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Another week, another fantabulous post of the great and the unknown from rock's barely remembered past, this time spanning the years 1982-1986.
We start off this time with a real piece of buried treasure, 2-CDs of live classic Heavy Load!!! For those not in the know, Heavy Load the first real Heavy Metal band hailing from the Land of the Vikings, with an image matching their sound. They were formed in 1976, as a trio, by the two brothers Ragne (vocals and guitar) and Styrbjörn Wahlquist (vocals and drums), together with bassist Michael Backlund. In 1977 Heavy Load recorded their debut-album "Full Speed At High Level" (released 1978), now with Dan Molén handling the bass playing. The record company, Heavy Sound Records, went bankrupt after a while, and the Wahlquist Bros. formed their own label, Thunderload Records. After their debut, Ex-Highbrow guitarist Eddy Malm was added to the line-up as well as Torbjörn Ragnesjö, replacing Dan Molén. This line-up released the EP "Metal Conquest" and the two full-length albums "Death Or Glory" and "Stronger Than Evil" before breaking up. It's this classic line up which are captured live here, in two live sets recorded for Swedish FM radio in 1982. The sound quality is excellent, and finds the band romping through all the classics in front of a live audience in the studios of the radio station. There are interviews with the band interspersed throughout for those of you who speak Swedish, and a few unrecorded songs scattered throughout for the hardcore fans. Best post ever? Possibly.

HEAVY LOAD - Swedish Live Conquest (1982) 2-CD Sweden

CD 1 :

CD 2 :

Another discography completed next, with another live offering, this time from TynesideNWOBHM heroes Warrior. This is the ten song "Live In A Dive" album, originally released in 1983 on cassette only, but bootlegged on CD in 2007 by the Chilean label Arsenal Of Glory Rekords. This was the Newcastle bands third release, following their "Dead When It Comes To Love" EP and the "For Europe Only" Mini LP. Following the live album, there was to be only one more release from Warrior, 1984's "Breakout" EP, before the band split.

WARRIOR - Live In A Dive (1983) UK

Lizzy Borden were a theatrical Los Angeles Heavy Metal band suitably named after an infamous murderess and fronted by the almost afro topped 'Lizzy Borden'. The band never truly broke out of cult appeal, with finances too restrictive to enable effective touring and early albums blighted by low budget productions, yet LIZZY BORDEN eventually overcame these obstacles to gain respect, particularly in Europe. Masked somewhat by the reliance on stage antics, LIZZY BORDEN actually delivered some sophisticated, punishing heavy metal, peaking with the masterly 'Visual Lies' opus. LIZZY BORDEN debuted in 1983 with an eight track demo cassette. Hitching up to Metal Blade Records, the combo contributed the song 'Rod Of Iron' to the 'Metal Massacre, Vol. 4' compilation then delivered this, the 12" EP 'Give 'Em The Axe' in May 1984.

LIZZY BORDEN - Give 'em The Axe EP (1984) USA

Arrow was a melodic Swedish Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band that formed in Jönköping in 1984 when the band members were around 15 years old. They debuted that same year with their "The Only Way" 7" on AWS Records. 1986 saw the release of their second & final release, the four song "Diary Of A Soldier" EP. The band's profile grew to the point where they were to open up for acts such as EUROPE and MOTöRHEAD before disbanding in 1989. Four of Arrow's members then went on to form the melodic hard rock band RENEGADE. In 1992 they released their first album "Time To Choose", following this up in 1994 with the "Ravages Of Time" album.
Their first two albums sold about 30,000 copies, mostly in South-East Asia and Europe. "Renegade III" surfaced in 1996, and '98 brought their fourth & final album, "Time To Choose".
Renegade were to split in 1999 whilst recording what would have been their fifth album. Guitarist Mats Edstrom, the only member of Arrow who was not part of Renegade, finally reappeared as part of the AOR band SHIVA. Shiva, who also included members of DOCTOR WEIRD & CLOUDSCAPE, released the album "Desert Dreams" on MTM Music in 2004.

ARROW - Diary Of A Soldier EP (1986) Sweden

Mansfield were a US Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1981 by New Yorkers Jerry & Tom Best and Pennsylvanian Doug Aldrich. After adding vocalist Pete Preston, they began playing all the Hollywood clubs, amassed a small following and started to headline their own shows. After doing this for a while, they got a manager, Mel Dakroob (who started a label named Nemer Records, after he split from RSO Records). Mansfield would be the 1st signing to his new label, and he arranged for them to go and cut a single at Westlake Recorders.
The songs, "Gonna Rock You" & "Overdrive" were recorded in the summer of 1983.
Aldrich went on to play with HURRICANE, HOUSE OF LORDS, BRUNETTE, BAD MOONUnfortunately, nothing more ever happened with this band. Jerry Best & Aldrich later joined ex-TYTAN singer Kal Swan's LION, recording two albums & a mini LP. After that band split, RISING, DIO & WHITESNAKE. Jerry Best subsequently played with DIRTY LOOKS, DIO, FREAK OF NATURE, MIKE TRAMP & COURTNEY LOVE. Thanks to glockose for the artwork & tips.

MANSFIELD - Gonna Rock You 7" (1983) USA

More NWOBHM for ya now, from East London New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band DESOLATION ANGELS, who endured the pub and club circuit for many a year before relocating to America.The band arose from the remains of BLACKWATER FEVER in 1979, and debuted with a three song demo in 1980. The four song "Live Demo" followed in 1982, but members came & went with alarming regularity. Their line up stabilized in late 1984 with the band comprising vocalist Dave Wall, guitarists Robin Brancher and Keith Sharp, bassist Joe Larner and drummer Brett Robertson. Wall had played previously with Rhythm n' Blues band ROADRUNNER. AM Records finally released the band's vinyl debut, 1984's "Valhalla" 7", which garnered strong critical acclaim worldwide.

DESOLATION ANGELS - Valhalla (1984) UK

Finally, Buffalo were a NWOBHM band formed in Accrington in 1977 by ex-TANGLEFOOT guitarist Mick Priestly. The line up of the band was very unstable in the early days, with members leaving between the recording & release of their debut 45, "Battle Torn Heroes", which was issued by Heavy Metal Records in 1980. Drummer Pete West and Mick Bailey on Guitar/vocals were to be the next stable line up with Tom Reid rejoining on bass. The band played gigs with the likes of A II Z, LIONSHEART, Y&T and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, and released their second single "Mean Machine". The record had been recorded at the same 1980 sessions that produced the 1st single. Due to friction,disillusionment, poverty and the lack of the elusive big deal, members continued to come and go, and following a late 1982 demo Buffalo split.

BUFFALO - Mean Machine 7" (1982) UK

Hope you enjoy tonight's selection, i'll look forward to hearing what you think of this little lot. Keep them comments a-comin' and requests too. Khnud, please, no more! : )

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Back with more rare cast iron goodies for you all this evening, we've got a diverse selection of music spanning 21 years to make your day.
For starters, The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight was founded in 1996 as a mostly instrumental side-project by members of New Orleans bands EYEHATEGOD, DOWN and CROWBAR.
This project allowed the members to explore music outside their native Metal genre, dedicated to exploring the relationship between Blues, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal & Southern Rock. After several years of shows in New Orleans with the occasional out-of-town show they recorded their self-titled debut album on Tee Pee Records in 2000. This was followed by 2001's "The Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke", a split release with ACID KING on Man's Ruin Records. "The Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke" featured Scott "Wino" Weinrich (THE OBSESSED, SAINT VITUS, SPIRIT CARAVAN, PROBOT, THE HIDDEN HAND) on vocals. That same year they released a split 7" with The OBSESSED that featured both bands covering LYNYRD SKYNYRD. The Mystick Krewe covers "Cheatin Woman" and features Pepper Keenan of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY & DOWN on vocals. They also had exclusive songs featured on the compilations "Inhale" and "High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection". As all their stuff's now sadly out of print, i've made a compilation album for you all which contains absolutely everything the band officially released. I guarantee this one will blow yer sox auf regardless of your musical tastes, whatever your favourite genre, this'll rock you.


Next tonight, a fantastic rare little compilation, which comes to NILOOB courtesy of CMR & \m/etal\m/inx. Many thanks for this one folks, it's much appreciated.
25 years ago, two metal college radio show hosts in Cleveland, Ohio formed Clubside Records in 1983 and released this compilation called Cleveland Metal. The metal and hard rock on this comp definitely show their age, but it's completely fascinating. It takes you back to 1983 without a doubt. Featured bands include many cult favourites, BLACK DEATH, MISTREATER, BREAKER, JAGGED EDGE, SACRED FEW, SHOK PARIS, SORCERER & CERBERUS all contribute mostly exclusive tracks.


Staying in the USA for now, Ivory Tiger were an traditional Heavy Metal quartet formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1984. After a couple of years of local gigging, they released this, their sole slab of vinyl in 1986 on the Ambush Records label. The four song "Metal Mountain" EP, contained great fantasy inspired spit & sawdust Heavy Metal and stylistically sounded much like it had been recorded 3 or 4 years earlier. It sold poorly at the time, but the intervening years have seen it pick up a dedicated cult following, so much so that a bootleg split CD by Revenge of True Metal Records including the EP is now circulating. A six song demo cassette followed in early '87, but it failed to generate further interest from labels. In 1989, frustrated by the lack of progress, the band moved to Florida where they changed their name to AMBER ROSE. They carried on until 1992, but split without any further recordings surfacing.

IVORY TIGER - Metal Mountain EP (1986) USA

Canadian power trio Exciter were formed in Ottawa, Ontario back in 1980. They debuted in '82 with the four song "World War III" demo, with the title track later appearing on Shrapnel's "US Metal Volume 2", compilation album. The band recorded a further 9 song demo entitled "WWIII Heroes", which was picked up by Shrapnel, and released in 1983 as their debut album under the new title of "Heavy Metal Maniac". The positive worldwide press response to the record saw the band attract many fans with their speedy Metallic assault. Megaforce Records picked up the band for the following years "Violence & Force" album, with Music For Nations releasing the record in Europe to similar acclaim. Prior to the 1985 "Long Live The Loud" album, the band released this 3 song EP of exclusive non-album tracks in Europe only entitled, "Feel The Knife".
"Long Live The Loud", is generally seen as a disappointment, and the beginning of Exciter's decline after their classic fiery early material, with sales of their records waning in the wake of it's release. Although various incarnations of Exciter have recorded many albums since then, and continue to do so to this day, the heady days of the early '80's when they were seen as genuine contenders have never been recaptured.

EXCITER - Feel The Knife EP (1985) Canada

Norwegian Heavy Metal four piece BLACK ANGELS were formed in the town of Kongsvinger in 1982. They released this, their first recording, the NWOBHM influenced "Destroy" 7" in 1984 on their own Angel Records label. Later in the year they released a six song self titled demo cassette. Their final release was the 1986 'On The Run' EP which was produced by Dag Ingebrigtsen, better known as 'D.D. Dynamite' in his former role as frontman for TNT. The more polished sound of the EP won the band no new fans & cost them some of their old ones, so they split shortly after the records release.

BLACK ANGELS - Destroy 7" (1984) Norway

We begin the NWOBHM portion of tonight's post now with a nice one from North of the border. A NWoBHM band from Glenrothes Scotland, ZENITH played excellent riff-orientated and very heavy NWOBHM. They released a five song demo in early 1982 and this lone 7", "Easier Said Than Done", later that same year. Sadly there were to be no further releases from the band as they split in 1984.

ZENITH - Easier Said Than Done 7" (1982) UK

Finally, this NWOBHM band lay at the lighter end of the movement's spectrum. They are actually more of a Melodic Rock band. Their entire recording catalogue consists of two singles, the other one being Jack/Still In Love With You. This is the most interesting of the two. What's interesting about these two tracks? The presence of synths isn't a standard in NWOBHM, but Valhalla weren't the only ones doing it (nor the first). It isn't the compositions, as the songs are rather simple. It's not the riffs, because there aren't any to speak off really. For the most part the guitar parts are just single chords being struck. It's not the production either, which merely sounds adequate (Neat Records was a small label, and not that much money could be spent on production). So, if at first glance there's nothing there to set the band apart, what the hell makes this single such an enjoyable listen? Easy. It's because the uncluttered melodic nature of the songs serves as a perfect vessel to deliver the good vocal melodies that are actually the focal part of Valhalla's style. It's all very straight forward. But so effective. Simplicity can sometimes be a beautiful thing.

VALHALLA - Coming Home 7" (1982) UK

That's us for this evening. Thanks for the suggestions, comments and requests, i'll see if i can't help with some of the stuff you're looking for, bear with me! Oh, and keep commenting! 10-4 good buddies.

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Let's get the week off to a flying start with some kick ass artifacts to lift your spirits.
Up first, one of the first albums i ever bought, 1981's "The World's Insane", by Vardis. Created in 1977 by guitarist Steve Zodiac, a name adopted from the lead character in Gerry Anderson's early 60s 'Fireball XL5' Sci-Fi puppet series, as QUO VARDIS after the movie of the same name. The QUO prefix was soon dropped from the band name to avoid confusion or comparison with STATUS QUO. VARDIS carved out their distinction on the NWoBHM scene as a boogiefied Power Metal band heavily reliant on the talents of Zodiac, well known for playing gigs barefoot. VARDIS' first EP '100 M.P.H.', released in 1979 on Redball Records, sold out of the initial 2000 copies quickly enough for the band to release another single, 'If I Were King', on Castle. Shortly after the second record emerged the trio (completed by bassist Alan Selway and drummer Gary Pearson) were signed by Logo Records. Logo wasted little time in issuing debut product from VARDIS and, towards the end of 1980, '100 M.P.H.' emerged. The album was recorded totally live, displaying VARDIS' talents to the max and the ensuing 'Let's Go' single achieved a top 60 placing in the UK singles chart as the band hit their stride. The band's next album, the studio recorded 'The World's Insane', kept up the momentum.
VARDIS were invited to open the momentous Port Vale 'Heavy Metal Holocaust' event, which saw them followed onstage by FRANK MARINO, RIOT, TRIUMPH, OZZY OSBOURNE and MOTÖRHEAD. However, with third album 'Quo Vardis' the band chose to herald a new era of experimentation, utilizing both saxophone and piano. VARDIS fans did not appreciate the change in direction and began to drift away. Despite putting in a UK support tour to SLADE and even playing second on the bill to HAWKWIND at the Wolverhampton Monmore Rock Festival, sales slumped and the act were promptly dropped by Logo Records. VARDIS made a comeback album, "The Lion's Share", in late 1983 with ex-DIRTY TRICKS and OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Terry Horbury replacing Selway. Another stab was made in 1986 with the "Vigilante" album, but VARDIS were effectively a spent force and folded soon after.

VARDIS - The World's Insane (1981) UK

This next record got a lot of hype as one of those lost psych masterpieces.
It isn't.
Instead, "Savagery & Grace" by the US band Decadence is a surprisingly impressive slice of Hard Rock. The album was released on the bands own Decadence For Savagery Productions label in 1980, and was written and produced by guitarist Gary Richard Jinks, it's a concept piece (1st of a three part opera, the third piece was never recorded). Lead singer Jacque Hoffman is the Star turn of this Illinois-based outfit. For a no-budget home project, the set's not half bad. This is the first, and rarest, of the band's two independent albums. See what you think.

DECADENCE - Savagery & Grace (1980) USA

Staying in the US for the moment, here's the 1983 six song self titled Mini LP from Hellion. HELLION, fronted by vocalist Ann Boleyn, initially made their mark on the Los Angeles circuit with a series of demos. As a result of these Mystic Records offered HELLION a spot on a compilation album, 'Sound Of Hollywood Girls', but prior to these sessions Peyton Tuthill left the band, claiming Boleyn's involvement in the occult as a deciding factor. Tuthill later became ordained as a minister. Brian West was inducted for the recordings, which took place on New Year's Eve. The relationship with Mystic fragmented but, although HELLION had not gone to contract, the label paired off a HELLION track, 'Nightmares In Daylight', with another high profile Los Angeles female fronted act, BITCH, on a split 7" vinyl single. The same label also released a further HELLION 7" the following year, 'Driving Hard' / 'Black Knight'. In 1983 HELLION recruited lead guitarist Alan Barlam and bass player Bill Sweet and utilised Fiddler's Studio in Hollywood, California to cut demos, laying down four tracks overnight. With no deal forthcoming, HELLION manufactured custom imprint Bongus Lodus Records to press the material on 12" vinyl. The band, now managed by Wendy Dio, were soon the focus of attention when the record was picked up in Europe by Music For Nations. The London based label financed the recording of a further two songs, 'Break The Spell' and 'Up From The Depths', to make up the European release of 'Hellion' in January 1984. The HELLION line-up for the mini-album saw Boleyn alongside guitarists Ray Schenk and Alan Barlam, bassist Bill Sweet and drummer Sean Kelly. However, disagreements between management and band were to break this line up of the band apart.

HELLION - Hellion Mini LP (1983) USA

Four blasts from the past in a NWOBHM style coming up next!
Torture were a little known NWOBHM act active in the early 1980's. Their only release was this, the three track "Last Post" 12" EP , issued by Wildebeest Records in 1981. Now very scarce, this is reflected in the asking price on the rare occasions when it comes up for sale nowadays.

TORTURE - Last Post EP (1981) UK

NWOBHM quintet DEUCE sought to impress on their one and only single by covering the GOLDEN EARRING classic 'Radar Love'. This 7" 1985 Madhouse Records release featured their original song "Christine" on the flip side. DEUCE men Steve Barns, Paul Belton and Ade Fowler stuck together after the band split and later formed the more AOR themed ST. HELLIER, though Barns didn't remain in the band for long. ST. HELLIER would release the 1989 "Terra Firma" LP and support DEMON on their UK tour that year, subsequently releasing a 1991 7" called "Frustration". In 1988 former DEUCE members Steve Barns and Mick McGovern founded CHAYNED MAYLE. Not to be confused with the Nottingham act DEUCE who were also operational in the mid eighties.

DEUCE - Radar Love 7" (1985) UK

Cumbrian NWOBHM Hard Rock act GOLDSMITH was created in Barrow-In-Furness in 1981 by former BITCHES SIN guitarist Perry "Pez" Hodder. Originally a trio, with Pez handling lead vocals, Glen Milligan on bass and Mike Henderson on drums, the group subsequently added Pete Adams on second guitar. The band debuted with the "Evil Woman" 7" on their own Goldsmith label in early 1982. A four song demo, "'82 Demo", was then circulated after the single's release.
Late '82 saw the release of this further 45, "Life Is Killing Me", on Bedlam Records. Goldsmith then recorded a 12'' acetate called You Won't Catch Me, that was planned to be released in 1983. That never happened and only one copy of the acetate is believed to exist. The band petered out in early 1984, and that appeared to be the end of the Goldsmith saga. However, in 2004, an eleven song compilation of the bands '80's recordings, also entitled "Life Is Killing Me", was released by Obscure NWOBHM Releases Records.

GOLDSMITH - Life Is Killing Me 7" (1982) UK

Shywolf were a shortlived NWOBHM trio from Derby. Their only release was this one, the "Lucretia" 7" single which was backed with the song "California Jam". The single, released in 1982 on the MRS Records label, is now a pricey and sought after collectors item. Although lacking in individuality, it's a very enjoyable little record, capturing the spirit and sound of the era perfectly.

SHYWOLF - Lucretia 7" (1982) UK

That should satisfy you all 'til next we get to posting.
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We're back!!!
Hopefully without any more connection problems and armed to the teeth with loads of great lost musical nuggets from the glory daze to set your ears and hearts ablaze.
Without further pontificating, let's get back to the music.
Up first, the rare lone album by US band Tailgunner from 1983 on their own Rapid label. Despite the 1983 date, this album is well-loved by 70s hard rock fans. Large quantities were bought by dealers and the album never shows up cheap, but if you’re a fan of noisy, aggressive hard rock, it’s a pretty great album. Think great wasted East Coast private label pressing hard rock with brutal heavy guitar, and the opening and closing songs are killers. I wouldn’t exactly say it sounds like it was recorded before 1983, but it doesn’t have the usual annoying 80s production tendencies. Make sure your neighbours aren't home the first time you play this monster.

TAILGUNNER - Tailgunner (1983) USA

Up next, we stay in the US of A for another one-off album, this time by Avalon. Avalon were a traditional Heavy Metal quartet formed in Rochester New York in early 1987. They were to record just this one very rare LP, 1988's "Live Or Die" on GFI Records. Much sought after nowadays as a fine example of privately pressed mid 1980's Metal, it commands high prices on the rare occasions when it appears for sale. None of the band's members appear to have gone on to further recordings.

AVALON - Live Or Die (1988) USA

Next, we head to the Southern hemisphere to fill a request which appeared in the comments section a loooong time ago. Taipan were a great little four piece Heavy Metal band from Melbourne, Australia, named after a highly venomous snake native to Oz. Following a 2 song 1981 demo, they released a terrific little self titled four song EP on the UK based Bullet Records label. With the right backing & more exposure they could've been huge, as the material on offer was of a uniformly high standard. Little was heard from the band for the next few years, the silence finally being broken by the 1985 release of this, their five song "1770" Mini LP on Cleopatra Records. This looked to be their final hurrah however, as the band split up in 1987 after bassist/vocalist Emilio Sarpa left. Recently, the original line-up has gotten back together complete with an additional guitarist known only as "Sam". This line up finally recorded the band's debut album "Stonewitch", which was released in 2007. A shame they never got the breaks back in the day, as their NWOBHM influenced gritty Hard Rock/Metal was obviously played by fans and from the heart. Hopefully the current version of the band can reap the benefits of the years of toil.

TAIPAN - 1770 Mini LP (1985) Australia

Next up, the 2nd EP from Akron, Ohio's least favourite sons, The Bizarros. This one followed their 1976 "Lady Doubonette" EP, and the split album which they recorded with the RUBBER CITY REBELS, "From Akron". The Bizarros then released this self titled EP on Clone Records in 1978, and appeared on the "Akron" Compilation album released in Europe by Stiff Records in 1979. As well as the three songs from the EP, i've included the "Akron" compilation track as a bonus in the rar. I spoil you people, i really do. The Bizarros' sound has in the past been compared to Television, Sex Pistols, Jefferson Airplane, The Stranglers, Gang Of Four, Dead Boys & The Velvet Underground. This was accurate in some ways & completely misleading in others. The Bizarros sounded predominantly like The Bizarros. I think you'll like the way that sounds.

BIZARROS - Bizarros EP (1978) USA

BLACK ANGELS was a six piece Melodic Heavy Metal band formed in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 1979. Their debut LP, "Hell Machine" was released in 1981 on the Meteor label. The group's second album, 1983's "Kickdown", was produced by Martin Pearson, who had produced fellow countrymen KROKUS, and was released by Bellaphon in Europe and Gull Records in the UK. This self titled 3 song EP was also released by Gull in 1984, with "Blind Like A Fool", as it's lead track. At this point frontman Ron Phillips was replaced with new vocalist Clive Murray, while drummer Tommy Stuart was ousted in favour of Brian Irving. They released another album entitled "Black & White" with this line up in early 1985. A year later, though, The "Broken Spell" album saw a the band, now a four-piece, reunited with both Phillips and Stuart, recorded for new label Gold Records. The band lost their way and their label however, and following a single called "On The Run", on their own Angel label in 1986, they split up.

BLACK ANGELS - Black Angels EP (1984) Switzerland

Cult NWOBHM band Energy debuted in 1980 with the "Energised" EP, following it in '81 with the "II" EP, also known as the "Conquer The World" EP. Their next release would be a seven inch single which surfaced in 1982, coupling "Nowhere To Hide" with "Fight For Your Freedom".
A self-titled album was said to be on the way at this time, but it failed to materialize. Following a gap of several years, two further 45's, "Too Good To Lose" in 1985, & 1986's "Radio Radio" were issued. One of the least known of the great "lost" NWOBHM bands, their material is long overdue some critical reevaluation. "Too Good To Lose", is the only NWOBHM item in tonight's menu and it's a scarce one, but i'd recommend the B-Side first & foremost for it's excellent THIN LIZZY styled guitars, the A side is a little lightweight for my tastes, but it's well written & executed if you don't mind a little radio rock. Hope you enjoy it Dan.

ENERGY - Too Good To Lose 7" (1985) UK

The final one tonight is another requested item, that i only just got round to digging up, the 1985 "Before The Rain" 7" by Swedish band Scratch. 10 years ago you might have been able to track down a copy of this 7", but since then a certain collector-mistake seems to have totally eradicated it from the face of the earth. You see, for many years this single was thought to be of British origin, resulting in it being bought up by the maniac NWOBHM-collector fringe. And do you think these greedy bastards now acknowledge their mistake and willingly return this baby to Sweden and its starving collectors? Ha! OK, I can't really blame them. This is great, classic Metal and indeed very British-sounding. Even the semi-ballad A-side is more than merely listenable. The Karlskrona based outfit later changed it's name to KAZANDRA, but i don't know of any further recordings.

SCRATCH - Before The Rain 7" (1985) Sweden

Hope you enjoy tonight's oft delayed selection, hopefully we're back to business as usual after all the delays. Please comment on tonight's post, and feel free to make requests, if i've got it, you'll get it. Enjoy!