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My sincere apologies for the delay in bringing you tonight's post, i've been having some "issues" with my internet provider of late, and when those came to a head last week it took a while to get it sorted out to my satisfaction. Still, not to worry, everything's hunky dory now, and i've got a out tray filled with vintage rawk and metal to set yer pulses racin'.
I'll get on with it shall i?
For starters, ROSIE were a Hard Rock band formed by ex THE GODZ guitarist Mark Chatfield in Columbus, Ohio in early 1980. The band debuted with a self titled four song 12" EP in early 1981 and contributed a further track, "Sorry (I Forgot Your Name)", to a radio station sampler album entitled "Q-FM 96 Hometown Album Project Volume 3". With bassist Jay Chesbro being replaced by Ed Means, a full length studio album entitled "Precious Metal", was recorded and issued by Doubletree Records in late 1981. In 1985 guitarist Robert West was succeeded by new member Tom Courteney. The band's second and final album, 1988's "Rosie Live!", was recorded at The Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on November 25th and 26th 1988. Chatfield would later crop up in BOB SEGER's SILVER BULLET band, with reformed line ups of THE GODZ and with Ohio band LUVHEAD.

ROSIE - Precious Metal (1981) USA

Paul Frehley is better known nowadays by the nom-de-plume he adopted when he became a founder member of venerable Rock institution KISS, that of ACE FREHLEY. A dazzling and individual guitarist, he blazed a pyrotechnic trail through the 1970's as the band became one of the most successful and exciting bands on the planet. A firm fans favourite, "The Space Ace" was seen as the bands reckless rock'n'roll heart by the Kiss Army. Having released his first solo album on the same day in 1978 as his fellow band mates in Kiss, the guitarist scored a sizable coup over his comrades when the accompanying single, 'New York Groove', rose to number 13 on the US Billboard chart. The 'Ace Frehley' album peaked at number 26 in the USA. The idea for solo records had arisen after Frehley had expressed a desire to leave the band to pursue a solo career. In an attempt to save the band from disintegrating there and then manager Bill Aucoin suggested that all four members of Kiss record solo albums. Frehley chose to work with producer Eddie Kramer for a record that would ultimately spawn the biggest hit of the four albums and go on to sell over a million copies. Ace Frehley's departure from KISS in early 1983 led to the formation of FREHLEY'S COMET. In 1987, the quartet released their self titled debut album, which reached gold status. The 1988 mini album 'Live + One' comprised four live tracks with the addition of one studio song 'Words Are Not Enough'. 1988 was a busy year for the band, prior to the release of second album 'Second Sighting', a live video was recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon and Frehley's Comet spent mid 1988 touring America as guests of IRON MAIDEN. For 1989's 'Trouble Walking'' album Frehley dropped the Frehley's Comet title and the album was issued as an Ace Frehley album. All then went quiet on the Frehley front for the next few years. A 1995 tour, dubbed the 'Bad Boys' tour, found Frehley co-headlining shows with former Kiss colleague PETER CRISS. Frehley had previously guested on Peter's 'Criss' album. A 1995 solo EP was recorded but never released as Frehley finally rejoined his erstwhile colleagues in Kiss to reform the classic line up for a record breaking 1996 world tour. With the full blown Kiss in make up reunion of 1996 Megaforce Worldwide issued the Ace Frehley '12 Picks' album, a compilation that featured a batch of previously unreleased live tracks from London's Hammersmith Odeon. As 2001 closed it would become apparent that Frehley was no longer part of the ever extended KISS reunion as former BLACK N' BLUE member Tommy Thayer complete with 'Ace' make up, took over the role. Frehley did however unite with former "unaccredited" KISS member, drummer ANTON FIG, guesting on his 2002 solo album 'Figments'. The guitarist then scored a role as the character 'Johnny' in the 2005 movie 'Remedy', as well as guesting on GO-GO'S bassist KATHY VALENTINE's solo album 'Light Years'. A new solo album was worked up during 2008 and recorded in Westchester County, New York. Throughout the year Ace took a new band out on the road, initially through the USA, then touring the festival circuit in Europe, including spots at Sweden Rock and Donington. The album, now titled "Anomaly" is due for release in Autumn 2009. Here's hoping he carries on in the style of the tracks on this here unreleased five song 1995 EP, as Ace is playing like he did in days of yore. The song writing is tight, succinct, catchy and memorable, and his singing voice is as wonderfully laconic as it's ever been. He's the Ace. He comes from outer space.

ACE FREHLEY - The Unreleased EP (1995) USA

To Europe next, Solothurn based Swiss band KILLER underwent so many line-up changes throughout their career that the last album features no original personnel from the debut effort. Formed in 1979, they debuted in 1981 with two singles followed by the 'LadyKiller' album on the Bellaphon label, but the band ran into controversy due to the graphic nature of the original album cover artwork depicting a bloodsoaked, semi-naked model sprawled across a bed. Subsequent pressings were issued in an altogether different sleeve. 1982's 'Thriller' album found the group sounding more like AC/DC than even compatriots KROKUS could manage. As irony would have it, KILLER would become something of a breeding ground for future KROKUS members as both guitarist Manny Maurer and drummer Dani Crivelli (who had joined KILLER for 1984's 'Stronger Than Ever' release) would both see service with KROKUS, Crivelli joining up in 1987. Maurer also had a hand in HEADHUNTER (as did bassist Beat Kofnehl) during 1985 and Swiss Metal project AIN'T DEAD YET. KILLER replaced guitarist Crown Kocher for 'Stronger Than Ever', bringing in Jan Van Crow in in his place. KILLER's line-up for the ensuing 'Young Blood' album comprised of Van Crow, vocalist Mark B. Lay, bassist Martin Morelli and drummer Ronny Woolf. KILLER also utilised the services of keyboard player Roland Wapf for the 'Young Blood' album.

KILLER - Thriller (1982) Switzerland

HAMMER was a Cleveland, UK, based NWOBHM band comprised of a quintet of erstwhile HOLLAND members, vocalist The Dog (real name Marty Wilkinson), guitarists Kenny Nicholson, (also a former BLACK ROSE member), and Bob Henman with a rhythm section of bass player Graeme Hutchinson and drummer Marty Day. The latter had pre HOLLAND been involved with AXIS. The HAMMER album 'Contract With Hell' was intended as a second HOLLAND record, (following their "Early Warning" debut album), but legal moves from a Canadian band also called HOLLAND forced a name switch and gave the band an opportunity to considerably beef up their sound in the process. The musicianship shines like gold – tight, professional, and technical without becoming overbearing as guitar team Henman and Nicholson weave emotively powerful solos throughout the songs and seem even more self-assured than on the Holland disc. Sadly this was to be the band's sole release with the group splintering as soon as the album was released by Ebony Records in early '85. With the break up of HAMMER, Kenny Nicholson founded FAST KUTZ, releasing his third album by his third band for the Ebony label in 1985 in the shape of "Burnin'".

HAMMER - Contract With Hell (1985) UK

Last, but by no means least, Newcastle upon Tyne Heavy Metal band FIST were signed to Neat Records mere weeks after their formation under the original handle of AXE in 1980 and subsequently found themselves on major label MCA Records following an inter-label deal. In addition to a crop of singles, FIST also contributed a track to the Neat Records compilation 'Lead Weight' and the band supported UFO on their British January 1981 tour. In 1982 Keith Satchfield and John Wylie left as FIST re-signed to Neat Records after their flirtation with MCA, during which time they had released debut album, "Turn The Hell On". Vocalist Glenn Coates, who had previously been a member of HOLLOW GROUND, was added with ex-THRUST man Jon "Pop" Appleby and second guitarist John Paul Roach of MYTHRA also joining. The band's new line up recorded the second album, "Back With A Vengeance", which was issued in 1982. Further changes ensued when Coates was sacked in favour of a slimmed down four piece line-up with "Pop" singing in 1983. Dave Irwin subsequently deputized for Mantas on VENOM's 1985 American tour when the guitarist fell ill. After a lengthy hiatus FIST regrouped during 2002.
Joining original members Harry Hill and Keith Satchfield would be guitarist Martin Metcalfe and DEATHWISH bass player Big Al. FIST got back to touring across the UK and issued a four track EP comprising remixed versions of 'The Vamp', 'Axeman', 'Terminus' and naturally 'Name Rank And Serial Number'. A new album, entitled 'Storm', emerged on Demolition Records in 2004, featuring a host of new songs alongside a few rerecorded Fist classics. The line up for the album included stalwarts Keith Satchfield and Harry "Hiroshima" Hill alongside new members Martin Metcalfe and Brian Rickman, both of whom formerly played with fellow NWOBHM band HOLLOW GROUND.

FIST - Storm (2005) UK

Well, that's tonight's selection, hope y'all enjoy it.
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Hi again. More great stuff coming your way tonight rescued from total obscurity, dusted off and uploaded for the benefit of your hearts & ears.
For starters, VAULT were a Heavy Metal quartet formed in Emmen, Drenthe, Holland in 1979. The band was formed by brothers Koos and Anno De Roo, with the line up completed by Norbert Sulman on drums and vocalist Henri Draaijer. The band set about writing their own songs in earnest after jamming on cover versions initially, and were soon playing live regularly with the likes of TRANCE, BODINE and SAD IRON. Their first release would be the 1982 "Hell Of A Block" 7" on Non Records, a classic slice of '80's European Heavy Metal with balls & melody. All 500 copies sold out quickly, making it a collectors item nowadays, spurring the band on to return to the studio to record an album. The album, "No More Escape", was released in early 1983, again by Non Records, to great reviews and positive reactions. Their progress had been noticed by Mausoleum Records who signed Vault and put them to work on a new album to be called "Sword Of Steel". The recordings were better produced and the playing more aggressive, whilst the song writing had also improved. All was looking rosy until Mausoleum suddenly declared bankruptcy, leaving Vault high and dry. Toting the album around the labels as a demo tape, surprisingly there were no takers for the band, and despite sticking around until early 1986 Vault's time had gone. In 2001 the unreleased Vault track "Sword Of Steel" featured on the "Heavy Metal Maniacs Part 2" compilation album, with the entire "Sword Of Steel" album finally seeing a release in a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies on the Hidden Metal Gems label the following year. A bootleg cd is currently doing the rounds, it compiles the "Hell Of A Block" 7", the "No More Escape" album and the "Sword Of Steel" demo/album. It's from this cd that this rip comes. Enjoy!

VAULT - No More Escape/Sword Of Steel (1983) Holland

Secondly, STILLWATER was an American Southern Rock band of the 1970s, which existed from 1973 to 1983 and was based in Warner Robins, Georgia. They released two albums on Capricorn Records, "Stillwater" (1977), which included the single "Mind Bender", (a hit single in 1978). and "I Reserve The Right" (1979). They opened for such bands as BLACKFOOT, ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION and the CHARLIE DANIELS BAND. After Capricorn Records went under in 1978, the band struggled on, recording the album "Running Free" in 1983, but splitting before it was finished. The band reconvened in 1997 to complete the abandoned "Running Free" album, with new drummer David Heck, the album was finally released in late '97, with the band playing shows to commemorate the event. An archive live album "Stillwater Live" comprising recordings from concerts in Utica New York in 1977 and 1978 has since been released on cd. After the band broke up, guitarist Rob Walker enlisted in the Air Force Band of New England, Pease Air Force Base, New Hampshire. He is still in service, currently stationed in Active Duty with the Band of the US Air Force Reserve at Robins Air Force Base. Guitarist Mike Causey can still be seen playing with the likes of EDDIE STONE & FRIENDS, WINTERS BROTHERS BAND, BIG MIKE & THE BOOTY PAPAS. Al Scarborough plays bass with a band called THE WALL in Warner Robins and Macon Ga and has played with EDDIE JAMES GANG. Rob Walker occasionally drops in to play with The Wall too and has also recorded with EDDIE STONE & FRIENDS. Drummer David Heck currently lives and performs in Denver, CO. Keyboard player Bob Spearman, who also played with The Wall, has sadly since died of cancer.

STILLWATER - Stillwater Live (1978) USA

Two goodies from the NWOBHM now to complete tonight's post. Huddersfield five piece NWOBHM band RHABSTALLION were formed in late 1977. They recorded their first 2 song demo in 1980, the same year they contributed a track to the Logo Records 'New Electric Warriors' compilation. A 7" self-financed single, 'Day To Day' was issued on their own Rhab Records the following year. 1982 saw the recording of a further two song demo, the imaginatively titled "Demo II". In 1984 the 4 song "Demo III" tape was circulated, but disheartened, the band folded by the years end. Rhabstallion guitarist David Thompson later held membership of VENTURE, VOYAGER UK and sessioned for NINA HAGEN amongst others. He subsequently formed AOR outfit LOST WEEKEND with another former Rhabstallion colleague, drummer Jack Himsworth. To date Lost Weekend have released 4 albums. In 1994 the specialist Vinyl Tap Records label released the 14 song Rhabstallion compilation album 'Day To Day' which collected all three of the band's demos, both sides of their single and added two live tracks.

RHABSTALLION - Day To Day (1980-1984) UK

And, lastly, but not least, Merseyside based NWOBHM band GASKIN formed in 1980 and were signed to Rondelet Records the following year. They debuted in 1981 with the "I'm No Fool" 7" single, and followed this with a full length album entitled "End Of The World". Both releases were well received in the music press at the time and sold well. 1982 saw the release of their second album "No Way Out", and a further single "Mony Mony" as well as a British tour in as support to WISHBONE ASH. In 1983 bassist Stefan Prockopczuk was replaced by Mark McKenzie and towards the end the group added vocalist Bren Spencer, previously of KAMARG, to the fold.
The band split in early 1983, but Gaskin and Spencer later issued a statement saying they would record a third album under the GASKIN banner to be titled 'Aftermath'. This album never saw the light of day. GASKIN reformed in 1999 and issued the 2000 album 'Stand Or Fall' on Neat Records, as well as making an appearance at the prestigious German Wacken festival.

GASKIN - End Of The World (1981) UK

Hope there's something from tonight's selection to light up your night, whether it's an old favourite or a new discovery. Lemmy know your opinions people and as always, thank you for comments on the last post. If you had troubles getting the first QUARTZ disc from last time, try again now as i've fixed the link after the fault was brought to my attention.
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