Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hello again.......

From 1977 here is AC/DC's "She's Got Balls" boot. Sound is excellent as is the show.

AC/DC - She's Got Balls Sept 1, 1977 Old Waldorf @ SF, Cally + a few bonus tracks (as listed)
Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be/Up To my Neck In You/Kicked in the Teeth/the Jack/Whole Lotta Rosie/High Voltage/Baby Please Don't Go/Problem Child/Little Lover (BBC 12/77)/Carry Me Home (studio track)/Cold Hearted Man (Studio track)/Can I Sit Next To You (1st single)//She's Got Balls (04/29/77, Offenbach, Stadthalle Sweeden)

Here's another one from Patti Smith (the other show is over at my other blog and this one is with John Cale.

Sound quality is good, performance excellent. This is the bootleg album recording of Patti's Bottom Line performance at the end of December, 1975. The performance was broadcast live on WNEW FM. .


"Real Good Time Together", "Set Me Free", "Space Monkey", "Redondo Beach", "Free Money", "Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie" -- side 1
"Mafia", "Birdland", "Land/Gloria", "Time Is On My Side", "My Generation" -- side 2

Short one from West Bruce & Laing's performance in Dallas Texas at Dallas Municipal stadium 11/29/72. The final song is cut toward the end (about 30 seconds from the end). Sorry no set list for this one.


Next up is a great set of pre-1st LP studio stuff from Dave and the boys. It's Van Halen's Demo Daze CD in full. There are also some live lives at the end but 2 have never seen the light of day "walk Away" (James Gang cover) and "Rock Steady" (Bad Co. cover). There is really nice sound on most cuts (a few should have been buried) but it does vary from track to track. Covers in the rar file.

Van Halen Demo Daze (1977)

Babe Don't Leave Me Alone 3:12
Fools 4:33
Ice Cream Man 3:58
She's The Woman 2:00
Voodoo Queen 3:34
KROQ Interview :47
House Of Pain 3:15
Runnin W/ The Devil 3:42
Take Your Whiskey Home 3:40
In A Simple Ryhyme 3:35
Believe Me 2:45
Don't Call Us 4:02
Bullet Head 3:31
Voodoo Queen 4:59
Take Your Whiskey Home 3:54
Fools 5:55
Walk Away 3:57
Rock Steady 5:36
Total Time - 66:53
Tracks 1 through 4 are from January of 1976.
Tracks 6 through 8 come from the "On Fire In Fresno" CD.
Tracks 9 through 11 have Mark Stone on Bass and are from 1974.
Tracks 12 through 18 are from 1976.
VooDoo Queen is misspelled twice on the back cover as "Vodoo Queen", but is spelled correctly in the liner notes.
Called "Van Halen Studio Demos" on test pressings and came with plain, typed inserts instead of the full color ones in this release.
Most of this disc is soundboard but there are a couple of tracks that are audience. Sound is at least comparible to "'77 + Live" disc.


More studio stuff, this time from the mighty Led Zep, this is from a CD entitled Bonham Sessions. No covers but I found a great bunch of info to share here.

The Bonham Sessions

1 with Roy Woods "On the Road Again"
2-3 with P.J. Proby's "Three Week Hero"
4-5 Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends
6-7 Wings "Back to the Egg"
8 "Concert for the People of Kampuchea"
9-10 May 1970 Rehearsal
11-18 Headly Grange Rehearsal 1974
19 BBC Sessions 4/1/71
Sound Quality: S 7-9
Disc Times: 71min

Track Title
1 Keep Your Hands On The Wheel
2 Jim's Blues
3 Gearge Wallace Is Rollin In This
4 Thumping Beat
5 Union Jack Car
6 So Glad To See You Here
7 Baby Come Back
8 Rockestra Theme
9 Immigrant Song
10 Out On The Tiles
11 Custard Pie
12 The Rover
13 In My Time Of Dying
14 Trampled Underfoot
15 In The Light
16 The Wanton Song
17 Sick Again
18 Hots On For Nowhere
19 Going To California

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Yes it's Neil (best I could do, sorry!)

Welcome to Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. Today we have Yes and Neil Young. So have fun kids.
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This one's a biggie folks. It's Yes on their Drama tour. 9-9-80 at Boston Gardens from a CD called Where the Lens Is Wide. It is an audience recording but a nice one. It is the whole thing and I hope you like it, cause I do! (some covers and pics I found)

Live at the Boston Gardens - Boston - 9/9/1980
Audience - A
CD 1 : Young person's guide to the orchestra, Does it really happen?, Yours is no disgrace, Into the lens, Clap, And you and I, Go through this, Man in a white car suite, Parallels
CD 2 : We can fly from here, Tempus fugit, Amazing grace/Whitefish, Machine messiah, Starship trooper, Roundabout , We can fly from here, I am a camera (Buggles demos, 1980), Here comes the feeling, Starry eyes (Asia demos with Trevor Rabin, 1982)


Next up, Neil Young from London in 1971 on his solo (meaning him and his geetar) tour. Lovely stuff. Sound quality is great and Neil is his usual good self on this night.

Neil Young - London 1971
London, England - February 27, 1971 - Silver Shadow CD 9102 - SB 5

Track List:
On the Way Home
Tell Me Why
Old Man
Journey Through the Past
Cowgirl in the Sand
The Bridge
The Loner
Don't Let it Bring You Down
See the Sky About to Rain
Out on the Weekend
I Am a Child
Love in Mind
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Heart of Gold
A Man Needs a Maid
Needle and the Damage Done
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
Dance Dance Dance

Recorded at London's Festival Hall


Thursday, April 27, 2006

This is where it all started!!!

Jazz has been booted at least since the mid 50's but the first known rock release was this album by Mr. Dylan released circa 1969 (some sources say 1968). There were about 25 known variations of this album as of 1984 according to Hot Wacks magazine and since the advent of the CD-R God only knows how many mutations of this thing exist. The one I have is from a weathered LP I got back in the mid 80's. Is it the original? I have no idea, but it sounds original.
Is it worth listening to? Depends on how big of a Dylanite you are. Truthfully, I like the man and totally respect his position at the forefront of his game, and think many of his songs are among the finest in rock history, but I am far from a die-hard fan. But I thought somebody out there might enjoy this:the grandfather of the 'leg.

On Thin Lizzy's 1975 Fighting tour they visited Ludwigshaffen (or Ludwigshaven depending on where you look) twice, at two different venues and played the same songs. Most sources say the one recorded was at Freishiem Radstadion on the 6th of September 1975 so we'll go with that. Set list: Fighting/It's Only Money/King's Vengeance/Still In Love With You/Showdown/Suicide/Rosalie/The Rocker/Sha La La
Baby Drives Me Crazy/Me and the Boys.

In all honesty not the best sound quality, but not unlistenable either. There just aren't that many pre-Jailbreak era shows of these guys.


Next up: From the you can't believe everything you read department--here is a show I got in a trade many years ago and for this post haven't changed it a bit. If you take it at face value you'd think wow, a nice quality show from the Who Do We Think We Are Tour by Deep Purple. Not many of those floating around at all (and that's what I thought too). So I trade for it and get it in the mail and I listen. First thing I notice, that's David Coverdale singing. And that's Glenn Hughes harmonizing. So I left it alone until about two years then I did some research on the thing. Found out although it's labeled 4-24-73 Atlanta Georgia it's not. It's actually 2-27-76 Atlanta Georgia on the final tour of the Mark V lineup. Sound quality is excellent and Tommy Bolin does and absolutely astonding solo toward the end. So in the end I'm a happy guy. But never trust those titles because lots of times they are wrong. (I once argued by snail mail for a month about a trader with a show entitled Fastway 1980 London when any fan knew Fastway didin't even exist until late 1982 and Fast Eddie was still in Motorhead. I still got the show--it was London 1983. **gloat**)


And one last hard rocker tonight. From a CD I got a long time ago entitled Here Again At the Agora, is Rush rocking Cleveland, Ohio for a radio broadcast on 12-16-74. It was titled the way it was because they had just done a show there on 8-26-74 (also for radio) and came back for another May the next year. This one, I believe is a rebroadcast of the original but it still sounds great!!
01. Finding My Way
02. Best I Can
03. What You're Doing
04. Fly By Night
05. Here Again
06. Anthem
07. Bad Boy
08. Working Man
09. Drum Solo

That's all for now, see ya!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tom Waits for no one.....and more!

This one is Tom Waits live in Hamburg Germany 1977. Sound is excellent, set is excellent and it's Tom in his beatnik jazz period. My favorite! So grab this, turn down the lights, flame up your favorite smoking material, grab your favorite beverage and kick back and listen to Tom.

01. Spare Parts
02. Invitation to the Blues
03. Depot, Depot
04. The Piano Has Been Drinking
05. Pasties and a G-String
06. Step Right Up
07. Semi Suite
08. Fumblin With the Blues
09. Midnight Lulllaby
10. Emotional Weather Report
11. I Can't Wait to Get Off Work
12. New Coat of Paint
13. Nobody But You
14 Diamonds on My Windshield
15. Everytime I Hear This Melody
!6. The One That Got Away

Next we have a great show from Jack Bruce, Gary Moore and Gary Husband pretending they are Cream and doing a nice job. I have always thought Gary Moore tore it up on guitar and he really does here. Jack is in fine form. This is the complete show from intro music to encore(s). 110 minutes from Chelsea London 7-18-98 (except the ist version of Politician--see tracklist) at 192k. Files aren't split but there are spaces between tracks (God I hate that) so if ya wanna........

PART ONE : NSU/Life On Earth/Born Under A Bad Sign/City of Gold/Theme From An Imaginary Western/Sleepy Time Time/Deserted Cities of the Heart/Sitting On Top Of The World
PART TWO : Sunshine Of Your Love/Politician (Cellar Club 7-14-98)/First Time I Met the Blues/I Feel Free/White Room/Politician

And this, my friends, is something many of you may have already but I thought I'd stick it up here anyways. It's Sir Paul and the Wings studio outtakes from the London Town album. It's from a CD called London Town Roughs and Demos. These are from 5/77 . Tracks are tagged.

If there are any requests you want me to stick up here, don't hesitate to ask.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006


FRANK ZAPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/14/75 Kansas City KS
Soldiers And Sailors Memorial Hall

10-14-1975 ยป 75 min, Aud, A- -TUNEAGE : Intro, Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy, Lonely Little Girl, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?, Chunga's Revenge, Advance Romance, Zoot Allures, Swallow My Pride, Any Downers?, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man, I'm The Slime, San Ber'dino . 71 minutes, above is actual '75 tour photo but not from this show.

Next up is a great soundboard from one of my favorite "mainstream" artists. This is from a CD titled Fox Theater 1971 & 1973 but is actually wrong. The '73 tracks are from the Fox in Atlanta, Georgia 11-8-73, but the '71 tracks are actually from Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7-1-71. BTW - I list my shows month/date/year (I know some people do it differently so I thought I'd mention it). The '71 tracks were a radio broadcast from WMMS in Philly. Good early Toddstuff.

Last for today, (sorry no pics) is from Black Sabbath's 1980 Heaven & Hell tour (AKA the Black & Blue tour as they co-headlined with Blue Oyster Cult on many shows) . Opener on this tour were Shakin' Street (sorry no sounds from them). This one was a radio broadcast so nice sound here too. Aug 10, 1980 at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford CT was the date of this one.

That's all this time.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Got live if you want it.

This is my new space for live and outtake stuff only. Hope you enjoy it.