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As promised 2 and a half weeks ago, here we go again with another grab bag of found sounds that never got their due back in the dim and distant.
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HEYOKA were a very popular Progressive Hard Rock band formed in San Antonio, Texas, in the early-1970's.
Initially, Mike Grouthes got the band together with friends Dito Garcia, Val Mora and Homer Guerra when they were all around age 12-13 at the decade's beginning.
A typical young garage band, they originally called themselves MOTHER WEST WIND.
After adding Martin Garcia on Keyboards, Gerardo Ramirez also joined on drums for a twin drummer set up.
They started out playing GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, JAMES GANG, LED ZEPPELIN and SANTANA covers, before beginning to write their own material.
Guitarist Dito then came up with the name HEYOKA in the mid 1970's as they began to take their band more seriously.
The Heyóka is a mythological native-American spirit thought of as being contrary in nature, doing things backwards or unconventionally.
Native American history and folklore would also provide themes for some of Heyoka's later musical works, such as "Thunderdreamer", which was about the shaman Black Elk.
After the band graduated from High School, Guerra joined the military, whilst the others forged on with taking Heyoka to the people.
They played shows all over Texas, Lousiana, and up into Canada, winning a large army of dedicated fans with their unique musical style.
As well as their musical talents, by this time the band had an awesome stage show including a spectacular light show.
They found themselves by the late '70's playing shows with the likes of BUDGIE, VAN HALEN, RIOT, MOXY & LEGS DIAMOND but were never signed to a major label.
They did however record two sought after 7" singles, "Whot Boogie?" ('78) and "Disco Sucks" ('79), both on the small Revealing Spirit label.
A few other songs also turned up on a couple of various artists compilations put together by local radio stations, but although much material was recorded by the band a Heyoka album never materialized.
Several major line up shuffles took place throughout the remainder of the band's career, with many players passing through the bands ranks.
Eventually, the decision was taken in 1983 to call it a day as the musical climate was changing, and the prevailing winds did not favour Heyoka's idiosyncratic Hard Progressive style.
The band did however, sporadically reconvene for reunion gigs throughout the years, delighting old and new fans alike.
In the mid-2000's small local label Shroom Angel Records issued a limited edition CD entitled "The Lost Heyoka Recordings", a collection of vintage studio tracks.
Thanks to the CD and the band's presence on the internet, Heyoka's reputation has now spread far outside their native Texas, and plans are now afoot for further CD issues of the band's recorded legacy.
Many of the band's former members, (and there are many), still play music, such as Gerardo Ramirez and Patrick Hood who both play in WOLFPAK, who released a self titled debut album in 2000.
Wolfpak are still a going concern, playing gigs in the Texas area with plans for a second album in the near future.
Another notable Heyoka related band was WINTERKAT who released 2 Mini LPs in the '80's, the 2nd of which, '85's "The Struggle", featured 3 former Heyoka members, including vocalist Mike Grouthes.
Founding Heyoka member Val Mora is also hoping to publish a memoir entitled "Passage To Revelation - The Birth Of Heyoka", through Pure Man Publishers in the near future, and recently joined Wolfpak.

HEYOKA - The Lost Heyoka Recordings (1976-1979) USA

To legions of NWOBHM afficianados DEMOLITION are celebrated for their excellent 1981 7" "Hooker Hater" (b/w "Axeman"), which is one of the top rarities of the genre.
Both songs possess a strong MOTöRHEAD feel and belonged to the rough 'n' ready end of the NWOBHM.
The band was formed in 1979 in the the suburbs of Birmingham, originally as DEMOLITION GANG, by vocalist John Cadden.
They played numerous gigs at venues like the Barrel Organ, The Railway, Romeo & Juliet’s and the Mercat Cross, gaining a healthy following among local bikers.
Songs like the outstanding "On Top Of The World", "My Direction" or "Down In Hell", always make me wonder what would have happened if Demolition had recorded a full-length album in 1981.
They could have been huge ...
However, this was not to be.
John Cadden and his boys were just out to have a good time, never actively approaching the record company A&R’s down in London.
Nevertheless, they decided to record and finance a single on their own in order to have some product out in time for their German tour which started on Friday, 16th of October 1981.
The tour was organized by a friend of Cadden called Fin, a former member of fellow Brummie NWOBHM band RICOCHET.
Demolition played some obscure clubs in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Erlensee, Hannover and Bremerhaven in front of bemused mainstream rock audiences.
However, they had a blast and returned back home bursting with renewed energy.
You can hear for yourself by listening to the live songs on the "Wrecking Crew" album (recorded at the Boars Head in Kidderminster in 1981).
The band did not last long into 1982 as vocalist John Cadden quit Demolition as he was to leave England.
Bassist "Lita" Panesar would not carry on without him.
Cadden then moved to Germany, singing for Metal bands as diverse as DAMIEN and Thrash legends EXUMER.
He wrote the liner notes for the 19 song "Wrecking Crew" Demolition anthology album released by High Vaultage Records in 2006.
The album was subsequently reissued this year, this time on vinyl, by High Roller Records in a limited issue of 500 copies.
Of those, 150 copies were pressed on red/white blended vinyl with obi strip, 350 were on black vinyl, all came with a 20 page booklet & a bonus 7".
Info from an article by Matthias Mader @

DEMOLITION - Wrecking Crew : The Demolition Anthology (1981) UK

ERIC QUINCY TATE were a Southern Rock band formed by Tommy Carlisle and Donnie McCormick after they had both earlier played in a mid-'60's act called THE KINGS.
Tommy and Donnie returned from a stint in the U.S. Navy to Corpus Christi, Texas and formed Eric Quincy Tate in 1969.
In late 1969 EQT inked a record deal with Cotillion Records which led to the recording of their first album.
In 1970, that debut album, "Eric Quincy Tate", was released, with the band then relocating to Atlanta, GA.
In 1972 EQT's second album "Drinking Man's Friend" was released on the legendary Capricorn label.
Throughout the early 1970s, EQT played gigs with the likes of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, TED NUGENT, BB KING, WET WILLIE, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and YES.
Eric Quincy Tate made its third album release in 1975 on GRC Records, a half live, half studio affair entitled "E.Q.T."
During the GRC period, Tommy Carlisle had taken a leave from the band and Wayne "Bear" Sauls took over as the primary guitarist.
In 1976 EQT released "Can't Keep A Good Band Down" recorded live at The Whipping Post in Augusta, GA.
Tommy Carlisle then left the band and went on tour in 1978 with an act called THE BACK ALLEY BANDITS.
1979 saw Eric Quincy Tate return with Carlisle on board once more for the six song "Six Pack" Mini LP on SLI Records.
Although playing live regularly, it would be a further 10 years before the next EQT album would surface, the 20th anniversary "Rock'n'Roll Transfusion".
This was followed in 1994 by "Vintage Vinyl Vol. 1", a compilation of the bands finest moments, including four previosly unreleased tracks.
Although occassionally playing EQT shows, band members had other musical outlets during the '90's, and it looked as though EQT were over as a recording act.
However, on September 9, 2006, EQT reunited for a 37th Anniversary reunion show in Atlanta, with the "Thirty Seven" CD being recorded at this show.
The band then suffered the terrible blow of the death of guitarist Wayne "Bear" Sauls from Hepatitis in November 2008.
A further tragedy hit EQT just months later, as Cancer claimed Vocalist/Drummer Donnie McCormick's life in January 2009.
These sad events effectively extinguished any flickering hope of further music from Eric Quincy Tate.
A posthumous live album by DONNIE McCORMICK & FRIENDS entitled "First Set", was later released by Emphasis Records.
This is 1979's live "Six Pack" Mini LP with the four exclusive songs from the "Vintage Vinyl Vol.1" LP added as bonus tracks.
Get on board the "Flying Machine" which was Eric Quincy Tate.

ERIC QUINCY TATE - Six Pack (1979) USA

It's been really difficult to piece together any information about West German Heavy Rock trio LIFE.
Drummer Detlef Müller later passed through the ranks of AXE LA CHAPELLE, a band based in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, so it seems fair to surmise that Life were from around the same locale.
Their brand of Heavy Rock has a distinct '70's tang, so it's possible they were around for a while before their only release.
That record, the five song 1983 "German Heavy Rock" Mini LP was released by EMI Electrola Records.
Strangely, the first four songs are all on side 1, with a single track, "Things I Wonna Say To You", making up side 2.
Musically, the Mini LP contains excellent '70's influenced Hard Rock/early Metal played by a very talented power trio.
The record's A side features midtempo or fast Hard Rock/Metal songs, with the epic sounding "Night Dreams", a highlight.
Good singing & good playing are present throughout, with the progressive spaced out ballad "Things I Wonna Say To You", bringing the record to a close.
Strangely, for a record released by major label EMI Electrola, this one doesn't turn up for sale very often, and as such, seems to have had a very small pressing.
One for open minded fans of early Metal sounds with a 70's character then.

LIFE - German Heavy Rock Mini LP (1983) West Germany

GLACIER were a US Heavy Metal band originally formed in Portland, Oregon in 1979.
The band released their first three song demo tape, "Ready For Battle", in 1984 which led them to sign a deal with the French Axe Killer Records label.
Their first official release was their self-titled Mini LP which was issued in 1985 by Axe Killer.
The "Glacier" Mini LP drew favourable comparisons in the music press with contemporaries like WARLORD, FATES WARNING and QUEENSRYCHE.
Three years later the band released a further four song cassette only demo which showed a stylistic change towards a sound more akin to HELSTAR or LIEGE LORD.
Unable to secure a new record deal, vocalist Tim Lachman joined his brother Pat in GARGOYLE, with Glacier folding soon after.
With Gargoyle, Lachman released a 1987 demo tape, an EP and a full length album, both in '88.
Lachman then moved on to sing with STATE OF THE ART on their 1992 demo, before later joining ELEVENTH HOUR who issued a demo in 1995.
Glacier produced some great U.S. Heavy Metal but somehow were criminally overlooked for years.
Eventually collectors and bloggers discovered the band's back catalogue, and as a result their releases began to command high prices.
Heaven & Hell Records recently announced plans for a Glacier compilation CD, as part of the label's "Lost Relics" series, which is due for release in early 2012 .

GLACIER - Ready For Battle Demo (1984) USA

RONNO were a four piece UK Hard Rock band formed in London in 1970.
The line up featured Benny Marshall on vocals, Mick Ronson on guitar, Tony Visconti on bass, and Woody Woodmansey on drums.
Ronson, Marshall and Woodmansey had all previously played together in Hull based band THE RATS.
Initially coming together in London as THE HYPE, by the time they had inked a deal they had adopted the Ronno name.
The only release by Ronno was this single, issued by Vertigo Records in January 1971.
The commercial Rock of A-Side, "4th Hour Of My Sleep", was written by Tucker Zimmerman, an American friend of producer Tony Visconti.
It's nice enough, with some tasteful picking from Ronson enlivening it's somewhat dated but tuneful chug.
Turn it over though, and things get really interesting.
The flipside, "Powers Of Darkness", was composed by Ronson and Marshall, and is an absolute treat.
This is stomping dark Heavy Rock with quasi-occult lyrics and great geetar pyrotechnics but somehow manages to also be as catchy as hell.
It's mainly this track which makes afficianados stroke their chins and ponder "what if?".
Sadly, the single was received by the public with a disinterested shrug, putting the future of Ronno in question.
But in 1971 three members (Woodmansey, Ronson and Visconti) were roped in by DAVID BOWIE to act as his backing band for the album "The Man Who Sold The World".
The album became a modest success, and sticking with the winning team, a further album was recorded.
This next LP, "Hunky Dory", was released in late 1971, and again sold well, bringing Bowie to international attention.
With the arrival of bassist Trevor Bolder, Bowie's backing unit then became THE SPIDERS FROM MARS, with Visconti leaving to devote his attention to producing other artists.
The next album, "The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars", saw Bowie & The Spiders scale the giddy heights of mega stardom.
A huge hit all over the world, the album & attendant singles were the first major peaks of Bowie's career, setting him up for years of adulation in the top echelon of Rock.
Following the "Pin Ups" and Alladin Sane" albums, Bowie decided to change style, letting the Spiders Of Mars go, as he prepared to embark on his "Thin White Duke" stage.
Post-Bowie, Ronson embarked on a solo career for a few years before forming a long running musical relationship with MOTT THE HOOPLE's IAN HUNTER.
Ronson also remained in-demand as an arranger, session player and producer until his untimely death in 1993 of liver cancer at just 46 years of age.
Post-Bowie Trevor Bolder & Mick Woodmansey put together a new-line up of The Spiders From Mars.
With new members Mike Garson on vocals, guitarist Dave Black and keyboard player Pete McDonald, the new incarnation secured a record deal with Pye Records.
Their self titled album was released in 1976 to universal apathy and the group disbanded soon after.
After Bolder joined URIAH HEEP, Woodmansey formed another band WOODY WOODMANSEY'S U-BOAT.
The new act signed to Bronze Records and released a self-titled LP in 1977.
Despite a support slot on Uriah Heep's "Firefly" UK tour, again, the album sold poorly, and U-Boat split.
After this Woodmansey became a session musician, recording & touring with the likes of SCREEN IDOLS, DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS & PAUL McCARTNEY.
Visconti has become a world reknowned record producer, working with bands as diverse as T REX, WINGS, THIN LIZZY, THE BOOMTOWN RATS, MORRISSEY & THE KAISER CHIEFS during his long distinguished career.

RONNO – 4th Hour Of My Sleep 7" (1971) UK

GEMAGE were an oddly named and very obscure NWOBHM band who released just a solitary 7" single during their lifetime.
The 45 in question, 1980's "The Story So Far", was issued on the band's own Gemage Records label.
Information on the band and this exceedingly rare release are unfortunately very hard to come by, despite it's collectability.
Music journalist Martin Popoff briefly described the single as being, "a bit to the New Wave end of things", in his book, "The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Singles".
I can see what he means, as the slightly Punky vocals are at odds with the decidedly more Metallic guitar riff which pumps away insistently at the heart of "The Story So Far".
The flipside, "Bring Me Death" is even more confusing, with the mellower song managing to remind me of LLOYD COLE and late '60's vintage THE WHO simultaneously.
The A Side of the single was latterly comped on the 2009 "Live To Ride : 14 Obscure "N.W.O.B.H.M." 1977-82 Gems", bootleg vinyl compilation LP on the so called, "Heavy Metal Records" label.
This led Z Gun Review to note that, "Gemage feel like a missing link band between Punk and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal", in their review of the "Live To Ride...", compilation album.
Copies of the Gemage 45 are now very highly prized, and change hands at around the £50 mark if you can find one.

GEMAGE - The Story So Far 7" (1980) UK

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