Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Even more Stones and Ambrosia

Really pressed for time, I need to go run some errands, but here are two quickies for today.
Both of these are one file ripped from my tape collection.

First is a decent Stones show, San Diego 11-10-69. Real similar to that more famous (or infamous) show that made major headlines.

Set list:Carol/Sympathy/Prodigal Son/You Gotta Move/Under My Thumb/Live With Me/Little Queenie/Satisfaction/Honky Tonk Woman/Street Fightin' Man

Ambrosia - Syria Mosque Pittsburgh Pa 10-31-76. The show I got from a guy I used to trade tapes with in Pittsburgh and he had it listed as Stanley Theater (hence the titles etc) but it is a radio broadcast from that they opened for Kansas and sounds excellent. No set list sorry, if anyone has it please......

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More favorites and a few surprises.

Been a few days since I last posted. I've been busy with family and stuff but now I am ready to go and have a bunch of great stuff I'm getting ready to let loose on everybody. First up, yes another Stones boot, this one is from Essen Germany in 1970 from a CD called Ice Cream in the Foyer. See those nice covers I found at left for tracks, etc. Sound ain't great (and it ain't terrible either), and the Stones are a bit sloppy, but they are are the Stones, and we always forgive them.

ANd yes here is another Zappa boot (and yes I have other bands besides these two, wait ti; tomorrow and you'll see, how about Ambrosia & Blue Cheer?)

This one is is from a boot called Non Foods and is a compilation of several live pieces mainly for guitar.

Non-Foods (CD)
Various live guitar solos 1874-1988
1. Ancient Armaments (04:01) [Halloween version]
2. Trouble Every Day (02:47)
3. Truck-Driver Divorce / Zoot Allures (07:08)
4. Now You See It - Now You Don't (04:56) [Tinsel-Town Rebellion version]
5. Sinister Footwear, Second Movement (02:38) [Them Or Us version]
6. City of Tiny Lights (03:41) [Make a Jazz Noise Here version]
7. Inca Roads (03:09) [One Size Fits All / Stage #2 version]
8. Stink-Foot (01:44) [Make a Jazz Noise Here version]
9. Pick Me, I'm Clean (01:45) [Tinsel-Town Rebellion version]
10. Any Kind of Pain (01:50) [Broadway the Hard Way version]
11. Alien Orifice (01:01) [Make a Jazz Noise Here version?]
12. The Sheik Yerbouti Tango (03:57) [Sheik Yerbouti version]
13. Black Napkins (06:41) [Make a Jazz Noise Here version]
14. RDNZL (03:34) [Stage #5 version]
15. Penguin in Boldage (02:01) [Roxy & Elsewhere version]
16. Easy Meat (04:05) [Stage #5 version]
17. Outside Now (04:09) [Broadway the Hard Way version]
18. Them Or Us (05:07) [Them Or Us version]
19. Theme from the 3rd Movement of "Sinister Footwear" (03:18) [You Are What You Is version?]
20. Yo' Mama (12:08) [Sheik Yerbouti version]


And from Dirt comes several shows (including another Stones show!!! Yah!!!)

ROLLING STONES - New Jersey 1978:

Soundboard, 4 files (1 for each side of the 2 record set)
Part 1: Let It Rock / All Down The Line / Honky Tonk Women / Starfucker / When The Whip Comes Down / Miss You
Part 2: (Just My) Imagination / Lies / Beast Of Burden / Respectable / Far Away Eyes
Part 3: Love In Vain / You Can't Always Get What You Want / Midnight Rambler
Part 4: Shattered / Sweet Little Sixteen / Tumbling Dice / Happy / Brown Sugar / Jumping Jack Flash


AC/DC on the Howard Stern Show (FM broadcast 2003):

Jus' what it says. Ripped straight off the air by
your strooly.


CHEAP TRICK - "Dream Police" tour, KBFH:

I cut the commercials but not announcements and it's
short as it's the 2nd half of a two part show.
Tracks (2 files):
01 - Hello There, Tonight, Southern Girls, California Man
02 - I Want You To Want Me, Surrender


BLONDIE - Live At The Lyceum, London, 1999:

Killer FM broadcast show with a great tracklist.
01 - Hanging On The Telephone
02 - Lust For Wander
03 - Forgive And Forget
04 - Screaming Skin + Union City Blues
05 - Sunday Girl
06 - Maria
07 - Call Me
08 - One Way Or Another
09 - In The Flesh
10 - Rapture
11 - Heart Of Glass

JIMI HENDRIX - Winterland, San Fran, 10-12-68
Not sure if the date means October 12th or December 10th
but it WAS 1968. Both shows from that day...AWESOME
soundboards with damn near perfect sound quality.

early show
01 - Fire
02 - Lover Man
03 - Like A Rolling Stone
04 - Foxy Lady
05 - Tax Free
06 - Hey Joe
07 - Purple Haze
08 - Wild Thing
late show
01 - Foxy Lady
02 - Manic Depression
03 - Sunshine Of Your Love
04 - Little Wing
05 - Spanish Castle Magic
06 - Red House
07 - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
08 - This Is America
09 - Purple Haze

Be sure to say say thanks to Dirt in the comments and maybe he'll send some more cool stuff. And as always *the record skips* click my ads up top pleeze!!!!!!

Thank you!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Here's a few new ones.......

Cat Stevens - Catnip

(sorry this one is an old record so it has a few pops and p


Frank Zappa (yes, another one dammit, I love FZ!!!!!!).

Location :Osaka, Japan, 03 / 02 / 1976
Tracks :
CD 1
1. Intro 3:10
2. Stinkfoot 8:44
3. Dirty Love
4. Filthy Habits 10:21
5. How Could I Be Such a Fool ? 3:34
6. I Ain't Got No Heart 2:36
7. I'm Not Satisfied 1:53
8. Black Napkins 10:49
9. Advance Romance 11:40
CD 2
1. Honey Don't You Want a Man Like Me ? 3:35
2. The Illinois Enema Bandit 8:57
3. Wind up Workin' in a Gas Station 2:44
4. Tryin' to Grow a Chin 4:06
5. The Torture Never Stops 8:00
6. Chunga's Revenge / Drum Solo 15:39
7. Zoot Allures 6:57
8. Ship Ahoy 6:52
9. I'm The Slime 3:25
10. San Ber'dino 6:25

The Band :

FZ (voc, g)
Napolean Murphy Brock (voc)
André Lewis (keys)
Roy Estrada (b)
Terry Bozzio (dr)

And finally for tonight, no pic, but here is Iggy Pop, from San Diego California (CD title was Nightclubbing, but there seem to be about 5 different Ig shows with this title. This one has great sound, but Iggy sounds like he is trying to swallow the damn microphone.


Iggy Pop CD: The Swingin' Pig/TSPCD067 & Lust For Live/LFL075
Rec: 1978. Live in San Diego Tracks: One two brown eyes / I wanna be your dog / Modern guy / Lust for life / Rock action / Fall in love with me / Shake appeal / Gloria / T.V. eye / Nightclubbing / I got a right / Raw power

I haven't forgotten the others I said I would post, just having trouble finding them. I lost my list that was coded to tell me where each tape, CD or album is at (and which format thery are to begin with) so I have to dig through a bunch of stuff to find them, so be patient with me and I will eventually deliver the goods. Take it sleazy and always rock as hard as your body will let you (and for chrissakes, click those stinkin' ads up top, pleeezzzeeee, daddy needs a new pair of tweeters). Thanks!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Finally gettin' back on track

Still no pics but here is a nice potpourri of stuff, live and otherwise to tide some of you over for a while.

First up, from a CD I have entitled Moon's Last Stand, is the Who from Ontario Canada 10-31-76. I think Moonie did some shows after this one though. But...I guess you can call a CD whatever you want to......


And by request, here is the J.Geils Band from a King Biscuit Flower Hour rebroadcast in 1997. The radio show is was originally broadcast back in the 70's . The set list is House Party/Detroit Breakdown/Must Of Got Lost/Give It To Me/Lookin For A Love.

I have another better more diverse show by the Geils band and I will dig it up really soon.


Another request, here's Cheap Trick from the Joint in Las Vegas Nevada 10-16-95. This was also broadcast as a radio show, and is from my master tape. Very nice show approx 70 minutes.

This show is tagged so I won't put a set list here but a lot of hits present from I Want You To Want Me, to their cover of Lennon's Cold Turkey and even Heaven Tonight, which was a strange, but great choice for the night.


Yet another from the good ol' radio. This is a compilation of two Moody Blues from different tours and venues. I have split the two up and will follow the links with the sets for each. The first show is from the UK in Oxford back in 1987 and the 2nd is from the Starlight Bowl in San Diego California Sept. 1994 and features the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.

Part One:

Part Two:

The Oxford Show:Intro/Gemini Dream/The VOice/Tuesday Afternoon/ Your Wildest Dreams/
the Story In Your Eyes/It May Be A Fire/New Horizons/the Other Side Of Life/Nights In White Satin (50 minutes)

The SD show:Gypsy/Steppin' In the Slide Zone/I'm Just A Singer.../the Question (aprrox 25 min.)


And finally for tonight, I posted these at Groovy Fab for a guy into them and they are just sitting gathering dust on rapidshare so if you dig Mr. Bungle (Mike Patton from Faith No More's "other" band) here's two early demos and a live show from 2001 (I think).

Mr. Bungle - Bowel of Chiley demo

Mr. Bungle - Goddamnit! I Love America


That's all for today. More tomorrow or so. Thanks to everyone visiting my little ads at the top.

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's been awhile........

....and I know I promised a nice big update tonight. But I am going to wait until tomorrow for most of it. Rapidshare is uploading fairly slow and I got all the files done for the other blog and it says its gonna take 4 more hours to finish the rest of the stuff. But here are a whoppin' 2 that got done already and, as seems to be becoming the rule rather than the exception, no pics tonight. Just a show from Sabbath and some studio demos from the Yardbirds. Tomorrow (I swear!!!!) I'll have a great show from the Who, some Cheap Trick, J.Geils and Cars by request, and another set of outtakes from the Stones, plus I'll add a few surprises and you will love this blog again. So without further delay:

Black Sabbath - California Jam 1974 (at least that is the CD I have, but I found some covers called Canibis Confusion which is the exact same show with the same track order and everything). Decent sound too.

The Yardbirds - RG Jones Studio Sessions 12/63 - 2/64. Don't know about all, but some of these tracks were released on a CD called 1963:the First Recordings. But this is a CD I picked up at a used store and it's definetly not a legit issue. If these were given a legit release, I apologise and just enjoy them anyway, because they are the Yardbirds and they rock!!!!

Again, sorry about the lack of posts and I will more than make up for it this week!!!

Till tomorrow,


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Whew, damn I'm tired.........

Like I said over at my main blog, to avoid burning out, I am taking a little break after todays posts. I have worked almost the whole weekend on these things and I need a tiny break.
So here finally are two I've been promising for a few days and a couple I just thought everyone might like. No pics tonight I'm ready to snooze after these!!

First up, you may recall me talking about a Fastway show I got, well here it is, it was labeled Feb. 1980, but that was impossible. It's really from their first tour (here they opened for Ozzy among others) circa 1983 and it's from London England. Not the greatest soundwise, but for a 15 year old cassette it ain't too bad. One file, no set list, but if you have the 1st Fastway (which is a fantastic album IMHO) you know 'em all.


Next up another I promised, a New Year's Eve from Molly Hatchet (12-31-80 Lakeland, Florida, USA). This may disappoint a few because this is the Beatin' the Odds tour which was the one that Danny Joe Brown wasn't on. He was replaced by Jimmie Farrar for both the album & this tour. But he doesn't do a bad job at all, even gets a few "yeeaaah boise" in there and gets down just like DJ Brown. This one is in two parts because the source was split and I was ripping one while burning the other. Sorry. Here's the songs: Bounty Hunter/Let the Good Times Roll/It's All Over Now/Gator Country/Dead & Gone/Few & Far Between/Dreams I'll Never See/Good Rockin' Tonight/Flirtin' With Disaster/Beatin' the Odds.


Next, here is Little Feat/Lowell George from a CD called Odds & Ends. Nice stuff!! Tagged so no set list here.


And finally since everybody seemed to like the one I put up a couple days ago (100+ downloads already!!!!) here is another Stones demo/outtake session, this one from the Let It Bleed sessions. Some of these are from other dates too, I would think. No, longer tagged, as I had to fix the files. They are now each single files. I will try to get a set list up ASAP.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

All over the place today.......

Van Halen - Rarest Covers And Demos

Sound quality varies from soundboard to audience (claims that some songs are *cleaned up* versions). Tracks 3, 7-11, & 17 are listed as STUDIO tracks, the others are listed as LIVE. Track 3 was performed during an interview with Jim Ladd. Tracks 9-11 are supposed Mammoth Demo tracks featuring Greg Stafford on vocals. Now known not to be Van Halen at all.

Rolling Stones - Beggar's Breakfast.

1) Gimme Shelter - early mix with Keith Richards on vocals
2) Brown Sugar - early mix with different lead guitar by Mick Taylor
3) Stop Breaking Down - early mix with different Mick Jagger lead vocal
4) Shake Your Hips - Rehearsal take recorded in Montreaux, March 1972
5) Loving Cup (Version 1) - Early version recorded at the same session as 'Honky Tonk Woman', June 1969, first session with Mick Taylor
6) Loving Cup (Version 2) - The same song, recorded two years later, finally appeared on 'Exile on Main Street' but this is a very different early mix with different vocals and much longer in duration.
7) Shine a Light - Again, a different mix with different vocals.
8) I Ain't Lying - A song work-out/improvisation which was never developed any further and therefore remains unreleased. Recorded circa 1970
9) Sway - early mix from acetate
10) Sweet Virginia - early mix with additional keyboards and no backing vocals
11) I Don't Care - same as 'I Ain't Lying'
12) Sympathy for the Devil - An excerpt from the recording sessions, as seen in parts in Jean Luc Godards "One Plus One" film, March 1968
13) Tell Me - alternate version, never released, late 1963
14) Rice Crispies Jingle - advertisement for radio use only, recorded in the USA, 1964
15) You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover - An excerpt from the first ever Rolling Stones studio session, October 1962, taken from a battered 4 song acetate, played on the radio by proud owner, Chris Jagger


Deep Purple - Live at Newcastle, Australia 03-14-2001. Very nice soundboard.


Dio - 1st solo tour 1983 (from King Biscuit Flower Hour radio b'cast)

Stand Up And Shout/ Shame On The Night/ Children Of The Sea/Holy Diver/ Rainbow In The Dark/ Man On The Silver Mountain

This is another one that is kind of up in the air. When I traded for it is was listed as Grand Funk Railroad - Atlanta Pop Festival 1970. Accounts differ on this, it is known for sure that GFR played on the '69 Atlanta Pop Festival but according to your source, the GFR didn't play the '70 Fest at all or, according to others they played on the free stage on the final day. So here is the show, either at the '69 OR the '70 Atlanta Pop Festival.

wrong file posted-will fix later

Jimi Hendrix - The Sotheby Auction Tapes. This is the Kathy Etchingham tapes auctioned at Sotheby Dec 22, 1981. Contains mostly Axis:Bold As Love mixes.


I will get the other ones I promised (Fastway & Molly Hatchet) up here tomorrow, and everybody, c'mon, hit my ads at the top. I know it's a pain in the ass, but it really does help me out and will keep this blog (and my other one ) alive and I'll be able to spend more time updating them. I really do appreciate it.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

These are (mostly) words with a "Z" time

Ask and you shall receive (if I have it, that is). Here is the only show I have of Frank Zappa live with Adrian Belew in his band. Of course Belew was only in the live band for about 5 months so it can make it difficult. I didn't put a set list in but I'm sure it's easy to find. If you are a Zappa freak you'll know all these anyways, no surprises here. Without further bullshit spewing from my fingers, here's Zappa live in New York on Halloween 1977.

I love the drum sound on this show. If you turn it up real loud it feels like a concert should!! That lil ol' band from Texas doin' it live in Germany way back in 1980 at the Rockpalast.


01 I Thank You 02 Waiting For The Bus 03 Jesus Just Left Chicago
04 Precious And Grace 05 I'm Bad I'm Nationwide 06 Manic Mechanic
07 Lowdown In The Street 08 I Heard It On The X 09 Fool For Your Stockings 10 Nasty Dogs, Funky Kings 11 El Diabolo 12 Cheap Sunglasses 13 Arrested For Driving While Blind 14 Beer Drinkers Hell Raisers
15 La Grange 16 She Loves My Automobile 17 Hifi Mama 18 Dust My Broom 19 Jailhouse Rock 20 Tush 21 Tube Snake Boogie 22 Just Got Paid

And finally for today here is a show I got awhile back, and forgot I had it. It turned while I was digging around for something else and I thought I'd plop it up. It's Leon Russell from the Fillmore East on 11/21/70. No sets or anything, show is one file.

I am working on 2 shows that are requests right now which I should have up in the next day or so. They are Fastway (London 1983) and Molly Hatchet (1979), I am looking through my tapes for more "hair" bands and southern rock and if there is anyone else you'd like to see here let me know. And don't forget to visit the lovely chaps at the top of the page and help a blogger out.

Thanks and see ya soon.


Monday, May 08, 2006

By demand........

Had a request for some "hair" metal so here's a couple of those:

First up is a early Def Leppard show from the Paris Theatre is London way back in 1980.

Set as follows:

1.Too Many Jitterbugs
2.Hello America
3.The Day the Walls Came Tumbling Down
5.Rocks Off

This was a radio broadcast from around 1992 or 3, so sound quality is excellent.


Also from a radio broadcast here is Guns N Roses from the Ritz in New York City 2-2-88.

Set list:
1.It's So Easy
2.Mr. Brownstone
3.My Michelle
4.Sweet Child O' Mine
5.Welcome to the Jungle
6.Rocket Queen
7.Night Train
8.Paradise City

Damn near the Appetite For Destruction LP in full. Decent sound from my FM Master copy.


Next up also by request is another Frank Zappa this time with the Mothers of Invention from the Denver Pop Festival in 1969.
Sound is really good for something this old, and don't worry it starts kinda muddy but quickly gets better.

Sorry no set list for this one.


Next we have a full radio show, and it's the In the Zone Radio Show staring Godsmack and Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was broadcast July 15 or 16th 2000. It is broken up into mini-sets as follows:


1.GODSMACK - Intro/Now Or Never/Immune/Time Bomb
2." " - Strees/Keep Away/Get Up Get Out
3." " - Intro/Bad Religion


1.GODSMACK - Intro/Whatever
2.RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Scar Tissue/Emit Remmus/Soul To Squeeze
3." " " " " " " " - Californication/My Lovely Man
4.-whatever: radio spots and promos commercials for the broadcast.


And someone requested more Neil Young. This one is an unreleased LP Neil recorded at the Hit Factory in NYC back in 1988 called Times Square (also the name of the CD it came from). Whoever made the CD included as a bonus the 3 tracks Neil did on Saturday Night Live on Sept. 30th 1989 (plus one rehearsal track). It was too large a file so I broke it up that way, part one is the unreleased album, part two is the SNL stuff.


3.Crime in the City
4.Box Car
5.Don't Cry
6.Heavy Love
7.Wrecking Ball
8.Cocaine Eyes
9.On Broadway

10.Rockin' in the Free World (SNL)
11.Needle & the Damage Done (SNL)
12.No More (SNL)
13.No More (SNL Rehearsal)

That's it for tonight--next time I will get some southern rock and maybe more hair metal up here. Requests are always greatly appreciated and keep those clicks coming up top!!! The more you do that the more I can do here!!!!!!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oops! I meant to post something here!

Here a couple I uploaded yesterday to post here but the post didin't take for some reason. So quickly here is:

Alice Cooper - Los Angeles 5/10/73. Billion Dollar Babies Tour.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - from a CD called Homage to the Blues this is SRV Dallas 1987. The CD had a few space fillers, 2 from 1978 and one track from '84 I think. All are tagged. Excellent soundboard stuff.

Gimme some clicks up top folks and I'll put four or five really good shows up tomorrow night! If anyone has something or someone they'd like to see here. Drop a request in the comments. I have over 4000 shows (plus TV appearances and stuff like that).

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A diverse offering of genres today......

Sorry, no pics today (I know it makes it bland but I didn't find anything that fit the way I wanted them too. So here's the music!!!!!!

First up is Slade - Live at Sheffield (UK) and it's circa 1973. Sorry no set list on this one but if you are a Slade fan there are no surprises here! Nice sound and this is a single file with no track separation.



This was a surprise which I found many years ago. It's Sandy Denny's band Fotheringay with a compilation of stuff from several sources (listed below). For fans of the UK folk band this one is indispensible.

Fotheringay - Wild Mountain Thyme

1 Too Much Of Nothing - Bob Dylan
2 The Way I Feel - Gordon Lightfoot
3 Interview
4 The Sea - Sandy Denny
5 Eppy Moray - Tradicional
6 The Lowlands Of Holland - Tradicional
7 Interview / Gypsy Davey - Tradicional
8 Will Ye Go Lassie Go (Wild Mountain Thyme) - Jimmy McPeake
9 John The Gun - Sandy Denny
10 Bold Jack Donahue - Tradicional
11 The Ballad Of Ned Kelly - Trevor Lucas
12 Intro / Banks Of The Nile - Tradicional
13 Late November - Sandy Denny
14 Nothing More - Sandy Denny
15 Memphis, Tennesse - Chuck Berry
16 Silver Threads And Golden Needles - Dick Reynolds / Jack Rhodes

The players:

Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas
Jerry Donahue
Pat Donaldson
Gerry Conway


1 - Grabada en Beat Club, Alemania, 1970
2 a 4 - BBC Radio, 2/4/70
5, 7, 11 y 12 - BBC Radio, 12/4/70
8 y 9 - BBC Radio, 15/11/70
13 - No editada anteriormente.
14 y 15 - En directo en Rotterdam, verano de 1970
16 - BBC Radio, 5/5/70



Robin Trower has long been one of my favorite guitarists and this one of my favorite shows of his. It was recorded in San Francisco on either 11-2 or 11-3-73 at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco California. Most sources I've found go with the former date, but there is such a discrepincy I'm leaving it open. I really don't care, it's all about the music to me anyways. This is from an LP called Guitar Bandit released on the Amazing Kornyfone label (Tarkl-1939) many years ago.


1.The fool and me/2.Twice removed from yesterday/3.Lady love/4.Day dream/5.Day of the eagle/6.I can't wait much longer/7.Man of the world/8.Sinners song/9.Little bit of sympathy.

R.I.P. Jimmie Dewar


From back in their progressive days here is an excellent set from Journey entitled Live at the Record Plant '74. Date is unknown and it features the more experimental side of the band. Steve Perry isn't here so if that Journey is your cup o' tea, you may not like this much. A personal opinion: Gregg Rolie was a better singer, I just never got into Perry that much. Too much whoa-whoain' going on with him. No set list, sorry.

Not yet Steve


Here are some John Lennon & the Plastic Ono band demos from the album of the same name released in 1970. These were floating around on a CD called "the Dream is Over" and thought some of you might enjoy them. The last track is cut short by whoever I got them from back in my trading days. Tracks are tagged.

John Lennon demos and ouutakes


John McLaughlin & the Mahavishnu Orchestra - the Mourning Flame of the Eternal Five. Compilation of the band's TV/radio performances from 1973: ABC In Concert, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and BBC in Concert. A little bit o' hiss but still nice. This is tagged as "....Eternal Fire" and I always thought that's what is was called until the internet came along. For the jazz fusion/proggers out there!


Thanks again for checking out my blog and if you'd like to thank me, just click that little box at the top of the page. I know I sound like a broken record but these are tough times for me and it really helps ends meet. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Allmans and Stray Gators

Both albums today are rather lengthy but are very nice long shows. First up is the Allman Brothers from 1971. I didn't upload the covers but found a great place to get 'em if you want 'em.

The tracks are all tagged and each file is a separate CD. Sound is very nice and only complaint I have about this whole thing is whoever split the tracks on this show didn't do a real great job. I swear it wasn't me. Anyways here is Allman Brothers Band - Live at Warehouse in New Orleans 9-16-71.

Next is a decent Neil Young/Stray Gators show from Buck Owens burg (Bakersfield) California on the Time Fades Away tour 1973. Sound is very good (not great) and sounds like it might be from different sources. But it's still Neil and Crosby and Nash pop in so it's a worthy addition to any collection. Show is from March 11th.

Nighty night everybody. If ya like 'em you know how to say thanks!!!!!