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Hi again, another batch from the NILOOB time machine for your aural pleasure (yes, aural pleasure!) this evening, heavy on the nwobhm stuff, but also featuring some great music from the US and also from France.
Up first , as promised, the "Fire In The Sky" album by Kent's Denigh. Originally issued in 1984 on cassette only, the record was remastered & expanded for a cd release by Iron Pages Records in 2002. This is the cd version, it sounds terrific and there are some great tracks here. Hope you enjoy it, in fact i'm sure you will.
There's a very in depth band history in the txt document included with the rar, interesting reading that saves me having to say much more on the subject. :)

DENIGH - Fire In The Sky (1984) UK

Bassist Gordon Rowley formed NIGHTWING in 1980 upon the demise of his former mid '70s trio STRIFE, a band that had left a cult legacy and two albums in 'Rush' and 'Back To Thunder'. Interestingly, in between these two acts Rowley was actually a member of Ritchie Blackmore's RAINBOW for one day (!) before being sacked. Chicago based Ovation Records heard a Rowley demo track, 'Barrel Of Pain', and signed NIGHTWING. The resulting 'Something In The Air' album was more of a studio project and featured three drummers, NIGHTWING managed one showcase American gig at the Anaheim Convention Center in California before Ovation Records went bust. By 1982's 'Black Summer' NIGHTWING had gelled into more of a band unit, signing a deal with Gull Records and toured supporting GILLAN that year. 'Black Summer' raised their status considerably, even denting the top ten in Germany. Ex-MOBY DICK vocalist MAX BACON joined to take over lead vocal duties from Rowley on this record, the 1983 'Stand And Be Counted' album and debuted live with the band at the Wiesen festival in Austria. Both 'Black Summer' and 'Stand Up And Be Counted' albums proved strong sellers in Europe, gaining the band gold discs in Yugoslavia and Sweden. In the former territory NIGHTWING were a major act, playing to over 25,000 people on a 1985 tour.

NIGHTWING - Stand Up & Be Counted (1983) UK

Axton Pryte were a French traditional Heavy Metal band formed in 1984 as GENGIS KHAN in Quimper, in the province of Brittany. Releasing a 3 song demo in 1984, the band then lost one of their guitarists but carried on as a quartet. Having lost their guitar player, they then changed their name to AXTON PRYTE after the opening song from their demo tape. A five song self released Mini LP entitled "The Lab" was released in 1986 in very limited quantities. It has gone on to become a highly priced and much praised Euro Metal collectors item. Nothing is known of the bands activities after the record's release, but no further releases were forthcoming.

AXTON PRYTE - The Lab Mini LP (1986) France

Formed in 1979 and hailing from Long Beach, California, TSOL originated as a hardcore punk band, developing from earlier bands JOHNNY COATHANGER AND THE ABORTIONS and VICIOUS CIRCLE. Featuring the lineup of vocalist Jack Grisham, guitarist Ron Emory, bassist Mike Roche, and drummer Todd Barnes, following a four song demo in 1980, the band's first official release was a harshly political eponymous EP later the same year featuring tracks such as "Superficial Love," "World War III" and "Abolish Government." In more recent years two of the EPs four songs were covered by SLAYER on their "Undisputed Attitude" album. In 1981, they released "Dance With Me", their first full-length record. A departure from the entirely political nature of the previous release, "Dance With Me" was far darker and more macabre, featuring such themes as necrophilia and horror movie clichés. Their most popular release, both then and to this day, the album earned them the title of the "West Coast MISFITS". They later signed to JELLO BIAFRA's independent label Alternative Tentacles, for which they released the "Weathered Statues" EP and the "Beneath The Shadows" album which featured, for the first time, keyboards. Around this period their style had switched further, moving towards a highly experimental and varied one which featured art punk and psychedelic leanings, as well as their customary horror themes. Fans backlashed against this change, and when on tour, the band was heckled for their change in music. Jack Grisham and Todd Barnes were so disgusted with the reaction that they eventually left the band. Today "Beneath The Shadows", is acclaimed by fans and critics as an achievement in experimentation. TSOL were featured in Penelope Spheeris' Suburbia movie, but following this changes occurred. Jack Grisham and Todd Barnes left the band to be replaced by singer Joe Wood and drummer Mitch Dean. This new line-up released the album "Change Today?" in 1984 on Enigma Records. Around the same time, Dave Ferguson of CD Presents Records decided he liked the original 1980 TSOL demo recordings so much that he released them as a four track EP in an edition of 500 copies with a folded xeroxed picture sleeve.

TSOL - 1980 Demo EP (1980) USA

Tampa Florida based Progressive Heavy metal act founded in 1981 by vocalist Doug Lee.
The 1984 self financed "Metro-Mercenary"single found SIREN with a line up of Lee, guitarist Ron Phillips, bassist Ben Parrish and teenage drummer Ed Aborn. Following the single release Parrish made way for bassist Edward Amyx and recording the January 1985 four track demo tape 'Iron Coffins'. This exposure prompted Pennsylvania based Sanaty Records to include the SIREN track 'Over The Rainbow' on their 'Start To Stardom' compilation album. Following their 1986 debut album, "No Place Like Home", SIREN revamped their rhythm section adding Gregg Culbertson on bass and drummer Brian Law. Lee completely rebuilt SIREN for their second outing, 1988's "Financial Suicide", drafting in guitarist Brian C. Hendrickson, bassist Les Talent and drummer David Smith. This line up would prove unstable however, and the Siren name was put to rest in 1989. Lee would later front strange German Art/Prog/Thrash Metallers Mekong Delta for four albums between 1990 and 1997. Not to be confused with the other Florida band SIREN, who were based in Miami.

SIREN - Metro-Mercenary 7" (1984) USA

Purple Haze were a NWOBHM trio formed in Cork, Ireland in 1980. Their only release was the "Hear It On The Radio/Forever Lost" 7" released on the SRS Records label in early 1985. In late 1985 bassist/vocalist Stee-V was replaced by Paul Purcell (vocals) and Robbie Dunphy (bass) and the band became DIRTY FINGERS.

PURPLE HAZE - Hear It On The Radio 7" (1985) UK

After Dark were a NWoBHM era act created in 1979. During the band's initial lifetime they issued two singles, 1980’s ‘Evil Woman’ and the promotional 7" release ‘Deathbringer’ in 1983, but folded during 1985. Vocalist Steve Annets and guitarist Michael Hare formed DANGEROUS AGE before reforming AFTER DARK. Annetts also served time with MORITZ whilst Hare also held IRONHEART credentials. Signing with the European Art Of Music label the album ‘Masked By Midnight’ emerged in 1995. Drummer John Metcalfe went on to join the SMOKEY JOE’S BLUES BAND.

AFTER DARK - Deathbringer 7" (1983) UK

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Okay, so what do we have for you tonight?
Three NWOBHM era releases from the UK, three from the US of A, and an interesting one for ya from Canada too. That's what.
For starters, Ace Lane were formed in SAXON's home town of Barnsley in 1982 by Stef Prokopczuk and Mick Clarke after they left the NWOBHM band GASKIN. Rehearsing through the summer of '82 with new members Chris Morris, Paul Brook and Roy Whyke, they played some demos to Rondelet Records and got the budget to record an album. This album, "See You In Heaven" was released by Rondolet/Expulsion Records in 1983. Radio One airplay by Tommy Vance followed and Kerrang did a good review, so the group expected the usual tour support and a budget for a second album. It never came. Unfortunately both Rondelet Records and Expulsion Records liquidated their respective companies at this time. Rights were sold to Roadrunner Records and Mausoleum USA Records and companies in Europe, Australia, Argentina and Japan, even China. But Ace Lane saw no money from these deals and the band split in 1983. "See You In Heaven", is chock full of great rock songs that were skilfully written and accessible. The production was on the thin side, but still decent enough to not hamper the listening experience. As part of the NWOBHM movement Ace Lane was definitely on the lighter side of the spectrum. But that's also what set them apart from most other bands. They existed alongside bands that were often simply trying to outdo each other with fast playing and macho riffing, but who at the same time often forgot to write real songs. Unfortunately, in a movement that for the most part catered to young rebellious males, there was little room for a band like Ace Lane. It even seems nobody really noticed them. The only consolation Ace Lane can take is that their sole release gradually became a classic Heavy rock album.

ACE LANE - See You In Heaven (1983) UK
To America now, where Ray Gunn were a traditional Heavy Metal four piece from Washington, formed in the mid 1980's. Their only release was to be this self titled album recorded in 1987,
and released by MY Records. The record has since become a bit of a collectors piece, and is a very enjoyable example of mid-'80's private press US Metal. Demand for the record has seen a
bootleg CD by Revenge of True Metal Records circulating. The band were to split up in 1988, after drummer Scott Vogel left to join REVEREND. Vogel features on Reverend's self titled 1989 EP on Caroline Records, but was gone by the time the band recorded their "World Won't Miss You" full length debut the following year. None of the other Ray Gunn members appear to have gone on to other bands.

RAY GUNN - Ray Gunn (1987) USA

Every true MANILLA ROAD fan knows about Roadster Records, the company of Manilla's main man, Mark Shelton. The hard to find original releases of "Metal", "Invasion" & "Crystal Logic" were issued on Roadster Records, and if you see copies of them on eBay, you should be prepared to pay way more than $100 for them. But there was another band in the Wichita, Kansas area around the same time, a band called STYGIAN SHORE. You can compare the band's sound to some of the older Manilla Road songs because of some of the basic guitar riffs. STYGIAN SHORE also played in a similar style to bands from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal but also took on board influences from more well known bands such as BLACK SABBATH. This, their self titled 4 song EP was recorded in two days in March 1984 and was produced by Mark Shelton.
"Stygian Metal" and "Tidal Waves" are really good songs, true early metal with great guitar-riffs. "Don´t Look Now" is a good rocker, while "Luv Ta Rock Ya" lets the side down a bit, the title of the song says it all. An album was recorded in 1989, but remained unreleased at the time. Their unreleased "The Shore Will Arise", album was finally issued in 2007 by Shadow Kingdom Records. Apparently the band still exists so keep an eye out for future releases.

STYGIAN SHORE - Stygian Shore EP (1984) USA

WAR CRY were a Chicago Illinois based doomy Heavy Metal band formed in 1982. At this time, the NWOBHM movement was in full swing, and War Cry found inspiration in acts from that movement, such as WITCHFINDER GENERAL and ANGEL WITCH. Their approach became ever more doomy, as a result of listening to those SABBATH inspired acts. In mid-83, War Cry entered Open Reel Studios in Lynwood, Illinois to record this, the legendary four song "Trilogy Of Terror" demo. War Cry had no clue how to promote the demo at the time, but copies of it rapidly spread through the tape trading network, and War Cry achieved a degree of cult fame in the metal underground. By now, War Cry were opening for big acts such as JOE PERRY PROJECT and MOUNTAIN, and the opportunity to appear on vinyl came calling, in the form of Brian Slagel's Metal Blade Records. Their Metal Massacre compilation series had featured many promising acts, and had helped to launch the careers of METALLICA, RATT and SLAYER, among many others. War Cry were offered the chance to appear on "Metal Massacre 4", alongside fellow Chicago acts TROUBLE, WITCHSLAYER, ZOETROPE and THRUST.
"Forbidden Evil" was chosen to appear on the compilation. War Cry recieved a good response to their contribution, and the disc helped them become noticed on the international scene. Future thrash act FORBIDDEN even took their name from the War Cry song, "Forbidden Evil". Despite this taste of success, drummer Joe Laccino quit in mid '83, and bassist Paul Speckmann also left late that same year to form DEATH STRIKE then MASTER. The group tried to keep going, drafting in replacements and recording further material, but it was all to no avail. In 2006, a compilation of their early material "Forbidden Evil", was issued by S.I.N. Records.

WAR CRY - Trilogy Of Terror Demo (1983) USA

Denigh were a first class NWOBHM heavy rock band that should have made it into the higher echelons of Heavy Metal. Either supporting top acts or on their own, they had and still have a large loyal group of followers who continue to remember the dynamic performance and great songs written by the band. This is their "No Way" 7" from 1980 on Canterbury Ace Records. The txt file for this one contains an excellent in depth band history which i found online somewhere, so no need for me to further elaborate here.

DENIGH - No Way 7" (1980) UK

Hard working Northeastern rock band BLACK ROSE was formed in Middlesborough from the ashes of school band ICE. This act was carried along by typical schoolboy enthusiasm in the late 70's, but although ICE managed to last a couple of years, nothing much progressed, beyond the odd DEEP PURPLE cover. Three musicians from this act eager to play their own material were vocalist Steve Bardsley, guitarist Kenny Nicholson and bassist Martin Rajn forged BLACK ROSE in 1980 together with drummer Charlie McKenzie. The band first appeared on the Neat Records 'One Take No Dubs' EP with the track 'Knocked Out' and then cut this 7" single at the local Teesbeat studios, 'No Point Runnin'', a rarity as only 500 were pressed. In 1981 the band brought in guitarist Chris Watson, who plugged the gap made by a departing Nicholson. Nicholson would go on to successive acts HOLLAND, HAMMER and FAST KUTZ releasing albums with each. Shortly afterward, McKenzie upped and left, and after a stint with EMERSON, surfacing in London in NWoBHM stalwarts SAMSON. His replacement was Malla Smith. The Stoke on Trent based Bullet label signed the band for an album deal which also spawned the singles 'We're Gonna Rock You' in 1983 and 'Boys Will Be Boys' the following year. An album, also titled 'Boys Will Be Boys' was recorded and appeared in 1984, which showed BLACK ROSE to be a cut above the other local acts, a stature bolstered by constant gigging as the band supported the likes of VARDIS, SPIDER, ATOMIC ROOSTER, RAVEN, TERRAPLANE and THUNDERSTICK. For the second album, 'Walk It Like You Talk It', which emerged through Neat in 1987, Watson had been ousted in favour of sixteen year old Pat O'Neill and added ex HOT BLOODED keyboard player Gary Todd, BLACK ROSE also enrolled a new bassist with Mick Thompson. A deal was struck in America with K-Tel Records for the 'Walk It Like You Talk It' album and a projected tour finalised. Fate was to deal a cruel blow though, as the band learned of a New York based BLACK ROSE (not connected to the US outfit once fronted by CHER in 1980) who, through their lawyers, threatened to sue their British namesakes for $500,000 if the Middlesborough rockers set foot on American soil! The disheartened band set about writing a third album, but sadly fell apart in the process.

BLACK ROSE - No Point Runnin' 7" (1982) UK

Banshee were a four piece Canadian Heavy Metal act formed in 1981. Heavily influenced by the UK's NWOBHM scene, this, their lone release, 1983's "Breakdown" 45, was comparable with the best that sub genre had to offer. Because of this, and the records scarcity, it has become something of a collectors item amongst serious Metal fans of a certain age.

BANSHEE - Breakdown 7" (1983) Canada

And that's that for another week, hope you like tonight's offerings folks.
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Hi again, another week, more treasures of a musical nature for those who like it Hard and old school. We'll be completing a couple of discographies, dusting off the demo box and celebrating the sterling work of some of the best female fronted rawk bands of the past.
So let's get to it, shall we?
Up first, East Lansing, Michigan's DED ENGINE, a band who throughout their career were constantly and unfairly blighted by comparisons to better known British Metal bands. Following two demo releases, a 7" single and a track on the "It's Unheard Of" compilation LP, The band recorded a batch of five more tracks and compiled these with earlier material to create the 'Ded Engine' album. Initially this would be released via Pentagram/Dutch East India Trading of New York. Subsequently, Black Dragon Records in France and SPV Steamhammer in Germany licensed the album, now retitled "Hot Shot", for vinyl release across Europe whilst Maze Records took the record on for Canada. Following the release of their 2nd album, "Hold A Grudge" in 1988, the band were to split.

DED ENGINE - Ded Engine aka Hot Shot (1985) USA

RUBY STARR was born Constance Henrietta Mierzwiak in Toledo, Ohio. Starr started performing at the age of nine under the stage name CONNIE LITTLE releasing singles under this name and with CONNIE & THE BLU-BEATS. In 1971 she was signed to Curtom Records as RUBY JONES and recorded a self titled album. Shortly after that album's release, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS lead vocalist Jim "Dandy" Mangrum saw Starr singing in a club and convinced her to join his band. She assumed the stage name of Ruby Starr. Starr recorded & toured with the band for several years at the height of their success and was featured on their hit, "Jim Dandy". In 1974 she began touring with a new band featuring ex members of TARGET as RUBY STARR & GREY GHOST, and released a self-titled album in 1975 on Capitol Records. Her second album, "Scene Stealer", also on Capitol, was released in 1976. During this time she continued to open for Black Oak Arkansas and other acts such as BLACK SABBATH and EDGAR WINTER. Starr also toured with BLACKFOOT as her backing band from 1977 to 1978. Her third and last album for Capitol, "Smoky Places" was released in 1977. By 1980, Starr had formed a new band in Wisconsin called GREY STAR, playing all new original songs sometimes with 5 part harmony vocals, and laid down a two song demo recorded with BLUE OYSTER CULT producer Murray Krugman. Grey Star toured about 300 days a year in 1980 and '81, taking a break in July of 1981 to record their "Grey Star" album. The album was released with financial help from a friend of the band in November of '81, with only a few thousand copies pressed which the band sold at their shows. In 1983 the band recorded their second album, "Telephone Sex". This album featured the band using electronic drums and more keyboards, adding an AOR/New Wave edge. The album was released in November of 1983. In the spring of 1984 Mike Grey decided to leave the band. His later band, SLAVE RAIDER had a modicum of success later in the decade.
Grey Starr became the RUBY STARR BAND in 1984, and released two singles in 1984 and 1985, as RUBY STARR. Starr formed her next group, HENRIETTA KAHN, in 1987 but by late '89, they had gone their separate ways.. In early 1994 whilst working on a new band in Las Vegas, Starr was diagnosed with lung & brain cancer.
She died at home in Toledo on January 14th 1995.

GREY STAR - Telephone Sex (1983) USA

Staying with the female fronted theme, Kidd Gloves were formed in Teaneck New Jersey in 1985 by guitarist Frank Shaw, bassist Joey Satax and drummer Anthony Damian from the ashes of covers band SINNER. The trio recruited lead vocalist Lisa St. Ann after she had responded to a newspaper advertisement placed by the guys in their search for a singer. Dubbing themselves KIDD GLOVES, the quartet recorded their debut demo in June 1986 and promptly invested in the recording of a mini album, produced by Joe Zetti and TNT vocalist Tony Harnell., the latter a friend of Lisa's. Although guitarist Frank Shaw played on the album by the time it was released his place had been taken by Terry Basile. Titled "Feel The Fire", the four song mini LP was released by Very Fine Thing Indeed Music in 1987. However, the new line up failed to gel, and the band went their separate ways by the years end.

KIDD GLOVES - Feel The Fire Mini LP (1987) USA

Distrainers formed in Leicester UK in 1977 as a three piece. The original line up was Dave Roe (Guitar, Vocals), Phil Hammond (Bass & Vocals) and Steve Taylor (Drums, Vocals). The band at this time were very influenced by the punk movement that was going on around them. Dave left the band in 1978 and a replacement Guitarist in the shape of Pete Bambury was brought in. The band had now started to move away from the punkier side of things and by the time they released the single “Say Goodbye", in 1979 they were being touted as a NWOBHM band. The band gigged extensively during 1978/79 and built up a reasonable following throughout the UK. In addition to their headline gigs, there were a number of support appearances including WITCHFYNDE, WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS, LIGHTNING RAIDERS and SAMSON. Around this time, there were also regular appearances at The USAF base at Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire where they appeared along with the likes of URCHIN, CHEVY, and SLEDGEHAMMER. As the bands sound developed a heavier feel they felt that the name they had chosen was a hindrance (sounding too “new wave”), so the decision was taken to change the name to ALIEN and expand to a four piece at the same time. ALIEN continued for a number of years although Steve Taylor left in 1981 to join Northampton NWOBHMers SOLDIER. An EP of material recorded in 1980 entitled "Japanned", was released in 2006 on the Headless Corpse label, as a result of the positive feedback the EP generated, Phil Hammond and Steve Taylor decided to resurrect the Distrainers, but Phil Hammond left to join Leicester band Burn. With new personnel on board Distrainers are currently putting together an album called "England's Green Unpleasant Land".

DISTRAINERS - Japanned EP (1980) UK

Staying in the NWOBHM groove, TRANZZAM were a five piece NWOBHM band formed in Oxford in 1979. After going through several drummers, former TREASON / CRASH K.O. sticksman Ace Finchum joined in 1982 prior to the recording of their first demo, the four song "Lionheart" tape. However, he jumped ship shortly thereafter to join up with former band mate Stevie Denham aka Steevie Jaimz in notorious glam band TIGERTAILZ. With new drummer Andy Orme on board, the band recorded a further demo, this one, the 3 song "Hypnotized" cassette in 1984. The band went on indefinite hiatus around 1985, but the members continued to play together on and off through the years under the name HIGH 'n' MIGHTY. In 2000 High 'n' Mighty released an album called "Pest" on Euphoria Records.

TRANZZAM - Hypnotized Demo (1984) UK

Welsh language NWoBHM band, Y DIAWLED hailed from Crymych.
In 1982 the band contributed the track 'Shwt Mae Siapus', with Kevin Davies on vocals, to a Fflach Records four way EP showcasing other local talents MALCOLM NEON, ERYR WEN and Y FICAR. The 1983 single 'Noson Y Blaidd' featured Rhiannon Tomos as new singer. This further 45, "S.O.S.", followed the same year, but the group split shortly thereafter.

Y DIAWLED - S.O.S. 7" (1983) NWOBHM

A Cardiff based Heavy Metal band with a reputation for delivering melodic quality songs. PERSIAN RISK was formed in 1979 by ex-ROCKTOPUS guitarist Phil Campbell, a musician who had previously plied his trade from the age of 13 as a drummer backing strippers! PERSIAN RISK's first line-up comprised of Campbell, guitarist Dave Bell, vocalist Jon Deverill, bassist Nick Hughes and drummer Razz. Deverill left to join the higher profiled TYGERS OF PAN TANG in 1981, necessitating the recruitment of former LEADING STAR vocalist Carl Sentance. SPHINX guitarist Graham Bath was added in late 1983 at the same juncture as Razz was replaced. Razz was superseded by erstwhile LONE STAR, WILD HORSES drummer Dixie Lee and the band contributed a track to the 'Heavy Metal Heroes Volume 2' compilation album. Campbell left to enter the big league by joining MOTÖRHEAD in 1984 and this move gained PERSIAN RISK the valuable British support slot to MOTÖRHEAD later the same year. The group added ex-SHY and CHINATOWN drummer Steve Hopgood and ex-MAX HAVOC band, TYRANT and WRATHCHILD guitarist Phil Vokins in late 1984 although by 1986 Hughes had fled for pastures new in IDOL RICH and Bath had left the fold too. Sentance also departed and would lend guest lead vocals to the debut TREDEGAR album in 1986. Sentance would also front TOKYO BLADE for their 1986 European tour. He was briefly replaced by ex-SATAN snd BLIND FURY vocalist Lou Taylor, but this effectively tolled the death knell for the band. By the time the 'Rise Up' album was released PERSIAN RISK had split up. Taylor created TOUR DE FORCE. Whilst Phil Campbell travelled the world in MOTÖRHEAD Steve Hopgood was to journey through many acts. The drummer formed a union with former McCOY vocalist Nikki Brooks, ex DUCHESS guitarist Dave Kilminster and ex-AIRRACE and TRAITOR bassist John Alexander in a new act titled WILD in early 1987. The drummer later turned up in BATTLEZONE, JAGGED EDGE and KILLERS. Carl Sentance journeyed to America to join a band put together by BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler suitably billed the GEEZER BUTLER BAND before touring as a temporary vocalist in TOKYO BLADE. Sentance was to later join MONROE, based in Germany, prior to a return to Wales and a stint with TOKIO ROSE. Travelling to America next, the singer formed GHOST with the LONE STAR, UFO and WAYSTED credited guitarist PAUL CHAPMAN. The singer actually reformed PERSIAN RISK in Florida with American guitarist Mark Lanoue and drumming compatriot Fred Wendal where the band gigged until their demise in 1993. Sentance then fronted Atlanta act PSYCHO CIRCUS until 1995.

PERSIAN RISK - Ridin' High 7" (1983) UK

That's that for another week, hope you enjoy tonight's smorgasbord of sound, and find something to make your day. More to come soon, keep commenting folks!

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Hi again, a thoroughly international selection for all y'all tonight, 3 UK items from the NWOBHM, one from the U.S.A, one from down under, a Swedish item and a Dutch one to cap it all off.
We'll start off in the USA, with East Lansing, Michigan's DED ENGINE, and their second and final album, 1988's "Hold A Grudge", released, appropriately enough, through the American independent company Grudge Records. This marked the end of the band's eight year career, with the members going their separate ways after album no.2 failed to give the band their breakthrough. With DED ENGINE's demise, bassist Marky DeSade relocated to New York, joining SMASHED GLADYS. Sadly, DeSade passed away in March 1994.

DED ENGINE - Hold A Grudge (1988) USA

Some NWOBHM for you now, WEAPON evolved in London from FAST RELIEF, an act dating to 1978 featuring guitarist Jeff Summers. Former SNATCH Danny Hynes had teamed up with Summers after the pair had both placed adverts looking for other musicians in 'Melody Maker'.
guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke caught the band live and, following a further concert at Camden Palace at which all of Ex-LIP SERVICE drummer Bruce Bisland and former INNER CITY UNIT and SNATCH bassist Barry Downes also joined the band in early 1980 as the band adopted the new name of WEAPON after scored a deal with Virgin Publishing following a showcase to Laurie Dunn. MOTÖRHEAD'sMOTÖRHEAD gave them the seal of approval, duly offered WEAPON the support slot on MOTÖRHEAD's UK 32 date 'Ace Up Your Sleeve' tour. The single, an excellent slice of NWoBHM entitled 'It's A Mad Mad World', was released in November on their own Weapon label to coincide with these dates and garnered considerable media praise. The B side, 'Set The Stage Alight' was a re-worked version of the earlier FAST RELIEF anthem 'Fast Relief'. WEAPON undertook various headlining shows in early 1981 and recorded further demos for a proposed album that year at Virgin's Townhouse Studios but soon ground to a halt. Summers took part in the one off project, THE HEADBANGERS, alongside former LEAFHOUND & ATOMIC ROOSTER vocalist PETE FRENCH. They recorded a lone single "Status Rock", which was a moderate UK hit, and saw them appear on TV's Top Of The Pops. Bisland quit to form an act with ex-MORE personnel guitarist Laurie Mansworth and ex-IRON MAIDEN vocalist Paul Mario Day. This liaison was short-lived however and Summers and Bisland formed WILDFIRE.
WEAPON underwent a major line-up shuffle adding ex-IRON MAIDEN and PRAYING MANTIS guitarist Rob Angelo and former MEGATON and LAUTREC drummer John Philips. Another former IRON MAIDEN man, Ron 'Rebel' Matthews, was then installed on drums. This version of the band only lasted a few months before folding. Angelo opted for the pub circuit with an act titled NITRO BLUES. WEAPON bass player Baz Downes joined THE SCREAMING MARIONETTES. Bisland's career has moved through ex MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP vocalist Gary Barden's STATETROOPER to SWEET, TANK and PRAYING MANTIS. Vocalist Danny Hynes has been fronting PADDY GOES TO HOLYHEAD, featuring the PRAYING MANTIS duo of Chris and Tino Troy for many years. In 2003 the Zoom Club label released this WEAPON album called 'Set The Stage Alight', collecting together all the band's recordings from 1980 & '81.

WEAPON - Set The Stage Alight (1980-81) UK

Forward now, but staying in the NWOBHM mood, Smokin' Roadie were a NWOBHM trio founded in 1981. Their recording debut was to be the "Midnight" 7", released on the Zone To Zone label in 1983. In 1984 the band recorded the eight song "1984 Demo", after which bassist Aldo Mazzei left to join RADIO MOSCOW, Brian Tatler's post DIAMOND HEAD band. He was replaced by Lee Faulkner and the band changed its name to TEMPEST. In 1985 Tempest recorded the "Hell Fire" single for Mak Records, before relocating to Los Angeles where they played at many of the main venues in L.A., such as The Whiskey A Go Go, The Troubador, The Roxy and Gazzari's. The band then recorded an album at Old Smithy Studios which went unreleased at the time. The band sadly split up when Rue Phillips joined BLACK SABBATH's BILL WARD, playing on his 1989 "Ward One : Along The Way" album. Later Rue formed a new band called THE NOW, with Kofi Baker on drums and Malcolm Bruce on guitar, who had both also taken part in the "Ward One" sessions. The earlier unreleased TEMPEST album was then issued in Japan under the name of THE NOW, but the band were to split soon after.

SMOKIN' ROADIE - 1984 Demo (1984)

Manchester Glam influenced NWOBHM band SACRED ALIEN was formed in 1980 by Sean Canning and Martin Ainscow. Having released a couple of independent singles, 1981's 'Spiritual Planet' and 1982's 'Eternal Flame', SACRED ALIEN's third effort, 'Legends', was a 1983 split single released on Steve Heighway's Heighway Robbery Records with fellow Glam outfit VIRGIN - who contributed the track 'Sitting In The Front Row'. "Legends" is included here as a bonus track for you completests. Drummer Darren Wilcock and bassist Paul Davies quit in mid 1983 to pursue more Metal minded music, with Wilcock later joining KLAN. After recruiting bassist John Murney and drummer Mark Robbo SACRED ALIEN finally split in late 1983 and Canning formed WHITE TRASH. Please note : there appears to be a degree of confusion as to whether the "Eternal Flame" single was ever actually released, with some reports suggesting it to be the work of a different band with the same name.

SACRED ALIEN - Spiritual Planet EP (1981) UK

Thanks to Dom for this next one & to credit to DaN for this review which i've pilfered from, who had this to say about Swedish band WULCAN's 1982 7" "Mysterier". "Another new discovery and possibly the best 'unknown super-rarity' I've come across so far. "Mysterier" ("Mysteries") is a deadringer for BLACK SABBATH's "Heaven and Hell" and therefore it is also a superb, ultra-heavy epic whose lack of originality feels totally irrelevant. The fact that B-side "Travellin'" sounds like warmed over STATUS QUO matters little when you can play the A-side over and over again while oogling the ultra-cult cover art without ever getting tired of that pounding lead riff. Let's pretend that 2nd aor 7" from '86 never happened."

WULCAN - Mysterier 7'' (1982) Sweden

We're off down under now, for Stingray, who were a traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock quartet formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1981. Although more commercially inclined, the band were good friends and tour mates of their highly regarded but equally underrated countrymen TAIPAN. Their only release was the "Good Time Loving" 45, released by Nidus Records in 1983.
Not to be confused with the Belgian, South African or Japanese bands of the same name.

STINGRAY - Good Time Loving 7" (1983) AUSTRALIA

Finally tonight, Vault were a Dutch Heavy Metal band formed in Emmen, Drenthe in 1979. They debuted in 1983 with the "Hell Of A Block" 7" on NON Records. Two demo tapes followed the single, the 4 song "No More Escape" and the 7 track "Sword Of Steel". At the years end they released their final record, the full length "No More Escape" album. Sadly, that was it for the band, they were to split soon after the album's release.

VAULT - Hell Of A Block 7" (1983) Holland

That's yer lot for tonight, hope you enjoy tonight's selection. 10-4!