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Hiya folks, sorry for the lengthy delay since the last post here, but there's been a World Cup on.
I thought i'd make it up to you with a large "old style" post as i used to do in days of yore.
Without further ado, let's dig in shall we?

UltraBoris on Metal Archives is succinct and unstinting in his praise of HALLOWEEN's 1984 "Don't Metal With Evil" album. :
"Oh man, this is such a FUN album. Really, that's the best adjective I can come up with.
It's got catchy riffs and these fun singalong vocals with over-the-top, slightly cheesy, and just in general not-to-be-taken-too-seriously lyrics.
Textured soundscapes and deep introspection, this is not.
This is just FUN Heavy fucking Metal."
He pretty much nails my view right there.
This was the first album by Halloween, and followed hot on the heels of their debut release, the privately pressed "Trick Or Treat" 7".
They finished 1984 by releasing a live album, "Live From The Crypt", but after this flurry of activity the band went through personnel changes and their profile diminished as the years went by.
Despite this the band were able to contribute tracks to the compilation albums "Motor City Metal III" and "Lamour Rocks", tour the U.S. in 1989 with CRIMSON GLORY and play shows with the likes of KING DIAMOND, MEGADETH and TESTAMENT.
Halloween returned from the recording wilderness in 1990 with their "Vicious Lies" Demo, and have remained a going concern ever since, releasing 2 further demos, an EP, 4 full length albums and a best of compilation in the intervening years.

HALLOWEEN - Don't Metal With Evil (1984) USA


KARRIER was a five piece NWOBHM Hard Rock band formed in Birmingham in 1982 from the ashes of a previous act called EXPRESS.
Three ex-members of Express formed the core of Karrier's initial line up.
Signing to the small Unit Records label in 1984, the band debuted later that year with the "I'm Back" single, which was available in 2 track 7" and 3 song 12" formats.
An album, "Way Beyond The Night", followed in 1985, but despite very positive reviews and a major UK Tour supporting MAGNUM it didn't sell in great quantities.
Following some line up changes Karrier resurfaced in 1986 with a new single, "Poor Little Rich Girl", which contained 2 new non-album tracks.
The new material saw the band moving in a more overtly commercial direction than previously, but the 7" failed to provide the breakthrough they hoped for.
Unit Records folded soon after, with Karrier sadly following suit by the years end.
Guitarist Chris Clowsley then joined TRANZAM, later moving on to an act called CONTRABAND, before recording an album with another group called DEUCE.
He currently plays guitar in a PINK FLOYD tribute band called DARKSIDE.
Bass player Mark Fletcher resurfaced in the 1990's playing on albums by both ALISTAIR MURPHY and HALF LIFE.
Singer Gary Garner eventually moved into the business side of music, at one time managing THE WILDHEARTS.

KARRIER - Way Beyond The Night (1985) UK


Welsh NWOBHM act NO QUARTER formed in 1980 and the quartet released their debut cassette, the five song "Songs In Circles" on Neon Records, in 1981.
The band also had the track "Power And The Key" featured on the 1982 Heavy Metal Records compilation album "Heavy Metal Heroes II".
Further exposure came via a well received BBC Friday Rock Show session later the same year.
No Quarter released a further cassette, the seven song "Uncertain Future" in 1982, but this was later withdrawn.
No Quarter performed a somewhat unusual gig during 1983 at the Broadmoor Hospital for the Criminally Insane, which they later revisited on the track "Broadmoor Blues".
Another release, the classic 3 song 12" "Survivors" EP on Reel Records came later in 1983.
The band's final release came in 1985, the 3 song "Birds Of Prey" EP was issued by Bonzo Bear Records, before the band went on indefinite hiatus.
Having not been a going concern for some years, No Quarter reformed in 1992 with a 14 song "Best Of" album being released through Vinyl Tap Records in 1994.

NO QUARTER - Uncertain Future Cassette (1982) UK


Iron Gypsy were formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 1983 around whizkid guitarist Jim Mark.
Personnel changes were a constant problem, meaning it was late 1984 before they got around to releasing their self-titled Mini LP.
A diverse & powerful set, it brought the band many admirers, and international distribution for their record too.
This in turn led to tour supports with SAXON & ACCEPT amongst others.
However, just as they seemed poised to step up to the big time, their drummer deserted them to join a Country & Western band, and all the momentum they'd built up disappeared overnight.
The band finally followed up their classic debut with a four song EP entitled "Take 2" in 1987 through the Wench label.
Again, personnel problems dogged the band and despite playing more live shows with the likes of PAT TRAVERS, D.O.A., OMEN & DEATH ANGEL, Wicks grew frustrated with the lack of progress and folded the group in 1989.

IRON GYPSY - Take 2 EP (1987) Canada


SATANIC RITES were a NWOBHM band formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1979.
Signing with the Wolverhampton based Heavy Metal Records, the band released their first single, "Live To Ride", in 1981.
The record brought them rave reviews from respected music publications such as Sounds and Kerrang! but they weren't to release any further product until 1985.
By this time singer Daz Bingham was out, replaced by Deborah Webster, the wife of bassist David Ingham.
The female vocals brought a whole different feel to the band's debut album, "Which Way the Wind Blows", which was released privately in 1985.
After the album's release, long time keyboard player Kevin Doyle left the band to be replaced by Graham Dyson.
This new line up recorded a second album, "No Use Crying", which was released in 1987.
This was to prove to be the band's swansong however, as Satanic Rites split up in 1988.
The band's reputation and the strength of their recorded output has kept the band's name alive, and with new generations discovering the NWOBHM, Cult Metal Classics have recently remastered and re-released the band's two albums with new cover art on CD for the first time.

SATANIC RITES - Live To Ride 7" (1981) UK


FORGER were a four piece NWOBHM band formed in Oxfordshire in 1983.
They recorded a three song demo in 1984, but it failed to drum up too much interest or bag them a record deal.
Undeterred, 1985 saw the band release the "She's A Liar" 7" on their own Forger label.
By the time of the record's release, the band had incorporated more Hard Rock and Glam Rock influences into their sound, but were still pretty Heavy nonetheless.
Forger's image was a definite drawback however, whilst they were probably aiming to look like a cross between TWISTED SISTER and MOTLEY CRUE, the single's picture sleeve shows them pouting like cross dressing bricklayers.
The members of the band had also adopted daft pseudonyms by this time, like "Steve Animal" and "Ringo Styxx".
No, really.
Anyway, the single was to be Forger's only official release as the band folded soon after the record's release.

FORGER - She's A Liar 7" (1985) UK


Finally, RESLESS were a traditional US Heavy Metal band formed in Westwood, New Jersey from the ashes of a prior act called STEEL WINGS in 1983.
Their only release was a solitary self-financed 7" single on their own Flying Dog Productions label.
The two song single featured Lou Ciarlo of HADES guesting on Bass just before he joined ATTACKER, he was filling in for the recently departed Rob Littauer, although the picture sleeve showed new recruit Drew Andrews.
Musically, the band appear to have had more than one eye on the European scene of the time, with JUDAS PRIEST also an obvious influence.
This new line up then recorded an uncirculated 3 song demo in 1985 and gigged widely around the New York area.
In 1987, after personnel changes, the band's style began to move in a more Hard Rock/Glam/Hair direction, so they changed their name accordingly, becoming DIRTY BLONDE.
In 1989, a further name change sees the band become A THOUSAND TIMES, and another 5 song demo was recorded, but with no record deal forthcoming, the members go their separate ways in 1991.
In more recent years Vocalist/Guitarist Kurt E. Stahl released a compilation album of various recordings made between 1984 and 2004 by bands he played with.
The album, "Diary Of An Unsigned Rocker", features both Resless, Dirty Blonde and A Thousand Times amongst others and was released under the name KURT.
For the last 15 years he has played with an Acoustic/Roots/Country/Rock band called THE SLEWFOOT PROJECT who have recently released their debut album, the live "Feels Like Home".

RESLESS - Restless Metal 7" (1984) USA


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