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Another week, another post, more great overlooked treats from the Harder end of the rock spectrum for the discerning ears of those who seek lost musical treasure.
We're going well & truly global tonight in our quest to bring you the finest obscure listening experiences which the annals of rock have to offer.
Up first the lone 1983 album by US Heavy Rockers Spike, this is "The Price Of Pleasure". Formed in Cincinatti Ohio, four piece Heavy Rock act Spike were the first band to feature the dazzling guitar of future CJSS & Chastain man, David T. Chastain. They made their recording debut with the 1981 self released "Leah" single, and followed this up the next year with another 45, "Just Want Your Money". In 1983 the band released their only album "The Price Of Pleasure", on Starbound Records. The album features the blazing guitar work of David T. Chastain and the powerful vocals of Mike Skimmerhorn. The rhythm section of drummer Les Sharp and bassist Denny Kuller added just the right foundation to punctuate the music. This particular line up of Spike was only around for a short time. The band broke up in the fall of 1984 as David went on to form CJSS and CHASTAIN.

SPIKE - The Price Of Pleasure (1983) USA

Nextly, we complete the Wild Horses discography with their second & final album, 1981's "Stand Your Ground". After the promise of their 1st LP, much was expected of their sophomore effort, but the bands party hardy lifestyle was taking it's toll behind the scenes, resulting in a harder darker album than it's predecessor. The band were dropped by EMI as the tour to promote album no. 2, 'Stand Your Ground' fell apart after a few dates. Robertson departed for an ill fated union with MOTÖRHEAD whilst simultaneously Edwards jumped ship to Bernie Marsden's S.O.S. (and later UFO) leaving only Bain and guitarist John Lockton. With Robertson gone Bain recruited ex LAUTREC members vocalist Rueben Archer, guitarist Laurence Archer and ex DEF LEPPARD drummer Frank Noon. Noon and the Archers went onto create STAMPEDE, and much later Lawrence Archer continued the trend of ex-WILD HORSES members by joining UFO. Noon, while not managing to actually join UFO did the next best thing and joined WAYSTED, an anarchic outfit founded by UFO bassist PETE WAY. Lockton joined the international act VICTORY based in Germany for their first line up. Bain, after behind the scenes moves with the SCORPIONS, later teamed up with former RAINBOW colleague Ronnie James Dio to form DIO.

WILD HORSES - Stand Your Ground (1981) UK

This next one is a must hear, i just got turned on to it recently by some of the good folks from The Corroseum, and those folks know a good thing when they hear it! A renaissance, not to say eccentric, figure on the Italian Doom and Gothic scene, Ancona born Paul Chain’s prolific output both as an artist and for his much sought production skills has landed him the coveted position of Italian Doomeister. Paul Chain, a dexterous talent able to handle drums, bass, keyboards and lead vocals, made his mark as a founder member of the underground, and now highly revered, Gothic Horror Metal act DEATH SS. This act, founded during 1977 fused Punk and Metal to forge a quite unique brand of ‘Horror Metal’ which soon rose to cult status. Chain’s co-founding DEATH SS colleague Steve Sylvester made his exit in 1982 and Chain duly soldiered on with DEATH SS until April of 1984 when the group was put on ice. By September of the same year Chain had gone solo, taking the DEATH SS rhythm section of bassist Daniel Tommasini and drummer Franco Cafori, to front his own act PAUL CHAIN - VIOLET THEATRE. This was their first recording, the "Detaching From Satan" EP, an expansive atmospheric and haunting masterpiece. Investigate this thoroughly, this is devastatingly beautiful music.

PAUL CHAIN - VIOLET THEATRE - Detatching From Satan EP (1984) Italy

Next tonight, another request filled by our friend nightsblood, the self titled 1982 EP by Sweden's Onyx. This is another one which is highly rated by the good folks @, and they have this to say about it : "With opener “Karon” they kick off in a true early-80’s Euro-Metal fashion, not unlike the faster trax of those early ACCEPT albums, with some guitarwork in the classic NWOBHM/2 first MAIDEN lp’s style. “FörloradTid Att DöSon” is a more melodic number which manages to be just that – melodic - without sounding too commercial. On “FörloradTid Att Dö” we’re back in the fast lane and this one could be taken right off the “Breaker” album by ACCEPT : pure old-school Power Metal! Final cut “Nosferato” is what really makes this ep special. An epic Heavy Metal masterpiece and Swedish top-10 contender!" Lemmy tell you, this one is every bit as special as this review makes it sound.

ONYX - Onyx EP (1982) Sweden

We now return to the UK for the final 4 items in tonight's selection, it's NWOBHM all the way folks!
Firstly, "EP II" from cult NWOBHM band Energy. Energy debuted in 1980 with the "Energised" EP, following it in '81 with the "II" EP, also known as the "Conquer The World" EP. Their next release would be a seven inch single which surfaced in 1981, coupling "Nowhere To Hide" with "Fight For Your Freedom". Some confusion appears to exist as to whether this is the same band who issued two further 45's, "Too Good To Lose" in 1985 & 1986's "Radio Radio". One of the least known of the great "lost" NWOBHM bands, their material is due for critical reevaluation.

ENERGY - II EP (1981) UK

Reincarnate were a four piece NWOBHM band from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Formed in 1980, they released this, their "Take It Or Leave It" 7" on Zipp Records in 1982, which was produced by Les Hunt of fellow NWOBHM-ers DEMON & Punk gods DISCHARGE. A further recording, the four song, cassette only "1983 Demo", followed the single, but the band split soon after. Farrington went on to join HARRIER as keyboard player, recording the "Out On The Street" EP in 1984. Farrington would later go full circle, joining the reformed DEMON in 2002 and appearing on the "Better The Devil You Know" album of 2005.

REINCARNATE - Take It Or Leave It 7" (1982) UK

Newcastle upon Tyne Heavy Metal band FIST were signed to Neat Records mere weeks after their formation under the original handle of AXE in 1980 and subsequently found themselves on major label MCA Records following an inter-label deal. In addition to a crop of singles and albums FIST also contributed a track to the Neat Records compilation 'Lead Weight' and the band supported UFO on their British January 1981 tour. This is their 1980 7" "Forever Amber" which was released by MCA Records, and is, like all their early material, essential.

FIST - Forever Amber 7" (1980) NWOBHM

Finally tonight, Merseyside New Wave Of British Heavy Metal act MAYHEM who debuted on the Riot City label in 1982 with the punk influenced 4 song "Gentle Murder" EP. After toning down the punky element of their sound, they released this little cracker, the "Bloodrush" 7" single on the Vigilante label in 1984. A 1985 rerelease as a 12" EP on the same label added an extra song, " I Defy (Part 1)", and different cover artwork. Great TRIARCHY-esque intro, followed by a raw sounding but still tuneful midpaced verse and a throaty insistent chorus, this is brilliant stuff!

MAYHEM - Bloodrush 7" (1984) NWOBHM

That's all for now folks, hope you enjoy tonight's selection.
Back soon with much much more!!! ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ah, Spring finally seems to be in the air, the nights are getting lighter and the birds are singing in the trees.
Drown the chirpy little bastards out with some of these rockin' goodies outta tonight's grab bag from those days of yore and the hell with the neighbours.
Firstly, here's the 1980 debut from UK Hard Rockers Wild Horses, absolutely no relation to the shit American hair band from later in the decade, lemmy fill you in:
Formed by veteran ex-RAINBOW, STREET NOISE and HARLOT bassist Jimmy Bain and ex-THIN LIZZY guitarist Brian Robertson. An early line up of WILD HORSES included former WINGS and SMALL FACES guitarist Jimmy McCullouch in the ranks and SMALL FACES drummer Kenny Jones. McCullouch would soon be supplanted by guitarist / keyboard player Neil Carter (previously earning a wage with GILBERT O'SULLIVAN) and as Jones joined THE WHO erstwhile LONE STAR drummer Dixie Lee stepped into the vacant slot. Lee's tenure was brief too though and PAT TRAVERS band drummer Clive Edwards eventually filled the gap.
Lee would join Canadian band STARCHILD. The Rock public eagerly awaited the first WILD HORSES album as Robertson and Bain both had colourful pasts and were often in the media as a result of their well documented wild ways. The first album was produced by South African guitarist TREVOR RABIN prior to his joining the reformed YES. Carter soon quit however to join UFO (later enjoying a stint with GARY MOORE).
These Horses were thoroughbreds, believe me.

WILD HORSES - Wild Horses (1980) UK

Next, we're off to the States for the debut album by Pandemonium, "Heavy Metal Soldiers". Pandemonium were an Alaskan Heavy Metal band featuring the Resch brothers, singer Chris, bassist Eric and guitarist David. Created in Fairbanks during 1978, they started out as a covers outfit honing their craft with a catalogue of songs by BLACK SABBATH, RUSH, THIN LIZZY and BUDGIE. The band relocated to Los Angeles and first appeared in the early 80's with a retro-Doom influenced demo tape that even bordered on New Wave to some ears. PANDEMONIUM swiftly rose to headline status at regular haunts such as the Troubadour, the Whiskey and the Roxy. They made their first vinyl appearance on the debut volume of Metal Blade's 'Metal Massacre' series, sharing vinyl with METALLICA, RATT, BITCH and STEELER, before gaining an album deal with the company, releasing this album in 1983.

PANDEMONIUM - Heavy Metal Soldiers (1983) USA

Next tonight, we are proud to bring you the "For Europe Only" Mini LP by NWOBHM quintet Warrior. The band was formed by guitarists Dave Dawson & Eddie Watson in Newcastle in 1981.
They debuted in 1982 on the Neat Records label, with a well received three song EP entitled "Dead When It Comes To Love". This was followed in 1983 with a ten song self released cassette only live album named "Live In A Dive". Later in the year after some personnel changes, the band self released the five song "For Europe Only" Mini LP on their own Warrior Records label. Not to be confused with several other bands of the same name, including at least three from the UK from roughly the same period in time.

WARRIOR - For Europe Only Mini LP (1983) UK

Perennial were Canadian Hard Rockers who released this lone EP, "You're The Ones", in 1983.
Unusually, despite being a self financed effort, they released the EP on both vinyl & cassette.
Well regarded nowadays by Hard Rock scholars, at the time they slipped through the cracks, splitting in '85. Good melodic but rawkin' tuneage with great playing and interesting arrangements, fat chance of tracking down an original nowadays, even on cassette.

PERENNIAL - You're The Ones EP (1983) Canada

This next one is the "Too Different" EP by Persian Risk who were a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band who originated from Cardiff, Wales in 1979. The brainchild of guitarist Phil Campbell, he recruited vocalist Jon Deverill, second guitarist Dave Bell, bass-player Nick Hughes and drummer Razz.After two years with little success, in 1981 Deverill was headhunted by the TYGERS OF PAN TANG and was replaced by Carl Sentence. With little improvement in fortune, the band soldiered on for a further two years. In 1983 Razz was sacked, replaced by LONE STAR & WILD HORSES drummer Dixie Lee, and Graham Bath took over second guitar. The band also finally made it to vinyl by contributing a track to "Heavy Metal Heroes vol.2". The following year Campbell successfully auditioned for MöTöRHEAD, this also led to a 1984 support slot on their tour for Persian Risk, which was when this EP was released.

PERSIAN RISK - Too Different EP (1984) UK

The Joker was one of those great one-shot NWOBHM bands. A biker-friendly power trio, their lone single "Back On The Road" was released in 1984 on the tiny Lost Moment label. And a crackling little biker anthem it is too. Although thoroughly obscure and barely remembered nowadays by most, it has been suggested that guitarist Mark White may be the same guy who played bass in fellow NWOBHM act ELIXIR, answers on a postcard please...

THE JOKER - Back On The Road 7" (1984) UK

Finally tonight, a bit of an oddity, it's not often we get to hear our heroes paying tribute to their heroes. Certainly not when our heroes are as huge as erstwhile IRON MAIDEN frontman BRUCE DICKINSON. But here he is doing his best IAN GILLAN impression on a storming version of DEEP PURPLE's "Space Truckin'", recorded with London riff rockers PIG IRON for Bruce's BBC Radio 6 Rock Show in 2007. What hair he has left is well & truly let down here, nice to hear him having so much fun, and Pig Iron themselves utterly nail the music too. If you're unfamiliar with the band, they released a mini LP "The Law & The Road Are One" a few years back, and their debut album "The Paths Of Glory Lead But To The Grave" came out last year. They're much recommended to anyone who enjoys rootsy balls out Riffy Heavy Rockin' with a soulful bluesy edge. That's all of you i reckon, go get high on the hog!!!

BRUCE DICKINSON & PIG IRON - Space Truckin' (2007) UK

Hope you enjoy tonight variety, stay tuned for more soon.

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All kinds of good stuff coming your way tonight, there should be something here for every musical taste no matter how jaded the palette.
Without further ado, up first, the great lone self titled album by Orang-Utan, an English band who released this one on Bell Records (USA) back in 1971. Yup, a London based 5 piece who released their only album in the US, but not back home in Blighty. Apparently it only surfaced in America & West Germany, which led many to think the band were in fact German, and just to add to the confusion, somehow or other the band themselves didn't know the album had been released at all until after they had split up. Featuring the excellent vocals of former JASON CREST singer Terry "Nobby" Clark, Orang-Utan can be comfortably filed beside LEAF HOUND, FREE, LED ZEPPELIN and all those other British blues based psych soaked Hard Rock bands of yore. In fact, opener "I Can See Inside Your Head", is so Leaf Hound-esque it could almost be an outtake from "Growers Of Mushroom". There's more light & shade to be found over the breadth of the album, and a lighter touch than a lot of their peers, but this actually serves to enhance the impact of the harder edged tracks, such as the albums stand out moment, the lengthy druggy sounding "Chocolate Piano", which shows off a thudding rhythm section, some fine guitar wrangling and once again, soaring over the whole thing, the excellent vocals of Clark. Amazing that such a shortlived band could leave as it's legacy such a strong & versatile legacy. Post Orang-Utan, Clark spent some time with VENDETTA, alongside ex-members of T2, whilst drummer Jeff Seopardie's CV includes stints with ISOTOPE, BRAND X, PACIFIC EARDRUM & CHUCK BERRY.
Don't pass this one up, it's the sort of record this blog was made for, honest to goodness lost treasure.

ORANG-UTAN - Orang-Utan (1971) UK

Fast forward 13 years through time, and we find ourselves with a similar proposition, another UK band with a shortlived career, one album to show for it, a fantastic singer, and a whole lot of "what if's". The year is 1984, the album was called "Taken By Storm", and the band were Bronz. Fronted by former MOBY DICK and NIGHTWING vocalist Max Bacon, Bronz were a slightly slicker proposition than most of their NWOBHM brethren, although not in a wishy washy watered down fashion. The gloss was obviously added with American radio in mind, and most of the choruses would have fitted in perfectly there, but there's a bit more meat on the music's bones than you ever heard on radio then, there's more substance to the music, there's intelligence at work in the dynamics of the songwriting. These guys sounded like seasoned pros despite their youth, but their youthful enthusiasm still shone through. Like many a hard luck tale 'round these parts, everything went tits up for Bronz following the album's release, and despite limping on through various line up comings & goings, the band called it a day in '86. Bacon found a little post BRONZ success, albeit short-lived, in America with the GTR project, the vocalist working with guitar legends STEVE HOWE (YES) and STEVE HACKETT (GENESIS).

BRONZ - Taken By Storm (1984) UK

Another slab of Swedish gold now, courtesy of Dom, curator of kick ass Viking relics. This is the sole album by Stockholm Heavy Metal heroes Burn, and this self titled ten tracker surfaced in 1984 on the Moonshine Records label. The band had debuted the previous year with the "Get Out Of My Way" 7" on Kobold Records, and the album expands on the promise present in the earlier 45 very nicely. This is pretty traditional stuff, elevated above the run of the mill by some inventive guitars and some really memorable choruses. Following some line up changes, the band released a further EP, "Brown Envelope Invasion" also known as "Still...Going Wrong" in 1988, but the band wound down soon after.
Burn have since reformed under the name of SQUEALER.

BURN - Burn (1984) Sweden

Next up, the lone self released, self titled 12" EP by little known American Heavy Metal trio Childhood's End. Released on their own Childhood's End label in 1984, this four tracker falls neatly into the Melodic Metal category, heavy enough for the headbangers, but catchy enough for radio too, with fantastic guitar from Dino Alden and very impressive vocals from singer Jennifer Hall which remind me of the "rough but smooth" style of HELLION's Anne Boleyn. The band had enough individuality to have made a real splash, but unfortunately it wasn't to be, and no more was heard from Childhood's End.

CHILDHOOD'S END - Childhood's End EP (1984) USA

A request filled promptly for you next, not by me i must confess, but by blog visitor and font of Metallic knowledge, Nightsblood. NILOOB salutes you for your sterling work sir. This is the 1983 "Full Moons Eyes" EP by Belgian Heavy Metal gods Ostrogoth, which was released by the Mausoleum Records label. No Metal collection is complete without something by Ostrogoth, and if you've never heard them this is a great place to start. If you enjoy this taste then seek out their "Ecstasy & Danger" full length album, my personal pick by Belgium's finest.

OSTROGOTH - Full Moons Eyes EP (1983) Belgium

A couple of nice NWOBHM pieces finish off tonight's post now, starting with "Freeway Rock", the 1980 45 by Canis Major. Featuring the vocal talents of the gorgeous Jackie Bodimead, later of SHE, GIRLSCHOOL & IF ONLY, this is a catchy piece of Hard Rock, slightly marred by the dated sounding new wavish synth sounds which didn't really have to be on there. If you can overlook the dated keys, there's a couple of quality songs here, and their sole album "Butterfly Queen", is rated by those who know about such things to the point where it's become quite a collectors piece. That chorus will stick in your head for days too, you have been warned.

CANIS MAJOR - Freeway Rock 7" (1980) UK

Finally tonight, another rare 7" by the much overlooked Barnsley band Seventh Son. This one is from 1982, it's their debut 45 "Man On The Street" and was originally released on the Rising Son label. Despite many personnel changes over the years, they've proved to be an extremely durable outfit, releasing demos, singles, EPs and albums apace since this '82 debut, and are due to release a new full length album, their third overall, this year on the Iron Pages label. Have a listen to where they started, and if you like what you hear, go take a punt on the new album, to see where they're going.

SEVENTH SON - Man On The Street 7" (1982) UK

Hope you enjoy tonight's treats, more to come soon folks.
Ten four good buddies!

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Howdy folks, apologies for my tardiness with this post, hope you'll find it worth the wait. Can i also take the opportunity to remind commenters to please post all comments to the newest post. Posting comments in older posts means i probably never get to see them. In fact, i almost missed the comments of Adrian, former drummer with TAROT SUTRA, who was kind enough to drop us a line filling in a little detail about his great band. Over to you Adrian:
Great blog all.
You asked about the band Tarot Sutra.
I was the drummer with Tarot Sutra. Good times!
We were gigging in the Newcastle-Under-Lyme area in the 1980-83 timeframe.
Then we all left the area and got real jobs.
Gag, the lead guitarist is now teaching guitar in the Birmingham area.
Andy the guitarist is a music lecturer at Newcastle University i think.
I (Adrian) am still playing for fun, working in software.
Neal, the singist I've lost touch with, and Keith the bass has his own design company somewhere on the south coast.
Rock n' roll, eh?
Thanks for the comments, we've spoken about getting back into a studio, because our best material was never recorded in a studio.
Perhaps we should!
Speaking for myself, i'd certainly love to hear some new Tarot Sutra recordings, or any old ones for that matter. Hint hint!! Many thanks for the info Adrain, and the best of luck with your musical endeavours.

Let's get to the post proper now.
Firstly tonight, another sublime slab of cult hard rock from Canadian shoulda-beens The Hunt. This is their second album, "Back On The Hunt", which emerged on the Visa Records label in 1980. Plying their trade as a lean mean power trio at this time, "Back On The Hunt", is perhaps the bands finest hour, with great tight songwriting, tasty playing and a sympathetic production which allows the songs to properly sizzle. Like all their stuff, this comes highly recommended, and, if you enjoy this one, check out the archives for follow up album, "Thrill Of The Kill", and a great compilation album "Tracked Down - The Best Of The Hunt". Tally Ho!!!

THE HUNT - Back On The Hunt (1980) Canada

Nextly, some vintage steel, in the shape of Jacksonville Florida natives Leather Nunn, and their lone album, "Take The Night". The quintet were formed in 1983, and recorded this album for the Kry Records label three years later, and a fantastic piece of overlooked Metal majesty it turned out to be too. Guitar duo John Gouchnour and Jerry Brewer really motor and slice through the nine blazing songs like uncrowned kings of the art, and vocalist Wade Williams puts his impressive pipes through the blazing hoops like a seasoned pro. This didn't sound like unknowns finding their feet in the studio, more like a well drilled band cementing their reputations with a career defining opus, ready to top readers polls and headline arenas. Unfortunately, the band would never scale those heights, unable as they were to get their fantastic music the wide audience it deserved, splitting without delivering album no 2. The album has grown in reputation through the years, finally being rereleased on cd with a handful of bonus tracks in 2004.

LEATHER NUNN - Take The Night (1986) USA

Next up, the "Showbiz Al" EP by former CIRCUS OF POWER vocalist Alex Mitchell, a 2005 four tracker which apparently was only available at gigs by his post COP outfit, FAT NANCY. New Yorker Mitchell began his musical journey fronting hardcore bands like CRUCIAL TRUTH & St. MARY'S CHILDREN OF SALVATION, before founding Hard Rocking biker band CIRCUS OF POWER in 1986. The band blazed a trail of musical destruction through the late 80's, across three full length albums and a live mini album, finally crashing and burning in Los Angeles when the grunge tsunami wiped out good time music for a short while in the 90's.
Post-COP, Alex has been part of the bands ABSOLUTELY FREE & UNCLE MAX'S COSMIC BAND, who released the album "Licking The Toad In The Black Church" in 2003.
Other projects included SECOND RING OF POWER and PLASTIC GATOR MACHINE, with whom he recorded the "Rock'n'Soul Music" album in 2003 and most interestingly to COP fans, FAT NANCY. FAT NANCY recorded their "Pure American Muscle Baby" album in 2005, and released it via Hallucinating Gator Records. Mitchell is currently storming US stages fronting a reformed CIRCUS OF POWER, with rumours persisting of a new COP album to come in the future.

ALEX MITCHELL - "The Showbiz Al EP" EP (2005) USA

Something wicked this way comes next, namely the self titled EP by American thrashers Black Task. This is venomous filth of the finest order, all buzzsaw guitars, concrete mixer bass & gattling gun drum spazz. All performed with a seriously BAD attitude. I won't even attempt to describe this one any further, i'll just list the titles, "Sex & Destruction", "Kill Your Enemies", "Firestorm" & "Smash Your Face", and tell you that they deliver on all these promises. A full length followed on Axe Killer Records in 1986, before they went their separate ways, or possibly, straight to hell, but i can't imagine that you'll ever need more Black Task than this malevolent 1-2-3-4 right here.

BLACK TASK - Black Task EP (1985) USA

Some NWOBHM for ya now, the sole 1980 EP by Essex trio Warrior, "Don't Let It Show". Nothing to do with the band of the same name who released "Let Battle Commence" the same year, or indeed the other one from Newcastle who released the "Dead When It Comes To Love" EP, the "For Europe Only" Mini LP and the "Breakout" EP. This lot were formed in 1978 by vocalist/guitarist Roy Mette, who steered the band through numerous line up changes before their 1983 dissolution, with he the only permanent fixture. Nowadays, Roy's still very much involved in music, having released five solo albums and two more as the Roy Mette Band, with his style now veering from bluesy rock to acoustic reflection. A Greek independent record label, Obscure NWoBHM Releases has recently issued a thirteen song self-titled album of Warrior material gleaned from its meagre recorded output and demos produced at the time.

WARRIOR - Don't Let It Show EP (1980) UK

To Sweden next, for another special find from our friend in the north, Dom, this is the lone release by Warning, the 1984 "Sword & Sorcery" 7", and what a little beauty it truly is. Two lengthy, complex, epic tracks, bristling with invention and true as steel. Imagine if you will, "Ride The Lightning" era METALLICA crossed with MERCYFUL FATE. No kidding! It's that good!!! Or as the corroseum website eloquently puts it, "True Fucking Metal anthems of steel." No lie. You NEED this. Thanks Dom!

WARNING - Swords & Sorcery 7" (1984) Sweden

Can you find a link between REQUIEM, DIAMOND HEAD, SEAN HARRIS BAND & RADIO MOSCOW? I can, his name is Karl Wilcox, and at one time or another was the drummer for all these bands. Following the demise of Requiem, he also found himself as drummer for tonight's final band, Chase. Although in a considerably more progressive vein than his previous act, their sole release, the 1983 "Evensong" 45, is still a very interesting and enjoyable listen for anyone who's tastes are a little wider. Standout track for me is the B-Side instrumental "Evermore Part 2", a complex yet deceptively simple piece of understated mood music. Give it a try if you're looking to expand your musical horizons beyond the sturm und drang of conventional NWOBHM. Apparently, Wilcox still plays occasionally with DIAMOND HEAD, but now lives in the USA where he plays with BLOODROOT.

CHASE - Evensong 7" (1983) UK

Sure there will be something amongst tonight's line up to set your pulse racing, but if not drop me a request in the comments section and i'll see what i can do. Over & out.