Sunday, July 29, 2007


Some sweet stuff for a Sunday evening for your aural pleasure. I hope to god i spelled that right, this stuff's good, but i'm not trying to make any crazy claims i can't back up. Right, before i get bogged down in mind boggling double entendres, let's get to the music eh?
For starters, here's Winterhawk's "There & Back Again", an awesome live album recorded in 1978 at the
Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Live rock'n'roll music often struggles to translate well to the sterile confines of the cd, but there's so much crackling energy, such superlative performances and the atmosphere translates so well that you'll be face down, bedraggled, exhausted, bare chested and delirious, lying on the floor in a pool of booze & sweat by the end of this one. Seriously, they bring the house down here, great songs, fantastic vocals and jaw dropping guitar acrobatics from a band at the peak of their powers. Sweet Rock music from the days when they knew how to do it right.

WINTERHAWK - There & Back Again (Live) (1978) USA

Next, the final piece of the ongoing Rox discography, this is their sole full length release, 1983's "Violent Breed". By the time they recorded this, the Mancunian rockers had toughened up their approach considerably, the big
chantalong choruses are still present & correct, but there's much more menace in the guitar and drum attack. Just look at them on the cover, these guys meant business, or perhaps they were looking for "business". Martin Hooker, owner of their label, Music For Nations, was so sure that he had signed the next big thing that he produced the album himself, but by the time it hit the shelves, Rox were sadly no more. Remember them this way, in weird lace up leather vests, but with those awesome caterwauling guitar leads on "Jailbait" ringing in their ears.

ROX - Violent Breed (1983) UK

Another discography post completed now, this is Jameson Raid's "The Hypnotist", a brilliant little four song EP from waaaay back in 1980. With a better production than on their debut EP, the songs get more of a chance to breathe here, the melodies which were buried slightly on "Seven Days Of Splendour", really get a chance to get under your skin this time 'round. The guitars are sharper, the drums heavier, their debut's promise more than fulfilled. Okay, the lyrical tack of "The Hypnotist" is a little silly, but it was a different era, and that's a small complaint when everything else about this record makes this almost the perfect example of NWOBHM. Jameson Raid, wherever you are now, i salute you!

JAMESON RAID - The Hypnotist EP (1980) UK

To Canada now, for an interesting little rarity by Minotaur, a great little band from Oshawa, Ontario. The four piece specialized in Heavy Rock with a commercial edge, the guitars of Pete Lesperance being absolutely outstanding. Lesperance eventually went on to form the highly respected Harem Scarem in the late '80's with Blind Vengeance vocalist Harry Hess, leaving this 7" as Minotaur's only release during their lifetime. OPM Records put out a compilation of their demos in 2004 called "83-87", and later the Harem Scarem website made the 1st Minotaur demo available as a free download. Nice stuff, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

MINOTAUR - Burner 7" (1984) Canada

Now, here's the 1985 7" from Swedish quartet Adventure, this one's entitled "Destiny". I can't describe it any better than they do on the Corroseum website, so i won't even bother to try to outdo their sublime review. They describe it thus,"Heavy riff-HR without one iota of hair-rock gayness". That's exactly how we here at NILOOB
like our Heavy Riff Hard Rock, "Hair Rock Gayness" free! Their reviewer isn't as keen on the A-Side, but i'll stick up for it even if he won't. A nice one. Thanks Dom!

ADVENTURE - Destiny 7" (1985) Sweden

Couldn't find out much about our next act, but hopefully their music will speak for itself. This is the 2nd of the 2 7" releases which Buzzard managed between 1981 and 1985, this is "Catch Me Alone", which came out on PTO Records. This is one of the superior later NWOBHM releases, classy with unusual arrangements, although to my way of thinking the A-Side should have been the B, and vice versa, there was definitely something special about Buzzard.

BUZZARD - Catch Me Alone 7" (1985) UK

Last tonight, but absolutely not least, we finish with the "Criminal World" 7" by Londoners, The Lightning Raiders. Much more rock'n'roll in attitude than most of their NWOBHM peers, they managed a pair of singles and a Reading Festival appearance, before they hung up their guitars and retired their thrift store Stones clothing. A great racket, good time but seedy, and let's face it, all the best of good times are a little seedy, are they not?

LIGHTNING RAIDERS - Criminal World 7" (1981) UK

More soon, tired now, must sleep.
Sweet dreamzzzzzz.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Lots of great stuff to get through today, so no time for dilly-dallying with flowery pre-ambles, on with the music.
First up, the lone album from the obscure Lords Of The Crimson Alliance, an American four piece, who specialized in Epic Heavy Metal with unique & bizarre touches. This one came out in 1986 on Grudge Records, and very little is known about them, the sparse sleevenotes being no help whatsoever. The Corroseum website describes it thus, "really makes you wanna do some nifty warrior-poses in the moonlight, with your little brother's plastic sword in one hand and a mug of hot chocolate in the other". If that ain't a recommendation, then brother, you're on the wrong blog. Cherish it like that disfigured relative that you keep in the attic.

LORDS OF THE CRIMSON ALLIANCE - Lords Of The Crimson Alliance (1986) USA

Next, courtesy of Dom, here's some more Gotham City for ya. This is their six track Mini LP from 1983, Black Writs. A fine slab of Swedish Metal, you need this for the amazing harmony guitar leads, beautiful stuff. The songs are still of a uniformly high quality, with a little more polish than on their earlier 7", the choruses bigger & more memorable. In short, this is exemplary stuff from a band who deserve to be better recognised, and held in higher esteem. That they languish in obscurity, whilst so much pedestrian pap is elevated to "legendary" status is disgraceful. Rectify.

GOTHAM CITY - Black Writs Mini LP (1983) Sweden

Another Mini from the same year next, this is the sole self-titled from America's Dark Starr. Straddling the fine line between melodious Hard Rock & all out NWOBHM inspired Heavy Metal, this is a little peach of a disc. Think early RIOT, or perhaps a more hooky TT QUICK, this also puts me in mind of CRYSYS in places, but the individual guitar work of Dave Sestito takes them out of the realms of the soundalikey and into their own unique sound. The only drawback is the fact that there are only 5 songs, it leaves you wanting to hear more, and that's gotta be a good thing. Fill yer head with Dark Starr.

DARK STARR - Dark Starr Mini LP (1983) USA

As promised, here's some more from Rox now, this is their 2nd EP, also from '83, this is "Krazy Kutz". This one shows the band with a more professional sounding production, tighter songwriting and arrangements and with a heavier guitar sound. The singalonga choruses are still present & correct, but boy, do they sound like they mean business this time out. I'll be bringing you their full length "Violent Breed" next time 'round to round out the Rox discography.

ROX - Krazy Kutz EP (1983) UK

Some more now from Jameson Raid, this is their 1982 "Electric Sun" Demo, and very fine it is too. The Brummie band were at a bit of a crossroads at the time when they recorded this, after two legendary EP's, they were taking strides towards a more melodic sound, which they would attempt to fully realize via a name change to THE RAID a little later. This one makes for interesting listening as they try to balance their old sound with their new direction, with mostly positive results. A nice rip too of a 25 year old tape, mucho kudos to whoever originally performed the transfer, good job!

JAMESON RAID - 1982 "Electric Sun" Demo (1982) UK

A request now, this is After Dark's "Evil Woman" EP, a tour de force of melodic Hard Rawkin' from the glory daze of the NWOBHM. This one commands a high price tag nowadays, and it deserves it for the quality of the tuneage on offer. Apparently they reconvened in 1995, releasing a full length album called, "Masked By Midnight", whether they remain together is anyone's guess, but they certainly were at the time this EP was recorded, it's great!

AFTER DARK - Evil Woman EP (1981) UK

Finally, the rare 7" by Requiem, a Sabbath inspired NWOBHM quartet from Wolverhampton, with links to ARC, DIAMOND HEAD, TRESPASS and JAMESON RAID. This is what they call proto-doom nowadays, and can be comfortably filed beside PAGAN ALTAR, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, St. VITUS & the like. As of 2003, a new configuration of the band began doing the rounds, under the unwieldy moniker of "REKUIEM", releasing a 5 song demo EP, and following this in '05 with a full length album "Time Will Tell", on Majestic Rock Records.

REQUIEM - Angel Of Sin 7" (1980) UK

That's yer lot for now, see you soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

3 of many requests, late as usual!!

I guess I'll start with the most difficult to describe, the 1986 LP from Dwarr entitled Animals. It sounds like nothing I've ever heard before or since. Experimental psych metal? Progressive alternative metal? I'm at a loss. Basically the creation of one Duane Warr, who does all instruments and vocals (Ray Sparks is listed as "session percussionist"), this stuff is otherworldly as it gets. I saw it described on a site as outsider metal. I guess that would sum it up pretty good.

Read a decent review here:

And download the trip here:

Next up, Future Tense with their Condemned to the Gallow EP. This one I would describe as pretty much by the book speed metal. Which is not a bad thing. This one was ripped from vinyl, and although whoever did the rip had a loose ground wire (only audible during very quiet passages) still sounds pretty good. If you are a vinyl lover you'll dig it, if not surf over to Future Tense's website, as the band has remastered it and reissued it along with the album that preceeded it.

And finally here is the Devil Childe mini LP. Seven tracks, several different influences (title song:Iron Maiden, Thru the Shadow:Motley Crue, Grave Robber:Black Sabbath and so on). This was a low budget anonymous side project of Virgin Steele's Jack Starr and Joe Hasselvander of Pentegram and later period Raven fame.

That's all for now. I've got some more requests coming and a post over at the other blog soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Greetings earthlings! A quick return to posting action! Believe me, no one's more surprised than i. A good mix of styles for your listening pleasure this time around, something for everyone.
So without further ado...
For starters we are proud to present "Destination Unknown", the first album by Clientelle. Clientelle had been doing the rounds since 1977, so their style was more influenced by early 70's Hard Rock than the spandex & leather Priest/Maiden styled sounds of most of the other bands of the time. This was to be to their advantage, as their music was much more individual than that of much of the competition, the nice bluesy soloing, interesting song structures and even the odd proggy touch make this one a keeper. Unfortunately, aside from a '79 7" and a live album in '83, that was pretty much it for Clientelle. Why oh why? It can only have been the somewhat bland band name which held them back, 'coz this album's a little diamond.

CLIENTELLE - Destination Unknown (1981) UK

On the other side of the pond Cleveland, Ohio's Axis were another of those one album wonders which we feature here with depressing regularity. First off, this is not the same band who recorded the awesome "It's A Circus World" LP. Nor is it the NWOBHM band of the same name, although this confusion has caused their "Slightly Tilted" album to feature erroneously on many a NWOBHM wants list. Musically, there is much to tie the band to the NWOBHM scene of the day, they'd obviously been paying attention to events on this side of the ocean & incorporating them into their ballsy sound. This is great melodic Heavy Metal with unique vocals & an abundance of interesting ideas in the song arrangements. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

AXIS - Slightly Tilted (1985) USA

To Sweden now for another of the rare gems which Dom has very kindly been dropping on me. This is "Merchants In Metal" the debut LP from Maninnya Blade. We featured their early "The Ripper" 7" here a wee while back, which was derivative but excellent, by the time they got round to recording this in 1986, they had their style and chops down. This is JUDAS PRIEST styled Metal given a doomier twist, despite being played at pace for the most part. It's an odd mix which really does work, despite my appalling description. Check out that cover, no one would dare to put out a sleeve like that today. Give it a spin, it'll put hair on your teeth.

MANINNYA BLADE - Merchants In Metal (1986) Sweden

Another private pressing from the States now to annoy your neighbours with, this is the 1983 self-titled mini LP from the Hamilton Ohio quintet known as Fury. Straddling the fine line between Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, this has memorable hooks, catchy choruses, but enough muscle to make the name make sense. Highly collectible nowadays, aside from their "Sharp Knives & Heavy Chains" EP which was released the following year, this was all that Fury could muster. Get on board the time machine to simpler days and give these "Bonified Freaks" a go.

FURY - Fury Mini LP (1983) USA

More Swedish Metallic majesty now, this here is "Gotham City" by the UmeƄ based quartet of the same name. This one has it all, the riffing is exemplary, the chorus dares you to sit still and if you don't join in on the singalonga section at the end of the a-side after the 1st play, then you must be dead, that's the only decent excuse you can possibly have. And you know what? The B-Side is every bit as good. Damn the ignorant & xenophobic British Metal press of the time for not exposing me to this great music first time 'round, i missed out on Axewitch, Heavy Load & Gotham City, so they could write about Sammy Hagar and Heavy Pettin'. Damn them , damn them to hell! Go on, damn yourselves to hell too, let Gotham City into your cold black hearts.

GOTHAM CITY - Gotham City 7" (1982) Sweden

Finally this time, we bring you the debut EP by Manchester's Rox, "Hot Love In The City". Originally named VENOM, after threats from CRONOS & co, the band decided to change their moniker to the more apt Rox in time to record this 3 track gem in 1982 for their own Teenteaze label. Musically, this is bubblegum glam/hard rock, with big gang choruses & catchy stompalong hooks. Absolutely delicious stuff, the perfect marriage of 70's UK glam & '80's US Hard Rock. Another EP followed, as did a full length LP, i've dug them both out to post soon, so if you enjoy this one, there's more to look forward to. They got progressively heavier with each release, but never lost the catchiness which made them so appealing to begin with. This here's the beginning, get the download started.

ROX - Hot Love In The City EP (1982) UK

That's all for now people, enjoy.
A quick request while i recall.
Does anyone out there have "Electric Warriors" or "Dog Soldiers" by 1970's Native American Indian band WINTERHAWK? If so, any chance you could upload 'em for us? Thanks, that'd be nice.
And to finish, the immortal words of Zodiac Mindwarp, "Don't Play Poker With The Skull Spark Joker".
He was a canny man was Zody.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hi people, we're back again with another international selection of all that is great in obscure & rare international Rock & Metal from the dim & distant past.
Wrap yer listening gear 'round this little lot!
Let's begin tonight's selection back in 1982, where the sublime Manilla Road are about to record album no 3, a record which is due to bear the title, "Dreams Of Eschaton". In order to get ideas for arrangements etc, they record all the songs due to appear as demos, but unhappy with the results, scrap most of the material, and record a completely different album instead, the classic, "Crystal Logic".
Years later, Monster Records released a remixed, partially re-recorded, overdubbed version of these sessions as "Mark Of The Beast". It's excellent of course, but is not how it was originallly conceived, way back when. What we have here is the original untampered recordings from 1982, unvarnished, without overdubs or rerecording, as it was blasted on to tape, back in the day. Odd, Epic, Old School Heavyness. Enjoy it.

MANILLA ROAD - Dreams Of Eschaton Demo Album (1982) USA

Nextly, to follow on from their recently posted early demo, here's the first album from Sweden's Syron Vanes, "Bringer Of Evil". An excellent example of what the Corroseum website calls FWOSHM, that's "First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal" to me & you, loud & proud and totally unfettered by irony or subtlety. Undiluted by fad, fashion or the passing of the years, this shit rules!

SYRON VANES - Bringer of Evil (1984) Sweden

Now we come to the 2nd album by Canada's Sye, "Wings Of Change" from 1988. Their debut album had appeared three years earlier on Metal Blade Records to global indifference, in the meantime there had been some membership changes, before this one appeared on their own Loud Spell label.
Their sound is pitched somewhere between the twin poles of early MOTLEY CRUE & classic ANVIL, but they never stray into clone territory, clever thing is that. Great songwriting, memorable choruses, gawd only knows how they failed to succeed, but fail they did. Never heard their first one, but by all accounts, this is the better by far of the two, have it on us.

SYE - Wings Of Change (1988) Canada

Another piece of rare & classic Viking Metal now from one of my favourites, the legendary Heavy Load. This is their "Take Me Away" red vinyl 7", which was only available as a free single with the initial pressing of their 1982 "Death Or Glory" LP. Two awesome tracks from the masters at the height of their powers, hideously rare nowadays, but worth the expense and the hassle of tracking it down. Better yet, download it for free right now, and make your life complete. You need this, it's that simple.

HEAVY LOAD - Take Me Away 7" (1982) Sweden

To finish with tonight, we've got two classic slabs of 7" black plastic from the NWOBHM.
First up, Persian Risk's "Calling For You" 7" from 1981. The Cardiff based band are probably best remembered nowadays for former singer Jon Deverill's stint in TYGERS OF PAN TANG, and also for MOTORHEAD pilfering guitarist Phil Campbell from their ranks. There was more to the Welsh terrors than that though, from the more melodic SAXON influenced style of their early days to the PRIEST flavoured Sturm Und Drang of their latter day recordings, the Risk had plenty to recommend them. This was their debut release, with Campbell still in the ranks, but with Carl Sentance on vocals, Deverill having just jumped ship bound for Tyger Bay. Nice.

PERSIAN RISK - Calling For You 7" (1981) UK

Finally now, an ultra obscure one off from the mysterious Hoggs, the 1980 7" "See It Now". I could find little or no information at all on the world wide web concerning the band or this release, it is what it is. Two excellent tracks leaning more towards a Classic Rock/Hard Rock sound with really well realised songwriting which harks back to the 1970's and leads me to speculate that this may have been a band who'd been doing the rounds for a while riding the NWOBHM wave into obscurity. Quality rock music, which will burrow its way into your head & put down roots.

HOGGS - See It Now 7" (1980) UK

I love you all. Let's see you go fuckin' crazy. You've been a wonderful audience. See you all again soon.

Monday, July 09, 2007

It's been awhile since I've posted here.....

and hopefully I have some stuff you all will enjoy. It's by no means up to the usual high standards Kit brings to the mix, nor do I have all the sordid details on each (maybe Kit will fill us in if there are any good tales to tell on any of these), but it is stuff i really like, and think you will too.

First up is Riot's Rock City from 1979.

Next up is Warrior's 1984 EP Breakout

Next, is Grim Reaper's 1981 demo Bleed Em Dry. Their first LP See You In Hell was a favorite of mine back when it was released back in late 1983 or early 1984.

And lastly one I had no covers for originally but Kit led me to one (thanks!!). This is Texas band Tyton with their strangely titled 1984 LP Castle Donington. But it rocks mightily. Excellent traditional metal.

That's all this time. I am working on some requests and stuff and those will be coming soon!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


You know how i try to tie the contents of a post together on a geographical basis from time to time? This time, i've been slightly devious, all tonight's bands are from the North, and that's as close to a unifying theme as i can come up with i'm afraid. Well, that and the fact that (in their own unique ways), they all kick ass.
Just as you've come to expect.
Firstly, as their 7" went down so well last time, here's the debut album from Sweden's Silver Mountain. After 3 years in the recording wilderness, following the "Man Of No Present Existence" 7", and a radically altered line-up, the band finally signed on the dotted line with Roadrunner and began work on their first album. This is "Shakin' Brains" from 1983, and is the one which cemented the bands reputation, their star would never again burn quite as bright as here. Great playing, uplifting choruses, classic '70's rock inspired songwriting, souped up by 1980's Metal energy, and the guitars...WOW!
Whether hearing for the first time or reacquainting yourself with an old favourite, TURN IT UP!

SILVER MOUNTAIN - Shakin' Brains (1983) Sweden

And now, to Canada, where the word "Epic" was redefined in the year 1986 by this landmark "White Metal" release. Okay, it's actually "Epic" on a less than Cecil B. Demille budget, and occasionally this becomes more than apparent, but the fact that they stand firm & stare down the devil whilst dressed from head to toe in full on Viking garb, (and all in the name of "the lord" mind), is a joy to hear. This is the ludicrous Thunder Rider, and their debut album, "Tales Of Darkness & Light". The music is varied in it's instrumentation, but always slightly pompous & overblown, that is no complaint though, their lyrical themes & raison d'etre deserve all the widescreen silliness they can muster. With a huge recording budget they could have made Manowar sound like a garage band, as it was they came off like Warlord on occasion, which is still pretty awesome in my book.

THUNDER RIDER - Tales Of Darkness & Light (1986) Canada

Meanwhile back in Blighty, Evesham NWOBHM/shock-rockers Wrathchild, should have been planet striding colossus several times over after their debut album "Stakk Attakk" hit the racks. Sadly the planets were not aligned correctly, so most of you went unaware of classic tracks like "Law Abuzer", "Do Ya Want My Luv?", and "Shokker". A pity, as Rocky Shades & Co. were the perfect yob-rock amalgam of 1st album W.A.S.P. and classic SLADE, right down to the deliberately erratik spelling, whilst their "look" was more MOTLEY CRUE on a "Road Warrior" weekend. Legal wranglings over bad management deals, a lengthy court battle with a US band over who had rights to the Wrathchild moniker, and various other bad luck stories scuppered Wrathchild's career eventually, but thank god they left us 3 great psychotic glam-rock albums, this one probably having the edge as "The One".

WRATHCHILD - Stakk Attakk (1984) UK

After several years of playing the greater New York club circuit, finally, in 1984, Brooklyn's Armed Forces signed a deal with Metallic Flames records to record this great mini-LP. This is "Let There Be Metal" a great trad Metal release, which aims to be an amalgam of Priest & Maiden, but ends up becoming something else entirely.
There's something really interesting about the sound of this one, they've definitely got something special about them, but for Armed Forces this was all she wrote. They split shortly hereafter, only for guitarist Michael Manne to resurrect the name with a new line-up, eventually recording a glam styled album called "Heavy Artillery", with the bands name shortened to Armed Force.

ARMED FORCES - Let There Be Metal (1984) USA

More from Sweden now, this is the debut demo from Malmo's Syron Vanes, "If You Prefer Heavy Metal", from 1983. There was some confusion over the nationality of the band when their debut "Bringer Of Evil" LP came out, because their UK based label, Ebony Records, had insisted the 4 piece Swedish band take on Anglicized stage names in an attempt to have the notoriously sniffy British music press take the band more seriously.
As such, this one occasionally crops up erroneously on NWOBHM wants lists, and stylistically too it sounds very British, muscular Heavy Metal with great memorable tunes & great guitars. A couple of the tracks from this tape were rerecorded for the 1st album, two more remain exclusive to this tape, never being rerecorded. Great stuff.

SYRON VANES - If You Prefer Heavy Metal Demo (1983) Sweden

Speaking of the NWOBHM, i won't be letting you fans of all things British and grimy down tonight either, here's the first of a pair of tasty releases from those far off glory days.
First up here's the much sought after "Seven Days Of Splendour" EP by Jameson Raid from back in 1979. The Brummie bruisers recorded a couple of highly regarded (and highly priced!) eps & a demo, before changing their name to The Raid in time for a "Metal For Muthas 2" appearance, which was to be their last hurrah. I don't think they ever bettered the first ep, presented here for your enjoyment, the title track in particular being a much compiled highlight of the whole "movement".

JAMESON RAID - Seven Days Of Splendour EP (1979) UK

Two excellent slabs of Hard Rock now from Litchfield's Big Daisy, this is the trio's sole release, the "Footprints On The Water" 7". A fine, if short lived band, this is catchy well played, commercial hard rockin' with nagging hooks which stay in your head for days afterwards. Main man Mervyn "Spam" Spence, later went on to play with first TRAPEZE then WISHBONE ASH, sang with MIKE OLDFIELD and featured on the all star AOR project PHENOMENA. He now records under the name O'Ryan, releasing 2 full length albums & a 5 disc Japanese only boxset.

BIG DAISY - Footprints On The Water 7" (1980) UK

Finally then, with thanks again to Dom, here's a rare Swedish nugget from the early '80's which should have had more exposure at the time. This is quality rock-solid 100% fists in the air headbanging fury from Treasure, and you owe it to yourselves to hear the unbridled joy of this disc. Like taking a Heavy Metal time machine to hell & back again, this sounds as fresh today as it did whilst accompanying the slaughter of those who would play false metal back in 1983. Love this one!

TREASURE - Women In Black 7" (1983) Sweden

Well, that's the lot for now. Posts may become a little more sporadic as we get into "Summer" now, but the quality will not drop, check back soon for more treasures from the non-ironic past.