation album, "Rock D'Ici Vol. 2" in 1978.
They contributed two tracks, "Be Bad Man" and "One Of These Days".
In 1979 they played some dates on MOTORHEAD's French tour and Lemmy was so impressed by the band that he invited them to do a couple dates in England also.
They recorded their first album in September 1979 at the Chateau d'Herouville, where the ROLLING STONES had produced "Exile On Main Street".
The album was released in January 1980, and was a moderate success on mainland Europe.
On the sleeve the track "Not To Sell" was dedicated to Lemmy, who was instrumental in Speed Queen being offered a deal with Bronze Records in the UK.
Unfortunately, the band were unable to take advantage of Bronze's offer because they were involved in legal wranglings with Crypto Records at the time.
In 1982, a further album, confusingly also called "Speed Queen", was released by the band on new label CBS Records.
Most of the songs on this record had French lyrics and titles, and overall Speed Queen sounded a bit slicker than on the debut LP.
Lemmy even found the time to appear on the album, contributing vocals to a song called "Revanche".
The record didn't sell as well as the band had hoped, and Speed Queen split up in early 1983.
Post-Speed Queen Stewy reappearred with a 1984 solo album "Gypsy", recorded under the name of STEVIE.
Her label hoped for an international hit, and to this end they hired some American musicians & songwriters.
Bruce Kulick (KISS, BLACKJACK) plays guitar on most of the album and Michael Bolton did some back up vocals too.
Half of the songs were sung in English and the rest in French.
Although very commercial, the album failed to sell, and after one further album, 1986's "Seemann", Stewy/Stevie was dropped by the label.
Later she re-emerged as a member of TOUCH! alongside her husband, former TRUST guitarist Norbert "Nono" Krief.
They released a lone 1994 album, "Marche Avec Moi", on the French wing of the EMI Records label.
She then sang with UN MONDE A L'ENVERS who released a self-titled album in 2005, before guesting on BIG BEN's 2008 "Sur Invitation", album.
Former Speed Queen drummer Bernard "Speedy" Reischtat now plays with GENS DE LA LUNE.

SPEED QUEEN - Speed Queen (1980) France

WINTERKAT were a Hard Rock/Pomp Rock band formed in San Antonio, Texas in 1982.
The group rose from the ashes of LIQUID SKY, a band that had appeared on the "KISS Homegrown" radio station compilation LP in 1981.
Guitarist Jonathan Grell had appeared in that group and formed WINTERKAT with vocalist Ric Swanson, drummer Gerado Ramirez and bassist Dean Vallecillo, the latter pair both being ex-HEYOKA members.
The following year saw the band release a self-titled five song Mini LP on their own Winterkat Records label.
Although Gerado Ramirez played keyboards on the album, MYTH man Ruben Castaneda was used for live shows.
Ric Swanson left to form AOR band NIGHTWORK in 1985, releasing a self-titled album in 1986.
He was replaced at the Winterkat microphone by Michael Steele Grothues, another former Heyoka member.
A further Mini LP, "The Struggle", was issued on Monument Records in 1986, featuring a cover of JIMI HENDRIX's "Little Wing", alongside six originals.
The band struggled on until the early '90's, but by this time many of the band's key players had moved on to other projects.
Bassist Dean Vallecillo went on to join Minneapolis band DARE FORCE, performing on their 1989 "Firepower" album.
Jonathan Grell founded DIRTY WATER with singer Rhett Forrester, formerly of RIOT.
This band demoed material but the project came to a screeching halt in 1994 when Rhett was tragically murdered.
After Winterkat, Grell founded SUITE 16, an alliance with ex-S.A. SLAYER and RIOT members Bobby Jarzombek and Don Van Stavern.
John Grell later went on to join the Southern Rock group MUDPIE, which included former members of MSG, SALTY DOG and STEELHOUSE LANE, releasing a self-titled CD in 2002.

WINTERKAT - The Struggle (1985) USA

And now, three excellent contributions from the redoubtable Weaselkin1.
You sir, are a star.
EXPORT were a classy AOR/Hard Rock act formed in Liverpool in 1979 by ex HARD STUFF vocalist Harry Shaw.
The following year saw the band release their debut self titled self financed album on His Master's Vice Records.
The band spent the rest of the year touring the UK, with glowing reviews of the album helping to swell the club audiences they played to.
1981 saw the release of the "You Gotta Rock" 7" single, and more live work supporting the likes of WILD HORSES.
The band's show at London's Paris Theatre in June 1981 was recorded by the BBC and broadcast on Radio 1's "In Concert" programme.
All this activity brought Export to the attention of the American arm of Epic Records who signed the band.
The first fruit of this liason was to be 1984's more overtly AOR styled "Contraband" album.
1986 saw the band release their third and final album, the critically acclaimed, Lance Quinn produced "Living In Fear Of The Private Eye".
Despite the album's quality, Epic decided to drop the band at the years end, as sales didn't match the label's expectations.
Sadly, this in turn then hastened the band's 1987 demise.
Guitarist Steve Morris then went on to produce the debut TORINO album, and later joined ex DEEP PURPLE vocalist IAN GILLAN's band.
Drummer Lou Rosentahl later formed 2 AM with ex RAGE & NUTZ vocalist Dave Lloyd.

EXPORT - BBC In Concert (1981) UK

MOLLY HATCHET is a Southern Rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1975.
The band, founded by guitarists Dave Hlubek and Steve Holland, took its name from a prostitute who mutilated and decapitated her clients.
The band signed with Epic Records in 1977, with LYNYRD SKYNYRD front man Ronnie Van Zant slated to produce their first album, having helped in writing arrangements and directing rehearsals.
Sadly, this never transpired as Van Zant died in a tragic airplane crash.
Molly Hatchet had actually cut their first demos in Lynyrd Skynyrd's 8-track recording studio using their equipment.
Prior to the band's signing with Epic Records, they often toured the Florida roadhouse and bar circuit.
Hlubek has stated that the demise of Lynyrd Skynyrd – who were at the height of their success – opened the door for Molly Hatchet.
Combining Boogie, Blues and Hard Rock, Molly Hatchet's sound was differentiated from more Country-influenced Southern acts such as THE OUTLAWS.
The band recorded and released its first album, "Molly Hatchet" in 1978, followed by "Flirtin' with Disaster" in 1979.
Danny Joe Brown, whose gruff voice and tough persona had defined the act to that point, then left the band in 1980, only to return two years later.
When Brown left the group to form The DANNY JOE BROWN BAND with future Molly Hatchet guitarist Bobby Ingram, he was replaced by vocalist Jimmy Farrar, coming from the cover band Raw Energy out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Along with Farrar came a new approach to the band's sound.
The earlier albums feature more variation in guitar tone and style and exhibit a distinct Southern cultural influence – which changed with the addition of Farrar on vocals.
Farrar's new vocal style, mixed with the new harder-rocking sound saw Molly Hatchet enjoy a rise in popularity in the early 1980s.
With the success of the Harder-Rocking "Beatin' The Odds" release, the band ventured farther away from their original sound.
By 1981, Molly Hatchet had almost completely abandoned their original style of 1978 for a straight-ahead Rock style exhibited on the "Take No Prisoners" release of the same year.
This album received a less-than-warm reception from many of the fans of the original sound and, while the band was still successful on the touring circuit, bass-player Banner Thomas left in late 1981 and was replaced by Riff West, while Farrar left the act in May 1982.
Brown rejoined the band in 1982 and B.B. Borden (ex of MOTHERS FINEST) replaced Crump on drums.
In 1983, a new album was released entitled "No Guts... No Glory".
Steve Holland left in 1984 and the band recruited keyboard player John Galvin.
This period saw the band return to the more overt Southern style it had displayed on its debut record in 1978.
However, with the addition of keyboards into the mix, the band managed to take this sound to an even more orchestrated approach on some songs such as "Fall of the Peacemakers".
Critics hailed "No Guts...No Glory" as a true return to form, but Southern Rock no longer enjoyed the widespread appeal it had previously.
As a result, the record went largely unnoticed, in contrast to the glory years, but did rejuvenate interest from the band's fan base, who had started to drift after the uncharacteristic "Take No Prisoners" album.
In 1984 came the release of a new album "The Deed Is Done" for which Bruce Crump returned to ultimately replace B. B. Bordan on drums.
Then in 1985, the double live album "Double Trouble Live" was released.
The greatest hits collection "Greatest Hits" was also released in 1985 and was the last Molly Hatchet album to achieve gold status.
Hlubek left in early 1987 to recover from his drug addiction.
In 1989, the album "Lightning Strikes Twice" was released, featuring Hlubek's replacement Bobby Ingram.
1990 saw the announcement of Molly Hatchet's final show in Ohio.
By the mid-1990s, a new version of Molly Hatchet began working on a new studio album.
In 1996, after a stroke and a worsening of his chronic diabetes, Brown had to leave the band, who brought in lead singer Phil McCormack to finish the album "Devil's Canyon" in 1996.
During the rest of the 1990's, the band's line-up contained not a single member who had performed in Molly Hatchet prior to 1984.
1998 brought a further album, "Silent Reign of Heroes".
In 2000, the album "Kingdom of XII" was recorded and released in Europe, surfacing in the United States in 2001.
"Locked And Loaded, 25th Anniversary: Best Of Re-Recorded" (2003) and "Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge" (2005) followed.
In January 2005, Hlubek was invited to rejoin Molly Hatchet. He remains in the band to this day.
Danny Joe Brown sadly died on March 10, 2005. He was 53.
On June 19, 2006, founding guitarist Duane Roland also died at the age of 53.
Former Molly Hatchet members Steve Holland, Bruce Crump, Jimmy Farrar and Riff West still perform together in a group called GATOR COUNTRY.
Original guitarist Duane Roland also played in this group until his death, whereupon he was replaced by ex-LONE STAR, UFO & WAYSTED six-stringer Paul "Tonka" Chapman.
To date, Gator County have released a live album, the imaginatively named "Live", and a single, "Oh Atlanta".

MOLLY HATCHET - BBC In Concert - Reading Festival (1979) USA

The Birmingham based Hard Rock/NWOBHM band STARFIGHTERS signed to Jive Records in 1980.
The band's debut line-up consisted of vocalist Steve Burton, guitarist Stevie Young, a nephew of AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm, guitarist Pat Hambley, bassist Doug Dennis and ex-FLYING HAT BAND drummer Barry 'Spence' Scrannage.
The latter was soon replaced by former HOLLY AND THE ITALIANS drummer Steve Bailey, Scrannage going on to create THE ALLIANCE.
Prior to the formation of the STARFIGHTERS, Steve Burton was previously vocalist with THE SUBURBAN STUDS, and very briefly a member of GLENN TIPTON's FLYING HAT BAND and Hard Rock outfit CRYER.
After debuting with the independently released 'I'm Falling' 7" single, on the Motorcity Rhythm label, the band was thrown straight in at the deep end supporting AC/DC in 1980.
Subsequent rumours suggested that Burton had been offered the job of replacing the late Bon Scott in AC/DC, but had turned the opportunity down on the grounds of health, fearing his own vices would lead towards a similar fate.
Following the release of the well received debut Tony Platt produced album for Jive in 1981, the STARFIGHTERS opened for MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP on a British tour, TRUST on a French tour and then landed the honour of opening for OZZY OSBOURNE in North America.
The band hooked up with KROKUS manager Butch Stone and released 'In Flight Movie' in 1983, again produced by Tony Platt, as a creditable follow up to the debut, but inexplicably they were then dropped by Jive.
There followed a lengthy hiatus before the STARFIGHTERS reformed in the late '80's and the group were quick to build up their local following in the Birmingham area, but despite some notorious live performances the STARFIGHTERS failed to gain label attention.
The AC/DC connection would crop up once more in the STARFIGHTERS story as Stevie Young was asked to deputise for Malcolm Young for dates on the 'Blow Up Your Video' World tour in 1988.
Stevie's first payment for this job was a new front tooth he had previously lost to a baseball bat in a brawl with a night club doorman.
After the final STARFIGHTERS split, Young went on to form WORLD WAR III with Steve Redvers, guitarist Nick Slater and erstwhile BAJJON vocalist Ivan Norris.
The outfit soon adopted the name LITTLE BIG HORN and signed to AC/DC's management.
Live work was undertaken and demos recorded, but this band failed to issue commercial product.

STARFIGHTERS - BBC Friday Rock Show Session (1981) UK

How d'ya fancy two previously unreleased and uncirculated KISS studio tracks from 1975 bootlegged for your listening pleasure, right here, right now.
You wanted the best and you got it!
"Smoke" is a cracking little Rocker which thuds along beautifully before arriving at the ultra-catchy, "It's not the smoke that burns ya, it's the fiiiiire", chorus.
Nice upfront phased guitar work from the Space Ace on this one too.
He's from the planet Jendell don'tcha know.
Oh, and Paul & Gene both sing on the chorus, which makes me feel like i'm 10 years old again.
I've no idea why this song never saw release, as it shits all over some of the stuff that they issued at the time.
Anyone remember "Hooligan", for instance?
The flipside is "A Mistake", which sees the band in an altogether mellower frame of mind.
I'm guessing that the guys were listening to THE ROLLING STONES "Exile On Main Street", a lot around this time, as this comes off as an attempt at that records loose slightly countrified vibe.
It's not quite as obvious as "Hard Luck Woman", for instance, but shares a similar sound.
Again, much stronger than much of the material which sometimes slipped on to Kiss studio albums at the time.
"Two Timer", anyone?
I wish i knew more about these songs, but i'm afraid that's as i can tell you.
I've seen these tracks pop up on a few sites recently, but the sound quality on this rip here is the best i've come across.
Thanks to the original ripper/poster and to the Slseeker who shared it with me.

KISS - Smoke/A Mistake 7" (1975) USA

Irishman Bernie Tormé is a hugely talented guitarist renowned for some particularly wild axework and theatrics.
Such showmanship brought him close to 'guitar hero' status whilst in GILLAN in the late '70's & early '80's.
After a stint with Dublin Hard Rockers URGE, Tormé relocated to London from Ireland, forming SCRAPYARD in 1976.
A Hard Rock trio of Tormé, bassist Bernie Hagley, and drummer Roger Hunt, Scrapyard gigged solidly throughout the London area.
Hagley was to depart and the band were swiftly brought back up to strength with the addition of former ZZEBRA bassist John McCoy.
However, this union lasted only a matter of months with Tormé striking out on his own as THE BERNIE TORMÉ BAND.
McCoy meanwhile soldiered on with Paul Samson on guitar as Scrapyard became McCOY.
The Bernie Torme Band managed to release two singles and contributed tracks to the Punk compilation album "Live At The Vortex".
The Bernie Torme Band, still a trio, then put in some British supports to Gillan, the headline act now featuring McCoy on bass.
An album was recorded for Jet Records but remains unreleased.
Disillusioned, Tormé took up his old colleague John McCoy's offer to hook up with Gillan.
After leaving Gillan in 1981, Tormé joined ATOMIC ROOSTER, appearing on their "Headline News", album and undertaking two tours of Germany and Italy.
Whilst trying to assemble another solo band, Tormé was asked to fill in for Randy Rhoads in OZZY OSBOURNE's band following the American guitarist's tragic death.
Torme's stint on Ozzy's American tour lasted but two weeks, with the pressure being too much for the Irishman.
Returning to London with Osbourne's blessing, Tormé, set back to work on his own band ELECTRIC GYPSIES.
The "Turn Out The Lights" album, released under the "Bernie Torme" name, featured future SAXON drummer Nigel Glockler, bassist Phil Spalding and Bernie's ex-Gillan partner Colin Towns on keyboards.
For live work Electric Gypsies consisted of Tormé handling both vocals and guitar, Everton Williams on bass and drummer Frank Noon, the latter being on temporary loan from STAMPEDE.
In 1982 Tormé appeared on ex-Gillan keyboard player Colin Towns' solo LP 'Making Faces', which only saw a Japanese release.
The "Live", album, (released during 1984), featured original IRON MAIDEN member Ron "Rebel" Matthews on drums.
A later British tour saw the addition of bassist Chris Heilmann, later to turn up in US act SHARK ISLAND, and ex-FRAMED drummer Ian Whitewood with vocalist Kef.
In 1984 former GIRL vocalist Phil Lewis joined the band on a temporary basis following vocalist Kef's sudden departure before joining on a full time basis.
Two albums (using the TORMÉ handle rather than Electric Gypsies) and successive British touring kept the band in the press, but momentum seemed to be waning.
Lewis then relocated to Los Angeles to join American act L.A. GUNS.
Tormé formed the shortlived RUSSIAN HIPPIES in 1988 with Bennet, vocalist Gary Owens and ex-BOMBSHELLS bassist Marc Russell.
However, progress was minimal so Tormé and Russell travelled to America at the request of former TWISTED SISTER vocalist DEE SNIDER to join the vocalist's DESPERADOS outfit.
The DESPERADO project of Tormé, Snider, Russell and ex-IRON MAIDEN drummer Clive Burr initially scored a huge deal with Atlantic Records.
However, after more than two years the band had switched to Elektra and, having laid down an album, discovered the label had no intention of releasing it.
The DESPERADO album was finally released posthumously on an independent label at a much later date.
Although Snider offered Tormé a position in a new act he was putting together, WIDOWMAKER, the Irishman opted to return to London.
Upon his return Tormé put in a guest guitar appearance on guitarist RENE BERG's "The Leather, The Loneliness & Your Dark Eyes", album in 1991.
Another project band was titled MUTANT with Blacken and Magpie of MOURNBLADE.
The year 1994 saw another solo album release, "Demolition Ball".
Early 1997 found the guitarist involved in Mick Underwood's reformation of the cult act QUATERMASS.
Although Tormé wrote material for the album, "Long Road", he was to opt out before recording of the album.
The guitarist's own solo album of that year, "Wild Irish", recorded with Pearce and Jones, came out limited to merely 500 numbered copies.
Maintaining this renewed momentum a further studio album was issued in 1999, one track including lead vocal from Dee Snider.
Torme returned to the band format for the 'all star' SILVER project.
The band also witnessed a welcome return to action by former MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP vocalist Gary Barden.
Joining Torme and Barden would be H-BLOCKX drummer Marco Minnemann and MAD MAX, CASANOVA and DEMON DRIVE bassist Michael Voss.
Keyboards were in the hands of as true veteran, Don Airey of RAINBOW, OZZY OSBOURNE and DEEP PURPLE fame.
in 2007 Torme formed GMT with his former Gillan colleague bassist John McCoy with drums handled by Robin Guy of RACHEL STAMP and the BRUCE DICKINSON band.

BERNIE TORMÉ - My Baby Loves A Vampire 7" (1984) UK

Without further ado, because my back is still killing me, i shall now quickly fugg awf.
Hope you enjoy tonight's selection.
Thanks to all of you who took the time to send your good wishes and advice concerning my malady, i was genuinely touched folks.
You're very nice people.


Anonymous muscle pain relief said...

It's okay. Finally you've published it. Thanks for the good info.

Sunday, November 13, 2011 10:03:00 PM  
Anonymous MB said...


Thanks for some great stuff..much appreciated.

Sorry to hear about the Sciatic problems. Hope things get better soon.

Is there any chance of reposting something please?

The link to

Dan Reed Network - 4 x EP's

is now dead - would really appreciate it if you could revive it!

Many thanks again

Monday, November 14, 2011 10:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bummer, get well soon!

Monday, November 14, 2011 8:30:00 PM  
Blogger The6070Rock said...

Que voce volte o mais breve e com saúde.

Força e Paz

Eddie (BRASIL)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 10:58:00 AM  
Anonymous MisterManiac said...

I've got this need to stretch your muscles. It's the best way to prevent this from coming back. Find yourself a good physical therapist (NOT a chiropractor, who will probably make things worse), and learn the exercises that you need to do to stretch out the muscle groups that are causing this. Basically, your muscles are tight, so they're causing pressure on your spinal column, in effect "pulling it down" need to loosen the muscles that are causing all the pressure on your the spine, which is causing some of your muscles to "lock" around your sciatic nerve. You can also get a novacaine shot directly into the problem muscle, but w/o proper stretching. the pain will most likely come back at some point.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 3:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you're in pain. hope you feel better very soon.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 4:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks very much to you all for taking the time to wish me well.
I wasn't expecting all the good wishes, just wanted to let everyone know i was still around and intend fully to get back in to posting action soon.
It's very appreciated though, i'm genuinely touched.
Doing a lot better, and i hope to be able to get a fresh post up before the weekend if things continue to improve.
Mister Maniac, thanks for the advice, what you say makes a lot of sense.
I've been pretty stressed and tense recently and i'm wondering if the sciatica is partly a physical response to that.
I'll definitely look into your suggestions though, thank you again.
To MB, i'm afraid that the Dan Reed Network - 4 x EP's that you requested were either posted by my former blogging partner Time Traveller, or by friend of the blog Nils.
I'm not a big fan of Dan Reed's stuff, so i never d/led the stuff myself and i'm no longer in contact with either of the possible OPs, so i can't help you out.
Perhaps another visitor can help out MB?
Best wishes,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 5:29:00 PM  
Anonymous MB said...

Hi again BFK

Many thanks for taking the time to explain about the DRN EPs. As you say, maybe someone else can help me out.

Take care and get well soon

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 7:31:00 PM  
Anonymous porosimetal said...


Wednesday, November 16, 2011 1:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Weaselkin said...

I sympathize greatly. I've had this twice, very painful. First time caused by a lumbar disc protrusion, I was off work for a few months with it. Even had to sell tickets I had for a Rainbow gig, couldn't stand up for more than half an hour.
Second time was worse, couldn't move off the living room floor for a day not even to phone for help, wouldn't have been able to let 'em in if I could. As MisterManiac said stress and muscle tightness are a cause. If you can keep moving don't let the muscles around the spine and abdomen weaken.
I had a good physiotherapist that gave me a series of stretch exercises to do, nothing strenuous, all were done either seated or laying down and were designed for loosening and strengthening the appropriate muscles. Sitting on one of those exercise balls helped strengthen the individual muscles between vertebrae.
All the exercises eventually got me back on my feet plus a major dose of industrial strength co-codomol. When I first went on them I saw multicoloured/multilegged things scuttling across the floor that sometimes moved like water! A bit disconcerting when I knew I'd be sleeping there because I couldn't get upstairs to bed.
Fun times.
Physio is the way. Hope it clears up soon, though I fear there is no quick way.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 6:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope it's better soon man.


Thursday, November 17, 2011 1:52:00 PM  
Anonymous GRAVEYARD STOMPER said...


Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try acupuncture, it cured mine 100%. I'm serious! I had it extremely bad...couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable. 2 sessions per week for a month and a half....haven't had any pain in over 2 years...thank God! Try it, I implore you!

Friday, November 18, 2011 10:06:00 AM  
Anonymous nightsblood said...

Hope you feel better soon 'kit. I've known a couple of people with this condition and they all say it is very uncomfortable. Hang in there! Best wishes

Saturday, November 19, 2011 2:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought it was gonna be an all grindcore post when I saw the title!
Hope yer feelin better soon -take it easy

Sunday, November 20, 2011 7:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get well soon. Best wishes from Holland.

Sunday, November 20, 2011 7:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello BIGFOOT i'am sorry to hear about your health conditions. I hope you will get better soon. For now all the best wishes from Holland and get well soon.

Monday, November 21, 2011 12:30:00 PM  
Anonymous porosimetal said...

BIGFOOTKIT,glad you're better now and finally managed to upload all these treasures!!Thanx for all the loads of infos and the art scans too!SPEED QUEEN are great in their AC/DC influenced dirty street'n'booze sound style and attitude(this STEWY chick sings with more balls than lots of male singers!)They remind me a bit of STARFIGHTERS and MARSEILLE!!As for the KISS bootleg single,all i can say is cult!!Especially SMOKE is a killer tune!EXPORT are one of my favourite bands and this great fm show is like a god gift to me, thanx to WEASELKIN 1 too!! STARFIGHTERS are great too and this bbc session is a must have to their fans like me!MOLLY HATCHET is from the best southern hard bands and this rare show proves it!!Great the cover art provided with all these fm show files too guys,thanx a lot!BERNIE TORME is a superb guitarist and showman,thanx for this great single,really like his vocal style too here!!As for the guitar work,gutsy and groovy as ever!!I had already and enjoyed every minute of both WINTERKAT albums,a band with an ellegant,artistic approach to metal-hard rock!!All the musicians involved are very talented and exceptional!J.GRELL is a guitar hero and especially his riffing and lead guitar work in "THE LIGHT OF DAY" are of my favourites ever!!Material not to just hear but to worship!!!Mega thanx again for delivering these treasures even under bad health conditions! God bless you!! porosimetal

Thursday, November 24, 2011 6:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the latest batch. Looking forward to Export live and Bernie Torme , i've been looking for the 12" full length version of this for years with no success (any one got it ??). Kiss too , great stuff cheers.


Friday, November 25, 2011 7:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kit - hope you're feeling better. Many thanks for the latest posts. Best wishes, Blofeld

Friday, November 25, 2011 10:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for Speed Queen, Starfighters and Bernie Tormé and for all the time and effort you have put into this awesome blog.


Friday, November 25, 2011 11:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back problems - the Worst! Hope you feel better soon. Great post!

Friday, November 25, 2011 2:54:00 PM  
Blogger the6070Rock said...

Mister Foot get one of your request in my blog: LIC - JUST A TASTE

Health & Peace

Saturday, December 03, 2011 8:00:00 PM  
Blogger moacyr said...

SAM THUNDER - Manoeuvres (1984) UK -
Amigo, não esta dando para fazer download no MEDIAFIRE - WUPLOAD - FILEJUNGLE - ZSHARE - FREAKSHARE,acredito que em todos LINKs

Monday, April 09, 2012 7:52:00 PM  

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