Thursday, November 01, 2012


Recent events have had me thinking about the best way to proceed with this blog, and trying to come up with different slants to keep on doing what it is we've been doing here for so long.
Tonight's post is a result of that thought process.
A recent conversation with a friend about what will happen to Rock & Metal once the current crop of big bands retire really got me thinking.
Once the likes of MAIDEN, METALLICA, PRIEST, SABBATH, KISS etc finally hang it up for good, who will take their place on the stages of the world's mega-stadia?
It's a tricky one, as bands obviously no longer sell records in the kind of quantities which they once did, so the lion's share of their impetus and revenue now comes from touring and merchandise.
Ergo, the bands who tour hardest and build a strong following that way are most likely to be the ones who "move on up" to become the top of the pile in the future.
With that in mind i thought i'd use tonight's post as a way to showcase a few newish bands who play music that visitors to this blog are likely to enjoy, all of whom are deserving of your support and patronage.
I'll still be sticking with posting vintage material here most of the time, but if i encounter a new band which moves me you'll hear about it here from time to time.
If you like what you hear, please support these acts by buying their music or merch and seeing them live, it really is the only way that bands on the lower rungs of the ladder can survive and progress.
Just maybe, one of these acts might wind up playing on the biggest stages and having a long lasting and sustainable career.
The only way this can happen is if people get behind them and support the music they love.
You never know, maybe you'll find your new favourite band in the post below.
Let's get on with it.

Doom Riff Rock Stoner Milwaukee

Matt Leece : Guitar, Vocals
Rochelle Nason : Bass Guitar
Keith Stendler : Drums, Hammond Organ

With music that is simple and to the point, yet as raging as a werewolf, Milwaukee Heavy Doom Rockers MOON CURSE have quickly made a name for themselves.
Though the band has only played a few shows together, the trio shares a long history.
Guitarist and vocalist Matt Leece played with bassist Rochelle Nason in the heavy psych-rock band MOTHER ORCHIS, and Leece has known drummer and Hammond organist Keith Stendler since high school, having played in bands with him off and on.
The band's sound might not be revolutionary, but it's pure rock 'n' roll delivered with precision.
If there's one thing that might differentiate Moon Curse from other Doom & Stoner Rock bands, it's the short and concise manner of the songs.
"It's pretty much based on how catchy of a groove we can make, and make a good song out of that, as opposed to a really long, psychedelic, drawn-out thing."
While he's known for adding the Hammond organ-punch to FATHER PHOENIX's later works, Stendler primarily plays the drums in Moon Curse.
He's a force behind the kit, the result of touring the world with TEMPER TEMPER.
On occasion, though, he still pulls out the Hammond organ.
During a late night of recording for the band's debut, Stendler's work on the keys helped to flesh out the songs even more.
"It was eerie because he was just sitting in the booth and playing these crazy songs on the Hammond," Leece says.
"Our friend set up a microphone and got it.
After that we thought it would be a good idea to put some more Hammond on the album.
It's really subtle, the stuff he put down."
Leece describes the recording sessions for the group's debut album as being relaxed and organic.
"We recorded everything on analog tape, which we always wanted to do, and we did tit live."
"We just jammed in a room like we do in practice."
The band's self-titled Mini LP was released on the 5th of June this year.
You can stream or purchase the Mini at this link:

MOON CURSE - Moon Curse Mini LP (2012) USA

Traditional Heavy Metal Hard Rock Pittsburgh San Francisco

Forged in the blast furnaces of Pittsburgh and tempered in the waters of the San Francisco Bay comes a new force in the art of bad ass ; enter MIDNIGHT CHASER!
Influenced by the gods of 70’s and 80’s hard rock and heavy metal, MIDNIGHT CHASER was originally conceived of by guitarist Stephen Lauck and bassist “Texas” Josh Hunt while both still living in Pittsburgh, the Rust Belt of Pennsylvania.
However it wasn’t until both rockers found themselves relocated in 2008 to the fog cloaked Bay Area of California that MIDNIGHT CHASER began to take shape.
First recruiting the steam hammer drumming skills of Brandon Thomas, the pair immediately knew that they had found the missing piece of their rhythm section
that they had been searching for.
All that was lacking now was a voice that could suitably realize their ambitions.
Unsatisfied with the pool of vocal talent in their new surroundings they imported fellow Pittsburgh native Scott Atwood in order to fill the final void and complete that which is MIDNIGHT CHASER.
The line-up finally completed, the band whipped themselves into a creative furor, writing and rehearsing original material while playing shows up and down the West Coast,vrocking any venue that would have them from bars and theaters to strip clubs and basements.
A five song demo "Awesome Party" was recorded, and straight away began exciting the be-denimed and the lank of lock.
Fans of early Heavy Metal such as SAXON, MOTORHEAD & JUDAS PRIEST took note!
They debuted with a six song self-titled EP in 2010 which immediately got a buzz going for the band in Metal circles.
The CD included four original studio tracks plus a cover of “Turn Your Head Around” by NWOBHM legends TANK.
The vinyl version also added a sixth song, a cover of the ZZ TOP classic "Heard It On The X".
Their first full length album "Rough & Tough" received a February 2011 release on Heavy Artillery Records to rave reviews and the band hit the road in the US to promote it with a vengeance.
Since the album's release the band have expanded to become a quintet with the addition of second guitarist Sven Soderlund, formerly of MERCENARY, LAAZ ROCKIT and MORDRED.
With Heavy Artillery recently having been bought out by Earache Records, Midnight Chaser is now ready to hit the rest of the world like a runaway train.
Here's the band's 5 song 2008 "Awesome Party" Demo to download :

MIDNIGHT CHASER - Awesome Party Demo (2008) USA

VISIGOTHTraditional Heavy Metal Power Metal Salt Lake City, Utah
File beside : [Pharoah, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Nocturnal Rites]

Jake Rogers : Vocals
Jamison Palmer : Guitars
Leeland Campana : Guitars
Matt Brotherton : Bass
Mikey T. : Drums

VISIGOTH was formed in the unlikely environs of Salt Lake City, Utah by DESTRUCTINATOR guitarists Jamison Palmer & Leeland Campana.
More Power Metal in style than their Thrashy prior act, they were soon joined by FOLKODIA vocalist Jake Rogers.
The band's debut release, the 4 song "Vengeance" Demo was released on the 17th of November 2010 and included 3 original tracks alongside a cover of OMEN's "Battle Cry".
The band's line-up was further solidified in 2011 with the arrival of bassist Matt Brotherton of Thrashers KILLBOT and drummer Mikey T. of Sludge act HULDRA.
Despite their diverse musical backgrounds, the band has found common musical ground in their mutual love of Melodic 1980's Heavy Metal.
This new line up was responsible for the 4 song EP "Final Spell", which was released on the 14th of August this year.
Visigoth's "Final Spell" & "Vengeance" releases have also now been combined for a limited edition cassette release on Steel & Fire Records.
Due in November, there will only be 100 numbered copies available, with copies 1-30 numbered in "Blood Of Your Enemy" Red Ink and 31-100 numbered in "Steel" Silver Ink.
A CD release is apparently also due next year through Stormspell Records.
You can listen to & buy "Final Spell" at the Visigoth bandcamp page, and the "Vengeance" demo is also available there to stream or to download for free!

VISIGOTH - Vengeance Demo (2010) USA/Final Spell EP (2012) USA

Heavy Metal Progressive Metal Thrash Phoenix, Arizona
File Beside : Atheist, Coroner, Voivod

Conceived by front man and guitarist David DiSanto, a spark of energy gave rise to Vektor in late 2004.
With the addition of lead shredder Erik Nelson, the band began playing shows around the local Phoenix area in 2005.
Implementing technical, speed thrash, and progressive influences, Vektor quickly found their own unique sound, setting them apart from the rest of the Phoenix metal scene.
The band soon made a name for themselves throughout the southwestern United States, playing local shows and opening for acts such as Testament, Sigh, Hirax, Dark Tranquility, Iced Earth and Municipal Waste.
Vektor released their self-financed CD entitled "Demolition" in early 2006, generating a massive response throughout the metal underground and earning the band a growing contingent of die-hard fans.
In 2007 the band followed up with the two-track "Hunger for Violence" demo to even greater fanfare, putting the band on the radar of many international fans for the first time.
In search of the perfect rhythm section to complete their vision, Vektor's line-up continued to evolve throughout 2008, before finding drummer Blake Anderson and bassist Frank Chin, finally cementing the ideal like-up to realize their goal of galactic conquest.
17th November saw the release of their first album for Heavy Artillery Records the mind-boggling "Black Future".
Refusing to be pigeon-holed into any metal sub-genre, Vektor employs an array of intricacy, virtuosity and a wholly unique sound which few others can claim.
2011 brought their newest & best release to date, the diabolical Space Metal of the "Outer Isolation" album.
Thrash? Prog? Jazz Fusion? You decide.
With Heavy Artillery recently bought out by Earache Records, Vektor are now perfectly placed to make the leap into the big leagues.
Welcome to the future; prepare to have your brains melted.
You can stream the whole of Vektor's "Black Future" album at the address below:

VEKTOR - Black Future (2009) USA

So that's it for tonight's post.If you give these bands a chance i'm pretty sure you'll find at least one of them are likely to "float your boat".
And if not, at least you gave a few promising young bands a chance.
If you encounter any new bands that you feel could benefit from a little free exposure on the blog put a link in the comments section and if i like what i hear i'll do a little something on them for the main page at some point.
Next post will be of a vintage nature, business as usual, until then i hope you enjoy these tasters of a few modern bands who carry the torch for the old school shit we all love so much.