Monday, June 26, 2006

Some old, some fairly new

This ain't the right cover, but, if you are a big fan of B.O.C. chances are you may have a few of these tracks laying around. The version of Cities on Flame here was cleaned up for release on the expanded edition of Secret Treaties (I think) or one of those early albums. Some were also released as part of the boot pictured on the side (3 or 4 tracks depending on the version you have, and also some of them where released as part of a ridiculously rare promo EP released by Columbia records sometime between the 1st album and the Tyranny album.

Anywho, this is early B.O.C. from Nuggets Pizza Parlor in Rochester NY 4-3-72 and although not of the best quality (this copy, from the master, is a few generations down the pike) and also one of the first tapes I burned to CD when I got my first stand alone CD burner, and when I attempted to redo it more sensibly later the tape snapped, so I was left with the first burn.

If you are a Cult fan, you will enjoy this though, especially Buck's guitar which really stands out and shows what a guitar titan he is!

Not really much I can say about this that you can't find all over the web. It's Volume One of Off White by the Beatles, demos and outtakes from 1968 til the demise. Real nice SQ and since the White Album is my favorite Beatle album after Revolver, I always got into comparing the versions here to what finally ended up on the finished product.

By request here is Walter Trout Live in 1992. Single file (just the way I got it) . Trout is compared to SRV by many, but I feel he has a little something extra that many of the so-called Vaughan imitators don't have. He doesn't rely on the same licks that most of the others seem to play and replay over and over. He has some tricks of his own to add to the equation and since I was a huge SRV fan, I am grateful there is someone who is taking SRV's style of music to higher level.

I had a pic of this and I guess blogger ate it, cause it disappeared. But this is also by request, and was released at one time legitamately, but since it's live I decided to stick it up here. This is Thin Lizzy Live at the BBC.

That's all until next time, and I will try not to make it as long until next time as it was from last time until this time. Hope you all understand that, it makes perfect sense, I think.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New stuff finally......

Another diverse slew of boots to hopefully satisfy your hard rock craving.

Bad Company - 1974. This is from a vinyl bootleg titled Scrapbook. Several sources are included. According to Hot Wacks they are (a) A Decade of Electricity TV program (excellent stereo) (b) live W. Germany '74 (good stereo) (c) studio outtakes (excellent stereo) and (d) live in Japan '75 (v good stereo). Below is the original running order because while I tagged the tracks when I ripped and split them, I failed to number them. The sources are denoted also after the track.

1.Can't Get Enough (a) 2.Movin' On (a) 3.Bad Company (b) 4.Rock Steady(b) 5.Little Miss Fortune (c) 6.Ready For Love (a) 7.Shooting Star (d) 8.Good Loving Gone Bad (d) 9.Whiskey Bottle (c).


Black Sabbath - Fresno California 10-22-78. Okay stereo. One of the last Mark 1 Sab concerts and kinda sloppy but a nice historical piece. Definetly not the whole show, but a delicious slice of the show with the drum solo and Tony Iommi's guitar wankfest included. Kinda bass heavy and diluted, but still highly listenable. No set list with this one, but you'll know this stuff.


Here's a cool little item I got in a tape trade many moons ago and thought I'd slap it up here. It's Frank Zappa with Flo & Eddie around 1970 doing some studio work. Zappa loves to compress their voices so they sound like Chipmunks and it is a fun few minutes to listen to. Quality is nice but not great. No set list with this one either.

Here is a half hour (give or take) of the Nuge from a Source concert 06-12-80. Don't know if that's the show date or the broadcast date. Nice quality and Ted rips as usual. It is far from complete and the file comes in about 2/3 of the way though Cat Scratch Fever. It is from a tape I got back in 1994 so forgive me. Includes the commercials and stuff too.


Since I got nary a yea or nay about posting tidbits of bands (the tv shows, segment pieces) and my rapidshare numbers are on the lowside I decided to say the hell with it, but I had these ripped already so these are the last two tidbit pieces.

First is the Beach Boys from the old Fridays TV show 06-20-80. 3 songs.
And the B52's from Saturday Night Live 01-19-80. These were both on the Nugent tape.


That's all for now. Seems like everything's dying down for the summer so I will slow it down a bit myself. Things to see and people to do, y'know. I'll still get plenty of stuff up here just not every other day (which I have obvisously been sliding on, anyway). Please give those ads a click at the top. Nobody does, but please, it's really not that hard and the ads don't hurt anything on your puters, I promise.

And just in case there are new people checking the place out. I just wanted to remind everyone I use the month/date/year system for the dates.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Almost forgot!!!

Here are the messed up tracks from the Cheap Trick -1, CBS - 0 post. Trks 19-22.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Well, hope everyone's been good

This is what my first copy of Bob Dylan's Stealin' looked like. A bunch of early demos and outtakes, Bob and his acoustic guitar. This one I got from P2P many moons ago and it has been cleaned up a bit, but there's only so much that can be done. Middling sound quality, but for the age of this stuff, not too bad.

And from a long ago request, here is some Blackfoot from 1981 (Cleveland Ohio 9-30-81 to be exact). Ripped directly from the cassette I got long ago and is one rar with two files. Highway Song is cut in the first file, but the complete version is on the second. Decent but not great sound quality.

Montrose's 2nd trip to the Los Angeles California Record Plant was captured by KSAN radio back on 10-26-74. This has no set list but was separated into tracks and I tagged the ones I knew without going too deep into it. I love the guitar sound on this. It was mixed into one channel at a much higher volume than the rest of the band and Ronnie rips away. Ronnie does an acoustic solo number that was cut off on my copy so what I got, I give to you!

And finally, these are some extras I had on the tapes I've been ripping and I thought I would throw a couple up here to see if there is any interest. I have a ton of this stuff (i.e.--live performances on Letterman, the Tonight Show, SNL and even old shows like Don Kirshner and Fridays. So if you'd like to see more of this type of stuff, please let me know.

First up is Bush from the David Letterman show on 4-10-97

And from the very next morning here is Grand Funk Railroad on Good Morning America doing Some Kind of Wonderful & I'm Your Captain along with a short interview.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Trick from up my sleeve (and a tattoo too)

Great CD-R I got a few years ago after the release of the Cheap Trick boxset which has even more rarities and unreleased tracks from Rick Robin Bun & Tom. The disc was called Cheap Trick -1, CBS - 0, The Real Rarities)

These are tagged but below is what the back cover says about each:

1-3 unreleased tracks from Woke Up With A Monster
4 - Pre 1st LP Demo (?)
5-6 Outtakes from One On One
7 - 1st LP outtake
8-9 alternative versions from the Red Ant LP
10- probably same as 8,9 but uncertain
11-Robin solo track recorded for an unreleased movie soundtrack
12-13 - First LP outtakes
14-Spring Break outtake rough version
15- Just Rick & Bun 80's, never finished
16- Single mix, completely different
17-18 Robin solo, B- Sides of his singles
19- Japan only bonus track on Woke Up With A Monster
20-From Scotty Moore Tribute
21- In the Streets Revisited from the TV Show
22- Bizarre Version from the Caddyshack soundtrack


Also for today, here is a rare show from Mint Tattoo Live at the Shrine Exhibition Hall 1-25-68. This is the same show I have Blue Cheer set coming from soon. No sets for this.

More to come. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Purple Pink and Porcupine

Here's two nice quality CD rips that I had lying around.

1st up: Deep Purple BBC Stew:

1.Intro ('72)
2.Interview & Hey Joe
3.Hey Boppa Re Bop
5.Bird Has Flown
7.Speed King
8.Jon Stew
9.Hard Lovin' Man
10.Blood Sucker
11.Living Wreck
12.Into the Fire
14.Black Night
16.Child In Time
17.Strange Kind of Woman

Varoius BBC sets.


Pink Floyd - from a CD entitled (the Screaming Abdabs-Rhapsody in Pink[the Psychedelic Years]

1.Let There Be More Light
2.Murderistic Woman
3.Point Me At the Sky
5.Julia Dream
6.Green Is the Colour-Careful With that Axe, Eugene
7.One of These Days
9.Atom Heart Mother Suite
10. Echoes

Tracks 1-2-5:Aeolian Hall, London 1968
" " 4-6 :John Peel Session 1970
Track 3:BBC 1969
Tracks 7-8:BBC 1971


Sent by a friend who wishes to be anonymous:

Porcupine Tree - Live At Rockpalast 11-19-05


Friday, June 02, 2006

Thanks everybody!

I swear I wasn't fishing for them, but all the great comments you guys left for me have renewed me.

I really have learned from my other blog to have fairly thick skin, but the audacity of some of the people posting here was just beyond my comprehension. I can handle people telling me my blog sucks or my taste in music sucks, but to tell I am in the wrong for posting my stuff AS IS just blows my mind. I need to get things right? Sheesh!! I guess it's true that you can't please everyone (even for free, for Christ's sake) and I am gonna continue with this. But like I do with Time Traveller blog, any bullshit is out the window.

I do this because I enjoy doing it and not because I'm trying to be some King of the Hill type character, but just because music does move me, always has, and will until the day I breathe no more.

I won't apologize for my rant yesterday, but I will say most of you didn't deserve it (and the one's who did hopefully will know and either go away, or learn to live with what I can offer) I will get some new shows (or parts of shows--ha ha) up tonight.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

An explanation---please read.

The following doesn't apply to the majority of you, but those it does apply will know it.

When I decided to start a second blog, to share some live music that I have been collecting since about 1989, I never realized I would piss so many people off. I am considering saying the hell with it and just posting an occasional live show on my original blog. I don't need this bullshit.

Since I started doing this I have been accused of "stealing" shows from other downloaders (nothing could be further from the truth, I have thousands of tapes of live and outtake material, and I'm sure some of it is going to duplicate what other folks have, and stealing would imply that someone else is paying for it, which also is bull). I get bitched at for posting the wrong setlist, show date, not saying whether or not the show is complete, if songs are missing, you name it, I've gotten ragged on for it.

I did not realise I was required to do all the above mentioned things. I decided to merely rip some boots I have in my collection, AS IS, and post them. If someone would like to have them, take them, free, I ask nothing except maybe a click on an ad to help my family out a bit for the 5 or 6 hours time I spend utilizing my time to do so. Most folks can't even be bothered to do that (and to those who do, thank you!!!). And I have people (99% anon of course) dictating how I ought to be doing things. If you don't like it, NOBODY is making you download it. If you can find it in better quality elsewhere, go get it. There is no one twisting your arm telling you you have to live with my inferior bullshit copy. Maybe my version is incomplete, if I KNOW it's incomplete, I will tell you, if I don't how am I supposed to tell you something I don't know. (Common sense would be if it's less than an hour and half for a headliner, it's probably incomplete, if it's less than 30 minutes and it's a guest act or opening act-it's probably incomplete). If I ask for any info on a show, and you want to volunteer the info, I appreciate it. But does it have to so damn condescending (how dare I post a fucking show without being a goddamned expert about it).

In the future, should I decide to continue doing this, I will continue doing this my way, which is to give you what I have (and I do try to get some additional info when I have nothing on it, but I will not spend two hours until I find the defining source for each item I post here) . I care about the music, not if Bob Buffoon had a headcold on that night and was replaced by Jim Jackoff for two songs at the end. What info I have I will give, that is all. I have a life away from this computer.

If this doesn't satisfy some of you, then please just stop coming here. I wouldn't want you to have a coronary because I can't be bothered to get everything right all the time.

Christ, it's only fucking music. I love music dearly, but some things are just more important.