Thursday, May 31, 2007


What do you want from your music blogs? It's a question i've been pondering for a while now, and one i ask myself every time i prepare a new post. For instance, the last post seemed to go down really well, there was some Metal, some Hard rock, some Southern stuff, so should i stick to that "formula" and give the people what they "want", or should i say "sod it" and post whatever i damn well please and you can like it or lump it? What i'm asking myself at the moment is this, is there a place at Live & Otherwise for the Punk posts that Bryon & I have been tossing in to the mix here and there? On the face of it, it seems not, these occasional punk posts get markedly fewer downloads than anything else i upload for the blog, is that because you know the stuff, you really don't like any punk-styled music, or because there's some kind of musical prejudice against that type of stuff? I don't know, but i'd ask everyone who visits this post to do one thing for me this time round, i've posted a cracking little "Punk Rock" record tonight, it's from 1980 by a band called The Nubs, and it's called "Little Billy's Burning", whatever else you decide to have from tonights post, download that one too. Give it a try, listen without prejudice, let us then know what you think via the comments function. If you hate it, let us know, if you love it, do the same, but try it. I know Bryon feels the same way as me on this subject, that there's only 2 kinds of music, good music and bad music, try to put any preconceptions to one side and give it a whirl.
I look forward to reading your comments positive & negative.
Right, i'll climb down off my soapbox now, and get on with tonight's nonsense.
A rare one to start us off with tonight, this is the sole unreleased album from 1999, by Canada's Union Made. This band was Denis "Snake" Belanger's outfit during his hiatus from VOIVOD, but they only released one 7" during their lifetime. This album was recorded for the Anti-Trust label, but the band folded before it could be released, so with no band to promote the album, the label shelved it. This here, is a bootleg (or possibly VOIVOD fanclub) release of the album on Iron Gang Records, and it's a really nice record from start to finish. Regardless of whether you enjoy "Snake"'s main bands work, you should find much here to make you smile if you enjoy driving hard edged Rock music. There are traces of the VOIVOD sound, obviously in the vocals, but for the most part this is less complicated, more freeflowing and more succinct. A special mention must go to the closing track, their interpretation of "Ave Maria", astounding stuff. Get it while it's hot!

UNION MADE - Union Made (1999) Canada

Nextly, courtesy of srom, here's some STARZ related fun from ex-guitarist Richie Ranno, this is his self-titled solo mini LP from 1984 which came out on his own Violation Records. This is long out of print so should not provoke the "cease & desist" mail we got after posting some STARZ/HELLCATS stuff previously. This is pretty different from his ex-bands, despite featuring ex- bandmate Peter Scance on bass and Joe X. Dube on the drums, being slightly new-wave influenced (come back, it's okay!), Ranno's voice lending itself well to the stylistic shift. That guitar sound is still present & correct, so old time fans still have plenty to latch onto, it's an interesting listen with much to recommend it.

RICHIE RANNO - Richie Ranno Mini LP (1984) USA

To Blighty now, where the band formerly known as APOCALYPSE ("Stormchild"), had, by 1985 metamorphosed into the band known as Omega in time for their sole album, "The Prophet". This is great epic NWOBHM with a slightly doomy edged and nicely proggy touches. Long complex songs with fantastical lyrics abound, file beside LEGEND (the Jersey band), this one's a keeper.

OMEGA - The Prophet (1985) UK

Back to Canada now for Mystique's "Black Rider" Mini LP, which originally appeared to widespread disinterest back in 1985, on the Torch label. The corosseum review describes them as "DEEP PURPLE meets CIRITH UNGOL on a broken mixing desk", which is an amusing, though not entirely inaccurate description. The bargain basement production does tend to scupper the more grandiose aspirations of some of the tracks, but in doing so creates a weird atmosphere all of its own. I'm finding it hard to describe it any better than that, take a chance & give it a try, you'll see why i'm struggling, but you'll get sucked into their mad world too.

MYSTIQUE - Black Rider Mini LP (1985) Canada

Next up, here's another obscure heavy treat, this is the "Midnight Fantasy" Mini LP by LA's Cassle. This one originally surfaced as a square one-sided picture disc on the collectable Azra label in 1983, but i believe this rip is from the limited reissue which Iron Works produced in 1997. Again this is excellent Heavy Metal, with ideas above it's budget, lots of complex time and key changes, and that lovely epic feel. All killer no filler.

CASSLE - Midnight Fantasy Mini LP (1983) USA

The following year is when Chicago's Amethyst recorded & released their sole mini LP, "Outside Of Nowhere", apparently in a run of 100 copies only. Most of these were sent out to labels & booking agencies with the remainder given to friends & sold at gigs. As you'd expect, these don't crop up for sale too often. It's the quality of the riffing & songwriting that sets Amethyst apart from the crowd, stylistically, they're not doing much outside of their Maiden/Priest influence, but it's so well done, you can't help but rock out to them. Oh, and vocalist Ron Reyes may or may not be the same guy who sang on BLACK FLAG's "Jealous Again" EP, under the pseudonym of "Chavo Pederast".

AMETHYST - Outside Of Nowhere Mini LP (1984) USA

Finally then, one of the greatest negative retarded Punk Rock singles of all time, "Little Billy's Burning" by The Nubs. This could almost be seen as some kind of post-modern spoof of the genre from our late noughties perspective, but rest assured in 1980, when this came out, they meant it, maaaaaaaan. The smartest thing they do on this record is to make the guitars go "Nee-Naw" like police sirens. Which is awesome.
Opinions please!

THE NUBS - Little Billy's Burning /Job 7" (1980) USA

That's yer lot for now, love them!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Howdy people, a mixed bag of rock music for you tonight in many different guises & styles. The thread that runs through tonight's post is one word, QUALITY. On with the show!
Up first, some quality Hard Rock from Canada's Driver. This is their lone A & M album from 1977, "No Accident", and very nice it is too. Strong melodic material, great playing, short succinct songs, all with a nice bluesy undertone. There are a couple of sappy numbers which were obviously designed for radio play, but don't let them take the shine off what is a very enjoyable record.

DRIVER - No Accident (1977) Canada

Some Southern Rock for you now, this is the self-titled debut album by the Winters Brothers Band from way back in 1976. WBB looked to be headed for big things, a great debut album on Atco Records, appearances on 2 CHARLIE DANIELS Volunteer Jam albums, a 2nd album in the can, and a 6 month support tour lined up with LYNYRD SKYNYRD. The plane crash that killed several members of Skynyrd & crew also had a knock on effect on WBB. With no tour to support the 2nd album, the label shelved it, then dropped the band. Disco was looming large, and although the band kept playing live they couldn't net another deal. They got back together latterly, and have a couple of recent albums out. This one's their crowning achievement however , touches of OUTLAWS style melody counterbalanced by the free-flowing rhythms of the ALLMANS, topped off with some great twin Southern guitars, and warm & beautifully evocative vocals floating high over the whole thing. One listen & you'll be hooked.

WINTER BROTHERS BAND - Winter Brothers Band (1977) USA

Something more up to date now, this is the self-titled debut from Falcon. Who? Falcon, that's who. Greg Lindstrom, formerly of CIRITH UNGOL, that's who. Also includes former members of DESTINY'S END & THE PALE DIVINE, and a guest vocal appearance by PENTAGRAM's Bobby Liebling to boot! So now you're all clued up, get downloading 'coz this is great stuff. Really authentic sounding 1970's style Heavy Rock/Proto Metal, from guys who really know how to play this stuff properly. They do a great version of BANG's "Redman", and "Shelob's Lair" sounds like a long lost CIRITH song. Big assed riff rock for lovers of sideburns and frayed flares.

FALCON - Falcon (2003) USA

This is another nice one, great high energy Hard Rock with a sharp Metallic edge, this is "Hard As Rock", by Crysys. This one was released back in 1981 on their own Long Street label, and is one of the best no budget indie releases you'll ever hear. Imagine all the "up" tracks from the first 3 RIOT albums refined by alchemists into 1 single record, that's "Hard As A Rock", it is exactly as it's title claims. A great one off album by a young US band who should've ruled the world. Unfortunately, it appears the world has no taste, so they disappeared. Damn you, world!

CRYSYS - Hard As Rock (1981) USA

Acouple of EPs to finish with tonight, both from the early daze of the NWOBHM, firstly here's the "England" EP by Anthem, which was released on their own label in 1981. The title track is an 8 minute epic, full of high-falootin' mystical musings, great proggy breaks and some awesome soulful guitar. The other tracks are more "meat'n'potatoes" styled Heavy Metal, but very nicely done too. Rarer than crack house chandeliers too.

ANTHEM - England EP (1981) NWOBHM

And finally, here's the debut release from 100% Proof, "A New Way Of Livin'". We previously posted their self-titled debut album here, and it seemed to go down pretty well. This is more of the same, AC/DC styled boogie with Christian positivity. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, and however you feel about religion mixing with rock music, somehow, this works. Maybe the devil doesn't have all the best tunes.

100% PROOF - A New Way Of Livin' EP (1980) NWOBHM

There's sure to be something to tickle even the most jaded palette from tonight's selection, so go chow down, 'coz they're all so damn tasty.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gotta Get 'Em All !

Hullo people, just to keep things moving this is a bit of a catch up post before i get the new stuff up. A "time buyer" if you like.
For those of you who don't know, i ended up becoming co-admin here as a result of my posting nwobhm 7"'s for inclusion on Bryon's other blog. Most of the other stuff over at Time Traveller is more psych, prog and rock orientated, so after a bit of rearranging, Bryon set aside this place for the harder stuff, so as not to confuse people too much. Over the course of the months i posted a goodly amount of stuff over there, so for latecomers, newbies & careless browsers, here's a re-cap of the stuff that's still active from the Time Traveller days.
You may want to delete some clutter folks, there's a lot!


HARRIER - Out On The Street EP

PARALEX - White Lightning EP

NO QUARTER - Survivors EP

BEHEMOTH - Death Wings 7"

ZORRO - 'Arrods Don't Sell 'Em EP



BLEAK HOUSE - Lions In Winter EP

LE GRIFFE - Fast Bikes EP

LE GRIFFE - You're Killing Me EP

NWOBHM Demos & BBC Sessions:


TAURUS - BBC Session


ALVERNA GUNN - 1982 Demo


DRIVESHAFT - Heartbreaker 7"

MENDES PREY - On The Borderline 7"

MAYDAY - Mayday 7"

MIDAS - Can't Stop Lovin' You Now 7"

SALEM - Cold As Steel 7"

SCARAB - Rock Night 7"

WHITE LIGHTNING - This Poison Fountain 7"

RICOCHET - Midas Light 7"

SMOKIN' ROADIE - Midnight 7"

WOLF - See Them Running 7"

LEGEND - Hideaway 7"

URCHIN - She's A Roller 7" (Adrian Smith Pre-IRON MAIDEN)

URCHIN - Black Leather Fantasy 7" (Adrian Smith Pre-IRON MAIDEN)

BLACK AXE - Highway Rider 7"

DEALER - Better Things To Do 7"

DAWNWATCHER - Spellbound 7"

SEDUCER - Call Your Name 7"

VIRTUE - We Stand To Fight 7"

SOLDIER - Sheralee 7"

RAGE - Bootliggers 7"

OXYM - Music Power 7"

AGONY BAG - Rabies Is A Killer 7"




Disc One - Original Album

Disc Two - Original Demos

Disc Three - First Live Show

STRIFE - Rush (Gordon Rowley pre-NIGHTWING)

STRAPPS - Strapps

STRAPPS - Secret Damage

CRACK THE SKY - Crack The Sky (+ Bonus Tracks)

CRACK THE SKY - Animal Notes

CRACK THE SKY - Safety In Numbers

CRACK THE SKY - Photoflamingo


CRACK THE SKY - World In Motion 1

JOHN PALUMBO - Blowing Up Detroit (ex-CRACK THE SKY)

SLO-BURN - Amusing The Amazing Mini LP (John Garcia ex-KYUSS)


KISS TRIBUTE - Undressed

KISS TRIBUTE - The String Quartet Tribute To KISS

KISS TRIBUTE - Gritalo Fuerte (Argentinian KISS Tribute)

KISS TRIBUTE - A World Without Heroes (KAOL)

KISS TRIBUTE - Kiss Deutchland

KISS TRIBUTE - Covered In Kisses

KISS TRIBUTE - Hard To Believe

KISS TRIBUTE - Covered In Scandinavia

KISS TRIBUTE : Gods Of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To Kiss

Part One

Part Two

That should tide you all over 'til i get round to getting some new stuff upped.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay people, as promised, here it is, a chunk of obscure Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from Scandinavia & Europe from the glory days. No irony, no in-jokes, just underground rock'n'roll from the hinterlands played by men in ill-fitting stripey trousers, brandishing little moustaches they could barely grow and playing cut price guitars that barely lasted the recording sessions. The real mcCoy. Enjoy.
First up, from West Germany (as it then was), the sole album by THE HAND OF DOOM, "Poisonoise". This was recorded way back in 1979 and is full of odd little touches amongst the garagey rifferama. Little proggy passages, some psychey parts, and the occasional Maiden-esque outro help raise it out of the ordinary. Repeated spins only help suck you in, and make you wonder what on earth might this album have sounded like had they even had the illusion of a recording budget. Investigate.

THE HAND OF DOOM - Poisonoise (1979) GER

Now to Denmark, for "Louder Than Loud", the debut cassette only Mini album by ANGER. This one hit (a few) shelves in 1983 and is a classic of bargain basement nwobhm influenced Scandinavian Heavy Metal. The main mover in the band was guitarist Lars Elkjr, the only constant in their ever fluctuating line-up, who was also a shredder of some style within his chosen field of excellence. They did finally release a full length in 1987 on Paladyn Records, but by all accounts it's a glam influenced affair with none of the attack & er Anger present here.

ANGER - Louder Than Loud Mini LP (1983) DEN

To the Netherlands now, for the thing of beauty which is Sword's "Excalibur" 7". No relation to the fantastic mid-'80's Canadian band of the same name, this Dutch band only issued this one single before disappearing into the mists of time. Epic Heavy freakin' Metal in excelsis!

SWORD - Excalibur 7" (1983) HOL

Keen Hue were formed in the Swedish town of Vansbro in the early 1980's, this is their much sought after debut single, which was released in a run of just 500 back in 1982. I had never heard of the band 'til a visitor to the board requested some of their stuff. I put out the feelers to see if any of my trading buddies could help out, and Rainbow Hugh came up with this. Thanks Hugh! Enjoy "Spread Your Wings Of Fire"/"One Of Two", for they slay the old way.

KEEN HUE - One Of Two 7" (1982) SWE

Back to Holland now for Hammerhead's 1984 "Heart Made Of Steel" EP. The band at this stage consisted of two Dutchmen & two Englishmen, leading to them sometimes being categorised as a NWOBHM band. Four tracks of quality vintage Hard Rock, with excellent vocals from Ian Parry. I'm sure Parry went on to bigger things with another band, but my grey matter won't give up the details at this precise moment.

HAMMERHEAD - Heart Made Of Steel EP (1984) UK

Back to the frozen North now for Rex Begonia's self titled Mini LP. This Norwegian outfit had a neat line in Priest/Maiden influenced Heavy Metal, especially on this their debut disc. By the time of their 1988 "Seventh Seal" 7" they had mutated into a more Thrash influenced style. This is some good stuff, go getcha sum!

REX BEGONIA - Rex Begonia Mini LP (1982) NOR

Back once more to Sweden for "Devil's Deal", the 1983 7" by Stitch. Formed in the town of Södertälje in 1981, this was the first of two singles the band released. Both are highly priced collectors items, duck the e-bay bloodsuckers and enjoy the music for free, here & now.

STITCH - Devil's Deal 7" (1983) SWE

From the same year, here's Finland's Hiroshima & their "Soldier Of The World" 7". Considered a Swedish band by many, they were formed by two Finnish guitarists & a Finnish drummer, but were based in Stockholm Sweden. This is cool 70's sounding Hard Rock with Heavy Metal overtones. I couldn't find a picture of the single artwork, so here's a picture of their album, "Taste Of Death" instead.

HIROSHIMA - Soldier Of The World 7" (1983) FIN

I got an e-mail from George "Warlordy" Ketigenis the other day. Here's what he had to say, "I love your blog and I'd like to contribute this time. I've uploaded Hollow's EP, they were a band from Sweden active in the mid to late 90s,in the vein of Queensryche,Crimson Glory and US power metal in general. They've released two albums, "Architect of the Mind" & "Modern Cathedral", but I've uploaded their quite rare first EP which was released just before their first album." Fine stuff it is too, thanks very much George, what nice people this blog seems to attract.

HOLLOW - Hollow EP (aka Stand Or Fall EP) (1997) SWE

Finally, by request, here's a track by Shakin' Street. Just the song "Box You", as apparently when the album was posted here a while back, this track was corrupted. This new rip plays fine, and they were French, so it's in keeping with the Euro theme.


I love it when it all falls into place nicely like that.
Dig in folks, enjoy the booty, more will follow soonish, 'til then take care.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Quick One For While I'm Away

A Quick One For While I'm Away. I'm not actually going any place, i just like that title.
A few unconnected items that i was posting for a friend & thought i'd add them here to tide you all over 'til the next "real" post mid-week.
Here's a nice one to begin with, this is an "unofficial" release from Velvet Revolver, called "Appetite For Reconstruction". It compiles cover versions, b-sides, acoustic tracks, demos that predate the "Contraband" album & some other demos from the same sessions that didn't make the final cut for the album. If you're a fan of the ex-Guns'n'Roses/Stone Temple Pilots band, this is a treat for you right here. If not, a good opportunity to rectify the situation for you unbelievers, find out what the fuss is about. Either way, it should keep you going until their new album arrives next month.

VELVET REVOLVER - Appetite For Reconstruction (2005) USA

Next, here's the only release from New York's Sinful from 1985. This is their "Gonna Raise Hell" Mini LP, five tracks of what Metal Forces magazine called "ANGEL meets METALLICA in a dark alley and the white hot ones come out on top", before awarding it 10/10 Now that piqued my interest, and it should do yours. Of course, it's not an entirely accurate description, but not entirely off beam either. Hear for yourself, and pay special attention to stand out track, "Midnite Sun".

SINFUL - Gonna Raise Hell Mini LP (1985) USA

Finally, one of the rarest privately pressed US Metal 7"s of the 1980's, this is "Kick Me Where It Hurts" by Satin Steel. This was the sole release by the Pennsylvania based band, it's either unblemished genius or hamfisted poppycock. It depends what mood you're in, or indeed how drunk you are. Have a beer & crank it up!

SATIN STEEL - Kick Me Where It Hurts 7" (1985) USA

And that's about it for this evening. To the feller who requested Rex, check the comments section of the last post.
See you all again midweek for the Scando/Euro megapost. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

LPs & BBCs

This isn't the Scando/Euro post i promised, i'm still working on that, but i'm sure you won't be too disappointed when you see the array of goodies in store this fine May evening. We're covering the years 1976-02, with diverse artists from the UK, the USA, and to get the ball rolling here's some thunder from down under.
In 1976 the then unknown AC/DC decamped to the UK to start the long hard slog to the top, playing every sweaty dive up & down the length & breadth of the country. At the end of this initial "Lock Up Your Daughters" tour, they stopped by the BBC Radio One studios and recorded this here four song session. It's a peach, the playing tight, crisp & mean, just devastating. Bon Scott in particular seems in relaxed & playful mood, ad-libbing & wailing in that seemingly effortless way of his. Lean & hungry classic AC/DC for you, from the start of the story.

AC/DC - BBC Session (1976) AUS

To the US of A now for the 3rd & final LP by Atlanta Georgia's Hydra, "Rock The World". A four-piece during their time on Capricorn Records, they'd slimmed down to a trio by 1977, when they recorded this album for Polydor. The playing is tighter knit than previously, perhaps a result of the power-trio formation, but they don't sacrifice an iota of their melodic suss along the way. Later, drummer Steve Pace would turn up behind the kit for Whitford St Holmes, then Swiss rockers Krokus. Bassist Orville Davis went on to hook up with Rex Smith in Rex, before joining Starz around the time of "Violation". Top notch Southern Rock then from a much overlooked band. If you enjoy this one, Bryon's just posted their 2nd LP "Land Of Money" over at "Time Traveller" too.

HYDRA - Rock The World (1977) USA

I don't think i've ever posted any live stuff on "Live & Otherwise" before, so i'll rectify that here & now with two great live sets recorded for BBC Radio One's "In Concert" programme in March of 1981.
Firstly, Whitley Bay's favourite sons, Tygers Of Pan Tang tear up the Paris Theatre in London on their "Spellbound" tour. It's a great set of songs played brilliantly by my favourite incarnation of the band, with Jon Deverill on vocals & John Sykes on guitar. Great sound quality too. I remember taping this set off the air that night on an old GEC mono radio tape deck. I wore that bloody cassette out within six months and spent years trying to find another copy of it. A great band at the peak of their powers, you'll thank me.

TYGERS OF PAN TANG - BBC In Concert (1981) UK

From the same venue, on the same evening, for the same programme, here's another storming set, this time from Leamington Spa's Chevy. Best known for appearing on "Metal For Muthas II" and their lone "The Taker" album, Chevy were a little older, wiser and classier than many of the bands lumped in with the NWOBHM. Chevy were really more of a Hard Rock band with Metallic leanings, but this live gig shows that they could kick out the jams with the best of them. A nice double bill then for those in the know.

CHEVY - BBC In Concert (1981) UK

To the US again now, this is the one & only LP by Tucson Arizona's Ashbury from 1983. Don't let that date put you off though, "Endless Skies", is very much a 70's styled Hard Rock record with Southern Rock, Psych and Proggy touches, excellent production too for a private pressing. At times this sounds to me like Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson jamming with The Outlaws, if you can imagine such a thing. Very recommended if you like something a little more mellow & eclectic from time to time, treat your ears to Ashbury.

ASHBURY - Endless Skies (1983) USA

I remember this next album getting a scathing one K review from the late Mark Putterford when he reviewed it for Kerrang! magazine. A good writer normally, i think Mark misunderstood what Deep Switch were trying to do with their "Nine Inches Of God" album. Dripping with oddness , skewed with tongue in cheek humour, deliberately provocative, musically bizarre, but with one foot in Hard Rock/Metal, this must have sounded like it had been beamed in from Mars back in 1986. Trying to break new musical ground on a shoestring budget isn't usually a good idea, nor is it here, but somehow it works. Thanks to the guy who recommended them to me over at Time Traveller, you did me a real turn mate. This is the cd version with bonus demo tracks.

DEEP SWITCH - Nine Inches Of God (1986) UK

Finally, here's a sweet 4 track sampler from David "Rock" Feinstein. Name ring a bell? "Rock" was a member of Elf back in the early '70's alongside his cousin Ronnie James Dio, but after Ritchie Blackmore poached the rest of the band for the initial Rainbow line-up, he went on to form The Rods. They were a storming band and should have ruled the world, but by '87 it was all over for them, so "Rock" disappeared. Out of the blue in 2002, word leaked that David was to release a solo album, "One Night In The Jungle", this is the four song promo sampler which preceded it's release. I've never encountered the full length album, but going by the sampler, it sounds a far better record than anyone has any right to expect from someone who'd just spent 15 years in the musical wilderness. I think problems with the record label scuppered the albums chances, so it's a hard one to find now, savour the taster and hope the full length appears eventually. I'm on it!

DAVID "ROCK" FEINSTEIN - Four Cuts From The Jungle (2002) USA

The promised Scandinavian/European special will be next, look for it early next week, 'til next time, salutations!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A potpouri of riffage for a Sunday......

Really no underlying theme for this Sunday stack of tunes, except that they are some hard rockin' albums. The Cheap Trick and Butthole Surfers are slight variations but still they can send some blasts of power chords through the speakers. But this is just a mish mash of stuff I've been jammin' on lately.

First up today is a cool prog-metal band I've just recently been turned on to. I've seen their albums for years, but never took a chance as I thought it would be Loudness type Japanese hard rock. Surprise surprise as they turned out to be a highly original metal band with progressive moves that still keeps it hard. Great 1st LP from 1988 and no bum tracks except for their way too by the book cover of Ram Jam's cover of Leadbelly's Black Betty. The song Black Sabbath on this one is an original not a cover of the Sabbath them song.

From before the first LP release here is a great boot from Cheap Trick, entitled Bun E's Basement Tapes. Great live tracks from 1975, many that never made it on any albums.
Great stuff, and the sound quality ain't too hateful.

Another live one, this is one of my all time favorite bands, Captain Beyond, called Frozen Over. It is the band live in Arlington Texas on 06/10/1973. They were the opening band for King Crimson. Front & back covers included in the rar.

By request here is Griffin's LP Flight of the Griffin.

For some variety, here is some crossover from 1986. A Canadian band no less, to follow Kit's huge Canuck post below. This is some pretty heavy stuff, reminding me a bit of the Accused. Beyond Possession.... Is Beyond Possession is 15 short blasts of skate punk/metal for your enjoyment.

This is a fun little piece of history. The Butthole Surfers were a new generation in a long line of demented Texas bands like the 13th Floor Elevators, Red Krayola, and many others. But instead of making only demented psychedelic rock they combined acid folk & psychedelic with punk rock of all things (and later even more varied styles). This is from a cassette tape that began it all. These are the 1982 demos, some of which were eventually released on the Brown Reason to Live and PCP-PEP EPs, some even later. Surprisingly good sound quality and I often marvel at the originality of these goofballs (meant as a complement in this context).

NOTE: The numbering is messed up on this one, there is no track missing even a number is skipped.

UK punk in general often leaves a lot to be desired to my ears. It often infuses reggae and other styles that I personally have little or no use for. But here is one of my exceptions to the rule --Charlie Harper and the Urban Dogs Best of titled New Barbarians. Charlie, for those not in the know, was/is lead singer of the UK Subs and this release contains tracks he recorded on his many hiatus' from that band including solo tracks.

There is a track missing---the second link is that track. Sorry bout that.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Eight classic NWOBHM 7" singles for you this time round. All of them are terrific, no two sound the same, all lumped in under the "NWOBHM" umbrella. You'll love them!
For starters, here are the two excellent singles from Arc, which constitute their entire released output. The first of these is 1980's "Tribute (To Mike Hailwood)", a paen to the famous English Motorcycle racer. Personally i prefer the B-Side, "For My Next Kick", but both tracks rock in a strange "far away in time" fashion.

ARC - Tribute 7" (1980) UK

Their 2nd 7", 1981's "War Of The Ring", is another tribute of sorts, dedicated to and inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, as such it falls into the category of "ideas that should have failed because the budget wasn't big enough to do them justice, but somehow succeeded despite it all". An epic triumph on a shoestring budget!

ARC - War Of The Ring 7" (1981) UK

Big things were expected of Aragorn (more Tolkien lovers?!!), after they burst onto the scene with their "Black Ice" single in 1981, but they were dogged by the usual management, personnel & record label problems that blighted the careers of so many of their peers. One problem they never had was a lack of strong material, their recorded output was uniformly excellent, top Heavy Metal with a dirty raw edge. Just the way it should be.

ARAGORN - Black Ice 7" (1981) UK

There were at least three bands going by the name of Avalon around the time of this release. Which Avalon was responsible is anyone's guess. I did a bit of research on the web & turned up next to no information, aside from the asking price for a mint copy. $200 to you squire! Or here, now, free. Nice proggy hard-rock from a bye gone age. Worth $200? You decide.

AVALON - Going Thru' (1981) UK

One of the better remembered NWOBHM acts, Cheltenham's Chateaux managed 3 full length LPs for the Ebony label during their career. This, their debut 7" featured a the same line up which recorded the "Chained & Desperate" album, it's good solid stuff with some great guitar courtesy of Tim Broughton. Enjoy!

CHATEAUX - Young Blood 7" (1982) UK

Now to the excellent "Evil Place" 7" by Destroyer. Have i posted this already? I might have. Fuck it, it's worth posting twice. It's a good little record, but unfortunately i know sod-all about the band. Love it.

DESTROYER - Evil Place 7" (1981)

From Durham, our next blast from the past comes courtesy of Lone Wolf. Their "Leave Me Behind" 7" came out in 1982 on the collectable Guardian Records, home of the legendary Mythra. This is not the same outfit which Paul Di'Anno briefly fronted post Maiden, they were more AOR influenced, this rocks far harder.

LONE WOLF - Leave Me Behind 7'' (1982) UK

Finally, Tyrant's "Hold Back The Lightning" 7" from 1983, a cracking slice of straight-forward heads down no-nonsense Heavy Metal, with great drumming & some top vocal gymnastics from Mark Kelser. Hold it to your bosom & cherish it like it was cold hard cash. Priceless.

TYRANT - Hold Back The Lightning 7'' (1983) UK

That's yer lot for now, some Scando/Euro action coming up in the not too distant. Til then, enjoy.