Thursday, September 27, 2007


Right then, let's get on with it shall we?
I got lots of terrific stuff to make your day for this post, so i'll stop fannying about and get right to "the crux of the biscuit", the music.
From 1977, here's the self titled debut album by Canada's Goddo, an excellent if atypically quirky Hard Rock trio. Connoisseurs of Canuck Hard Rock hold these guys in very high esteem, a couple of spins of this one should be all it takes for you to join the ranks of the converted. There's great songwriting a plenty, clever lyrics, great arrangements and some rather brilliant playing, what more could you ask for?

GODDO - Goddo (1977) Canada

To Germany now, for the debut album by Munich's Railway, the imaginatively titled "Railway I".
A great collection of incendiary Rock, this weighs in at the heavier end of the scale, ( for 1984), the nine tracks rockin' mightily with nods to the NWOBHM, fellow countrymen THE SCORPIONS, and US Hard Rock. They followed this with "Railway II" in '85, probably their finest moment, and although they kept playing in one form or another until 1995, this early one-two was never bettered. Get on track, get Railway.

RAILWAY - Railway I (1984) Germany

Now, all the way from Connecticut of all places, another nice rare slab of US Metal which remains deserving of your attention. This is the lone album by Titanic, the self explanatory "Then There Was Rock", released on their own White Lightning label back in 1985. There were many bands playing this sort of thing back in '85, (depending on your point of view it's HARD Hard Rock or commercial Heavy Metal), but few were doing it as well as Titanic. Key to their excellence in their chosen field is singer Bobby Torres, a man with a great set of pipes who should really have gone on to greater things. Check this one out, the guy's got some range, but doesn't feel the need to constantly show off all over the place, he reigns it in and uses it sparingly and to great effect.
Top stuff!

TITANIC - Then There Was Rock (1985) USA

For those of you with senses of humour and open minds here's another EP featuring the talents of Wax Audio. This time the sacred cow getting a good "Waxing" is the once-mighty Metallica. Again, the scope of what's been done with these tracks is staggeringly clever and amusingly irreverent in equal measure. If you enjoyed the previous MAIDEN EP, you'll lap this up. If you didn't, then frankly i pity you.


Time now for some of the old NWOBHM that always seems to go down well with you all.
Up first, here's the debut EP by the fantastic Rogue Male, "All Over You", which was released to much fanfare in the UK Metal press by Music For Nations in 1984. Formed by former members of DEEP MACHINE, LE GRIFFE and DIRTY TRICKS, Rogue Male were being touted as the "next big thing" by the press in 1984. Unfortunately they didn't catch on with the general public ultimately, whether as a result of their "Road Warrior" image or the hype in the music papers. It can't have been the music though, for it's fantastic, great big guitars, great big choruses, and the lyrics eschew the cock-rock-squawk of the times for the most part focusing on social & political themes. Not on this EP though. This is vile sexism of the most knuckle headed kind, and all the more amusing for it. Check out that chorus. They don't make 'em like that any more, they wouldn't dare!

ROGUE MALE - All Over You EP (1984) UK

Up next, the sole release by Berlin Ritz, the "Crazy Nights" 45, released on their own Big Muff Records back in 1980. I must confess, i've not even had the chance to hear this one yet myself. It arrived on a cd from a trader friend as i was putting this post together, and i thought you all might like to hear it. So i hope it's worth hearing after all that. I'm sure you'll let me know.

BERLIN RITZ - Crazy Nights 7" (1980) UK

From the same disc, and with the same lack of info comes another obscure piece of vinyl from the opposite end of the NWOBHM time frame. This is the "The Singer & The Artist" 7" by BEG TO DIFFER on Micro Records from 1985. Again, i've yet to hear this one , so i'll look forward to seeing what you think of it, good or bad.

BEG TO DIFFER - The Singer & The Artist 7" (1985) UK

Finally, here's a nice rare little artifact which was kindly passed on to us by blog visitor metalrorschach, many thanks buddy! This is the Gloucestershire NWOBHM band Tyrant who released the rare & excellent "Hold Back The Lightning" 45 back in 1984. Members of the group came from bands as diverse as MAX HAVOC, CHINATOWN & WRATHCHILD and would go on to join TOKYO BLADE, and in the case of singer Mark Kelsa, briefly replace UDO in ACCEPT for a brief time in '84! Most of us only know of the bands legacy as a result of that 7", thanks to MR we can now hear the bands rare demos. This is some good stuff folks, go geddit!

TYRANT - Demos (1982-84) UK

That's a lot for y'all to work your way through, hope there's something amongst it all to make you beam. Comments, praises, grumbles, requests, reviews - all welcomed, use the "comment" button.
See you all again soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


No time to dally, there's way too much to get through this time, great stuff too.
Top to bottom.
Up first, greeeaat Canadian Hard Rock from Helix. This is their second album, "White Lace & Black Leather", from back in 1981, which they released independently on their own H & S Records label. The damn thing ended up selling more than 15,000 copies making them suddenly irresistible to Capitol Records who snapped them up. Fantastic songs, great delivery. This is salt-of-the-earth, rough round the edges, blue collar, hard rock'n'roll from a different age. Grab it now, love it forever.

HELIX - White Lace & Black Leather (1981) Canada

More top notch kick ass rockin' for yer all next, this one is cut from distinctly different cloth though. This is Cleveland Ohio's Dead Boys, recorded back in 1977, these are the original mixes, in the same order, of the songs which made up their debut album "Young, Loud & Snotty". These versions are even more rough & ready, hence the title, "Younger, Louder, Snottier : The Rough Mixes". Stacked from top to bottom with fantastic songs of alienation & disgust, this one's a keeper. If all you know of them is "Sonic Reducer", prepare for a revelation.

DEAD BOYS - Younger Louder Snottier : The Rough Mixes (1977) USA

Any of you remember Mark Slaughter? He was the singer with VINNIE VINCENT INVASION & later SLAUGHTER, who were pretty big for a short while in the late '80's. And a bit crap too if memory serves. Before that though, Mark was the front man & guitarist for Las Vegas trio X-Cursion for two releases, a later album entitled "Ready To Roll" and a collectible EP, sometimes referred to as "Skull Queen". This is the one we're bringing you here, four vibrant Maiden/Priest influenced cuts of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, delivered with panache & no little youthful enthusiasm. This one came out back in 1983 on Rampage Records, and rampage they do, excellent! If there's interest i can up the LP too at a later date.

X-CURSION - X-Cursion EP (aka : "Skull Queen" EP) (1983) USA

Won't say too much about this next one, except that you MUST hear it. You'll either love it or hate it, but you'll have to admire the skills of the guys who put it together. It's Maiden Jim, but not as we know them. Irreverent, funny, clever & fascinating. Heresy to some for sure, but some people are waay too precious. I give it two thumbs up & urge you to d/l.


Remember those buffoons Odin in the film "Decline Of Western Civilisation Part 2 : The Metal Years"? So sure they were going to be huge stars, full of self belief & booze, but apparently without any talent to back it all up. That's the way i remember their appearance in the movie, so it came as quite a surprise to hear this, their debut EP "Caution", and have all my preconceptions blown away. Apparently, back in '83, when they recorded this, they actually did live up to their claims of Metal god-hood. A pity their promise was unfulfilled over subsequent releases, but this here is a shining moment of metal mastery. Check it out.

ODIN - The Caution EP (1983) USA

Another discography draws (finally) to a close now as we proudly present the missing piece in the Geddes Axe jigsaw. This is their "Sharpen Your Wits" 7" from 1982 on their own Steel City Records label. A scintillating slice of Heavy but commercial NWOBHM Rockin' Hard, this was their 2nd release, coming between the two EPs. Great stuff from one of the unsung delights of the movement.

GEDDES AXE - Sharpen Your Wits 7" (1982) UK

Way back to 1978 now for a great rare slab of 7" black wax from Texans Axxe. This was their sole release under the Axxe name, although they did later release a live album, "Live On The Roxx", as "Impeccable", the following year. Musically, this is a great slice of big dumb souped-up Camaro Rawk, with cowbells and insane spacey guitar solos at every opportunity. Axxe rool! The B-Side is even better, "Through The Night", is a lengthy track, with great guitars (from Mars), and superb vocals too, bringing to mind some of the great names of Mid-70's Rawk. Really, this song's a peach, if you d/l nothing else from this blog ever, do yourself a favour & get this !
If anyone would like to lay a copy of the live Impeccable album on us, please feel free to step right up. as it's right at the top of my "wants" list. Don't be shy now!

AXXE - Rock Away The City 7" (1978) USA

Finally, courtesy of the mighty Carajo, we bring you the splendour of Mendes Prey. Now we posted their lone 7" on here a while back, but Carajo has dug up their only other official recordings for us. These are the two tracks which they recorded for the "Parkside Steelworks" compilation. Haven't had the chance to hear them yet, but if they're even half as good as the 2 songs on their "...Borderline" 7", then we'll be in NWOBHM heaven. Many thanks Carajo, we salute you.

MENDES PREY - Parkside Steelworks Tracks (1982?) UK

Okay folks, that's it for tonight, plenty for you to get through.
More requests, comments & trivia please.
You feed my head, i'll feed your ears.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Good evening & welcome to another intriguing post (hopefully!), from tHE nEW iMPROVED lIVE & oTHERWISE bLOG. Spot the deliberate mistake!
Up first for your delectation tonight, we are proud to bring you one of the great unsung Southern Rock acts, this is the awesome Doc Holliday. This is their long out of print "Legacy" album from 1996, which appeared on the New South Records label. It's a bit of a sonic smorgasbord, with (then) new songs mingling with rerecorded versions of older songs. For the older songs, they've really mixed it up as far as the arrangements go, an acoustic take on "Lonesome Guitar" anyone? Other oldies include "Song For The Outlaw" & a brilliant full on version of "Redneck Rock'n'Roll Band".
Of the "new" material, i think the pick of the bunch has to be "Dead Man's Road", presented here in a semi-acoustic arrangement. Unlike the later electric re-recording on "A Better Road", this treatment allows the song to breathe a little, and the powerful lyrics really come to the fore. If you've never had the pleasure of hearing Bruce Brookshire & the boys before, (where you been?), this is an unusual starting place, they usually rock a little harder! Open minded listeners will find a lot to enjoy here.

DOC HOLLIDAY - Legacy (1996) USA

For those who like their music a little darker, harder & more epic, here's another slice of the good stuff. From 1984, this is the sole self titled album by American Heavy Metallers Dark Age. This one snuck out on Gnarly Records while no one was looking and slipped under the radar, the band imploding shortly thereafter. What a shame. This is a seriously overlooked US Metal gem. Traditional Metal with great lead guitars and a slight NWOBHM influence, this one kicks ass from start to finish. The closing one-two of "Warrior" & "Viper" make this album worth the heavy price tag alone. Bang them heads!

DARK AGE - Dark Age (1984) USA

An even more obscure US Metal release for you next. This is the impossibly rare self titled EP from the little known Triple Forte from 1983. They pressed this one up themselves in very limited numbers, no it very seldom comes up for sale. No, i don't own a copy, this rip was provided by a friend of a friend of a friend, so don't go badgering me to sell you my vinyl. I don't have it. No one does. Which would mean jack shit if the music didn't deliver, but deliver it does. The bargain basement production job does nothing to take the shine of these gems, my personal favourite of the four songs being "Brainwave Overload", which comes off like RIOT jamming PRIEST. Sure it's derivative, but done this well, who cares? It's their forte.

TRIPLE FORTE - Triple Forte EP (1983) USA

To Sweden now, for another obscure gem from Dom, master of all things heavy and Scandinavian. This is the "ROCK Å STRUL" 7" from Jeremiah, which was self released by the band way back in 1980. Great early Scandinavian Metal with great inventive guitar leads and pummeling tempos. The choruses are pretty catchy for Metal this "true", think HEAVY LOAD for a reasonable comparison, although they've got their own unique thing going on too. A one off as far as i'm aware, how this mob didn't create a bigger stir is a mystery.

JEREMIAH - Rock A Strul 7" (1980) Sweden

Heading into the home straight now, with a triumvirate of NWOBHM 7" rarities, each showing a very different side of the movement.
Up first, "Poltergeist", by Brummie maniacs Scarab, a cracking one-off 7" from 1984 on their own Pharaoh label. To tracks of rough & ready Metal with buzzsaw guitars in a biscuit tin production job. Think early JAGUAR for a comparison, they're that good! This band is no relation to the other Scarab, who released the "Rock Night" 45 which i posted here a while back.

SCARAB - Poltergeist 7" (1984) UK

Nextly, we bring you the more Americanized sound of Storyteller, this is their incredibly hard to find "Mystery Girl" 7" from 1985. They've got their sights firmly set on Hollywood mansions, California girls & FM Radio here, but they pull it off with some aplomb. This type of music is really not normally my "bag" (maan), but when done as well as this, i get sucked in to it like every other sucker. Fans of this style will really enjoy the fuck out of this.

STORYTELLER - Mystery Girl 7" (1985) UK

Finally, here's the "Prisoner Of Love" 45 from Dover, Kent, band Masterstroke. This one came out on the DTS label in 1982, and was their only recorded work to my knowledge. This one is more in a Hard /Classic Rock vein, with UFO coming to mind on the verse parts. I wonder if these guys were a little older than their peers, as they appear to have a more mature command of their songwriting and playing than many of their counterparts. Either way, nice stuff. Dig In.

MASTERSTROKE - Prisoner Of Love 7" (1982) UK

So, that's yer lot for tonight folks. All comments, positive or negative, requests too, gratefully accepted, get typing! See you soon for more out of the ordinary Rawk.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Howdy brothers & sisters, upcoming, lots more rare rock'n'roll from the hazy past that you need to hear to make your miserable lives better. Exposure to the music posted on this here blog may even make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex, the stuff we're serving up tonight is that good!
Alright, maybe my Barnum & Bailey hyperbole is overstretching the truth just a tad, but to the trained musical palette this little selection has got to be a five star three course meal with a free bar tab at the very least.
The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
Up first, as promised, the third & final album by Canadian Hard Rock gods The Hunt. Formed from the ashes of prog/psychers DILLINGER who recorded a couple of highly rated early '70's LPs. After adding former MAX WEBSTER drummer Paul Kersey, the changed their name to The Hunt and their style altered drastically too. After a self titled debut and some line up changes, they recorded "Back On The Hunt", as a trio and built up a name for themselves as a popular touring act, especially in the Southern States. At this point bassist Frank Gagnon jumped ship to join FRANK SODA & THE IMPS. They recorded their final album, "The Thrill Of The Kill" in 1982. A diverse but tightly written album of quality Hard Rock with excellent arrangements, it featured the six string talents of MAX WEBSTER guitarist KIM MITCHELL on several tracks to boot. Sadly, that was the end of the road for The Hunt, they went their separate ways later the same year. Why oh why? Get thrilled. Now.

THE HUNT - The Thrill Of The Kill (1982) Canada

Sticking with Canada, here's the final piece of the Fludd discography for you too. This is album No.3, "Great Expectations" from 1975 which surfaced on the Attic Records label. Following an abortive set of recording sessions in the UK, wholesale personnel and label changes had resulted in the band leaving Daffodil Records and Greg Godovitz leaving to form GODDO. The tough times appear to have had an effect on the songwriting, with several songs on the album departing from the bands usually upbeat sound & lyrical viewpoint, but this appears to aid the album as a whole, giving more light & shade to proceedings. "What An Animal", even provided the band with a Top Ten single release, but subsequent 45s failed to connect with the record buying public. Although the band remained together and continued recording until 1976, there were no more new releases from Fludd, the members eventually drifting off to different projects.
Expect greatness, here's Fludd.

FLUDD - Great Expectations (1975) Canada

Something a little heavier for you now, this is a great one-off album from a band with a complicated history. The album is "Barbarians Of The New Earth", the band is Grudge, the year is 1986. Formed as AFTERMATH in Tucson Arizona in 1981, they released their debut EP "Straight From Hell" in 1985 which was well received in underground Metal circles. Relocating to New York in 1986, the changed the bands name to Grudge, set up the Grudge Records label and released several interesting records including titles by THE GODZ and LORDS OF THE CRIMSON ALLIANCE. It's rumoured that the very collectible & mysterious LOTCA album was actually recorded by Grudge themselves performing under a pseudonym. There's plenty to suggest that there's more than a grain of truth in this rumour just by giving the Grudge album a spin. The style of music, the production and even the song titles bear striking similarities to the LORDS material, which is to say, it's bizarre Metal with proggy touches here and there and a really compressed drum sound. Odd stuff! Anyway, true or not, the label stiffed, the band reverted back to the AFTERMATH moniker and released an album called "Don't Cheer Me Up" in 1988. A further demo tape appeared the following year, when the band, fed up with their lack of progress, called it a day. If you prefer your Metal served up with a side order of bizarre, check out Grudge.

GRUDGE - Barbarians Of The New Earth (1986) USA

A more traditional brand of the Heavy stuff for you now from Cleveland Ohio's Elessar. This is their 1984 "Defy The King", six song Mini LP which came out on the sought after Iron Works label. This is great basement Metal with epic aspirations and lyrical leanings towards the fantastical. Production is basic, but very "Wall Of Sound", and the riffing is intricate & memorable. Some good NWOBHM inspired stuff from the Ohio based quintet, a shame they recorded no more material, it would have been interesting to hear what a full length from them would have delivered.

ELESSAR - Defy The King (1984) USA

A trio of NWOBHM 7" rarities to complete the post now.
Up first, the A.R.C. Rock Band and their "Homemade Wine" 7" from back in 1979. The oddly named trio are much more in the 1970's styled Hard Rock vein than most of their NWOBHM counterparts, and i believe they were a little longer in the tooth too, having done the rounds for a few years before releasing this, their only vinyl. Two good solid rock'n'rollers here, which'll have you shaking your asses like it was 1979. Just remember to close the curtains first!

A.R.C. ROCK BAND - Homemade Wine 7" (1979) UK

Now, here's another one shot band, this is the 1981 "I Wanna Make Ya!" 45 on Cargo Records from 7 Year Itch. Again, much more of a Hard Rock band than most of those labelled NWOBHM, the two songs are pretty commercial for the time. Perhaps with a bigger budget they could even have garnered some airplay. As it was, 7 Year Itch sank without trace never to be heard from again. Until now. It's very 1981 sounding, but there's nothing wrong with that.

7 YEAR ITCH - I Wanna Make Ya! 7" (1981) UK

Finally then, here's the 1981 "Lookin' For A Good Time" 7" on the fantastically named Dynamic Cat label, from London based Hard Rockers Nuthin' Fancy. It's Hard Rockin fayre with bubblegum chantalong choruses and a 70's Glam Rock feel. That probably looks a lot worse written down than it sounds. Be brave, good times are hard to find.

NUTHIN' FANCY - Lookin' For A Good Time 7" (1981) UK

Phew, i'm off. Watching Scotland beat France tonight has really taken it out of me, i need sleeeeeeeeeep. Hope something from tonight's bag of tricks makes your day. More soon.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Another nice selection of the under appreciated from the vaults of Bigfoot house for your musical delight this evening.
Let's rewind time way back to 1980, for the sole album from Los Angeles Hard Rock quintet Beowulf. This is their "Slice Of Life" album, which surfaced on the Morrhythm Records label. Not to be confused with the later Skate Punk band of the same name, this Beowulf kept things Rock Hard & simple for the most part, with great catchy singalong choruses and interesting and diverse songwriting. They weren't trying to reinvent the wheel by any means, but they oiled the ones they had pretty damn well. File beside early RIOT.

BEOWULF - Slice Of Life (1980) USA

Up next, as promised, the self titled debut album by Canada's Fludd, from way back in 1971. This one is probably their most unified offering, with nearly every track having that feel good vibe, and with tempos that'll have you bouncing along. They take in a variety of styles along the way, but always stamp their own identity on the songs. Some of you may be familiar with the Canadian hit, "Turned Twenty One", but there are far better songs to be uncovered here. I'll get their 3rd & final LP up soon too, in the meantime get yer feet wet, this is Fludd.

FLUDD - Fludd (1971) Canada

To 1985 now, for the rare sole release from Chicago's Emmy Strut. This Heavy Rockin' four piece recorded and released their EP themselves, but the quality of the recording belies it's origins. This is all i know about the band i'm afraid, but as clued in (and wealthy), fans of early 1980's Hard Rock will tell you,they ROCK!!

EMMY STRUTT - Emmy Strutt EP (1985) USA

The same year in Ohio, another hopeful band were making their sole self released foray into the realms of musical obscurity. Jonas Grumby was the name of band, yup, Jonas Grumby. This is their "Cry Of The Ripper" 7", a tasty morsel of speedy NWOBHM inspired Heavy Metal. B-Side "Short Engagements", is a corker too, with some great memorable riffing, reminding of JUDAS PRIEST. A nice one for collectors.

JONAS GRUMBY - Cry Of The Ripper 7" (1985) USA

To Sweden now for a real rarity to finally finish off the Gotham City discography, this here is the last material that the band recorded, their final demo from 1986. This one was recorded to try & garner some new label interest after disappointing Swedish sales of their "The Unknown" LP caused them to lose their deal with Fingerprint Records. They were unsuccessful in their efforts however, attempting to add more polish to their sound didn't impress label heads and they split in '87. These '86 tracks are great, combining the best of the old Gotham City trademarks and the sleeker more accessible sound which they were pursuing, it could have made them major stars, but it sadly never happened for them. Hear what might have been.

GOTHAM CITY - 1986 Demo (1986) Sweden

Another Swedish treat for you now, this is Spitfire's sole release, the self explanatory "Heavy Rock'n'Roller" 7" from 1982. Pretty much does what it purports to do, mixing the Heavy Rockin' with the Rock'n'Rollin' nicely. B-Side "In The Night", is a slower moodier affair, also neatly done. Aside from a further two tracks on the "Scandinavian Metal Attack" compilation this was all she wrote for Spitfire, a shame, as there's real quality here.

SPITFIRE - Heavy Rock'n'Roller 7" (1982) Sweden

Finally another rare oddity from the halcyon days of the NWOBHM, this is the only release from Londoners Cheeky, their "Get Outta My 'Ouse" 7" from 1980. The A-Side is a corking run through of the old HUSTLER song, which pretty much outdoes the original for rowdy knees-up Rockin'. The flip, "Don't Mess Around", is in a similar vein, inhabiting that strange hinterland where NWOBHM meets Pub Rock. A nice one!

CHEEKY - Get Outta My 'Ouse 7" (1980) UK

That's yer lot for tonight, lots of great stuff coming midweek including the HUNT album i promised. See you then.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Greetings earth people, some more raves from the grave & blasts from the past, to put your head in a spin and your neck in a brace.
Step right up.
All kinds of obscure goodies for you right now, starting with this one, "Still Flyin'" from 1981, by the Bugs Henderson Group.
Bugs is a bit of a legend in the lone star state, and is known as the "daredevil of the red guitar". Before forming his own band, he was part of Garage band MOUSE & THE TRAPS, before joining NILOOB faves, NITZINGER, appearing on their debut album & their "One Foot In History" follow up. After leaving NITZINGER, Bugs did a lot of session work and played as part of blues legend FREDDIE KING's band. In the mid '70's he put together the Bugs Henderson Group, debuting in 1978 with the live album, "At Last". This was followed in '81 by their studio debut "Still Flyin'", a great collection of rock songs with a strong Southern Rock & Blues influence. The power trio format allows Bugs to stretch out & wail on that red guitar when the occasion demands it, but he's far too canny a player to over do it, never overpowering the song in favour of the solo. I think you'll like it my friends.

BUGS HENDERSON GROUP - Still Flyin' (1981) USA

Up next for your fist pumping pleasure (that just sounds wrong...), is the sole self titled album from New York Hard Rock outfit Black Diamond. There's very little info on this mob out there so this potted history is a little "light", unlike the music which reminds me of early RIOT with touches of NWOBHM influences. This ten tracker came out on their own Diamond label in 1982 and boasts titles like "Power Ride" & "Earthshaker", which give you an idea of what to expect. An ass-kicking, old school style basically.

BLACK DIAMOND - Black Diamond (1982) USA

To Canada now for an overlooked Heavy Metal nugget called "Day Of The Saxons", the sole release by Ontario's Witchkiller, which surfaced on Metal Blade Records back in 1984. This is some great thunderous traditional Heavy Metal, which straddles the chasm between PRIEST & SABBATH with some aplomb. A shame they never got as far as releasing a full length, because the five tracks here just reek of awesomeness. A couple of the guys went on to join glammy Hard Rockers RECKLESS for their "Heart Of Steel" album, which was a bit of a wimpy affair if memory serves. Remember them this way, when their Metal was still true.

WITCHKILLER - Day Of The Saxons Mini LP (1984) Canada

Another short lived band in a similar vein to Witchkiller were Atlanta's Sinister Angel, who released this one self titled EP in the same year on their own label. Four powerful tracks of lengthy epic Metal with all the usual thematic matters touched on. Hell, evil women, death, all present & correct. The band had strong links with fellow Atlantans HALLOWS EVE, trading a few members back & forth over the years, after they got to know each other in a prior band called WARRIOR. Good stuff, possibly improved by the poverty row production, go git it.

SINISTER ANGEL - Sinister Angel EP (1984) USA

A nice Hard Rockin' 7" from the NWOBHM now for you, this is "Can't Have My Body Tonight" by Moby Dick on the very collectible Ebony label. This is typically British Hard Rock, with quite a 1970's feel, harking back to bands like Bad Company, but with more firepower. The band are best remembered for introducing the world to the extraordinary vocal talents of one Max Bacon, who would later take the mic for such bands as NIGHTWING, BRONZ & GTR. Later he'd also appear with MIKE OLDFIELD and release a couple of solo albums to boot. The mans got a golden larynx as you'll soon hear here. Nice disc!

MOBY DICK - Can't Have My Body Tonight 7" (1982) UK

Another NWOBHM 7"er for you next, but i'm afraid i've got no background info on this band at all, if anyone knows anything about them, lemmy know. This is the privately pressed "In The Night/Working It Out" double A-Side 7" by Suspect from 1981. A good little radio friendly Hard Rocker with a catchy chorus which you'll be humming for days afterwards. The flip side is a little more meaty, but still hooky enough to have made an impression if it had ever been played on radio. Which, as fate would have it, it probably never was. Shame.

SUSPECT - In The Night/Working It Out 7" (1981) UK

Finally tonight, another Swedish seven inch sensation courtesy of Dom. This is the rare as hell "This Is Life" 7" by The Wagabond from 1979. Stylistically, this has shades of '70's Hard Rock & Metal, but it also keeps one eye on the future, whilst remaining monolithically primeval all at the same time. Think early IRON MAIDEN, "Phantom Of The Opera", that type of thing, especially on the B-Side which is the pick of the pair. Odd, but rewarding. That's just what we strive for here at NILOOB, this one doesn't disappoint on either score.

THE WAGABOND - This Is Life 7" (1979) Sweden

That's all for tonight people. I'll be back at the weekend with some more rare goodies for all y'all, including some more FLUDD as requested. Til then, keep on keepin' on.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Back in business again people, with another nice selection of the odd and the obscure from rocks back pages.
Waaaay back to 1972 for the 1st of todays albums, this is "Cock On" by Canada's Fludd. This was the second of three albums which the Toronto based band recorded. Musically, it's all over the place with folk, rock, jazz, beat and glam influences at various points, but the quality of the musicianship & songwriting prevents their multiple influences from being a hindrance. This one'll be most of interest to fans of GODDO, featuring as it does, Mr Greg Godovitz on bass. This is a far far mellower proposition than most of the stuff we post here, but those with open minds will find much to enjoy. Lemmy know what you think, if there's interest i have their other albums too.

FLUDD - Cock On! (1972) Canada

Fast forward to 1985 and we're proud to present the sole self titled album from L.A.'s Hawk. Formed by guitar whiz Doug Marks, this is a great little Hard Rockin' album featuring future CULT, GUNS'n'ROSES & VELVET REVOLVER drummer Matt Sorum and the excellent DIO-esque vocal talents of David Fefolt. Class heavy rock with wailing leads and memorable songs. The band folded shortly after the albums release with Marks going on to make the well known "Metal Method" guitar instructional video series.

HAWK - Hawk (1985) USA

Four years earlier, and half a world away in Australia, a great little four piece called Taipan released a great little self titled EP on the Bullet Records label. With the right backing & more exposure they could've been huge, going by the quality of material on offer here. A shame they never got the breaks, as this NWOBHM influenced gritty Hard Rock/Metal was obviously played by fans and from the heart.

TAIPAN - Taipan EP (1981) Australia

Some nice doomy heavy metal from Nottingham based NWOBHM troop Radium now. This is their "Through The Smoke" EP from 1981 on Isotope Records. Pretty heavy stuff for 1981 it is too. The band had links with PARALEX, HELL & RACE AGAINST TIME, as part of the East Midlands Band Co-Operative, helping each other out with gigs, equipment, recording etc. Sadly, Radium are probably the least well remembered of the four bands, strange, as musically they were streets ahead of many better remembered acts.


From the same year, this is MARQUIS De SADE, with their lone 7", "Somewhere Up In The Mountains", on X-Pose Records. Again, a pretty heavy proposition for 1981, this is better known but every bit as rare. Goes for upwards of £200 these days. Bass player Pete Gordelier later appeared in BLIND FURY before joining ANGEL WITCH for their "Screamin' & Bleedin'" album.

MARQUIS De SADE - Somewhere Up In The Mountains 7" (1981) UK

Next we bring you the 1983 "Blow You Away" 7" on Astor Records by Stockport five piece Snakebite. Not much is known about these guys, formed in '81, save from an earlier demo this was all that they released. More lightweight than many of their counterparts, the 2 tracks here are melodic and memorable Hard Rock made for US radio on a budget that probably wouldn't have paid for a radio. They aimed high with their dreams.

SNAKEBITE - Blow You Away 7" (1983) UK

Finally, a band that i know absolutely nothing about, this is the 1985 "Alive & Kicking" 7" from Target, another UK based band with designs on American radio, but no chance of ever getting played on it. More bright optimistic sounding Hard Rock with catchy choruses. Personally, i'd have made the B-Side the A-Side and vice versa, but both songs are memorable.

TARGET - Alive & Kicking 7" (1985) UK

That's all for now brothers & sisters. Hope you find something amongst these to make you smile.