Monday, February 26, 2007


No messing about tonight, time is of the essence, and i've got loads of good stuff for you to enjoy. So, without further ado, we'll begin with a couple of great albums by the much underrated Legs Diamond. If you're only familiar with their rather insipid '80's output, do yourself a favour and check out these, their first two albums, both from 1977. If you enjoyed the Starz stuff that was recently to be found 'round these parts, you're sure to find plenty to enjoy between this pair of Legs. (Ooh-Err!) Great songs, great guitars, great vocals, hell, there's even some great flute in places, but don't let that put you off.

LEGS DIAMOND - Legs Diamond (1977) USA

LEGS DIAMOND - A Diamond Is A Hard Rock (1977) USA

Up next, the 3rd & final album from Nitzinger, "Live Better Electrically", from 1976. This one crept out without anyone noticing a couple of years after the band who made the first 2 classic Nitzinger LPs split. Still well worth hearing, this one is less blues-based than it's predecessors, more straight forward, more Hard Rockin'. As much as i miss the more subtle nuances of those earlier records, this is still chock full of great songwriting and great guitar playing. Also, as this is the cd reissue from a few years back, you get eight (!) bonus tracks too!

NITZINGER - Live Better Electrically (1976) USA

Now, as promised, some rare gems from the great and good of the NWOBHM.
First up, some nice prog-influenced heavy metal from Golgotha. This is their "Dangerous Games" EP from 1984, their sole release at the time, although i'm told that the guitarist released a couple of symphonic prog albums as a one man band under the Golgotha name in the early '90's.

GOLGOTHA - Dangerous Games EP (1984) UK

Some weird new wave influenced rockin' next, this is Triarchy's 1st 7" from 1979, the highly regarded "Save The Khan". They managed a couple more 7''s, but never really broke through, a pity, as they sound like an interesting band. Anyone got any of their other stuff?

TRIARCHY - Save The Khan 7'' (1979) USA

A classic NWOBHM one off single now, the essential "Suicide" 7'' by Cynic. Uptempo metal with great guitars, how they didn't become a household name (perhaps the pitiful name was to blame?), is one of lifes great injustices. This should be amongst the "no-brainer" picks for any self respecting NWOBHM compilers. I read somewhere htey're back together again too, if they can come up with a few more songs as good as these, they're in with a shout!

CYNIC - Suicide 7" (1983) UK

From the Future Earth label, which i believe was based in Mansfield and also brought us Limelight, this is another one off 7" release, this time the band in question are the little known Factory, who treat us to a tidy version of "You Are The Music...", as originally performed by Trapeze in the early '70's. Rumour has it that this might actually be Limelight in disguise, i'm not convinced personally. Nice version, although the vinyl's seen better days, check out the title of that odd b-side too.

FACTORY - You Are The Music... 7" (1982) UK

Finally tonight, here's some excellent doomy Heavy Metal from California's Child Saint. A two track EP? Yep. Check it, it'll cave your skull in. In a good way obviously! This was their sole release from 1988, cherish it, you'll never see one in real life, and even if you do, it'll be out of your price range. Enjoy.

CHILD SAINT - I Am Future 12" (1988) USA

That's it for now you lucky people, go get 'em. More soon.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Two more diverse out of print albums

First up another tasty slice of NWOBHM. It's Blitzkreig's A Time of Changes. These guys were a big influence on early Metallica and myself! One of the coolest bands to come out of the movement and unfortunetly one of the casualties of the same, these guys were ahead of their time. This one is brilliant, folks, so grab it!!

I never actually saw the original album cover, when I first had the album it was a tape dubbed for me by a friend with the original eight track version. This is the 9 track expanded version from Japan, I believe, so I included a couple different covers, but I don't know for sure if either are the correct originals. Kit or one of you diehard NWOBHM-heads will probably know. I just dig the music folks.

And my final album for this post, another "crossover" album on the Death label from '85. This is the Ugly Americans 2nd release, an EP/LP (ep length but sold at full price by greedy record label!!) called Who's Been Sleeping...In My Bed? This band had connections to Corrosion of Conformity by way of lead singer Simon Bob Sinister. He only sang on C.O.C's Technocracy EP and C.O.C. re-recorded most tracks and re-released them, some as the 6 Songs With Mike Singing EP and others on compilations and stuff. So the verdict is out on Simon Bob's time in the band. But both bands were spearheads of the crossover scene and both were from North Carolina (both also recorded for Metal Blade's spinoff crossover label Death for periods of time). Corrison as some of you know evolved into a top notch hard rock band beginning with 1991's Blind. They combined that hard rock with boogie, a tiny hint of southern rock and (at least to my ears) a Thin Lizzy vibe that really smoked. But in the 80's they were a crossover band with hardcore punk tendencies. But this post is supposted to be about Ugly Americans, you might say, and all I can say is, there ain't a whole of info about these guys because they weren't around very long, but this album has a lot going for it, even a hard rockin' surf tune (Graveyard Beach--an instrumental). But Simon Bob's sing-talk style is an aquired taste and if you can get past it and the corny jokes about racism and the bad Elvis impersonation at the end of "I Love My Mom" you'll find some decent rockin' tunes in them thar grooves.


Well that's all from me tonight, short and sweet, the way I like it. But Kit has a good post lined up for you and over at time traveller there will be some more hard rock gems that the Nordic winds blew my way.

Take it easy and keep those requests comin'!!!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Starz In Rars

Some great hard rawkin' tuneage for you all tonight from the criminally overlooked Starz and the band they later became, Hellcats. All good rare kick ass stuff, good for your ears and your soul too i'm sure.
Big thanks to Srom, a friend of the blog who very kindly upped these Starz & Hellcats rarities for your listening & dancing pleasure. Srom, you're a legend, much kudos to you, on behalf of our visitors i salute you!
Okay, let's get this show on the road then, first up, it's "Requiem", an odds & sods collection from 1992, which was released after an abotive 1990 reunion failed to produce a full length album. You get 5 tracks from the 1990 sessions, some live stuff from 1978, some '70's non-lp b-sides and much more besides. As with everything Starz did, this is excellent, grab it now.

STARZ - Requiem (1992) USA

Link Removed By Request

More rare treats from Starz now, this is their "Piss Party" Mini LP from 1985, worth having just to hear the bizarre reggae version of "Pull The Plug" and the ludicrous title track. An enjoyable oddity. Tor-Erik posted a 128kbps rip of this a while back, this is a higher bitrate with no glitches.

STARZ - Piss Party (1985) USA

Link Removed By Request

After Starz folded initially in 1980, Ranno and Smith put together the excellent (and very Starz-like), Hellcats, and released this Mini LP, "Hellcats I", a great little record which disappeared without a trace as their label went tits up 3 weeks after it's release. Fate is a cruel mistress indeeed.

HELLCATS - Hellcats I (1982) USA

Link Removed By Request

Eventually, Hellcats went their seperate ways, but by the mid-'80's Richie Ranno had assembled a totally new line up and recorded a full length album, the imaginatively titled "Hellcats" or "Hellcats 2" in its CD incarnation. Clear?
Musically, it's still very Starz-esque, but has some more modern sounding reference points too. It certainly shows Ranno's twin strengths (songwriting & geetar pickin'), at the height of their powers. Again, it beggars belief that musicians of this quality can languish in perpetual semi-obscurity whilst so much pap gets praised to the high heavens & flies off the shelves. There truly is no justice.

HELLCATS - Hellcats aka Hellcats II (1987) USA

Link Removed By Request

Srom, i can't thank you enough for these. You RULE!!!
I created txt files for these including urls for cover art.
Get them at:

Here's a post of my own to finish with for tonight, it's "One Foot In History " by Texas rock gods (& goddess), Nitzinger. Their first album seemed to go down well recently, this one is every bit as good, and includes the awesome "Texas Blues/Jelly Roll" as one of the bonus tracks. The playing on this song is staggering, give it a listen and tell me your jaws don't drop. A great rock band who could play any style they wanted at the drop of a hat, and sound like they invented it. Enjoy it, for they sure don't make 'em like this no more!

NITZINGER - One Foot In History (1972) USA

Next time out. i'll be serving y'all up some great rare NWOBHM, some raw punk & who knows what else besides. Til then, keep on keepin' on.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Punk and New Wave (Of British Heavy Metal)

The grandpappys of grindcore, Amebix walked it like they talked it. Never far from imploding, they lived on the edge and took no shit. They managed to release a wealth of material, and still remain broke. Unknown to the vast majority of the world during their existance, yet their influence on bands that came after them is immeasurable. They'd go on tour and come back with different members then they left with. They'd live in squalor in squats but yet somehow got the equipment to keep going. And I could drop a dozen more amazing facts and you still wouldn't get half the story of this monumentally trail-blazing band that is as important to late 80s early 90s truly underground hardcore and heavy metal as say, Celtic Frost is to death & black metal. Give these pioneers a shot if you even have the slightest bit of interest in what influenced band such as Napalm Death and Carcass. Or Electro-Hippies and Pink Cream 69. Or the mighty Hellbastard. They are not as insane (or as out of control ) as any of those bands musically, but their attitude more than makes up for it. Got intense? Get Amebix!
This is their '83 9 song ep No Sanctuary.

Another in the continuing NWOBHM series, here's one that I could find nothing about, but really stood out as an original in a sea of sameness. This one was released in 1980 and is the (lone?) 7" from a cool band called Shock Treatment. A side is the Mugger and it's backed with Nuclear Warfare. Good one here.

I had it!!! I saw this band during the crossover (when the line between punk and metal became very blurry and the punks were crying sell-out and the metalheads were eating it up like hash brownies) opening up for the Circle Jerks in early 1986 and I remember commenting to a friend how tight the band was, and that they would be a perfect candidate for the aforementioned movement. Well, they sounded metal enough live but I bought their two available eps (Reagan's In & Get Out of My Yard) and realized at the time they were a tad metal (at least on the later of the 2), but mainly a punk band both in attitude and in execution. Well around 2 years later imagine my surprise when their album (today it would be considered an EP) Black Daze came out. They had fullfilled my prediction and more. This isn't crossover, this is full fledged metal. Released on the Restless label in 1988 to little or no fanfare (because it was marketed as punk and punks hated it), but it does rock mightily.

I hope everyone is enjoying the diversity of stuff Kit and I are presenting.
When it comes right down to it
I think Brian Johnson said it best: "Rock and roll is just rock and roll, yeah." Some may be a bit intense than others but we are detecting some really cool open-mindedness (is that a word?) here and the blog status has shot through the roof. As always, any suggestions or constructive criticism is welcomed (please be nice about either!!) or if you have anything you'd like to see posted here drop a comment and we'll do our best as long as it's reasonably obscure and/or out of print.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Just a couple quickies.

This is a great band from back in my metalhead daze. Scatterbrain with their 1st LP Here Comes Trouble. This band started out as a crossover (band that mixed punk and metal) band called Ludichrist that did the fastest version of "Last Train To Clarksville" I ever heard. And yes they hit every note too. The difference between Ludichrist and most other crossover bands was these guys could really play. And I mean play good, they were astounding. They made two LPs for the Combat imprint Combatcore called Immaculate Deception and Powertrip now both sadly out of print but fairly easily obtainable if you don't mind paying 20+ dollars for 'em. The band evolved out of the thrashy sound completely in 1989 and the whole band became Scatterbrain, a great 100% metal band. The singer Tommy Christ, while adept at the previous incarnations 400 mile an hour blastbeats, is an aquired taste as you can actually make out what he is saying most of the time and he sing-talks. But Glenn Cummings and Paul Neider, the two guitarists are absolutely amazing here. They do a classical instrumental called Sonata #3 that is amazing. But what brought this band what little fame they had was a little ditty called Down With the Ship that got very minor radio airplay and a goofy song called Don't Call Me Dude that had a hilarious video. But it was Down with the Ship that remains the showstopping aspect of the Scatterbrain legacy. Originally done by Ludichrist as a straightforward stop-start hardcore song, Scatterbrain really made it interesting by slowing it down, and in the aforementioned stop start spaces, added brief snippets of famous guitar licks (and other stuff), which according to all accounts the band reproduced live in concert. There are licks from Metallica, Van Halen, Deep Purple, and many more all sounding quite similar to the originals. But there is still more to enjoy from these jokers, every song is a fun ride through the warped lyrics of Tommy Christ usually with an unforgettable hook to go with them. All I can say is if you are adventerous, give it a try!!
And finally for Kit, here is a repost of the Kiss Destroyer Demos I posted a long while ago. These are extremely hard to find, and as I got them in a tape trade before the advent of internet, there is some hiss on this stuff. But the fact that Destroyer is my favorite Kiss studio album (even though it contains two songs I completely detest--Beth and Great Expectations) this is a nice insight into what the band had down before Bob Ezrin came in and shaped the tunes into world class material. There is one song that didn't make the cut, a Frehley song called None of Your Business, but the riff may sound familiar to you if you are a fan of the Destroyer album. If Ezrin would have done his magic on this song and used it instead of Great Expectations it would have been a brilliant move. If you want these you might want to grab them quick, they didn't last long the other time I posted them.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Here We Go Again...

Here we go again, some requests, a little Hard Rock, some vintage Metal, some Prog, basically some great olde-time sounds from across the musical spectrum.
A request filled first, some excellent Skynyrd/Allmans styled Southern Rock from 1980 by the Dave Chastain Band. This is their self-financed "Rockin' Roulette" album which was rereleased on CD in the late 90's which was the 1st chance most of us got to hear what we'd been missing. Check it out y'all.

DAVE CHASTAIN BAND - Rockin' Roulette (1980) USA

In a similar, but harder rockin' vein, here's the debut album by Texans Nitzinger from waaay back in 1972. Lead guitarist John Nitzinger is a six-stringer par-excellence, he also wrote many of Bloodrock's songs for their first 4 or 5 albums, although this is more bluesy than that bands material for the most part. After Nitzinger (the band) split, John went on to work with Alice Cooper & Carl Palmer. This is a great little record, give your ears a treat & grab it now.

NITZINGER - Nitzinger (1972) USA

Staying in the States for the moment, here is Amulet's sole self-titled album from 1979. I believe they hailed from Kentucky, but this is more of a Hard Rawkin' disc than you'd expect from Southern bands of the time. An overlooked gem from the dusty past.

AMULET - Amulet (1979) USA

Now, here's one from my neck of the woods now. Chasar were an excellent proggy NWOBHM band formed in Alloa in Scotland in 1981. Their only album was released initially on cassette only on their own label, before American Phonograph picked it up for a vinyl release. Mausoleum later reissued it as "Gypsy Roller". If you enjoyed the Limelight stuff i posted a while back, this is in a similar vein but heavier and more psychedelic. I was lucky enough to see them live at the 1987 Kelvingrove Festival in Glasgow, and they were a great live act. It's taken me the last 20 years to track down their album, it's great stuff, grab it now.

CHASAR - Chasar (aka Gypsy Roller) (1983) Scotland

And now to Denmark for the sole release by the excellently named Evil, the 1984 Mini LP "Evil's Message". It's rumoured that King Diamond plays guitar on this little beauty, but it's never been confirmed. What i can confirm is that it's chock full of Mercyful Fate/Judas Priest styled rifftastic Metal, and contains a song called "Take Good Care Of Your Balls"(!)

EVIL - Evil's Message Mini LP (1984) Denmark

Finally, here's the much sought after "Curiouser & Curiouser" EP from Chemical Alice. It's good proggy rock with some excellent psychedelic touches. Members of the band went on to record with Tamarisk, Quasar, Landmarq and Marillion. You'll never get it cheaper.

CHEMICAL ALICE - Curiouser & Curiouser EP (1981) UK

That's all for now folks, more soon, stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

KISS This!!!

This post marks the end of the neverending KISS Tribute series. Those of you with no fondness for the greasepainted gods will doubtless breathe a sigh of relief, but really, can you think of any other band, (regardless of your personal feelings towards Kiss or their music), who command the kind of loyalty, commitment and (let's be honest), forgiveness shown by both fans & peers alike?
Maybe The Beatles, at a push, but they were the most popular band ever. Your parents probably liked The Beatles, they most probably didn't like Kiss. They were never meant for your parents, an integral part of their appeal, they were aimed fairly & squarely at "the kids", the "flaming youth", and for that i'm forever in their debt.
They were the perfect soundtrack to the best years of our lives.
We have a variety of Kiss Tributes for your pleasure this evening, from all over the globe, in every style you can imagine, so pucker up people!

Firstly, here's the Swedish Kiss Army's Tribute from 2006, this was apparently only available through their website. I was lucky enough to snag a copy on P2P a while back, and i'm sooo glad i did. This is one of the finest Tribute albums I've ever heard, great song choices, great interpretations and just the right balance of reverance & experimentation. If you only download one of these albums, make it this one.

KISS ARMY SWEDEN - Various Artists : Tribute To KISS (2006)

Next here's the Simmons/Stanley songbook mangled up bluegrass style by those "hicks with licks", Hayseed Dixie. On paper, this just shouldn't work, the fact that it does is testament to the sturdy songwriting at the heart of Kiss's success.

HAYSEED DIXIE - Kiss My Grass : A Hillbilly Tribute To Kiss (2003)

This one is cut from a slightly different cloth, a tribute to everyone's favourite Kiss member, the redoubtable Ace Frehley. It includes versions of his solo & Kiss output, as well as unreleased Frehley songs performed by Ace's own Comet Band, and other Kiss related figures too.

RETURN OF THE COMET - A Tribute to Ace Frehley (1997)

This next one was an officially sanctioned release only available in the land of the rising sun. An interesting record from a host of Japanese artists who "love it loud".

JIGOKU NO SHOSAN - Kiss Tribute In Japan (1998)

Back to Scandinavia now for another Swedish tribute called "Kissin' Time" Yet again, the Swedes prove to be excellent at cherry picking the right selection of songs to make the compilation work. Nice.

KISSIN' TIME : A Tribute To KISS - Various Artists (1996)

Finally, here's a real fans album. By that i mean it was put together by fans for fans & consists of songs played by fans. This was organised and executed by members of a Kiss online message board and features reinterpretations of the classics by board regulars. A real labour of love from the Detention Hall message board, again this one was only available through their website, then bittorrent, and now here.

SEDUCTION OF THE INTERNET - A Detention Hall Tribute to KISS (2006)

Whew, so that's that then, six of the finest dedicated to "The Hottest Band In The Land".
I've still got a few more Kiss Tributes up my sleeve, but rather than doing any more of these all-Kiss-Tribute posts, i'll drop one in here and there until they're finally all out there.
Hope you enjoy 'em!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pretend the wittiest thing you ever read is here.......

.....and I'll pretend I wrote it.

I put some stuff together to answer a few requests and also so I could get some Viking-links upped here in which a few more requests are granted. Not a lot of pics today or anything, I'm a bit under the weather (what else is new?) and it's so damn cold here right now you can't open the door without getting frostbitten. I'm sorry but I don't see how people who live in year round cold can stand it. It depresses the shit outta me.

Well you're either gonna love it or hate it I guess. I find it a bit humorous myself, good for a laugh and to show people how bad things can get. I still remember the debacle over Maiden kicking DiAnno out (or him leaving in disgust depending on who's story you believe) and wondering who they could ever get to replace him. Well they did quite alright in replacing DiAnno but DiAnno never seemed to bounce back completely and for every step forward he took he usually would counter with at least a step back. And this was probably the biggest step back that could be taken. Look at the talent involved in the 3 song ep!! Listen to it. Can this much talent really do this kind of damage to eardrums. At best, bubblegum pop of the lowest common denominator. At worst a total laughingstock. And I think DiAnno himself says it best on "Time Warp"---"boring, so boring". There are demos floating around of these sessions that are supposedly a bit more high caliber than this (and close to 20 songs worth too) but after the disaster of the ep I doubt anyone would touch them.


And here are some Knightrider demos. Also by request (sorry it's all I had by these dudes).


And now for a shocker: remember when I used to post live stuff here? Well I have been pulling out the analog stuff and thought I'd stick this here if you want it. It's a Stones show from Leeds University in '71. I don't what it was with that venue, but it sure seemed to bring out the best in bands! Decent SQ, but a show that ranks with the best of the Stones gigs!

Covers in the rar file

And lastly from me, here are two more quickies:

Various Artists- A Tribute To Blue Cheer (a metal tribute to Dickie and the boys, Pentagram rocks two and many other great bands, most of whom I've never heard of).

And for the Varney fans here is Virgin Steel's debut, VS1


And more from another place that gets quite cold.

Nantucket - Still Alive After All These Years.

Stevie Salas Colorcode - Stevie Salas Colorcode.

Stevie Sales Colorcode - Stuff.

Stevie Salas Colorcode - Back From The Living.

Touch - The Complete Works. (Actually incomplete as it doesn't have some of the first and best LP)

Wrabit - Wrough and Wready.

Wrabit - Tracks.

Wrabit - West Side Kid.

Demon - Night Of The Demon (Reissue)

Demon - The Unexpected Guest (Reissue)

Demon - The Plague (Reissue)

Samson - Before The Storm

Nantucket - Nantucket. 1978. (NOT good vinyl rip. Not my own rip)

That's all for today folks.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Before The Thunder Down Under

Just a quick one to tide you over. I was posting a couple of things for a friend and it occured to me that the good folks at NILOOB (New Improved Live Or Otherwise Blog), would probably enjoy these as much as i do. So here they are, hope y'do.
First up, the 1974 album "Tales Of Old Granddaddy" by Australia's Marcus Hook Roll Band. MHRB was a pseudonym used to record this album by former Easybeats members Harry Vanda & George Young. Why, i hear you ask, should this be of interest to us hardened rock'n'rollin' types? Well, y'see, George thought it would be a good idea to get his two younger brothers, Angus & Malcolm Young, to record the guitar parts. So what you have here are the future AC/DC duo's first professional recordings!
Musically, it's a mixed bag, with several styles covered, but the songs are great & the performances inspired. Angus doesn't really get too many chances to let loose, but Malcolm's distinctive rhythm sound is in place even at this early juncture. Even if you're not an AC/DC fan, (does such a person exist ?), there's still much to enjoy here. I find myself coming back to this record often, put simply, it rocks!

MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND - Tales Of Old Granddaddy (1974) AUSTRALIA

A couple of rare NWOBHM EPs now, one a powerhouse of bludgeon, the other more melodic.
Firstly, it's the "Return Of The Gods" EP from 1980 by Geddes Axe. A popular live draw at the time, it looked for a while like Geddes Axe were poised for greater things. Despite their busy gigging schedule & glowing press reviews they failed to make further inroads with their two subsequent releases, giving up the ghost in 1984. A pity.

GEDDES AXE - Return Of The Gods EP (1980) UK

From the tail end of the wave, this is the "Riding The Rainbow" EP from the obscure Sherwood. Nice melodic metal with unusual arrangements, somehow they slipped under everyones radar in 1986. Hear what you missed then now.

SHERWOOD - Riding The Rainbow EP (1986) UK

Finally tonight we're back in Scandinavia for some more from Axe Witch. This is their "Stand Up" EP from 1984. It contains a re-recorded version of one of their best tracks, "Born In A Hell", and for that reason alone it would be worth having, but the remaining songs are great too. Go get it, you know you want to.

AXE WITCH - Stand Up EP (1984) SWEDEN

That's yer lot for now, look for a new post from Bryon in a day or two, and i hear Tor-Erik's been a busy boy too. I'll be back midweek with some more goodies for you, enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


You've never had it so good. After that bumper blitzkreig of quality music, the tunes just keep coming!
For starters this time, we bring you the mighty fine sounds of Hampshire's very own Chinatown. This is the cd re-issue (now long gone) of their sole album from 1981, with both sides of their "Short & Sweet" 7" and their 2 tracks from the "Reading Rock" LP as bonus tracks. Their BBC Friday Rock Show session went down well recently, so this is for those who enjoyed that post. If you've yet to make their aquaintance, this is more at the Hard Rock end of the NWOBHM scale, excellent songs, commercial choruses, all delivered with style & a sly wink.

CHINATOWN - Play It To The Death (1981) UK

Pt 1

Pt 2

Staying with the NWOBHM for now, from 1980, here is Dragonfly's lone EP release. Lead off track "Silent Nights" is the weakest song of the four, but don't be put off, the other 3 are excellent inventive tracks which wouldn't sound out of place on the 1st Maiden LP. Some really creative guitar/bass interplay, especially on stand-out song, "Spacebound".

DRAGONFLY - Dragonfly EP (1980) UK

Another nice little EP release now, this is Heavy Metal Thunder of the rarest order. The one & only release from Manchester's Fireclown was this self-financed 10" EP. Pyrotechnic guitar abounds with a nice thudding rhythm section which pummels home every note. You're left wondering how they came to sound so professional on what must have been a tiny budget, and how it's possible that all this promise went unrewarded.

FIRECLOWN - Invasion EP (1983) UK

Rounding off the NWOBHM section for tonight is another one-off, the solitary 7" from Bollweevil. Nice anthemic Hard Rockin', not exactly distinctive, but delivered with aplomb. Sometimes being individual isn't nearly as important as being convincing. Let Bollweevil convince you.

BOLLWEEVIL - Rock Solid 7" (1981) UK

Two exquisite pieces of divine ugliness for your delight and disgust now.
Firstly, here's the Blatantly Offensive EP from Wayne County & The Electric Chairs. I won't even attempt to sum up Wayne/Jayne's career in a couple of lines, instead allow me to recommend the official website or the autobiography, "Man Enough To Be A Woman". This EP features the notorious "Fuck Off", and three more similarly skewed outsider anthems. Essential.

WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS - Blatantly Offensive EP (1978) USA

And now, if the idea of Stiv Bators fronting The Misfits and covering Fear songs sounds entertaining to you, you really ought to treat yourself to the first 7" from New York's The Mad, "Eyeball". Apparently, their art/gore stage act was a gross-out hit round the fleshpits of the Rotten Apple in the late '70's, their music stands the test of time. If you enjoy this one, let me know & i'll up their follow up, "The Hell" EP too.

THE MAD - Eyeball 7" (1978) USA

Last up this time, we have some early 1980's Metal from the unlikely locale of Hawaii. Before he was in Megadeth, or indeed Hawaii (the band), Marty Friedman was guitar virtuoso in residence with the band Vixen. Not the all girl pop-rock band of the late '80's. this Vixen contributed a track to one of Shrapnel Records "US Metal" compilations, before recording this sole Mini LP for Azra Records in 1983.
The final track, "Beg For Mercy" is an absolute barnstormer, sounding a lot like "Metal On Metal" era Anvil, with incendiary leads all over it.

VIXEN - Made In Hawaii (Mini LP) (1983) USA

More goodies to come in the fullness of time, keep those requests & comments coming. We like to know what we're doing right, and also what we're doing wrong. It's all about pissing off Otis. ;)