Sunday, October 29, 2006

Almost all files replaced

Just replaced the last few links I upped to rapidsharedotcom.

They were the small files from:

3 Sept ---Dylan East Orange

17 June--Beach Boys & B'52s

10 June--Bush & Grand Funk

and Paul McCartney's Rockestra Sessions from 12 Sept. (Deep Purple from same date now updated)

The Runaways in Cleveland (04 Sept) is reposted finally on megaupload.

Rory Gallagher 76 at Sheppard's Bush reposted (12 Sept).

Just reuploaded Van Halen's 1976 Goldenwest Ballroom file (08 Sept)

The rest of the files that are down will be reupped to new hosts this coming week and plenty of new stuff will be too.

Thanks for all your patience during this trying time.

See you all very soon with new stuff!!!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Finally a new post here....

....and it's probably gonna annoy the shit outta somma ya.

I've gotten several emails since I started this here thing back in the spring askin' me to plop some lossless stuff up here. So here it goes.......

This is Marillion - Hammersmith Shows CD. Outstanding SQ and set(s).
Sorry no cover or setlist as I burned this directly from a friend's CD and promptly lost the paper I wrote it down on. But if you want live Marillion you can't get much better than this. I believe the sets are from '85 and '86.

Compressed it's 493 megs in 6 split archives. Yeah ya gotta have 'em all to unrar this so those without a rapidshare account may want to forget this one (but it is worth the wait, I think).

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here's something interesting

I found this and thought it would be a nice share. It's the Runaways from the Cleveland, Ohio Agora 7-19-76. Nice sound.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pat Travers. Underrated in my opinion. Here's a show originally broadcast on the BBC Rock Hour. It's from the Reading Rock Festival in England in 1980.

Sound quality is very nice.

coming back soon!!!!!!

More tomorrow.