Sunday, March 23, 2008


Once more into the breach brothers & sisters, as NILOOB proudly presents another bitchin' banquet of all that rocks from the vault marked 'vintage'.
First out of the blocks this time is the sole self titled release by New York Heavy Metal quintet Lady Killer. This 1983 album came out on the Allegiance Records label, and is crammed with chest beating anthemic heavy-but-catchy traditional Heavy Metal, comparable perhaps to some of RIOT's earlier material in places, which should really be all the recommendation you need. Unfortunately Lady Killer split up midway through the recording of their second album which was being produced by TALAS & HEAVEN guitarist Mitch Perry. A shame, as this band played proper old school US Metal of the kind they just don't make no more.

LADY KILLER - Lady Killer (1983) USA

Next tonight we bring you the debut album by UK/German Hard Rock band Zar. "Live Your Life Forever", was released on the Hurricane label in 1989, and reunited former REBEL bandmates JOHN LAWTON & TOMMY CLAUSS. In fact, musically, this is almost a continuation of REBEL, keeping that bands knack of penning classy Hard Rock without having to sacrifice any of their power to get your toe-tapping. This line up of ZAR didn't last beyond this album however, as a shift in direction towards a more Power Metal style didn't thrill Lawton, so he took his leave of the band, but returned briefly to guest on a song on Zar's 1993 "From Welcome... To Goodbye".
Fans of Lawton's work with LUCIFERS FRIEND & URIAH HEEP will find him in equally fine form here, like RONNIE DIO, his voice only seems to improve with the passing years.

ZAR - Live Your Life Forever (1989) UK/Germany

Next, here's another various artists compilation for you, this time the final entry in EMI Records "Muthas" NWOBHM series, "Muthas Pride" from back in 1980. Not as well known as the previous entries in the series, "Metal For Muthas" & "Metal For Muthas 2 - Cut Loud", nevertheless, there are still some fine songs on this one. You'll find the classic likes of QUARTZ, WHITE SPIRIT, WILDFIRE as well as the little known BABY JANE here, just the four bands though as this was only an EP. Good things come in small packages they say, this proves the point.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Mutha's Pride EP (1980) UK

Last time out we brought you the self titled EP by New York metal godz Steel Warriors. This time around we complete their discography with their second and final release, 1985's "On The Road To Hell" EP. Everything that i wrote about their debut is just as true of this sophomore effort, all the familiar pomp, bombast and silliness remains present & correct, all of which are, of course, cranked up to eleven. This was to be the bands swansong sadly, despite main man Steve Scott's attempts to resurrect the name with an all new line up later on, their fate was sealed.

STEEL WARRIORS - On The Road To Hell EP (1985) USA

We'll give over the rest of tonight's post to some rare seven inchers from the good ole NWOBHM, if that's alright with you guys, three little crackers incoming.
First one from the vault is the 1981 "Red Lion" 45 by Stevenage, Kent band Ground Attack. This was the bands only release during their original incarnation save for a demo tape entitled "The Lost Tapes", and is a tribute to their favourite venue, biker pub The Red Lion. Musically this is biker boogie rawk for the most part, with a great dirty AC/DC-esque groove and fantastic lead guitar from band mainstay Tom "Katz" Atkinson. The band originally folded in 1982, but Atkinson put together a new line up in 2003 and released a full length album entitled "Sectioned"the following year.

GROUND ATTACK - Red Lion 7" (1981) UK

Nextly, a band we've featured a couple of times before, Melton Mowbray's Prowler. This was their debut release, the 1983 "Forgotten Angel" 7". If you've heard any of their stuff from previous posts you'll know how good these guys were. If not, go get this one and grab the follow up 45 & demo from the archives. You need these, that simple.

PROWLER - Forgotten Angel 7" (1983) UK

Finally, here's the 1980 "Heart Of Stone" 7" from VHF (Very High Frequency), on Lion Records. A bit of a borderline inclusion, nevertheless this power trio sure knew how to play and display good songwriting nous on this, their sole vinyl outing. A demo followed in 1985 from a version of the band with a different line up, but they were to split soon after.

VHF - Heart Of Stone 7" (1980) UK

That's yer lot for now, more hot poop coming your way right here real soon.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hello again, sorry for the delay in this post, but sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way of the things you want to do. I hope i make up for my tardiness by, as a certain Rob Halford is wont to say, "Delivering The Goods".
Up first tonight, another in our ongoing series of compilation album posts, this time a collection of American up'n'comers from the New York area from the very Metal year of 1984. This is the hard to find "New York Metal-84" album, on the short lived Rock City Records label. That's their label head on the cover of the record, he's the one on the left wearing handcuffs and a diaper!!! So, i hear you ask, who are the bands on this slab o' wax? The better known names are as follows, VIRGIN STEELE (2 tracks!), BLACKLACE, OVERKILL & CITIES, the remainder are more obscure, DEATHSLAYER, TAKASHI, WARHEAD, TEAZER and FRIGID BICH. As always with compilations, there's some not-so-good mixed in with the awesome, but it all comes down to a matter of taste. There's plenty of variety on here, from chest thumping Hard Rock to balls-out proto-Thrash, and it stops off at most points in between too. For my money, the standouts are the VIRGIN STEELE tracks, the excellent BLACKLACE song, the unusual DEATHSLAYER track and OVERKILL's early take on "Feel The Fire". Most of the tracks here were exclusive to the release or were different versions to those found on the bands individual albums & EPs, so this is a must-have for completists or anyone wanting a snapshot of "the scene"at that time.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - New York Metal-84 (1984) USA

Staying in the States for now, here's the sole self titled album by Missoula Minnesota Hard Rockin' Metal men Prophecy. The quartet released this 10 track monolith on the Metal Arc label in 1984, two years after their initial formation. For an idea of their sound, try to imagine the harder end of the early RIOT canon filtered through JUDAS PRIEST with a little early W.A.S.P. thrown in at the choruses. Nice stuff for sure, but they were sadly another of those blink-and-you'll-miss-'em groups and they split up by the end of '84. I believe this one's become quite a popular item to collectors nowadays, one listen and you'll understand why.

PROPHECY - Prophecy (1984) USA

On a different tack altogether, we now bring you "Gullible's Travels", the second album by progressively minded rockers Abel Ganz. The Glasgow based band self released this one in 1985, and it was the first to feature new vocalist Paul Kelly following Alan Reid's departure the previous year to the better known PALLAS. Now, if you like epic song structures, long instrumental passages and a little wry intellect present in the lyrical content, i believe you'll be in rock heaven with this one. Abel Ganz have a long history & discography to match, if they sound like they might be your "bag", i'd recommend this one or their debut, "Gratuitous Flash", as the ideal starting points. Some of you rivet heads may be unimpressed by the (mainly) subtle guitars, but this is a safe bet for the more open minded.

ABEL GANZ - Gullible's Travels (1985) UK

The following explanation is pilfered wholesale from (check out the site, it's awesome!), because i just simply couldn't put it any better myself.
"Writing a MANIMALS review without mentioning THE MISFITS would be original, yes, but really foolish. It doesn't take many seconds of listening or watching the sleeve to figure out these guys all-time favorite band. The main thing that set them apart is of course that MANIMALS are more metallic (and no, that does NOT make them sound like DANZIG!), with longer songs and more advanced song structures. Then again THE MISFITS always were the one punk band that even the most narrow-minded metal-fan could get off on."
Released on House Of Pain Records in 1985, this six tracker was their lone release, and it's an absolute peach! If you've enjoyed anything we've posted here ever, you'll dig it. Trust me. This thing rocks like a haunted house on a stormy night.

MANIMALS - Blood Is The Harvest Mini LP (1985) USA

Now here's another one which will rawk your foundations, this is the self titled 1984 EP by New York True Metal trio Steel Warriors. Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Steve Scott, this is a cracking little set, full of pomp, bombast, widdly guitars and Heavy Metal Thunder to the extreme. Played completely straight, Steve & his merry band were apparently unable to see any humour in tracks like "Steel Warriors", "Metal Forces" and "We're Gonna Rock All Night", which just makes them even more appealing & enjoyable. No post modernism here folks, these guys were the self deluded over the top kings of shoestring budget Valhalla Metal for about 20 minutes one day in early 1984. You need this.

STEEL WARRIORS - Steel Warriors EP (1984) USA

Some more of the ole NWOBHM stuff coming your way now. Up first, the little known "Don't Cry For The Innocent" 45, by the equally obscure NWOBHM band Iona. This one surfaced on the Loco Records label in 1981, and is a nice slice of traditional Hard Rock/Metal distinguished by a really memorable chorus. Anyone know any more about these guys?

IONA - Don't Cry For The Innocent 7" (1981) UK

Finally tonight, the extremely rare and much sought after 1982 "Too Much" 7" by Derby based NWOBHM-ers Omen Searcher. Formed in 1980, Omen Searcher released a nine song demo called "The 1981 Demo", the following year. This 7" was their only other release, and is now an expensive collectors item. Interested? You will be.

OMEN SEARCHER - Too Much 7" (1982) UK

Hope you enjoy tonight's selection folks, and keep them comments coming please.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Hello again, coming at you tonight : a mixture of old favourites & some relics you're sure to be unfamiliar with. The common denominator : they rock mightily.
Up first, as promised, back to 1982 for another fine compilation album from the Ebony Records stable. This one is entitled "Metal Fatigue", and was the first full length album to be released by the label, thus bearing the catalogue number EBON001. I'm unsure whether there are any Scandinavian or European bands on this one, but i am sure that the lion's share are British, and as i know how much you guys love obscure NWOBHM, i'm sure you'll be all over this one. The best known band here are the mighty SAVAGE, who weigh in with "Ain't No Fit Place", the remainder of the bands being much less well known. So if you fancy checking out the likes of SCHELL SHOCK, ASSASSIN, JD BAND, HEAD HUNTER, HOTWIRE, INNER VISION, STRONTIUM DOG & MODUS OPERANDI, go get it.

VARIOUS - Metal Fatigue (1982) UK

To America now, to the island of Hawaii. Specifically Honalulu, for the sole self titled release by the beautifully named Trad Heavy Metal quartet Rat Attack. Formed in '82, the band self-released the album in '83, and were no more by mid-'84. Blink & you'll miss 'em. Guitarist Tom Azevedo was the bands stand out talent, with his tremendous riffing and lightning leads. In fact he so impressed a young pre-MEGADETH MARTY FRIEDMAN that following Rat Attack's demise, Marty asked him to join his band HAWAII, which Azevedo did, recording the "Natives Are Restless" album with them in 1985. Following that band's demise, Azevedo and Hawaii bassist Joe Galiza formed a new band called LIQUID MIRROR, releasing an album called "Kicked Out Of Fantasy" on the Atomic label in 1987. Down the years, the legend of the original Rat Attack album had grown enough that the album was rereleased by Old Metal Records, on vinyl only, in a limited edition of 300 copies. All 300 copies disappeared very quickly and command almost as high a price as originals nowadays. Hear it for yourself right here, it's probably gonna be your only chance.

RAT ATTACK - Rat Attack (1983) USA

Staying in the States, we now head for that hotbed of all that is hard'n'heavy, Cleveland Ohio, to catch a lug full of four piece Metallers Jagged Edge. This is their self-titled EP on Hot Metal Records from back in 1982. There must be something in the water there, as it seems like we cover a criminally overlooked Cleveland band every 2nd post at NILOOB, and Jagged Edge are no exception. Check them out on the cover, could they be any more 1982? Could they be any more Metal? How come they weren't huge? Who knows, it certainly wasn't down to the quality of their songwriting and playing, that's for sure. This is thudding, anthemic, chest-beating, exhilarating Metal, that moves me to behave in a way quite unbefitting of a man of my advancing years. I think you're gonna like this.

JAGGED EDGE - Jagged Edge EP (1982) USA

Meanwhile back in Blighty, Macclesfield teen titans Silverwing were hitting their stride that self same year, with this, their "Sittin' Pretty" EP. Much championed in the pages of Sounds music weekly, the band had debuted in '80, with their "Rock And Roll Are Four Letter Words" 7". Whilst the EP doesn't contain a song with a chorus to match that glorious ditty, there's plenty of variety and toetapping hummability amongst the four tracks here. This is Hard Rock with a trashy glam sensibility, let down slightly by the weak vocals, but after a few plays that just becomes part of the records low rent charm. The band had a couple more releases after this, before a line up reshuffle & name change saw them release a pair of well regarded albums under the PET HATE monicker. If you have a soft spot for any of GIRL's output, chances are you'll enjoy this.

SILVERWING - Sittin' Pretty EP (1982) UK

With a slightly more rootsy take on what constitutes Hard Rockin', we're proud to bring you next, the two 45's by NWOBHM-ers the Dick Smith Band. Their first 45 was entitled "Motorway Madness" and was released on the Smile label in 1979,. The excellent follow-up was released the following year on Hol-O-Gram Records, and was called "Way Of The World". Fine Bluesy Hard Rockin' with infectious choruses and a charming naivety, these are certainly period pieces and sound pretty dated nowadays, but the sheer quality of the playing more than compensates for that. The band apparently released a three song demo cassette in '81 before dissolving.

DICK SMITH BAND - Motorway Madness 7" (1979) UK

DICK SMITH BAND - Way Of The World 7" (1980) UK

Finally, blog visitor ESH was kind enough to share his memories of FULL MOON and a live mp3 of a non-LP track called "Asteroids". Many thanks ESH, interesting to get a little background & awesome to hear more music by this talented band. Any more?
"My friends & I literally followed (some say, stalked) this band from May 1976 'til roughly May '84. We really admired & identified with these guys as they were our age, local and we all had rock'n roll dreams of our own. The music scene in Central PA was incredible in those days.
Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and every town in between was rockin' every weekend so much so that even the underage live music scene flourished!!! The pool in Mount Joy had its weekly 'splash parties' and FULL MOON played regularly. City Island had a concert stage before it was turned into a minor league ballpark. Every Sunday, local bands played all day long...and the Baltimore, Maryland scene was too close not stumble 'round there as well. They later changed their name to WINTER CITY in an effort to avoid confusion with the Neil Larson/Buzzy Feiton band when shopping their demos to the major labels.
Anyway, enough history.
Here's a crappy live recording of FULL MOON playing a seldom-heard instrumental called 'Asteroids' at a gig in Hershey PA:" - ESH

FULL MOON - Asteroids (Live) USA

And that's your wack for tonight. Hope you enjoy tonight's selection.
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