Thursday, March 29, 2007

Precious Metal & Uncut Gems

As promised, some more midweek goodies from the vaults of Bigfoot Manor for your enlightenment and edification.
Getting straight to it, here's a doozy for y'all : the unreleased at the time fourth album from Californian Hard Rock gods, Legs Diamond. This is "Uncut Diamond", recorded in 1979, intended as the follow up to "Firepower", but left gathering dust after their deal went up in smoke. It's a return to the harder edged style of "A Diamond Is A Hard Rock", after the poppier approach of the previous album. Had it been released at the time, who knows how the Legs Diamond story might have turned out? Like much of the music we post here, this is another one of those tragic tales of a great band that fell foul of fate but deserved so much better. Download it, rock out, cherish it like the gem it is.

LEGS DIAMOND - Uncut Diamond (1979) USA

Another act which deserved more attention were Georgia's Fortnox, a no-frills power trio, who left us one solitary album and then disappeared into the night never to return. Imagine the biker boogie noize of The Godz crossed with the blunt delivery of The Rods at their peak, but gleaming like polished chrome, courtesy of a slick production job from Chris Tsangriades, and you'll get an idea of the delights on this here platter. Check out the sublime six string work of axemeister Rick Fowler, a lost guitar hero for sure.

FORTNOX - Fortnox (1982) USA

Next, the highly prized sole release by Snow, a fantastic four piece Hard Rock/Metal combo who stalked the clubs & dives of the Sunset Strip as the '70's gave way to the '80's. Their 10'' self titled mini album appeared on the tiny independent Dynamo label in 1980, before a re release the following year on the equally minuscule Sass imprint. Despite the buzz surrounding them, it all went tits up for Snow & they split in late '81, with guitarist Carlos Cavazo reappearing in Quiet Riot shortly thereafter. His brother, Snow drummer Tony, became the man behind the kit for hair rock act Hurricane across a pair of well received late '80's albums. This is harder fayre than either of those acts, but with an ear for a good chorus, these young and hungry musicians knew how to kick ass. Expect to pay between $150 & $200 for an original, or get it here & now for nothing.

SNOW - Snow Mini LP (1980) USA

A couple more NWOBHM 7''s now to close the post.
Firstly, here's the sole release by Portsmouth's China Doll, again this is highly prized by collectors, which is surprising to me as this is definitely at the lighter end of the NWOBHM spectrum. Well crafted, well played songs with a real maturity, which lead me to suspect that this was a band who'd been around for a while before catching the NWOBHM wave. There's a definite '70's feel to the tracks and there's nothing at all wrong with that to my ears. Nice stuff from England's South Coast.

CHINA DOLL - Oysters & Wine (1980) UK

Lastly tonight, the tremendous JJs Powerhouse, and their "Running For The Line" 7" from 1983. I don't know too much about the band, although i believe their guitarist went on to join White Heat for their sole 7". The guitar player in question, JJ Cox, is the star of the show here, great stuff from the plank spanker all over these tracks.

JJs POWERHOUSE - Running For The Line (1983) UK

That's yer lot for now.
Remember, all feedback is most welcome, don't be shy.
More soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Some real goodies from the decade that i've forgot tonight. 1980's Metal, Punk & NWOBHM a go-go!
For starters here's the 1985 album by Chicago Metal Gods Slauter Xstroyes. "Winter Kill" was privately released at the time and was later reissued by the good folks at the much-missed Monster Records. A strange band, their sound is primitive then technical by turns, some times epic, occasionally blunt, and this can all be in the course of a single song! They recorded another album "Free The Beast", which went unreleased at the time, but was later issued by Monster too. If anyone has this album, i'd be much obliged if you could post it. I love this album!

SLAUTER XSTROYES - Winter Kill (1985) USA

Now a short sharp burst of offensive first wave US Punk Rawk from the awesome Angry Samoans. This LA combo were forced to issue this EP under the pseudonym of "The Queer Pills" after their feud with "Rodney On The ROQ" DJ, Rodney Bigenheimer, began to affect their ability to get played on local radio & get booked by local venues. Later editions came rubber stamped with the Angry Samoans logo in red. Four filthy & furiously un-PC tracks delivered at pace by idiot geniuses. This is unbelievable stuff, punish your ears with it now.

ANGRY SAMOANS - The Queer Pills EP (1981) USA

Back over to this side of the channel now, with four of the best 7''s from the NWOBHM era.
As their BBC Session seemed to be a hit with many of you, here is the debut release from Northern Irelands Sweet Savage, the band which gave us Vivian Campbell of Dio & Def Leppard fame. The A-Side is the terrific "Take No Prisoners", the flip features "Killing Time" as covered by Metallica on their early demos & their "Garage Inc" album. Two gleaming gems from the NWOBHM.

SWEET SAVAGE - Take No Prisoners 7'' (1981) UK

White Heat were another one release wonder from those far away denim clad days, although they did boast the pedigree of having an ex-member of JJs Powerhouse in their ranks, so they are better recalled than some of their peers. This is "Soldier Of Fortune". Treat yourself.

WHITE HEAT - Soldier Of Fortune 7'' (1984) UK

Some of you may remember Ore as one of the highlights of the 1982 Reading Festival, in fact i believe they had a song or two on the album which commemorated the event. This was their only other release, their "Your Time Will Come" 7'' from that same year. That was the end of the road for Ore somehow, but they left us this corking single as a memento, and it's stood the test of time too, check out those gutbucket vocals.

ORE - Your Time Will Come 7'' (1982) UK

An obscure little dizbuster to round out the post now, the sole release from Stormtrooper from waaaay back in 1980. I know nothing about them except that they rock. That's all you need to know.

STORMTROOPER - Pride Before A Fall 7'' (1980) UK

More goodies to come later in the week, stay tuned folks!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

To limit yourself is to be too conventional

By request, we have the speed metal of Pariah. As I stated in the comments of 2 posts previous, I knew of at least 4 different bands called Pariah, turns out it was probably only 3 but that's neither here nor there. This one is the UK band with ex-Satan (NWOBHM) members. But this is stuff similar to the bay area thrash style (early Megadeth, Exodus) of the mid 80's. A little behind what those bands were accomplishing at the time but still worthy of some ear time if you like those what those bands were doing circa '84-'86. I personally like it because it is well done and the songs stick with you, which a lot of the bands of this style were always lacking.

Next up, another of my all time faves, this is Government Issue's 1987 LP "You". G.I. started out as a typical Washington D.C. punk band but as the 80's wore on, became bored with the style, and due to the immense talent in the band, became so much more than just a hardcore band. This album, basically John Stabb's (the singer) sordid details of a miserable relationship with a younger girl, sees the band sucessfully attempting a style closer to straightforward rock with Stabb sounding like a cross between Jim Morrison and Dave Vanian (the Damned). He hits a few sour notes from time to time but makes a very valiant effort. The band, however, is balls to the wall, and rarely makes a mistep. Man In A Trap, Where You Live, Wishing (with an honest to God sitar solo!!!) and Beyond are first class songs in any genre, but being that were made by a band that previously doled out mainly 3 chord hyper-speed punk, makes them ever that much more remarkable. I know I say it all the time, but give this album a shot and if you are a fan of hard rock I doubt you'll be disappointed.

And finally, since Kit posted the 1st EP from T.S.O.L the other day, I thought I would throw some demos from those sessions up for those who dug that one to enjoy. 4 songs, 2 not on the EP.

Friday, March 16, 2007


All kinds of mad and ugly shit for you all this weekend, i'm a little pressed for time, so i'm gonna be a little shorter on the descriptions than usual, just so's i can get this up for y'all.

First off, from Finland, we have the excellent Oz, this is their "III Warning" album, and it's Heavy Metal Thunder from start to finish with nary a trace of self deprecating humour. Which i assume means that they meant it maaaan, which is awesome. Glue it to your death deck.

OZ - III Warning (1984) FIN

Up next, a real oddity/rarity, this is the 1st album from NWOBHM Christian boogie-merchants 100% Proof. I don't share their belief system, but i do see eye to eye with them when it comes to rockin' rollin' boogie mayhem. I'm slightly offended by the judgemental tone of "The Loner (Bon Scott)", but there's still a lot to enjoy here, don't be put off by the Christian tag. There's only good, bad or indifferent music, this is the former. Hallelujah!

100% PROOF - 100% Proof (1981) UK

Some bloody knuckled punk/art rock now from the (formerly) mean streets of Noo Yawk. This is the 2nd & final EP from The Mad, the upliftingly titled "The Hell". This is a bit more "avant" than their 1st outing (posted a while back here), but it still rocks out in an unhinged slightly slo-mo fashion. Give it a go, what's the worst that could happen? You might like it??

THE MAD - The Hell EP (1979) USA

Right then, the rest of the post from herein is strictly of the vintage NWOBHM variety, some are heavy duty, others less so, all are fantastic and hopelessly obscure.
The first of these is the collectible Argus 7", "Holocaust", from 1984, i could find almost nothing out about them, see what you think.

ARGUS - Holocaust 7" (1984) UK

There's a lot of info on Overdrive in the txt file included in the rar of their "On The Run" EP, so i'll waste not this space expanding, except to say that this is an absolute cracker.

OVERDRIVE - On The Run EP (1981) UK

From Liverpool, Axis left us this one great slab of black vinyl before imploding. Guitarist Mick Tucker later reappeared in White Spirit, then Tank and drummer Marty Day became a member of Holland. That's the pedigree, but the proof of the pudding is in the rockin'!

AXIS - Lady (1980) UK

Finally, Londoners Megaton offer up their only hurrah, 1981's "Aluminium Lady" 7". "Aluminium Lady" by Megaton? Can you tell what this is gonna sound like? I think you can. It's that simple. Gawdblessem.

MEGATON - Aluminium Lady (1981) UK

That's the lot for now.
Enjoy 'em!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Howdy people, a couple of international corkers for you, and a whole heap of heap rare NWOBHM 7"s to round out the post this evening, hope you enjoy 'em.
Let's get it on!
Up first, as promised, "Innocent 'Til Proven Guilty", a compilation of early Cuprit rarities. This compiles their demo, a few rehearsal tracks, some live tracks & the "US Metal II" version of "Players", all from 1982. Sound appealing?
Top notch old school Heavy Fuggin' Metal from the Emerald City, you'll love it!

CULPRIT - Innocent 'Til Proven Guilty : The Rarities (1982) USA

And now, to Finland, for a super-rare EP from the legendary Oz. "Turn The Cross Upside Down", they urge; no doubt "mayhem" will ensue if you follow their advice. Great stuff; guitars that stun, vocals that soar, drums that thunder, lyrics that beggar belief, all present and correct.

OZ - Turn The Cross Upside Down EP (1984) Finland

Next, we kick off the NWOBHM fiesta with another crackling BBC Friday Rock Show Session. This time Northern Ireland's Sweet Savage are the band in the spotlight. Best known nowadays for giving the world future Dio & Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell, and for Metallica covering their "Killing Time" track on "Garage Inc.", there was much much more to Sweet Savage than just that. Strong songwriting and melodies were the backbone of their repertoire, but they played those songs with passion, verve and guts. Fantastic stuff!

SWEET SAVAGE - BBC Friday Rock Show Session (1981) Northern Ireland

Next, Mansfield's infernal sons, Witchfynde, and their "In The Stars" 7" from 1980. Witchfynde were one of the better known NWOBHM acts back in the day, but life was cruel to the band, as line up & label changes scuppered their once promising career. Time for a reappraisal of them i think, start here.

WITCHFYNDE - In The Stars 7" (1980) UK

This next single is more in a Hard Rock vein, this being the "Alright On The Night" 7", the sole release from Paul Dale Band. Paul was the original vocalist with London rockers Marseille over two well received late '70's albums; at the turn of the decade he decided to go solo, unfortunately getting no further than this one-off release.

PAUL DALE BAND - Alright On The Night 7" (1981) UK

flavour, for seasoning, a little technicality, then some Doors-A strange & obscure disc next from the little known and oddly named Phyne Thanquz. Add metal, a little punkyish overtones, then record muddily and release to worldwide indifference. A recipe for commercial disaster then, but perfect fodder for the discerning pallettes of our distinguished visitors. See what you think, i look forward to your comments.

PHYNE THANQUZ - Into The Sun 7" (1981) UK

At the other end of the commerciality scale, here's the "Come Silent The World" 7" from Storm Queen. Again, this was the sole release from the band during their lifetime, this record however has hooks a-plenty, great commercial songwriting, and pretty good production. Still they slipped through the cracks of musical history, a sad fate for a top notch band.

STORM QUEEN - Come Silent The World 7" (1982) UK

So, lastly, but not leastly, here's the final release by Melton Mobray Metal Muthas, Prowler. "Alkatraz" is a belter, one of those tracks that you could play a novice to sum up the NWOBHM style at it's best. Love it, for they seldom made 'em like this back then, never mind nowadays.

PROWLER - Alkatraz 7" (1985) UK

That's yer lot for now, and what a lot there is, more soon.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Lots of great stuff to get through tonight, but not much time to spare, better get on with it then eh?
First up for anyone who's been enjoying the Nitzinger posts, here's a compilation of the great Texan band Bloodrock. John Nitzinger contributed around half the material for the 1st four Bloodrock albums, great songs which he didn't rerecord himself. It's like having a whole new old Nitzinger album, enjoy it, especially you Sergei!


Nextly, a great live album from the criminally overlooked Good Rats, it's superb stuff, the sound of a band at their musical peak recorded in their element, live on July 4th 1979 in New York. Awesome choice of songs too. if you're unfamiliar with their stuff, this is a great place to start. Was a double on vinyl, so the album is split into two rars because of the file size, so remember to grab both.

GOOD RATS - Live At Last (1979) USA

By request, we're now pleased to bring you "Guilty As Charged" by Seattle's mighty Culprit. This was their sole release from 1983, originally on Shrapnel Records. It's incredibly played traditional Heavy Metal, with plenty of flash guitarwork, great rousing choruses and soaring vocals. Good stuff indeed. If this one goes down well i'll up the rarities collection i've got too. If you'd like.

CULPRIT - Guilty As Charged (1983) USA

A further entry in the ongoing Kiss covers collection now, this is a split album by Swedens Das Fark & countrymen Partners In Crime. Nice stuff it is too, some clever arrangements and nice song choices shying away from the typical, including covers of Kiss members solo stuff , demos and pre-Kiss band Wicked Lester.

SPLIT : A Tribute To KISS - PARTNERS IN CRIME & DAS FARK (2006) Sweden

On a punkier note now, here we have the classic 1st EP from Californias TSOL (That's "True Sounds Of Liberty" to you!), and a little cracker it is too! Five terrific tracks of furious Punk Rock from the glory days, including "Abolish Government" & "Superficial Love", both of which were covered by Slayer. If it's good enough for Slayer, it's good enough for me, this EP rules!

TSOL - Tsol EP (1981) USA

Back to Sweden again then, for the final release from Valhalla's own house band, the much missed Heavy Load. This is their "Monsters Of The Night" 7", which finds them in slightly poppier terrain than usual, but don't let that dissuade you from checking it out, it still out-rocks most of todays music with consummate ease.

HEAVY LOAD - Monsters Of The Night 7"(1985) Sweden

To finish tonights rockstravaganza, here's one of the jewels in the NWOBHM crown, the "One Of These Days" 7" from Trespass. This isn't one of the rarest NWOBHM records you'll ever hear, but it is one the finest. Great powerful verses and insistently catchy choruses, in a fair, decent and sane world, this would have been a huge hit. This is a different version of the song from that which appeared on "Metal For Muthas II".


That's all for now folks!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

This aint a police state yet!!!

Here is another absolute favorite from my younger days. This one is False Gestures From A Devious Public from the UK punk band called the Blood. It has it all, controversial cover, risque lyrics (although less ribald than most punk, but heavily slanted toward the politial in most songs), guitar all over the place, and a couple traits not common in most punk of it's time--extremely well thought out songs and ripping guitar solos. I picked this up on a whim for a couple bucks at a local used record store in the early 80's after hearing "Gestopo Khazi" on my fave college radio station and thinking the riff was astonding, and most of the rest of the album didn't disappoint either. It opened up with the speedy "Done Some Brains Cells Last Night" which fit into my game plan at that point in my life, seeing how drugs I could do without dying. I remember listening to it over and over just to get to the little breakdown in near the end where the Cardinal (lead singer) mumbles something incomprehensible and JJ (the guitarist) goes into this hair raising guitar solo with wah wah that to this day gets my adrenalin pumping. This one has been re-released by Captain Oi with 10 bonus tracks (they are all here) but only tracks 9-19 were on that original LP, and those tend to be the faves. This really doesn't fit into the oi category (to be honest I can't listen to most oi, and honestly it doesn't have all that chants that most oi does) but the musicianship is so fantastic and although the Cardinal's singing is something akin to Sesame Street's Grover after a night of too many cigarettes and one too many pints, this one is one of my all time favorite LPs. And one of Kit's bandmates gives them this ultimate recommendation: "they were one of the good ones!!". Now what more could you ask for from a band?
Sorry folks I'm back to deposit files again.
And here's a cool comp I found of early NWOBHM singles:
This one includes Samson, EF Band, Shiva, Xero, Janine, Stormtrooper and more.
It's called NWOBHM-Metal Rarities Vol. 2
Enjoy and hopefully one of us will be back with more real soon!