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Ey up! Hello again lads & lassies, another sampling of the obscure & the semi-legendary coming your way this evening from the very bowels of rock's secret stash. There's an international flavour to tonight's collection, taking in bands from the UK, America, Canada, Sweden, and in the case of the first item, the band itself is comprised of two different nationalities, Spanish and American.
So let's get to it eh?
In 2004, THE DICTATORS were on what looked to be a long break, so drummer JP "Thunderbolt" Patterson and guitarist Ross The Boss (ex- MANOWAR, SHAKIN' STREET & BRAIN SURGEONS), would play instrumentals together just for the fun of it. Along with CJ Scioscia, they recorded an instrumental CD, entitled "Thunderbolt Patterson with Ross The Boss", as THUNDERBOSS. Around the same time, JP's Spanish friend Juancho, from the band BUMMER suggested to him that he, J.P. and Ross get together with Fernando and Miguel Pardo from the band SEX MUSEUM and form a band. Madrid meets NYC, with members of Spanish rock bands and half of the Dictators. Following several fruitful rehearsals together, THE THUNDERBOLTS, as they were now dubbed, toured Spain with GUITAR MAFIA, as well as playing a couple of THIN LIZZY Tribute shows, with a few Dictators songs thrown in for an encore. A good time was had by all, so all agreed to do it again. In May 2006, the album, "The Thunderbolts", was released on CD by Rock On! Music. In Japan, the single "On The Tip" was released, backed with "Stay With Me". In early 2007, they played an eleven city Thunderbolts tour of Spain which included songs by THE DICTATORS, THUNDERBOSS, THIN LIZZY, MANOWAR and new original songs which have not yet been recorded by the band.

THE THUNDERBOLTS - The Thunderbolts (2006) USA

Chicago Metalworks Battalion was an early 1980's compilation album featuring (as the title implies), Heavy Metal bands from the state of Chicago. Some of the featured bands reputations have grown steadily over time, such as SLAUTER XSTROYES, DIAMOND REXX and SILENT RAGE, but there are also a wealth of more obscure artists present, such as PARADOXX, FELONY, BLACKSTAR, LUNACY, WARCRY, TORMENT and MAELSTROM. The album was successful enough at the time to spawn at least one sequel, (perhaps more, i'm not sure), but it's very hard to find nowadays. If you do track a mint original copy down expect to pay a hefty price to secure it.

VARIOUS - Chicago Metalworks Battalion ('80's) USA

RUNESTAFF began life in Ipswich in 1980 as an all male quintet in the Tolkien inspired Prog Rock mould. Their first recorded product would be a three track 1982 demo cassette recorded at Hillside Sound Studios in Ipswich. Dogged by line-up shuffles the band added vocalist Joanna Symes when guitarist/vocalist Andy Page departed. However, Page soon returned, inspired by the possibilities opened up by the new singer, concentrating solely on guitar. The band spent the next couple of years building up a strong live following with constant gigging and the odd decent support slot, gradually adding a Harder edge to their Proggy sound. The Wolverhampton based Heavy Metal Records issued a self-titled album in 1985. They followed this with two 7" singles, "Road To Ruin", and "Do It!" on Heavy Metal subsidiary FM/Revolver Records later that same year. Tragically, keyboard player Kaust Rakhit died of Thalasemia in mid 1985 and was replaced by Barry Godfrey. Depressed by the death of his friend, Page quit once more in 1986. A planned second album was stalled as vocalist Joanne Syme suffered a serious throat problem. With their momentum stalled by Syme's illness the band gradually dissolved in late '86.

RUNESTAFF - Runestaff (1985) UK

TRUX were an obscure New Wave Of British Heavy Metal quartet who only managed one release during their lifetime. The "Bad Luck" 7" single was released in 1982 on the bands own Trux Records label. One of the most obscure releases from a genre filled with hard to find records, expect to pay silly money for a copy of this record, if you can find it.

TRUX - Bad Luck 7" (1982) UK

I'll let Dan's Corroseum review do the talking on this next one.
This is one of the best, and for sure the most overlooked, Swedish metal single of the eighties. I can’t understand why it is so seldom seen on want or favelists. Sure it is rare, but that’s usually not an obstacle. Could be because of the late date of release or their not so heavy look on the front cover, but that sure as hell are no acceptable excuses. ”King of the Sea” is one of the most memorable moments in Swedish metal history. An up-tempo metal hymn with neat a-string riffing and a fantastic chorus that will lift you high above the clouds on wings of steel, or something like that. Kind of similar to the godly-in-it’s-own-right TREASURE single, but with better vocals and musicianship. Other names that spring to my mind are bands on the more metallic side of the NWOBHM, like AVENGER or BLITZKRIEG. The b-side is a melancholic acoustic ballad, but with a soaring chorus and a really heavy solo section. After a few spins you will realize that it’s nearly as divine as the a-side. Trumpets must sound and mp3’s be spread, until justice is done and Jackwave put where they rightfully belong: In the hall of fame.

JACKWAVE - King Of The Sea 7" (1986) Sweden

Finally tonight, Lord Ryur only made this one recording, but it's a good one. Due to the high, wailing vocals used in both songs and the traditional 80s metal style, comparisons are inevitably made to KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE. However, by far the best comparison is to SACRED OATH, particularly the excellent A-side, "Pact with the Sinner". The song has an interesting structure, a very catchy chorus, and showcases both normal and high vocals that add texture to the song. As is typical for bands using high-pitched vocals, "Pact With the Sinner" develops a somewhat eerie vibe similar to many compositions by King Diamond, LORDS OF THE CRIMSON ALLIANCE, and Sacred Oath. The B-side is less memorable but is still in the same galloping, slightly epic vein that will conjure up memories of Sacred Oath's "A Crystal Vision" album more than any other record I can think of. If you like galloping, epic metal along the lines of OMEN or GOTHIC KNIGHTS and don't mind higher vocals akin to King Diamond and Sacred Oath, then check out Lord Ryur if you get a chance. Note that the band hailed from Canada (not the US as sometimes stated) and the single was limited to a tiny pressing of 100 copies. Review from

LORD RYUR - Pact With The Sinner 7" (1986) Canada

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Hello again folks, another diverse, life affirming (and sometimes unsettling), rummage through the attic of rock's past for your titillation and delight coming right up.
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For starters tonight, BRAIN SURGEONS are a New York heavy metal band featuring Albert Bouchard formerly of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, rock critic and former FLAMING YOUTH drummer Deborah Frost, guitarist ROSS THE BOSS formerly of THE DICTATORS, SHAKIN' STREET and MANOWAR, and bassist David Hirschberg. Originally titled IMAGINARY PLAYMATES, they formed in 1994 and initially centered around the nucleus of Bouchard and Frost; at one point, Billy Hilfiger (ex-KING FLUX, HELEN WHEELS BAND and brother of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger), was their guitarist. They have undergone several lineup changes over the course of the band's lifetime, with ROSS THE BOSS solidifying the line up by joining in 2003. The band tours regularly and have released nine studio albums to date, the most recent being, "Denial Of Death", which was released in 2006. Check out the awesomely MANILLA ROAD sounding "Constantine's Sword", it's an absolute corker.

BRAIN SURGEONS - Denial Of Death (2006) USA

Next, "No Way Out", was the second album from Scunthorpe's GASKIN, and is now rightly hailed as something of a lost NWOBHM masterwork. Guitarist and main man Paul Gaskin knew - and still knows - how to knock out a great tune, and 'No Way Out' is full of them. Recorded in the spring of 1982 and featuring new vocalist Bren Spencer, it also featured a guest appearance by THE ENID's Robin John Godfrey on "Say Your Last Word". "No Way Out" was a very worthy successor to the band's debut "End Of The World" opus, and a more cohesive effort from start to finish than their debut. "No Way Out", mixes memorable hard rockers like "Dirty Money," "Ready for Love," and "Come Back to Me" with storming metallic anthems like "High Crime Zone". Digitally remastered for this CD release, this is an album that is long overdue a re-appraisal.

GASKIN - No Way Out (1982) UK

As coincidences go, American Metal outfit BLITZKRIEG found themselves involved in one of the strangest.
Not content with sharing their band name with the infamous Newcastle based NWoBHM band BLITZKRIEG, the Americans also boasted a singer with the surname of Ross and a bassist called Moore, the same names as their British counterparts! Formed in Glendora California in 1983, their lone release was the six song 1985 "Ready For Action" Mini LP which was scheduled for release on Mike Varney's Shrapnel label but eventually surfaced on Talen/Greenworld Records in the USA and on Roadrunner in Europe. Produced by RON KEEL (STEELER, KEEL, IRON HORSE) , BLITZKRIEG served up classic '80's melodic Metal featuring Don Ross' powerful vocals and the razor sharp guitar work of Eric Von Theumer. Don't be fooled by the glammy looking promo pics of the band, this is one of those glorious albums in the vein of T.K.O.’s "In Your Face", where the glam is in the photo’s not in the grooves. The original vinyl is very hard to find nowadays, and such is the records enduring appeal that it was re-released on CD by Retrospect Records in 2004 with slightly altered cover artwork. Not to be confused with the NWOBHM band, the New York Heavy Metal act, the 2 Punk outfits, (one English, one German), the Polish Black Metal group, or the Australian Thrash band who all also bore the "Blitzkrieg" name.

BLITZKRIEG - Ready For Action Mini LP (1985) USA

Partly due to changes in music trends, the advent of punk rock and New Wave music, and time spent away trying to break the USA, Slade's success had faded somewhat by the late 1970s, although the group continued to release records and several punk bands were not afraid to cite them as an influence. In August 1980, OZZY OSBOURNE pulled out of his slot at the Reading Festival with very short notice. Slade, who had all but disbanded, were recommended to replace them. A demoralised Dave Hill had effectively left the band and initially refused to do the show when asked by the other band members, but manager Chas Chandler convinced Hill to play what could very well have been their last ever live show in front of a huge crowd rather than in a small club. To Hill's utter astonishment, the band were incredibly well-received at the festival (highlights of their performance were also broadcast on BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show Reading special), stealing the show and quickly became darlings of the music press again despite doing nothing at all differently at Reading than they had done onstage in recent years. They also repeated the same trick at the following years Donington Festival on a bill topped by AC/DC. The six song "Alive At Reading" EP was released to capitalize on their triumphant return. A new run of chart success followed, though not quite on the huge scale of their 1970s heights, with several hit singles & albums on both sides of the Atlantic, a run which continued until Noddy Holder's retirement from music in 1991.

SLADE - Alive At Reading '80 EP (1980) UK

THE BAGS was formed by singer Alice Armandariz and bassist Pat Morrison in 1977, after meeting at an audition for another band. They took the band's name and their stage names "Alice Bag" and "Pat Bag" from a gimmick that the band used during early performances where they would perform with grocery bags over their heads. The band was rounded out by guitar players Craig Lee and Rob Ritter, and Terry Graham played drums. By 1979, they had released their first record, a single called "Survive", on Dangerhouse Records. "We Don't Need The English" was included on the "Yes", L.A. punk compilation album released by the same label. After this, Pat Bag left the band. In 1980 the group, minus Pat Bag, was filmed by Penelope Spheeris for the seminal punk rock documentary film, The Decline of Western Civilization, which also featured THE GERMS, BLACK FLAG, CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE, X and other prominent L.A. punk bands. However, by the release of the film in 1981 the band had broken up. Craig Lee also played with CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE, and he and co-member PHRANC would perform together when she embarked on her subsequent solo career. However, Lee is best known as a writer and critic for publications such as Flipside fanzine, among many others, and as co-author of the book Hardcore California: A History Of Punk And New Wave. He died, as a result of AIDS, in the 1980s. Terry Graham went on to play drums for GUN CLUB. Pat, now known as Patricia Morrison, also joined GUN CLUB soon after. Once she left GUN CLUB she joined THE SISTERS OF MERCY and then THE DAMNED. She would also go on to marry THE DAMNED's lead singer, Dave Vanian. Rob Ritter also joined GUN CLUB, and appears on their first LP "Fire Of Love", but left to change his name to Rob Graves and form the seminal death rock band 45 GRAVE. Graves died in 1991 of a heroin overdose. Alice Bag went on to join CASTRATION SQUAD. In the 1990s she would form CHOLITA! with punk drag queen Vaginal Davis. After this she performed with LAS TRES and then formed STAY AT HOME BOMB. Since the deaths of Lee and Ritter and her estrangement from Morrison, she considers the Bags to be permanently disbanded, and refuses to perform Bags songs in public.

BAGS - No Excess Bagisms EP (1979) USA

Sashay were a Washington DC based Heavy Metal quartet operating in the mid 1980's. Their only release was to be the "Looking For Some Action" 7", which was released by Ever Rat Records in 1986. Their sound was a crunchy amalgam of RAVEN's speedy Metallic assault and the more anthemic style of early RIOT. The band's glam sounding name & the single's garish cover art probably conspired to ensure that the people who would have loved their record never gave it a chance. However it never happened, Sashay never got their due & disappeared sometime in the late '80's, never to return.

SASHAY - Looking For Some Action 7" (1986) USA

Red Machete were a Traditional Heavy Metal quartet formed in Detroit Michigan in the mid-1980's. They self released two 7" singles, both in 1985. The 1st coupled "Scream Out Loud" and "Memory", whilst the 2nd featured "Pull The Rope" and "Ain't No Mercy". At this point, bassist Leo Whalen left the band to be replaced by Wayne King, and Darin Jordan was replaced behind the kit by Carl Toth. Tragically, drummer Carl Toth died in 1988, and the band changed their name to MADHOUSE shortly thereafter, adding new drummer, Roy Barker. They supported many national bands on their way through Detroit including WHITE ZOMBIE, STEPPENWOLF, BLACKFOOT, HELIX, DIRTY LOOKS etc and also played with Detroit legends like SEDUCE and HALLOWEEN too. Madhouse recorded an album, "Everything Kills", in 1990, but it remained unreleased until 2007, when the band released it themselves, however it was only available through E-Bay & the band's MySpace page. The band are still active & have retained the same line up since their inception.

RED MACHETE - Pull The Rope 7" (1985) USA

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Hi again people, lotsa good stuff coming your way tonight, we're spoiling you we really are.
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Let's get on with it shall we?
For starters tonight we bring you DEALER. The Cirencester, Gloucestershire NWOBHM band band was rooted in the earlier AXE VICTIMS, this antecedent outfit featuring vocalist Trev Short, bassist Pete Gentil and drummer Malcolm Hanselman. Suffering membership changes, the band evolved into LONE WOLF. However, due to the formation of a London based act of the same title, fronted by the high profile figure of ex-IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di'anno, the name DEALER was struck upon. Shortly afterwards, Hanselman was replaced by Andy Powell. DEALER scored national media by appearing on the HTV television programme 'Best Band West' and scored valuable supports to GARY MOORE and MOTORHEAD. Singer Trev Short, guitarists Steve Tarrant and Andy Jones with bassist Pete Gentil performed on the 1983 single 'Better Things To Do' issued on the Windrush label. A three song demo was recorded the following year containing 'The Final Conflict', 'Money Is Your Password' and 'Looking For A Reason'. Guitarist Andy Dunne was enrolled but soon vacated his position, being substituted by a then 17 year old Ashley Jon Limer. DEALER's solitary album "First Strike", emerged on Hull's Ebony Records in 1987, after which frontman Trev Short was replaced by female vocalist Julie Gove. DEALER folded in 1988. Subsequently, Trev Short, bassist Pete Gentil, guitarist Ashley Jon Limer and drummer Andy Powell went on to form the more melodic VAN DAMNE and Limer later turned up on SACK TRICK albums.

DEALER - First Strike (1987) UK

Next, Alpha Centauri was formed in Greeley, Colorado in 1971. The band performed its hard driving rock throughout the American Midwest for years opening for artists such as STYX and URIAH HEEP. With a fairly strong US following, the band moved to Canada where they began to write original material. The result was 1977's long awaited eponymous debut on Salt Records.
With the release of the album came more concerts as well as several radio and television appearances including the Canadian TV special "Alpha Centauri In Concert" from 1978. The band was then aiming for the UK, but management problems and road burnout led to the band returning to the USA, appearing on TV's 'Rock and Roll America'. Alpha Centauri stayed on the road until 1983 when they finally broke up. In the '90's a resurgence of sorts occurred following a glowing review of their sole album in the International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Rock aficionados began scouring the globe for their only album and in 1996 Pacemaker Records re-issued the disc. It's a really good album, with a very distinctive sound and some outstanding guitar playing, successfully blending Hard Rock with Prog elements without sacrificing the hard edges.

ALPHA CENTAURI - Alpha Centauri (1977) USA

From Stockholm Sweden, GRAND MAGUS is a hard slammin' Heavy Metal band, with the emphasis on heavy. Grand Magus was formed by former CARDINAL FANG vocalist Janne "JB" Christoffersson and bassist Fox, formerly with BAJEN DEATH CULT. They soon teamed up with ABRAMIS BRAMA drummer Fredrik "Trisse" Liefvendahl and recorded a three track demo, which i posted here a while back. This recording led to an appearance on the Waterdragon Records compilation, Greatest Hits Vol 1 (2000). This further eight song demo "Grand Magus" was recorded in late 2000. After this they put out a split 7" with SPIRITUAL BEGGARS (who JB would later join) on Southern Lord Records. This split was followed closely by their debut album, Grand Magus (2001), on Rise Above Records. Two more albums would follow, Monument (2003) and Wolf's Return (2005), both on Rise Above. In 2006 Trisse left the band and SEB was recruited on drums. The band released their fourth album, "Iron Will", on June 9, 2008 on Rise Above, and i'd like to recommend it to all of you, it totally slays. Go buy it now!

GRAND MAGUS - Grand Magus Demo (2000) Sweden

Steffan Rodd were a four piece Heavy Metal band formed in Newark, New Jersey in 1982. Their lone commercially available release was their 4 track "Shocker" EP issued in 1984 on their own Steffan Rodd label. A demo followed later that same year, but the band split soon after. The "Shocker" EP now changes hands for silly money on the rare occasions when offered for sale.

STEFFAN RODD - Shocker EP (1984) USA

Nightchild were a traditional Heavy Metal quartet formed in Indianapolis, Indiana in May of 1981. The name was originally suggested as a great name for a band by a friend back in 1977.
Being a die hard vampire fan, guitarist Randy Joe Duke never forgot it and wrote a song called "Nightchild" in 1979. The band adopted the name from the tune, which was the first original they learned when they got together. Their sole release was the 1000 copies only "Remember The Faithful" 7", pressed on red vinyl, which was issued by Nightmare Records in 1985. A planned 11 track album was recorded at the same time as the single, but it went unreleased, subsequently surfacing only as a nine song demo cassette in early 1987. Sadly, by the time the demo was being traded, Nightchild were no more, having split that March. Guitarist Randy Joe Duke went on to form the band DIREWOLF in 1992.

NIGHTCHILD - Remember The Faithful 7" (1985) USA

Shadowfax were a short lived London based NWOBHM band. Their lone release, the highly regarded "The Russians Are Coming" 45, was a self-released affair on their own Risky records label. The single was only available at their gigs and via mail order from the band themselves.
It's become a cult collectors piece in recent years since the reevaluation of the NWOBHM. No relation to the Irish Thrash metal band.

SHADOWFAX - The Russians Are Coming 7" (1980) UK

Finally, the Newcastle based NWOBHM/Hard Rock quintet SHE was amongst a number of groups signed up by famed local independent label Neat Records. The group's sole release was this 1985 "Never Surrender" single which was produced by ex-TYGERS OF PAN TANG & PENETRATION guitarist Fred Purser and former VERITY & ARGENT man JOHN VERITY. No relation to the other UK band of the same name who featured future GIRLSCHOOL, ROCK GODDESS and ex-CANIS MAJOR members.

SHE - Never Surrender 7" (1985) UK

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Hi again, another month, another weekend, more great lost music from beyond.
Every week, i serve up this good stuff, yet still, imageshack & blogger conspire against me. Why? In the name of all that's holy, why?!!
We'll kick off this weeks selection with some old friends...
Based in Wales, TREDEGAR was initiated in 1982 by the ex-BUDGIE duo of drummer Ray Phillips and guitarist Tony Bourge in collaboration with erstwhile ZORRO, DUMPYS RUSTY NUTS and GROUNDHOGS bass player Alan Fish, although he departed to join the GROUNDHOGS and then form AUTOLAND COMMAND before joining EGYPT. The bassist's position was taken by Tom Prince. TREDEGAR made a name for themselves by self financing their self-titled album and "Duma", single release. Finding themselves minus a vocalist prior to recording the first album in 1986, PERSIAN RISK and TOKYO BLADE frontman Carl Sentence performed vocal duties on the record. The first 500 copies of the album sleeve were coated in genuine gold leaf, making them much sought after collectors items. Sentence's career took him on through the GEEZER BUTLER BAND, PAUL CHAPMAN's GHOST and KROKUS. TREDEGAR finally found a permanent vocalist in Russ North just before the album's release and the band would prove club regulars including many old BUDGIE numbers in their set. Guitarist Andy Wood bailed out in the Summer of 1987 but did cut a new demo utilising TREDEGAR frontman Russ North as session vocalist. Prince quit to join ex-ANGEL WITCH drummer Dave Dufort's act PHANTASM and was replaced by Mike Taylor. North and Wood also quit as they joined Midlands act CLOVEN HOOF for the 'Dominator' album. Taylor also departed leaving TREDEGAR as a duo of Bourge and Phillips before the addition of guitarist Lee Jones in late 1987. The band recorded a second album in 1991 with vocalist Trixie Thorne but this never saw the light of day until this release, the 19 song 'Remix And Rebirth' CD in 1995. 'Remix And Rebirth', contained Tredegar's 1986 full-length debut in its entirety, their unreleased 1991 album in its entirety, and some extra tracks. All tracks were re-mastered. Jones jumped ship joining HAMMERFIST for a brief period before TREDEGAR were resurrected by Phillips in 1993 retitled SIX TON BUDGIE, the pre-recording name of BUDGIE.

TREDEGAR - Remix & Rebirth (1986-1991) UK

Next, guitarist Brian Naughton, following stints with ROCK CANDY, GRASS ROOTS & PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY, formed a Hard Rock group called ROCKIT with fellow axe slinger Jerry Zubal in 1973. By 1976 RSO Records had signed the band and renamed them ROCKICKS. Their one and only album "Inside" was released in 1977. "Inside" delivers a steamy and at times swampy variation on 70's biker rock, not unlike BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, CREED and THE BOYZZ. Many current listeners might equate this to stoner rock, and they might have a point, though they are generally more melodic than your typical stoner rock outfit. Heavy with thick and tempo challenged riffs, melodic, good time boogie & that thick swamp rock sound. It's become a sought after item nowadays, and this now out-of-print cd version of the album was released which added 3 bonus tracks. They played all over America and locally at places like the Roxy, the Aquarius Theater and Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Rockicks had radio commercials and a lot going for them until a show opening for Blondie at the Whiskey was given TOM PETTY.
This was Tom Petty’s big break show and the beginning of the end for the Rockicks who split up in 1978. Guitarist Brian Naughton recently resurfaced with a new band called NAUGHTONES who released an album called "From The Nut" in 2006.

ROCKICKS - Inside (1977) USA

And now, Ace were a French heavy Rock quartet formed in 1985 in Cannes on the Cote D'Azur.
They debuted the following year with their "Ballroom Blitz" EP, and followed this with the full length "Bad Boys" album. A further release, the "Holding On" 7" appeared at the years end, but this was to be the end of the road for Ace. In recent years their "Ballroom Blitz" EP has often been mistakenly identified as a NWOBHM release driving it's price up amongst collectors. All their releases now command a high price tag, a pity for Ace that their records weren't as sought after during their lifetime.

ACE - Ballroom Blitz EP (1986) France

At the heavier end of the spectrum, Mayhem were a NWOBHM/Punk crossover band from Southport who debuted with a 1981 demo then released three EPs in the early 1980's. The first, "Gentle Murder", was released by Riot City Records in 1982, which was followed by a further demo, the two song "1982 Demo". "Pulling Puppets Strings", was also released by Riot City in 1983. After some personnel changes "Bloodrush", was the final EP released by Vigilante Records in 1985. They also figured on various compilations, such as 1982's "Riotous Assembly", with the exclusive song "Psycho", and the 1984 international Maximum Rock'n'Roll collection "Welcome To 1984", with the exclusive song "I Defy".

MAYHEM - Pulling Puppet Strings EP (1983) UK

And now to the 45's, starting with a double feature of NWOBHM 7"s, SHADER were a little known NWOBHM band active in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Their recording career only amounted to one independent 7" single. "Bad News Blues" was issued on the Piston Broke Records label in 1981. Though very popular with the biker fraternity at the time, very little info about them has survived.

SHADER - Bad News Blues 7" (1981) UK

Emerson were a London based NWOBHM/Hard Rock five piece formed in 1982 and named after founding members & brothers Bri & Stu Emerson. The band's sound shifted from more straight forward heavy riffing during the next couple of years, with a more AOR influenced sound surfacing. Their only release was the 1984 "Something Special" 7" for Neat Records. The record didn't exactly set the charts alight, and following several personnel changes, they called it a day in 1985. Following the band's demise, two former EMERSON vocalists Steve Blewitt and his replacement, Mick White, later joined PAUL SAMSON's project. Blewitt, a former member of AXIS, walked out on EMPIRE prior to their first gig leaving the post vacant for White to fill.
Blewitt later changed his surname to Blue appearing on YA YA's second album. The singer also worked with former STAMPEDE/UFO guitarist LAWRENCE ARCHER on his "L.A. Secrets" album for Japan. Guitarist Stu Emerson himself was involved with the MEAT LOAF championed MRS. LOUD in 1995. Bassist Bri Emerson joined TYGER TYGER whilst latter day EMERSON drummer Charlie McKenzie (formerly of BLACK ROSE), enrolled into SAMSON.

EMERSON - Something Special 7" (1984) UK

Finally, DESTROYER were an obscure American Heavy Metal trio active during the mid-1980's.
Destoyer only released one record, the self-financed "Black Angels" 45 on their own Destroyer Records label in 1985. Not to be confused with the other American band of the same name who released a 1988 EP called "Optimum D.S.I." on Screaming Mimi Records.

DESTROYER - Black Angels 7" (1985) USA

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