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Hullo Folks.
Yup, it seems it's time again for some more music from back then that still sounds great in the hear and now.
Up first, an album i recommend heartily, it's a little to the left, (or right), of the type of thing i usually post here, but i'm sure that you men of taste and distinction will find it hits the spot nonetheless. ;)
SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS were a Hard post-Punk Blues Rock band formed in 1986 in San Francisco. They released four studio albums, an EP, and a live album across their nine-year existence.
Its core members were Gary Floyd and Lynn Perko, who were in the seminal Punk band THE DICKS.
Sister Double Happiness' music was bluesier than that of the Dicks, and lyrically they were generally more personal in tone than the politically radical style of their earlier band; however, Floyd and Perko's leftist lyrics and punk influences were not entirely gone.
Debuting in 1988 with a self-titled album on former BLACK FLAG guitarist Greg Ginn's SST Records, the band spent much of the next few years touring, building up a loyal grass roots following with their emotive Bluesy Alternative Rock.
However, they also split up for a period during this time, with Floyd taking a sabbatical from the band to pursue his interest in Eastern philosophy and spirituality.
With the focus back on the music, 1991 saw the band sign to major label Reprise Records, and release the "Heart & Mind" album, which in turn led to more bouts of heavy touring, both as a headliner and support act.
A switch to Warner Chappel and the expansion of the band to a quintet occured before the release of their third (and best) album, "Uncut" in 1993.
Later the same year, a self-titled EP was also issued by the same label, before the band again found a new home, this time with Seattle's Sub Pop Records.
Issuing album No 4, "Horsey Water" for their new label in 1994, the band gradually began to crumble in the wake of the records release, as the years of fruitless struggle took their toll on interpersonal relationships in the groups ranks.
After the dissolution of Sister Double Happiness in 1995, Floyd formed and primarily played in Europe with the blues group THE GARY FLOYD BAND; a compilation of this material, "Backdoor Preacher Man", is now available.
Floyd and Sister Double Happiness guitarist Danny Roman also earlier played in BLACK KALI MA, a blues-punk act that recorded an LP entitled "You Ride The Pony (I'll Be The Bunny)" for Alternative Tentacles in 1999.
Gary Floyd is now in a band called THE BUDDHA BROTHERS, and has also recorded solo as a country musician.
Perko went on to become a member of indie rock band IMPERIAL TEEN in 1996, who have released five albums to date. Perko also appeared on Black Kali Ma's lone album.
Guitarist Ben Cohen returned to his native France and became more interested in electronic and dance music post-SDH, recording with THE PARTY & STARDUST, and guesting alongside DAFT PUNK.
Under the alias of BENJAMIN DIAMOND he has released five albums of Dance/Electro music.
Bassist Jeff Palmer went on to join Psychedelic Pop band MOMMYHEADS, recording four albums with them, and also joined the reformed SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE.
His replacement in SDH, Miles Montalbano, had also played in BLACK KALI MA and later recorded with JONATHAN RICHMAN. He's now a respected indie film maker, best known for his movie, "Revolution Summer"
A posthumous Sister Double Happiness album, "A Stone's Throw from Love (Live and Acoustic at the Great American Music Hall 06/17/92)", was released in 1999 by Innerstate Records.


Formed in Barnsley in 1982, and taking their name from a phrase in James Joyce's "Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man", the original incarnation of Hard Rockers BABY TUCKOO featured vocalist Steve Holton (who soon departed to join CYRKA), and ex-HERITAGE and GEDDES AXE guitarist Andy Barrott.
Keyboard player Alan Tidswell joined VERITY prior to former OVERDRIVE vocalist Rob Armitage (a man once compared to a 'Kop full of David Coverdales') joining in 1983.
The band's 1983 debut single, "Mony Mony", released on the Albion label, was produced by ex-ARGENT man John Verity and this was soon followed by the "First Born", album a year later in 1984 through the Ultranoise label.
In 1985 Baby Tuckoo signed to the enterprising Music For Nations label who subsequently released the band's second album, "Force Majeure", to critical acclaim. The label followed this up with the EP "Rock (Rock)", and in early 1986, the "Tears Of A Clown" EP.
BABY TUCKOO then teamed up with Leicester's CHROME MOLLY for the joint headlining "Best Of British" tour.
Baby Tuckoo called it a day when Armitage quit to join German Metal band ACCEPT, although he was never to record with the band. After a mere nine month stint with Accept, Armitage joined JAGGED EDGE, then founded the short-lived PASSION before quitting the music business.
His former Baby Tuckoo colleague Andy Barrott went on to join former tour mates Chrome Molly, playing on their 1990 "Slaphead" album.
Barrott then formed SWAMPWALK, releasing a four song 1993 EP entitled "Rush Of Blood", and later that year, a full length album, "Strangled At Birth". Spells of touring followed, supporting the likes of XENTRIX and CATHEDRAL, before Swampwalk's second & final album "Technicolour Vomit Jet" appeared in 1996.

BABY TUCKOO - First Born (1984) UK

Swedish band TORCH formed in 1979 in Eskilstuna, were a powerful traditional Heavy Metal act that garnered lots of praise in their time.
They debuted for Tandan Records in 1982 with a five song self-titled Mini LP, (later re-titled "Fire Raiser", for it's CD reissue).
A limited edition (1,500 copies), three song 12" EP, "Bad Girls" (aka "Limited Edition For Export Only"), followed in 1983, before the release of their self-titled debut album, (retitled "Warlock" in Japan & the USA).
These releases garnered Torch plaudits and favourable column inches in the pages of Europe's Metal press, and raised expectations that their next record could see them make a major splash on the world stage.
However, their 1984 album "Elektrikiss", was saddled with one of the most hackneyed album sleeves of the year, and despite the undeniably great music in the grooves, the artwork and poor distribution stymied the band's sales at this important juncture.
Sadly, this was the end of the road for Torch, as the group folded sometime during 1985.
Guitarist Claus Wildt relocated to America to join MASI, appearing on 1988's "Downtown Dreamers", album.
Wildt's guitar partner Chris First and drummer Steve Streaker, (real name Håkan Hedlund), became ensconced in the ranks of CRYSTAL PRIDE, appearing on their four song 1990 Demo.
Vocalist Dan Dark (real name Osten Bidebo) latterly fronted a covers act named BLÄÄSTERS.
TORCH announced a high profile return to the live circuit with an appearance at the 'Keep It True IV' festival held in April 2005 at the Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany. The only original member in this line up however, was vocalist Dan Dark with the other members holding past credentials with SCAAR and GRIFFEN.
Heart Of Steel Records signed the new look TORCH for a 2009 album of re-recorded greatest "hits", "Dark Sinner".

TORCH - Torch Mini LP & Bad Girls EP (1982) Sweden

ROLLERBALL were an Italian quartet formed in Florence, Tuscany in the early 1980's.
Following a self-titled seven song demo cassette and a song on the 1983 "H.M.Eruptions" compilation LP, the band released this four song 12" EP.
Entitled "Outlast The Game", and released on Rollerball/Discomix Records, i'll let DaN's review from The Corroseum website explain this one better than i ever could.
"It's definitely a hard one to describe. Not that the music itself is that incredibly original, but the songs differ so much from each other and none of them are really that reminiscent of any particular band. Um, but then again, the vocals are quite familiar. Very close to my favorite German screamer Toto Bergman of LIVING DEATH-fame, and I don't think it's just the vox that makes me think of the old Speed Metal gods. The 'balls play around with melodies and moods in a bit more adventurous way though, and with the exception of their intense and upbeat theme song they could hardly be called Speed Metal per se. "Do You Know Alan?" could almost be accused of being 'Party-Metal' if it didn't for some strange reason remind me of VENOM at times. On the other hand it's quite an intricate and well written piece of sing-along Metal music. Doesn't make much sense does it? The superb "Escape" could definitely fall within the Epic Metal category, but in a very woeful and down-to-earth way. It guess you could call it their very own "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Brilliant melodies in there, simply brilliant. ROLLERBALL at their finest.
I later discovered the band made a 2nd release. When I finally got hold of "Don't Push The Button" I was very sad to discover that in only one year, the band had completely turned away from Metal. This peculiar double-12" contains 6 songs of plain, poppy New Wave/Post-punk, and as a closet (but very selective) nw/pp-fan I can vouch for the fact that they're not handling this new direction very gallantly." Review by DaN

ROLLERBALL - Outlast The Game EP (1983) Italy

DESPERATE OATES were a 3 piece NWOBHM band based in the wild fenlands of Lincolnshire. The band were formed in the early 1980's and featured Jake 'Lin Tremayne' Williams (alias John Singing Rock) on Guitar and Vocals, John "Piggy" Line on Bass and Vocals and Shaun "E" Muff on Drums and Vocals.
Their music was a blend of Hard Rock and 12 Bar Boogie. The band gained quite a repertoire in their area and played many gigs over their four year existence.
Jake's guitar style was heavily influenced at this stage by the legendary Steve Zodiac of NWOBHM band VARDIS, with whom Williams worked in his capacity as a Vardis guitar tech.
However, the band only ever wrote a handful of their own material backed up by heavier versions of covers such as STATUS QUO's "In My Chair" and T REXs "Get It On (Bang A Gong)".
A couple of demo tapes were released and, in 1984, a three song EP entitled "Burning Alive".
The EP earned Desperate Oates some interest, making it into the independent singles chart as a result of a positive review in Sounds magazine.
Around the beginning of 1987 the band members decided to split up the band and go their separate ways.
Jake moved to Cornwall and formed CHAIN LIGHTNING, (with ex-CLOVEN HOOF vocalist Derek Hodd), who went on to release two cassette only Mini albums in the early '90's, additionally Williams also found the time to play with GRINDER.
Since reforming in the mid '00's, Chain Lightning have released a full length album, "Bolt From The Blue", which came out in 2007.
Sadly, about 3 years ago, John "Piggy" Line, Desperate Oates' bass player, passed away.

DESPERATE OATES - Burning Alive EP (1984) UK

Formed in Middlesex in 1983, ORION were a melodic NWOBHM band who showed a lot of promise.
The original line up contained guitarist Ken Tilley and Simon Ward on bass, both of whom jumped ship to join Nottingham based act DEUCE in early 1984.
Undettered, Orion mainstays Mike Ryde and Pete Andrews recruited Alan Risk and Jay Ryde as replacements and set about recording their lone release.
The "Insane In Another World" 7" single was released by Lost Moment Records later in 1984.
It appears that Orion was rather short lived, as nothing further was heard from the band or from it's former members.
Although it was cruelly overlooked at the time, over the years it has become a well regarded, if rather idiosyncratic and melodic, relic of the NWOBHM era.
Make no mistake, if you're looking for the untamed raw sound of a VENOM or DEMON PACT, look elsewhere.
However if you don't mind Melodic Metal with progressive flourishes and some tasty guitarwork, you could do worse than hunting down Orion.
(Sorry, that was a terrible pun!)

ORION - Insane In Another World 7" (1984) UK

A Swedish Heavy Metal quartet formed in Sölvesborg, TURBO were founded during 1979 and would evolve into Doom Metal band MERCY, famous for its inclusion of future CANDLEMASS vocalist Messiah Marcolin.
TURBO only issued a lone 7" single, "Nattens Barn" / "Asfaltsrock", in 1980.
Self-financed, only 250 copies of the single were manufactured.
The group became MERCY in 1981 as guitarist Häkan Jacobsson, also known for his work in FAITH, was replaced by former HOROSCOPE guitarist Andrija Veljaca, who sometimes went under the names of Yandriya Veechking or "Witchking".
As MERCY, band members took on intriguing stage names, bassist Christian Karsson adopting the bizarre anglicised Christian C. Greenfood and drummer Paul Gustavsson becoming Paul G. Judas. Gustafsson later joined HIGH VOLTAGE then OVERHEAT.

TURBO - Nattens Barn 7" (1980) Sweden

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G'day ya mongrels, welcome to another smorgasbord of sonic relics on the wrong side of the tracks of the dim and distant past.
Lots of nice stuff to get stuck into this time around, without further ado let's get to it.
For starters, VENDETTA were a Hard Rock power trio put together in Detroit in 1980 by the excellently named Niki Buzz aka Darrell Young. Buzz’s involvement in Rock'n’roll stretches all the way back to the mid ‘70s, when he fronted a proto-Punk band in New York City called SUN whose juiced-up sonic fury was featured on the semi-legendary "Live At CBGB’s" compilation LP from 1976.
After a couple of years spent honing their sound, gigging and demoing material, the band were signed up by Epic Records.
Vendetta's sole self-titled 1982 album was produced by veteran studio guru Max Norman, who also worked with the likes of Y&T, BAD COMPANY, GRIM REAPER, IAN HUNTER & CONEY HATCH.
The album successfully showcased Vendetta's fiery brand of tough but melodic Hard Rock with a seriously tight rhythm section, some killer riffs and catchy hooks, all topped off with Buzz's soulful soaring vocals.
At it's best, "Vendetta", runs rampant with songs that harken back to the glorious Hard Rock of the 1970's, with a number of the cuts recalling prime AEROSMITH or early RIOT.
For the next two years Vendetta toured with the likes of BILLY SQUIER, JOAN JETT, SEDUCE and HUMBLE PIE, but poor sales led to Epic Records dropping the band.
Eric McDonald and Jeff Traudt replaced Klyph Black and Terry Fox at this point, but this line up was short-lived and Nikki Buzz soon laid the Vendetta name to rest.
Buzz then formed M-80 with ex-OZZY OSBOURNE & GREAT WHITE bassist Don Costa, releasing a self-titled 1984 Mini LP, before recruiting a whole new line up for 1985's full length "Maniac's Revenge" LP..
Klyph Black resurfaced in 1985 in the New York based AOR act URGENT, recording two albums with them, and was then briefly a member of URGENT guitarist Yul Vasquez's later group DIVING FOR PEARLS.
Black also played bass on ex-HANOI ROCKS vocalist MICHAEL MONROE's first solo album, 1987's "Nights Are So Long". He now fronts a band called KLYPH BLACK AND RUMOR HAS IT which initially also featured fellow ex-Vendetta member Terry Fox.
After a four year stint as guitarist with former JIMI HENDRIX cohort CURTIS KNIGHT, Niki Buzz settled in Amsterdam, Holland and opened his own successful Helping Hands recording studio.
As well as producing other acts, Buzz has played with the heavy Rap project THE ALARM and many other bands including HENDRIX Tribute group MIDNIGHT GYPSIES and LONE WOLF.
His own NIKI BUZZ BAND have released two albums, the jazz influenced "Forever" & the self explanatory "The Blues".
This rip of Vendetta's lone album adds, as a bonus track, a demo of the unreleased non-album song "Heroes".

VENDETTA - Vendetta (1982) USA

Nextly, formed in 1980, INCUBUS first came to attention with a brace of tracks, "Ain't Runnin' For You" and "Caught Red Handed", on the 1983 Guardian Records NWOBHM compilation "Pure Overkill", where they appeared alongside MILLENIUM, SPARTAN WARRIOR, RISK and TOKYO ROSE.
The band's lone album arrived a year later, the Terry Gavaghan produced "To The Devil A Daughter", was recorded at Guardian Studios in Durham, and again, released by the Guardian label.
Although it failed to generate much attention at the time, it has, in the years since it's release, become very well regarded amongst the NWOBHM collecting cognoscenti.
Well written, tightly played Melodic Metal is the order of the day, all topped off with Dave Crawford's fine vocals. With the exception of the insipid ballad, "You've Taken My Love", this is really good stuff, and all wrapped up in one of those "so bad it's good" occult themed sleeves we love so much!
Now expanded to include the two songs from "Pure Overkill" as bonus tracks, this is one mighty tasty package!

INCUBUS - To The Devil A Daughter (1984) UK

We'll let the man behind this next release tell you the story behind it himself, "In 1979 I auditioned for SILVERWING and became their guitarist.
Highlights included being in the very first issue of Kerrang! magazine, having a centre page spread in Sounds magazine and playing a major tour with DIAMOND HEAD (watched by Lars Ulrich).
Then i left.
I recorded MACAXE's "Attack", cassette album in 1981, which was reviewed in Sounds by Geoff Barton.
Sold all 500 copies.
I went to London then and recorded with BIG AMONGST SHEEP and did several gigs with them.
Then i left.
Rejoining SILVERWING, we played the 1983 Salford Glam Festival with my brother Al having also joined on guitar and vocals.
The gig was recorded and became the "Alive And Kicking" LP.
We then recorded the LP "The Bride Wore Red", during which time we became PET HATE and signed a record deal with Heavy Metal Records.
The single from the album was a cover of MOTT THE HOOPLE's "Roll Away The Stone".
Then followed a tour supporting HANOI ROCKS.
After that, we recorded "Bad Publicity" which was produced by Eddie Leonetti, who also produced ANGEL and LEGS DIAMOND, who were favorites of ours.
After recording the album, I departed for the final time and decided to have a rest." : Stu MacFarlane.

MACAXE - Attack (1981) UK

Up next, a gift from regular visitor Feral, this is his rip & upload of a rare item from a band i remember with fond nostalgia, many thanks mate! LAWNMOWER DETH were a five piece tongue-in-cheek UK Thrash band formed in Mansfield in 1986 as SCRAWN.
The following year saw the band change their name to Lawnmower Deth and release their first S.O.D. inspired demo tape, the seven song "It's A Lot Less Bover Than A Hover", cassette.
They followed this in 1988 with the far superior eight song "Mowdeer" demo, which brought them some acclaim/infamy in the pages of the underground Metal fanzines.
As a result of this, and their growing reputation as a great live band, RKT Records released a Lawnmower Deth split album, which they shared with the similarly comedic METAL DUCK. The Deth contributed 14 songs to the album, (their side dubbed "Mower Liberation Front"), with a further 7 "tunes" appearing as bonus tracks on the CD issue.
The band then secured a deal with Nottingham's Earache Records and released their debut full length album in 1990. The 26 song album, (32 on CD!), "Ooh Crikey! It's Lawnmower Deth!", brought the band to the attention of the more mainstream Metal press, although they were pretty much unstinting in their condemnation of the band. However, as the old adage goes, "no publicity is bad publicity", and the album sold pretty well, allowing the band to stay on the road and helping them build up a loyal fan base.
1991 saw the band release a cover of KIM WILDE's "Kids In America", as a four song single, which apparently just missed out on making it into the UK charts!
Former ACID REIGN guitarist Kev joined the band at this point (under the pseudonym "Baron Kev Von Thresh Meister Silo Stench Chisel Marbels"), replacing the outgoing "Schitzophrenic Rotary Sprintmaster", aka Gavin O'Malley.
Second album, "Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns", was released in 1992, and sales remained strong, keeping the band out on the road as a formidible live act, but the musical tide was beginning to turn against them with Grunge taking over.
As the times were a-changin', Lawnmower Deth decided to diversify their sound for their third album, 1993's "Billy", with most of their Thrash roots left behind in favour of a polished Pop-Punk style. The songs were longer, less humourous and the album contained no less than three cover versions, (JIMI HENDRIX, SQUEEZE & "Kids In America" again!).
Unfortunately, the band's fanbase were less than impressed by this new direction and as well as not buying the record they stopped attending the live shows too. This wouldn't have been too much of a problem for the Deth if they'd been adopted by the burgeoning Pop Punk audience, (this was the year of GREEN DAY, THE OFFSPRING et al), but they were unable to cross over and make themselves heard by them.
This proved to be the end of the road for Lawnmower Deth and they split up at the arse end of the year.
After a 15 year absence, Lawnmower Deth announced in 2008 that they would be reuniting to support Welsh Metalcore band BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE for a (supposedly) one off gig at The Alexandra Palace in London.
The band then played at the 2009 Download Festival at Donington Park. Their current plans are unknown.

LAWNMOWER DETH - Mowdeer Demo (1988) UK

The Birmingham based Hard Rock/NWOBHM band STARFIGHTERS, signed to Jive Records, in 1980. The band's debut line-up consisted of vocalist Steve Burton, guitarist Stevie Young, a nephew of AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm, guitarist Pat Hambley, bassist Doug Dennis and ex-FLYING HAT BAND drummer Barry 'Spence' Scrannage. The latter was soon replaced by former HOLLY AND THE ITALIANS drummer Steve Bailey, Scrannage going on to create THE ALLIANCE. Prior to the formation of the STARFIGHTERS, Steve Burton was previously vocalist with THE SUBURBAN STUDS, and very briefly a member of GLENN TIPTON's FLYING HAT BAND and Hard Rock outfit CRYER.
After debuting with the independently released 'I'm Falling' 7" single, on the Motorcity Rhythm label, the band was thrown straight in at the deep end supporting AC/DC in 1980. Subsequent rumours suggested that Burton had been offered the job of replacing the late Bon Scott in AC/DC, but had turned the opportunity down on the grounds of health, fearing his own vices would lead towards a similar fate.
Following the release of the well received debut Tony Platt produced album for Jive in 1981, the STARFIGHTERS opened for MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP on a British tour, TRUST on a French tour and then landed the honour of opening for OZZY OSBOURNE in North America.
The band hooked up with KROKUS manager Butch Stone and released 'In Flight Movie' in 1983, again produced by Tony Platt, as a creditable follow up to the debut, but inexplicably they were then dropped by Jive. There followed a lengthy hiatus before the STARFIGHTERS reformed in the late '80's and the group were quick to build up their local following in the Birmingham area, but despite some notorious live performances the STARFIGHTERS failed to gain label attention.
The AC/DC connection would crop up once more in the STARFIGHTERS story as Stevie Young was asked to deputise for Malcolm Young for dates on the 'Blow Up Your Video' World tour in 1988. Stevie's first payment for this job was a new front tooth he had previously lost to a baseball bat in a brawl with a night club doorman.
After the final STARFIGHTERS split, Young went on to form WORLD WAR III with Steve Redvers, guitarist Nick Slater and erstwhile BAJJON vocalist Ivan Norris. The outfit soon adopted the name LITTLE BIG HORN and signed to AC/DC's management. Live work was undertaken and demos recorded, but this band failed to issue commercial product.

STARFIGHTERS - Alley Cat Blues EP (1981) UK

SPITFIRE released a lone single in 1984 at the height of the NWOBHM, but it met with complete indifference from the press & punters alike. Perhaps if the record buying public and the scribes of the day had known who played on it, it may have met with a better response.
Spitfire were in fact the Liverpudlian Hard Rock band RAGE, who had begun life as NUTZ back in the early 1970's.
As Nutz, the band released four albums between 1974 and 1978, toured with BLACK SABBATH, BUDGIE and UFO, and played at the 1976 Reading Festival.
Having lost their deal with A&M Records, the band circled the drain, before the inclusion of their track "Bootliggers" on the "Metal For Muthas", compilation album in 1980 brought them a new deal with Carrere Records.
Changing their name to RAGE, the group recorded 3 albums between 1980 and 1983, and toured with the likes of RORY GALLAGHER, MEAT LOAF and URIAH HEEP.
Despite their quality and the band's long history, sales of their albums weren't great, following the release of 1983's "Run For Cover" LP, Carrere Records dropped the band and they split up after the recording of a curious 7" single release, "So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star".
The single featured ex-THIN END OF THE WEDGE guitarist Terry Steers as lone guitarist following the departure of Mick Devenport, and eventually emerged under the band name Spitfire in 1984, curiously on Carrere, the label who had just dropped them!
Tragically, drummer John Mylett was killed the same year in a car accident whilst holidaying in Spain.
Following the band's split, singer Dave Lloyd demoed material with ex-DIAMOND HEAD bassist Mervyn Goldsworthy, ex-720/SAMSON guitarist Dave Colwell and drummer Pete Jupp, prior to forming the more AOR orientated 2 AM who released the 1987 album "Every Second Counts".
He also found the time to replace ex-SAMSON man, Nicky Moore as vocalist on ULI JON ROTH's 1985 American tour. The singer later operated in a band entitled SLICED BREAD with future GILLAN guitarist Steve Morris.
Bassist Keith Mullholland also had Gillan connections, he played with the great man in his side project, GARTH ROCKETT AND THE MOONSHINERS, and eventually would go on to join veteran Staffordshire NWOBHM/Prog/AOR act DEMON.

SPITFIRE - So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star 7" (1984) UK

Last, but by no means least, FLAME, a Swedish Heavy Metal quartet hailing from the Stockholm suburb of Märsta, was initially founded as THE SHINING during 1979.
The group adopted the Flame monicker in time for a 1982 7" single, "No Road to Heaven", released through Pang Records.
The track "No Road To Heaven", is pretty memorable, although it has more of a '70's sound than i'd expected.
In The Corroseum's write up of the single, reviewer DaN notes the singer's vocal similarity to SPARKS' Russell Mael, which hadn't occured to me, but i hear it every time i play it now.
This was to prove to be the band's only release, although another name switch to TAROC occurred before the band dissolved in 1985.
Now DaN doesn't rate this one too highly, and admittedly, it doesn't rawk as hard as many of the other classic Pang Records releases of the same era, but to these ears the band have something pretty individual within their sound.
Repeated listenings just make me want to hear more of their material, as the single is now well and truly buried in my subconscious.
It's a shame there were no further releases from Flame, as i would have liked to have heard how their sound progressed and diversified as time went on.
Unless anyone knows different however, (and i'd love to be proven wrong here), there is nothing more out there from the band in any of their three guises, so you'll need to make do with the two tracks presented here.
Not the rarest, not the hardest, not the most expensive, but a damn fine listen nonetheless, go on, you know you want to!

FLAME - No Road To Heaven 7" (1982) Sweden

Hope you find something amongst tonight's offerings to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
My apoligies for my tardiness in bringing you tonight's selection, my intentions are good, but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.
Oh, alright, often.
My many thanks as usual to all of you who took the time to share their recollections, thoughts, wants, information or whatever. And again to Feral, my gratitude for sharing your Lawnmower Deth demo, if you, (or anyone else), wants to contribute anything that would fit in with the stuff i post here, feel free.
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