Saturday, October 27, 2007


Howdy people, it's that time of the week again!
Lots of quality rock'n'roll coming your way from the wrong side of the tracks.
Up first, by request, here's the lone album by Winchester, Boston quartet Reddy Teddy. Although frequently described as "Being to Boston what the NEW YORK DOLLS were to New York", Reddy Teddy in reality, were a much more polished and commercial proposition than the Dolls. To these ears there's more of a kinship to NILOOB favourites STARZ, with that combination of tough guitar riffs and bubblegum choruses all sold with a nudge and a wink by their excellent frontman John Morse. Great inventive guitar parts abound too, courtesy of the late Matthew MacKenzie who went on to record with Tom Verlaine of TELEVISION. So then, one classic album, then silence. Criminal.

REDDY TEDDY - Reddy Teddy (1976) USA

Up next, another one off classic album, this time hewn from a harder rock, this is the "Only Time Will Tell" album from 1986, by Californian Metallers Villain. This five piece had a little pedigree with both vocalist Carl Albert and bassist Tommy Sisco both having had served time with RUFFIANS & VICIOUS RUMORS. This release is certainly a step up from the RUFFIANS EP in terms of songwriting and production, but stylistically mines similar territory albeit with a heavier edge. With the astonishing vocal prowess of Albert well to the fore, i'm reminded of a less pompous Queensryche in places, which should be all the recommendation you need!

VILLAIN - Only Time Will Tell (1986) USA

Carrying on the Rogue Male series of posts, here's their "Belfast" EP from that selfsame year of 1986, an excellent slab of 12" black vinyl brought to us by the excellent folks at Music For Nations Records. The title track was chosen to showcase the then impending release of 2nd (and final) album, "Animal Man", and it's status as the albums highlight has not diminished in the 21 years since the records release. This EP was also the only place you could get the track "Rough Tough (Pretty Too)", which was also good reason to seek it out. The final song on here is "Take No Shit", a great anthem, and a sentiment which has become a personal credo. That chorus was tailor made to make you feel ten feet tall and bullet-proof.

ROGUE MALE - Belfast EP (1986) UK

Another EP up next, this time from the band originally known as KILLER. Discovering Swiss & German bands with the same name they scrapped the moniker and reappeared with this EP as Genghis Khan. You probably know them better by the name they adopted shortly after this release, namely, TOKYO BLADE. Yup, the 4 song, "Double Dealin'" EP from 1983 is TOKYO BLADE in all but name, and as such sounds very much like the early output of that underrated but prolific act. Great twin guitar work is the hallmark of much of the material here, the mix is nice and raw, so it should have the dandruff flying and clenched fists pointed skywards. Enjoy.

GENGHIS KHAN - Double Dealin' EP (1983) UK

Another rare NWOBHM treat for you now, by request once more, here is the privately pressed "Bad Girls" 7" by Tok-io Rose from 1984. I haven't even heard this one myself yet, it literally arrived on a disc from a friend in the mail this morning, so i quickly upped it as i remembered it had been recently requested. So sorry, i can't describe this one yet or even provide any info on the band. Over to you folks!

TOK-IO ROSE - Bad Girls 7" (1984) UK

Two rare 7" slices of 1980's US Metal to finish with this evening, both verry nice indeed.
Up first, the 1984 "Metal To The Pedal" 7" by New Haven, Connecticut five piece Myth. The band is best remembered these days as being the proving ground for future QUEENSRYCHE members, guitarist Kelly Gray and live keyboard player, Randy Gane. The QUEENSRYCHE connection makes sense, this does sound very like that band circa "Queen Of The Ryche", i believe Geoff Tate was also this bands original vocalist too! Apparently, having completed most of a full length album called "Arabia", the band split up in late '85 during the mixing process.
Good solid catchy traditional Metal, go get!

MYTH - Metal To The Pedal 7" (1984) USA

To conclude tonight's festivities, another obscure one off. This is the terrific "Iron Curtain" 7" from 1982 by Czar on the MCE Records label. Apparently, a highly priced and highly prized collectors piece in US Metal collecting circles, the A-Side of this one leaves me a little cold, it's a little too "by numbers" for me. Flip it over however, and B-Side "Black Sunday" will tear you a new one, perhaps if they'd switched the labels on the record over, we'd all be proud owners of Czar retrospective box sets, DVDs and tattoos by now, but that wasn't the way the script was written. A damn shame, "Black Sunday" slays! That's how people talked then y'know.

CZAR - Iron Curtain 7" (1982) USA

That's all for tonight, keep them comments coming and i'll be back with more for y'all soon.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Another week, another post, more hidden treasure from those bygone days when fresh faced guitar slingers could actually envision making piles of cash and screwing the hottest of laydeez by dint of their fret mangling skills. Folks, it's not nostalgia if you never heard it back in the day.
Up first a great disc of live recordings by the Motor City Madman himself, Mr Ted Nugent. This ain't your typical live album however, the songs within are plucked from those rare occasions over the last thirty years or so, when Ted has trod the boards in a "special guest" capacity with various bands, as the cover puts it, "spilling blood on other peoples stages". So we get to hear him shred with the likes of AEROSMITH, MOLLY HATCHET, THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND and THE BUGS HENDERSON GROUP among others, whilst covering the likes of CHUCK BERRY, MOUNTAIN & AC/DC. Hell, there are even a couple of original Nugent nuggets on there too. Great stuff, duets & duels, all jewels!

TED NUGENT - Other Stages (76-06) USA

More great Rawkin Rooooll for you all now, this here's the debut album by the mighty Rogue Male, "First Visit" from back in 1985. Terrific stuff from a talented four piece band which included former DIRTY TRICKS, LE GRIFFE and DEEP MACHINE members, there's a strong MOTORHEAD influence, but there's much more melody and the choruses are pretty huge, this is a quality listen and comes much recommended. I remember seeing them live on Channel 4's short lived Metal TV show ECT, and being blown away by a set which included this albums "Dressed Incognito" and "Crazy Motorcycle". Climb aboard!

ROGUE MALE - First Visit (1985) UK

By request now, following my post of their earlier EP, here's the sole full length album by Las Vegas Nevada trio X-Cursion. This here was SLAUGHTER/VINNIE VINCENT INVASION frontman Mark Slaughter's first band, and as well as singing he plays a pretty mean axe here too.
Some of you may also remember bassist Al "Rex" Rumley who would later tread the boards with APOCRYPHA. This is great raw Hard Rock with a production job which evokes the CRUE's "Too Fast For Love", it's catchy as hell as well as being rawer than roadkill. Let it roll!

X-CURSION - Ready To Roll (1984) USA

A few rare treats now for the NWOBHM lovers amongst you, and i know there are several of you. This is a nice slab of rare black vinyl called "Mean Gasoline" by the short-lived Lautrec. Between them the members have incredible pedigree in the world of NWOBHM, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Try to keep up now, members went on to play in STAMPEDE, LIONHEART, WILD HORSES, MAGNUM, GRAND SLAM, WEAPON and UFO!!! Hell, that should have you curious enough, but if not allow me to inform you that this is a cracking little slice of AC/DC style Hard Rockin' and it also comes with an alternate version of "Someone To Kill" included. Would you believe that Steve Holbrook the keyboard player is now a well known clairvoyant?!!

LAUTREC - Mean Gasoline EP (1980) UK

Another request filled now, this here's the sole release by Leicester NWOBHM quintet Valhalla. Not to be confused with the Neat Records band of the same name, this mob were a short lived act who released this 7", "Lightning In The Sky" on the Asgard label in 1981. Unfortunate, as their two tracks here put me in mind of the awesome MYTHRA. A real damn pity they recorded no more material, they coulda been contenders!

VALHALLA - Lightning In The Sky 7" (1981) UK

Another one-off 7" next and from that same year of 1981, this is the "Suspended Animation" 7" by Baseline which came out on the Extra Bit label. A trio with tight concise songs, they mix their Hard Rockin' with something that smells vaguely like New Wave and wind up sounding like THE JAM playing Hard Rock or something. Hey! Come back!! It's not as unpleasant as it sounds, after a couple of spins it starts to make sense and the choruses really stick to the ole' grey matter.

BASELINE - Suspended Animation 7" (1981) UK

Finally tonight, another piece of Viking gold courtesy of Dom, our man in the (frozen) North. This is the hella rare and oddly titled "(Grief) Beauty Queen" 7" by Sweden's Maniac. The A-Side is clearly the jewel in Maniac's crown, they obviously spent a lot of time on the arrangement and structure on this one and it shows, after a melodic piano intro were in melodic Euro Metal territory, the track reminding me of some of ACCEPT's more tuneful moments, although the singer doesn't have the distinctive pipes of UDO. He's a more melodious belter, and all in all this is very nicely done period piece stuff. Cheers Dom! Skol!!

MANIAC - (Grief) Beauty Queen 7" (1985) Sweden

Will that slake your thirst for the hard stuff for now?
If not, take a gander at the latest post over at ALOCACOC blog, Tor's posted the SPLIT KNEE LOONS EP as well as TOAD THE WET SPROCKET! Tell 'em NILOOB sent ya!
"See" you all again soon folks, keep the requests and comments coming, they keep this blog going!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Pleased to see how well the previous post went down with you all, i'm hoping this selection will also find favour with you. We've got a bit of this, a bit of that and, (hopefully), a bit of what you fancy.
Up first tonight, a Japanese compilation of the best of the 4 album career of 1970's American AOR/Hard Rock band Fandango. To avoid confusion, this band has nothing to do with the UK act of the same name which featured ex-DEEP PURPLE bassist Nick Simper. This lot were a very commercial West Coast American five piece and featured on vocals a pre-RAINBOW Joe Lynn Turner. So there is a DEEP PURPLE connection after all, just not the aforementioned one. JLT would eventually front DP for an album in the 1980's, as well as recording with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, GLENN HUGHES and maintaining a moderately successful solo career. So then, 16 tracks of impeccably written and performed airbrushed Hard Rock from between 1977 and 1980 which stands up extremely well today. Nice guitar too from the unlikely named Ricky Blakemore!

FANDANGO - The Best Of Fandango (1977-1980) USA

Nextly, some excellent meat & potatoes Hard Rawkin' Heavy Metal from the Windy City. This is Chicago Illinois quintet Hammeron and their sole album, "Nothin' To Do But Rock", which came out on the Silver Fin label back in 1986. This is meant to be one of the rarest and most sought after Metal albums of the '80's, changing hands for ludicrous sums on the rare occasions when it surfaces. I can see why there's a bit of a fuss surrounding this one, the songwriting and playing are both top drawer, especially the guitarwork. They've also got a pretty unique sound for 1986, the keyboards of the late Jeff Ward giving them a certain individuality. Ward would later turn up in bands such as MINISTRY, REVOLTING COCKS, LARD & NINE INCH NAILS. He sadly committed suicide in 1993. Vocalist Brian Troch would later make a dent with the band CYCLONE TEMPLE. Good stuff folks, pedigree Metal with a twist.

HAMMERON - Nothin' To Do But Rock (1986) USA

Up next another slice of rare mid-'80's US Metal gold. This is the sole release by Milwaukee's Blacklist, the self released "The Sign Of Four" EP, from 1984. This is proper old school HM fayre, mid paced and crunchy topped with a fine vocalist in the shape of one Mark Holz. These are anthems built for shaking your fists and heads to. Go grabbit and do so ASAP.

BLACKLIST - The Sign Of Four EP (1984) USA

Another slice of super rare black vinyl heaven for you now from Oakland godlike Drunk Horse. This is a long gone 7" from 2002, which appeared on the tiny Unknown Controller label. This is volume 2 in the labels ongoing "Unearthed Gems" series, wherein bands get to cover their favourite obscure tracks to enlighten and delighten an unsuspecting and ignorant public. As you might expect, Drunk Horse's selections are definitely on the obscure side, namely : "The Weed Elf" by Sri Lankan '80s metallers ZILLA, and "Pismo", by late '70s Cali bar-rockers ANDY SHERMAN & THE SHERMS. Both tracks are great; the former, (the more Metallic of the 2), comes off like a long lost NWOBHM gem, whilst the flip side is more laconic, delivered with a shit-eatin' grin & bags of sarcasm. Somehow they both sound like Drunk Horse, and for that, we must cry "Hallelujah!"

DRUNK HORSE - Unearthed Gems Volume 2 (2002) USA

Thought i'd serve up a couple of items for you from off the beaten track of NWOBHM tonight. These two certainly fit the bill, being much more Prog-Rock influenced than most of their hairy NWOBHM brethren. There were many bands at the time who were taking just as many cues from GENESIS and NEKTAR as they were from PURPLE & SABBATH. The music press tried to saddle them with the unweildy NWOBPR tag, (you can work it out), but it never stuck, with only MARILLION going on to real success, whilst the likes of PENDRAGON, IQ and TWELFTH NIGHT fleeting attention for a time, but were unable to make much of an impression.
So then, a couple of rare waxings from those heady days.
Up first, here's the sole release by Atlantis Rising, the "Tightrope" 7" from 1983 on CMI Records. The A-Side is nice enough in a Genesis tribute style, but the real jewel in this particular crown is the flipside, "Reverie A Vision". A great track, combining atmosphere and drama and featuring some fine tastefully pulled off DAVID GILMOUR-esque geetar. Give it a try.

ATLANTIS RISING - Tightrope 7" (1983) UK

Along similar musical lines, but from the following year, here's another sole release, the "Prophet" 7" from Earthbound, no relation to the similarly named German proggers of the same era. This one flings some Christian lyrical themes into the mix, which grates with me a little usually, but in the context of this style of music, it somehow works nicely. This is a little more "pomp" in style than the AR 7", but is similar in scope and ambition, two neat tracks!

EARTHBOUND - Prophet 7" (1984) UK

To finish my segment of the post tonight, another slice of sublime Swedish rawkin' from back in 1983. This is R&R (Rum & Raisin apparently!), and their sole privately pressed release, the "Adventures Behind The Eye" 7". Great melodic Heavy Metal/Rock with some bizarre touches in the arrangements, production and instrumentation. I'm sure there's an accordion on here somewhere! I can't summon up the words to do this one justice properly, try for yourselves, it rawks Jim, but not as we know it!

R & R - Adventures Behind The Eye 7" (1983) Sweden

To finish tonights Mega-post, a couple of nice NWOBHM items which Metalrorschach has been kind enough to share with us. They're both from the mighty Mendes Prey and as such are obviously worth adding to your collections.
Up first, their classic debut 7" "On To The Borderline", this time posted with the correct B-Side present & correct, ("Running For You"), unlike my previous version. This originally came out back in 1983 on their own MR label, and is a fine slice of Heavy Rockin NWOBHM, one of the classics of the time. It's that simple!

MENDES PREY - On To The Borderline 7" (1983) UK

So now, to end with tonight, another from MR, a rare live gig by Mendes Prey from London's legendary Marquee Club. This one was performed on the 17th of April 1983, and captures a great performance from the band in front of an appreciative audience, good sound quality on this show too.

MENDES PREY - Live At The Marquee (1983) UK

Many thanks Metalrorschach!
Hope you all enjoy tonight's posts, let us know by making use of the comment button provided.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


"On with the action", as a certain Phil Mogg used to say, lots of great Hard Rock & Heavy Metal for you tonight, toes will tap, fists will shake and heads WILL bang.
Up first for your toe-tappin', fist-shakin', head-bangin' enjoyment this time, we're proud to be able to bring you the debut album by Canadian Hard Rockers Helix. This is "Breaking Loose" from way back in 1979 which was released on the bands own H&S label. Their identity is well & truly in place even at this early stage in their recording career, must've been the 5 years which they'd already put in on the rough'n'tumble Canadian bar circuit prior to this recording. As you'd expect, this is raw catchy anthemic good time Hard Rock'n'Roll, there are a couple of subtler moments too but nothing to ruin your buzz. Terrific stuff!

HELIX - Breaking Loose (1979) Canada

More great late '70's Canuck Hard Rockin' for you now, this is "An Act Of..." by the mighty Goddo from that same year of 1979. This one captures the band at the height of their powers, merging the best aspects of the bands great catchy songwriting with some of the best examples of their sarcastic and humourous lyrics, all finely tuned after a couple of road doggin' years. This is the best they ever captured their live sound in a studio, sophisticated but still Rockin'. Go get!

GODDO - An Act Of Goddo (1979) Canada

After that double bill of Maple Leaf mayhem, we head to the USA for power trio Battle Axe's sole release "We're On The Attack". This full lengther appeared in 1985 on their own Battle Axe label, and showcases a band who have honed their Heavy edged Hard Rock over several years to lay it down on black vinyl only for the world to turn up it's collective nose. Stylistically, this is probably a little behind the times, had this come out in '82/'83, chances are they would have had a decent multi album career, but the times they were a changin', and this was neither heavy enough for the thrash crowd or slick enough for the glamsters. So through the cracks of history they slipped, life's a bitch.

BATTLE AXE - We're On The Attack (1985) USA

Another American private pressing for you now, this is the highly regarded self titled EP by Image. Canny lads that they were, they were able to combine their meat & potatoes Metal with some elements of the Thrash sound and wound up sounding, at times, like the bastard offspring of ANVIL and RAVEN. Great guitars on this one, whether they be riffing or soloing, there be awesome six-stringing all over this little gem. I believe this was all she wrote for Image, i'm sure you'll let me know if not, but for the life of me i can't fathom why, they seemed to cover so many bases that they couldn't fail. Lady fate is a cruel mistress indeed.

IMAGE - Image EP (1986) USA

Completing this trilogy of US HM private pressings, we move on now to Chicago, Illinois based quartet Quest and their sole self-titled release, 1984's "Quest" EP. This is a corker which slipped out unnoticed in the USA on the bands own Soundplex Creations label. It attracted some glowing reviews in the European Metal press however, but despite this the band folded in '85. This is some great old style US Metal, anthemic but tuneful, aggressive but catchy, loaded with great riffing which reminds me at times of Lovedrive/Blackout era SCORPIONS at their heaviest.

QUEST - Quest EP (1984) USA

Something a little more modern for you now, but just as rare and just as good. This is the "Bambi" 7" from 2001 by Oakland based 70's style Hard Rockers Drunk Horse. As well as having one of the finest band names ever, the Horse are one of the finest combos ever to crank tube amps and shake lank locks. Imagine if you will, a collision between '70's ZZ TOP, classic THIN LIZZY and something along the lines of SIR LORD BALTIMORE, then add a little FRANK ZAPPA and leave to simmer. Really, they are that fucking good. This 7" is completely unrepresentative of their overall sound, being as it is a pair of PRINCE covers. I'm just whetting your appetite for some more of their stuff. Imagine, if they can make the purple pixies compositions sound this irresistible, what does their own material sound like? Stay tuned and you'll see.

DRUNK HORSE - Bambi 7" (2001) USA

Finally tonight, another obscure Swedish delight courtesy of Dom, this is the great "Orphan Devil" 7" by Eskilstuna based band Shakespeare. Another piece of Swedish gold from the collectible Pang label! Stylistically taking their cues from early MERCYFUL FATE, these two tracks are compelling riff-fests with really odd vocals and a dark menacing atmosphere. Nice stuff indeed!

SHAKESPEARE - Orphan Devil 7" (1983) Sweden

So that's yer lot for this evening, hope you enjoy 'em. Fear not NWOBHM heads, there's still plenty more of that stuff in the locker as you'll see next time out.